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tv   Our World  BBC News  March 10, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc world news, the headlines: reports from syria say government forces have made gains in the rebel held on five of ghouta. —— rebel held enclave. the doj in america has declared bump stops illegal. police in the uk say that they have identified more than 200 witnesses in the investigation into the nerve agent attack on the former russian spy in the english city of salisbury. more than 240 pieces of evidence have been examined. american right—wing strategist steve bannon has told a meeting of the french national front that antiestablishment movements are on course to defeat the global elite, populist have history on their side in their battle for individual economic freedoms, he told the assembled. at 10pm, clive mhairi
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with a full round—up of the day ‘s news but first, it is time for our world. —— clive myrie. it has been called the world's largest open prison. the gaza strip. penned in by walls, barbed wire and gun turrets. the 1.8 million people living here can only get into israel with special permission. and even if their lives depend on it, they have to enter through here. the erez crossing, the main gateway into israel. this is the story of the desperate choices people have to make. it is the story of how the israeli state seeks to protect its citizens. i wouldn't rule out that 9,000 people are still alive,
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they don't even know they were about to be killed. and of those who now live tortured by shame and regret. this is a film about palestinians who collaborate with the israeli state. those who would work for the enemy. in may 2017, the ruling hamas government in gaza released this video to a shocked public. some palestinian men had apparently been caught working for israel in gaza. they were explaining how they were recruited. each had been cleverly targeted according to their needs and beliefs. they were then recruited by israeli
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agents to kill a senior leader of the hamas military wing, mazen fuqaha. fuqaha was one of those behind a series of bombings in 2002, killing and wounding israeli citizens. he received nine life sentences for murder. but he was released in a controversial prisoner exchange in 2011. mahmoud is one of the founders of hamas. he had known fuqaha for years. but somebody seemed to think that fuqaha was still active.
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ashraf abu laila received his instructions on the 24th of march, 2017. he outlined the plan in the hamas confessional video. hamas officials say that this is ashraf, caught on cctv as he walks past the hospital, into the yard, and towards his target's parking lot. fuqaha had spent a family day on the beach.
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he was alone in his car. the gunman followed him, knocked on his window, and shot him five times. ashraf‘sjob was done. hamas had lost one of its key assets, and there was an outpouring of grief at fuqaha's funeral. soon after, ashraf and his suspected accomplices were arrested. in their confessions, they warned the audience not to fall for israeli recruiters. days after these confessions were filmed, all three men were executed as traitors, and as a warning to others. we cannot verify the testimonies in the video. hamas would not share
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there evidence. but collaborating with israel is not such a rare thing here. working for israel, the security forces, is a matter of taboo here among palestinians. i am on my way to a prison to speak to an inmate who knows a lot about the subject. according to the warden at this palestinian jail, a quarter of the inmates are convicted collaborators. this inmate runs a support group for prisoners who have worked for the israeli state. ibrahim told me that israeli recruiters prey on the needs of people in gaza. the israeli authorities told us they do not try to recruit people
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in these vulnerable situations. most of those in prison for collaboration have been prosecuted for simply giving information to the israelis. but ashraf, and others convicted of killing mazen fuqaha, went much further. hamas says they committed murder. what could make a palestinian like ashraf kill a leading hamas militant? and how could the israeli security forces have found and recruited such a man?
