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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 12, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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of a russian spy here in the uk. its lead story says theresa may's about to publically blame russia for the attack here. the front of the ft now, and that delay to aramco's floatation. the paper reckons london is still the best bet to list the company when its ready. arab news looks at the bbc persian story and the corporation taking the unprecedented move of asking the un to help protect its staff from what it says is persecution by iranian authorities. die welt is among many german outlets covering donald trump's threats to impose tariffs on eu cars, a move jittering the country's big auto making industry. to the tabloid newspaper, the sun, here in the uk and its headline "it's all scone wrong!" does jam or cream go on first? we'll explain how an advert here's caused a outcry. and finally, another uk newspaper now and the liverpool echo who's given its website front page over to the city's late comedian ken dodd.
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sir ken dodd, in fact. so let's begin. back with me is oliver cornock, editor in chief at the oxford business group. am ready to go, on the desk, we have scones. even though it is so early, iam scones. even though it is so early, i am ready for them. i don't know about you. after the chat. but we go to theresa may, set to hit back at russia over the spy affair. what is the times saying? this picture looks like selling off of films that. we understand that as many as 500 people could have been is exposed to this agent, as yet unnamed. really, there has been frustration in the general public and the media about the pace of developments. i feel that is an
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unfair criticism on one level. if you have a potential international crime having occurred, investigators will need some time to investigate. now it is time for the government response. so theresa may is about to openly accused russia of its involvement in this. and it is interesting timing because russia is on the brink of an election. so the presidential election is coming up. also, it is hosting the world cup in june. and what is different about this event as opposed to alexander litvinenko is because as you mentioned, 500 people could have been affected, in the public, just in salisbury. what they will say to the public is very important. because people are scared by this. and ina because people are scared by this. and in a way, look back, this is terrorism. and we have discussed this already. looking at the ft.
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this is the selling of aramco being delayed. this is on the back of a three—day visit of the crown prince to the uk. the ipo of study -- the ipo of saudi arabia list this as the largest oil selling company on the stock market. this is a hugely important plan to diversified the saudi economy. that is what the crown prince was doing here last week tried to talk about the many opportunities for investment. what role foreign investors will play. this is a really important linchpin of this. the funds from this will go into the public investment fund, the sovereign wealth fund, which will underpin the whole of this, the spending will underpin this in saudl spending will underpin this in saudi. to get a big valuation is important. it is not only
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psychologically important, but it is pa rt psychologically important, but it is part of making a vision of 2030 success. those of us who watch saudi are concerned this window of opportunity is getting that little bit smaller. so delay is a concern. it is not a huge worry at the moment, but it would be good for investors to see a good valuation, some transparency. it is all about transgressive. 80 feel the crown prince's visit went in the uk? three days he was here for. the red carpet was rolled out. 0bviously, he had northerns with the queen. he had a meal with the queen. —— he had an audience with the queen. but i notice, driving around london, massive billboards with his face all over them, talking about his vision will suck it is very much this 32—year—old man's vision and this new leadership that they are really pushing on a real international level, aren't they? it is interesting that you bring up the personality here. it is very much about the personality. looking back
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to 2007 and the visit of king abdullah, when there were bigger protests, despite the fact that there was no war with yemen than, for example, which we thought people would be protesting about. the bridges were relatively muted, i felt. but it is the broader business objectives, i figure was a welcome visit. —— the protests were relatively. i think we are seeing some flesh on the bones now to all the things that are being said with the things that are being said with the sale of aramco. interesting stuff on this move by the bbc to go to the un council with regards to the treatment of bbc employees. they are based in london, cargo home, and those families who work with them in a run. arab news hazard on the front here as well. —— has it on the front. arab news is a saudi owned paper. and they have an agenda. the
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have a run is their archrival at the moment. so we had to catch it in that. stepping back, this is about hearing another view of sally. this is about a run, a population of 80 million people, getting another view. —— iran. and they go to the un, where freedom of expression is enshrined their values. so this will be interesting. and the intensity in terms of the difficulty of journalist working there and here in london on behalf of the bbc was tougher to the last election. is a semenya were surprised that, or not? not usually surprise. people in iran the young people, they have access to the internet. so media is changing rapidly. there is something very visual about television, as well, which is a tangible thing for the regime in iran to have a go at. i will skip over the current story now because were all the time. i wa nt to
