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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 12, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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it means that what we have done until now has been functioning in the right way. the uk is now going down the same track with a tax on sugary soft drinks. the aim is to move shoppers towards lower sugar options. groups like this have already done that. this cookery class with healthy recipes for parents and children is run by a charity, made in hackney, puddings and juices with fruit, but no added sugar on the menu. occasionally, you would have a fizzy drink, but i want to stop, so i am here learning about this. the norwegian example shows people can learn to live with the sugar tax, even though when it comes to their behaviour, the message is, expect the unexpected. hugh pym, bbc news, oslo. one of the great names of fashion, the french designer hubert de givenchy, has died at the age of 91. after founding his own fashion house
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in 1952, givenchy became famous for dressing stars like grace kelly and jackie kennedy. most notably, he designed the "little black dress" audrey hepburn wore in breakfast at tiffany's, as part of a professional and personal relationship that lasted a0 years. in a moment, we'll have the news from where you are. but first, we'll have some images from givenchy‘s life — set to one of the iconic tracks from breakfast at tiffany's — moon river. # moon river # wider than a mile # i'm crossin‘ you in style someday # old dream maker # you heartbrea ker # moon river # and me #. good evening.
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i'm riz lateef. you're watching bbc news. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight. a double from silva and manchester city are another step closer to more silverware, win their next two matches and the premier league is theirs. it's all about survival for southampton and they have sacked their manager
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mauricio pellegrino tonight in their bid to stay up. and there are big problems for the snowboarders in pyeongchang at the winter paralympics. good evening, we will get the latest on that 9th premier league sacking of the season. but at the momnent pep guardiola must have the safestjob in football because if manchester city win their next two matches they will win the premier league title with six games to spare. stoke offered very little resisitance for the champions—elect. david silva scored both their goals in the 2—0 win tonight. side by side before kick—off, manchester city head and shoulders above the rest of the premier league, how would they cope on that
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cold monday night at stoke (!) they did not keep us waiting, ten minutes m, did not keep us waiting, ten minutes in, david silva expertly guiding the ball past jack butland, champions elect at their finest. city dominating possession, could have had another before half—time but jack butland this time denied fernandinho. the second goaljust like the first, typical manchester city, david silva and is in the goal again, ninth of the season. pep guardiola a step closer to a maiden premier league title. raheem sterling missed the chance to extend the scoreline, denied at the last, when the full—time whistle—blower, another hurdle had been overcome, the three points mean that manchester city can still win the title against great rivals manchester united into games time. we we re manchester united into games time. we were solid, we did not concede much. we created enough chances. we did well to defend the long balls.
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first time after 18 years that manchester city is able to win at stoke city away and at home, that shows are difficult it is to come here and to win. we did well, now, to, three games, three games to be champions. —— two, three games. southampton have sacked their manager manuel pellegrino tonight after defeat to newcastle at the weekend saints are one place and one point above the relegation zone. let's speak to former soutjhampton ca ptian francis benali francis, pellegrino said some of his players stopoped trying against newcastle. —— stopped trying against newcastle. performances have not been great, in my opinion, some must win games recently, most notably against oak city the previous week and again against newcastle, on the weekend,
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we have come away from those two fixtures with one point. we have drawn more games than any other side in the premier league, only one of the side in the premier league that have won fewer games, that is west brom, who are rooted to the foot of the table. it has not been a great season, the board have given manuel pellegrini now a realfighting chance to try to turn things around but he just has not managed to do it at this point, and with a gap before the next premier league game, they hope to make an appointment that will have an impact on turning things around. it does reek of desperation with only eight games to go. yes, not many. all those cliches, six pointers, every game is a cup game, it is so true in so many ways. the slight added distraction of the quarterfinal cup tie against wigan next weekend. i am sure that
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any southampton supporter would say that premier league survival is the priority, as nice as progressing in the cup would be. there are some really tough fixtures. but enough winnable games in there for them to pick up enough points to stay up. fifth manager in six premier league seasons on the bounce, but in the last four seasons, southampton have finished in the top half, so chopping and changing managers has not seem to have affected them, what has gone wrong this season? not seem to have affected them, what has gone wrong this season7|j not seem to have affected them, what has gone wrong this season? i think possibly, the turnover of managers, that has not always been down to the club, we have seen with ronald koeman and with mauricio pochettino they have gone to other clubs in the premier league. some would say, claude puel‘s rain last season was successful in comparison, fair argument. the club took a decision, changed manager, change of manager and the number of players that are