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the fuqaha murder confession was not a first time ashraf was noticed. he was active in the violence which erupted after hamas took power here in 2007. it turned out that ashraf was a member of the hamas security forces. he was heavily involved in fighting against hamas opponents. in 2007, he started to adopt more radical views. ashraf kidnapped and murdered the owner of a christian bookshop in gaza. when rami's body was recovered, it was disfigured by multiple stab and gunshot wounds. i wanted to find somebody who could explain his
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—— i wanted to find somebody who could explain his motivation. jihadists are not welcomed here by hamas authorities in gaza, but i have managed to contact one of them who is very influential in these circles. i hope he will be able to tell me more about ashraf. did ashraf share his plans with other radicals here? jihadists had been arrested in gaza, and even killed. the hamas authorities had attacked their mosques. was ashraf motivated by revenge? i am hoping my contact will give me some answers. so, i met him. he didn't want to be filmed. but he told me very interesting stuff. ashraf approached the jihadists, claiming he was a member of the so—called islamic state, but thejihadists rejected him. as a loner, ashraf might have been easier to control. but would the israeli security
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forces really recruit a jihadist? a man dedicated to the violent destruction of israel? it seemed an extraordinary risk. the seafront in nearby tel aviv feels like a different world from gaza. these swimmers, joggers and holidaymakers seem to take their safety and protection for granted. but i have come to meet a man whose job was to guarantee this protection. forfive years, avi dichter was the director of shin bet, israel's secretive internal security services. he now heads the foreign affairs and defence committee of the israeli parliament, the knesset. i can take three years, and during those three years, 2001, 2002 and 2003, we have lost 900 people. mainly civilians. mainly in suicide bombings. in many cases we have succeeded in foiling attacks. so if the number of people getting killed is 900, then i wouldn't rule out that 9,000 people, if not more, are still alive, they don't even know that they were about to be killed. i asked him how easy it was to recruit reliable informers. when you are interested in somebody you try to map, what are his skills? what are his weaknesses? and what is his usefulness? otherwise you don't need him, you can take another one.
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would you recruit a jihadist to kill a hamas operative? everything is possible in the fight against —— everything is possible in the fight against terrorism. everything. there is one very strong principle in my eyes. i always used to tell it to my people. if you decide to become a terrorist, you'd better know that the israeli shin bet, military, police, never mind, any israeli, one way or another, will not rest until you get to yourself in prison, or your grave in the cemetery. in a tel aviv park, i am meeting a reserve officer from israeli military intelligence. we are protecting his identity, and he has to be careful about what he says, in order to avoid arrest. the role of his unit was to recruit informers among the palestinian population in places like gaza.
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and that meant mass covert monitoring — phones, e—mail and social media. translation: people's lives are like an open book for us. we know so much about people's personal lives — their romantic affairs, their sexual affairs, their health problems, everything. so, if you want to gain co—operation from people, it's obviously best if we can blackmail this person. in some basic courses on arabic in the unit, you learn specific words, like different synonyms for homosexual in arabic, such as luti. so you will tell this guy, let's say, for instance,
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you are luti, in order to break him. why? that is a possible course of action, yes. you put this person in a lose—lose situation. either way, his life is at great risk. but it is notjust sexual orientation that makes people targets. if someone's daughter has cancer, for example, and he wants to get treatment in one of the israeli hospitals which is known to have better treatment than palestinian hospitals, and if we know about it, maybe we can stop him and tell him, "ok, you can have this, but only if you co—operate." this woman knows all about this coercion. today, she is with her grandchildren. a year ago their mother, kholoud, needed urgent treatment for cancer. the israeli authorities granted her permission to go to a hospital injerusalem. it was 6:00am and barely
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light went she arrived here at the haaretz crossing one morning in january 2017. the officers wanted information about a man married to kholoud's cousin. she said he was an olive tree farmer. she says her daughter was not able to give any information about the man. but the israeli authorities did not allow kholoud to board the bus. three weeks later, kholoud died.
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the israeli authorities told us that entry to israel is not conditional on providing information or cooperation, and they denied any irregularities in their dealings with kholoud. some palestinians work with israel because they genuinely believe this is the right way to protect their own people. i have come to a tiny village in the far south of israel. it is the home of a bedouin community of around 20 families that were moved from gaza, where they had devoted their lives to working with the israeli state. hassan is a community leader here,
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a role he inherited from his father, a bedouin sheikh from the sinai desert. his father sided with the israeli state after the palestinians were defeated in the 1967 arab—israeli war, and israel occupied his land. but israeli counter—terror operations have also been far more aggressive. over the last 15 years, more than 300 palestinian militants
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have been targeted and killed in gaza. how often have collaborators helped in these killings? in a side street in a provincial israeli town, i found someone who might be able to tell me.