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now because were all the time. i want to talk and unpack properly the national trust apology over the cream tea. what on earth is going on. the iran as this headline, it has all iran wrong. what is this all about? —— the sun as the headline. with prepared earlier some scones. it accurately. some put the cream on first. for those overseas, it accurately. some put the cream on first. forthose overseas, it it accurately. some put the cream on first. for those overseas, it is a biscuit e—suite cake. but if you come from devon, you put cream first and then jam on come from devon, you put cream first and thenjam on top. the and then jam on top. the consistency ofjam and then jam on top. the consistency of jam makes it and then jam on top. the consistency ofjam makes it difficult to put on top. but why are these people at war, that is what i am wondering. this national trust property, heritage site, in pall mall, advertised mother's day celebrations for yesterday with a picture the devon way. and national trust
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members, this is a paid militia organisation, have really kicked off. there has been a twitter campaign, #jamfirst, by cornish rebels. let's look at the liverpool echo. they are paying tribute to sir ken dodd, born and bred in liverpool, and actually stayed in the same home his entire life. and made famous this area, knotty ash, which is famous only through this, and just through his comedy by gentle comedy... what struck me is that well, he was a feature of my childhood... you know, that gentle musical legacy, proper variety... do you think that marks the end of that era? we source of bristol ‘s lives day last year. —— we saw sir bruce forsyth died last year. maybe this is the end of that kind of
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entertainment? you cannot help thinking that. i was also struck that after he got his noted last year he was keen to point out he wa nted year he was keen to point out he wanted to get a link back. he struck me as wanted to get a link back. he struck measa wanted to get a link back. he struck me as a kind person. wanted to talk about depression, as well. very kind. thank you very much for joining us. thank you for your contributions. i want to mention a few more. stephen says he first sought sir ken dodd in preston nightclub in the early 70s. a performance he has always tell people about. we have heard from many of you. jackie says it is a sad loss. last of the musical greats, funny, funny man. think of for the laughs. rest in peace. and we have diana, this is the end of a light entertainment golden era. thank you for your time on the briefing. goodbye. hello there. well, southern parts of the uk were fairly unsettled for the second part of the weekend.
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the best of the dry and brighter weather was further north. but even across the south—west, despite the showers and increasing rain, there were spells of sunshine which broke through. as we head into monday, this area of low pressure will be in control of the weather across england and wales. further north, it should be drier with clear spells. as we head through the course of the night into the early hours of monday, the rain will pep up to become quite heavy across much of england and wales. just nudging into southern parts of scotland. although for northern ireland and scotland, it should be a dry start to monday. quite chilly with mist and fog around but less cold because of the cloud and rain and the wind across england and wales. it looks like a messy morning commute for england and wales, outbreaks of rain, some quite heavy and turning windy across the south—west of england, towards the channel islands in the afternoon. gusts of 40—50 mph. we will see a line of showers pushing in to western parts
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of northern ireland. some sunny spells for northern ireland and western scotland. a cooler feel to things across the board. temperatures ranging from 7—11. 0n into tuesday, a ridge of high pressure builds in before this area of low pressure makes inroads for wednesday and thursday to bring a succession of fronts with outbreaks of rain. for tuesday, we will start to lose the low pressure system from the south—east through the morning. and then conditions brighten up. the winds fall lighter and the sun is strong this time of year so it should feel quite decent in the sunny spells although temperatures will still be in single figures for a few. we could see 10 or ii degrees in a few spots, maybe the odd shower. a ridge of high—pressure breaks down as we head towards wednesday. notice the squeeze isobars become tightly packed together. winds coming up from the south, always a mild direction. we start off on a cool note across the eastern side of the country with the best of the sunshine. further west, wind will be picking up, cloud, outbreaks of rain for northern ireland around irish sea coasts.
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further east, it should stay largely dry and given some sunshine, and a mild feel, temperatures into the low teens celsius, even ten degrees for glasgow and belfast. for the week ahead, fairly unsettled with a lot of cloud and quite windy. a bit of rain at times and then turning a bit colder, particularly towards the weekend as colder air moves in off the near continent. and hello, this is breakfast with louise minchin and dan walker. the entertainer sir ken dodd has died at the age of 90.
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# happiness, happiness. the liverpudlian comic famous for his epic stand—up shows and his tickling stick died in the home he was born injust days after marrying his long—term partner. we shall have one or two glasses of tickle tonic, and then we should go back up north to merseyside and i shall see the diddy men there, so i shall send your regards to them.
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