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coming in and out, top players have been sold, has not helped make things easier. there is enough quality within the squad and the players are good enough in my opinion to stay up, it is just they have not been showing a combination of performances from themselves, personally, but also maybe in the way that manuel pellegrini —— mauricio pellegrino has done this. —— manuel pellegrini. mauricio pellegrino has done this. -- manuel pellegrini. no matter the predicament of the club, premier league club, always attractive to someone, league club, always attractive to someone, marco silva, former watford man, the favourite with the bookies, men with southampton connection, gordon strachan, former boss, mark hughes, former player, would you go for any of those? a lot of names will be linked with it, and even under the current situation, this is an attractive proposition for somebody coming in to take charge. i have played with and against mark hughes, i have worked under gordon strachan as a manager and saw how
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good and the impact he can have. whoever comes in, it has got to be someone whoever comes in, it has got to be someone who has an instant impact. whether it is just a short—term appointment in the summer and see where the club are at that point, with a view to a longer position for somebody, but it need somebody to come in and hit the ground running and have the instant impact. eight games left to play, no room for error now. certainly not. francis benali, many thanks forjoining us. the manchester united captain michael carrick will retire from playing at the end of the season. the 36—year—old has won every club trophy in his 12 years with united including five premier league titles and the champions league. he won 3a england caps. he has only played four times this season after having a procedure to treat an irregular heart rhythm that was detected in september. he is expected to take up a coaching role with the club. there comes a time when your body
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tells you that it is time to stop playing football. as much as you don't like it. that is where i am at. i wanted to finish on my own terms, where i could decide, rather than be forced, so i was determined to get back fit. i understood, getting back fit, i would probably not be playing as many games as i might have done, that is something i understood. i have been training ha rd understood. i have been training hard and trying to get fit and i have played a few games so far and we will see what happens towards the end of the season. the ecb is embarking on a new approach to scouting and picking players in all forms of the game, director of cricket andrew strauss says that county players will be even watched more often, and picking out different formats of the game. scouts will report to a three strong selection panel.
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the trial of ben stokes will see ben stokes miss a test. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of affray, following the incident outside bristol nightclub last september. world number one roger federer through to the fourth round at indian wells a straight sets win over serbian opponent. —— world number one roger federer is through to the 3rd round at indian wells after a straight sets win over serbian filip krajinovic. the match was carried over from yesterday because of bad weather but there was no stopping the defending champion, he won 6—2, 6—1. with novak djokovic out, and andy murray and rafa nadal missing through injury, federer is favourote for a record 6th title. in the women's draw, serena williams faces sister venus williams overnight. that is all from sportsday, the top
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story, manchester city beating stoke city 2—0, one step closer to the premier league title. coming up next, the newspapers. welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us. with me are the broadcaster david davies and lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times. welcome to the both of you. many of tomorrow's front page is already in. let's have a rifle through them, we can takea let's have a rifle through them, we can take a look, starting with the metro, rather menacing picture of vladimir putin. as theresa may told mps that the nerve agent used in the salisbury attack was something developed by russia. while the i reports that theresa may has given russia 36 hours to report what they knew of the attack. the financial times, which leads with a picture of
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theresa may at the dispatch box saying that unless a credible reason is given this action amounts to unlawful use of force by the russia against the united kingdom. while the times tells it's readers that it understands gchq and the ministry of defence are working to accelerate a joint offensive cyber programme against russia. moving on — the mirror — who broke the story of former england playerjamie carragher spitting at a teenager — has a plea from the victim's family for him not to lose hisjob as for him not to lose his job as a pundit over the incident. the express has a picture of sir ken dodd on their front page with his long time partner anne who he married just days before he died. unsurprisingly, theresa may's
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responds in the house of commons to the salisbury attack, leading the most of the newspapers. kick us off with the metro, they have somejames bond ponds here... a robust statement today from theresa may, in the house, explaining the uk authorities have identified the substance, the nerve agent used against the russian spy and his daughter, it is anotherjock, which is said to be ten times more potent than vx poison gas, hard to detect, more resistant to antidotes. —— novichok. it was either a state—sponsored attack by the kremlin or else russia has lost control of its nerve agent, and she has ordered the russian ambassador to the uk to come and explain exactly what they know about this within the next 36 hours. really, this deadline now, for the facts to come onto the table, do you think we can expect much from the russians?”
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was reflecting on, if anglo soviet relations have ever in modern times been at a lower ebb, than they are at this moment, i'm struggling to remember when it was. the commons, in that quite fascinating debate, this afternoon, was reminded of the last time there was substantial russian expulsions from the uk, and the impact they had, that is some a0 yea rs the impact they had, that is some a0 years ago. and personally, it would seem years ago. and personally, it would seem to me, the logical extension of this, probably by wednesday and thursday, will be expulsions. how far of the russian embassy chain they go remains to be seen. the financial times, the headline, theresa may accuses russia over attack on spy and threatens requires all is -- attack on spy and threatens requires all is —— and threatens reprisals, they are looking at


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