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we have to protect his identity. i could now understand why this man wanted his identity concealed. he told me he had worked in gaza for the israelis from the age of 17. but that was before he had to get out. this bird told me his testimony had ensured many hamas cellmates remained behind bars for decades, but it has taken its toll. normality, more than anything, is what people in gaza crave. but, for most here, it is out of reach. constant scrutiny, suspicion
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and human need mean collaboration will keep shaping and poisoning lives, and some will continue to work for the enemy. for sunday it is looking dry and brighterfor some of for sunday it is looking dry and brighter for some of us but still a chance that you can get caught in a heavy downpour, because low pressure is close by, here it is, swirling to the south—west, it will turn things very squall into parts of iberia, strong wind around and heavy rain. showers, fairly breezy across parts of england and wales, some fog to begin the day. this is how the day plays out, you can see the downpours scattered about through england and wales, they may emerge in a few spots to bring a longer spell of rain, much of scotland and northern
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ireland and northern parts of england looking dry, broken cloud, some outbreaks of rain into shetland. milder day in scotland, milderair shetland. milder day in scotland, milder air moving shetland. milder day in scotland, milderair moving in, shetland. milder day in scotland, milder air moving in, temperatures into double figures just about across—the—board. and into double figures just about across—the—boa rd. and they into double figures just about across—the—board. and they into monday, area of low pressure still close by, we'll still be the focus, particularly into england and wales for showers or longer spells of rain. fairly breezy with that as well, plenty of cloud around, limited brightness. lots of cloud into scotland, western part brightening up, northern ireland having the best of it with sunny spells, week weather front moving m, spells, week weather front moving in, the odd spot of rain to parts of north—west scotland later in the day. temperatures fairly close to average for the time of year, taking average for the time of year, taking a bit ofa average for the time of year, taking a bit of a dip average for the time of year, taking a bit ofa dip in average for the time of year, taking a bit of a dip in scotland. as we look at the picture for tuesday, bump in the ice bars, reach of high—pressure, some fine weather on tuesday, fair amount of cloud around to begin the day through eastern parts, in particular, could be drizzly, chance of the odd light shower. 0n the whole, quiet day on
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tuesday, some sunny spells, like twins, and temperatures may start a little bit on the chilly side, up to around nine to 11 degrees. ridge of high pressure is not lasting very long, going into wednesday, low pressure is about the park itself to the south—west of the uk once again, head of that, the breeze will pick up. pushing weather systems our way through the end of the week. cloud, sunny spells, breezy picture particularly in the west and towards the north—west, better chance here on wednesday of seeing some spells of rain moving in again, and temperatures still close to nine to 12 degrees. thursday, very little change, low pressure still there, quite breezy across the uk. still trying to feed in, weather system, area of cloud and rain pushing north come some uncertainty about that. why is this area of low pressure not just going for it and pushing wet weather right across, well, looking
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at the big picture, into saturday, area of low pressure, it is coming up area of low pressure, it is coming up againsta area of low pressure, it is coming up against a block in the atmosphere, that is the area of high pressure in scandinavia. around that, cold air circulating once again towards the uk, familiar picture, we had this not so long ago, the beast from the east. we're not saying that is coming in next weekend but the bubbles indicate something cold may be coming in. big question about how cold that will be. there could be an issue with wind chill as it picks up, depending on how cold it gets next weekend, if the picture stays the same, uncertainty about what weather and whether any of the wet weather will fall in the form of snow. things looking very interesting next weekend and of course this is the place to keep up with it. more than 200 witnesses have been identified as part of the inquiry, identified as part of the inquiry into the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter. forensic teams have sealed off
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more sites in salisbury, as the home secretary says investigators are being given all the resources they need. this is a painstaking, detailed investigation and the police need to be given the space and the time to get on with it. tonight the bbc understands traces of the nerve agent have been found in the local restaurant where the victims had been eating last sunday. also on the programme... how to end the teacher recruitment crisis in england's schools. the government says — cut their work load. more than 1,000 people are thought to have died since syrian government forces stepped up their attack on rebel—held eastern ghouta.
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