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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 13, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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they're not aware how much is dangerous for the children. they've started to get this information about healthy lifestyle. unlike many other countries, qatar certainly has the resources to deal with its obesity epidemic. the bigger challenge is ensuring its people have the will. tulip mazumdar, bbc news, doha. tonight's football news. manchester united have been knocked out of the champions league by sevilla. they lost the second leg at old trafford, 2—1. john watson watched the game. all your match day scarves and souvenirs! champions league nights are special nights. once commonplace under sir alex ferguson, manchester united's current crop hoping to emulate his achievements. a return to the knockout stage of europe's top club competition a start, jose mourinho hoping to mastermind a march to the quarter—finals with victory over sevilla. after a goalless first leg, once again they were in short supply. marouane fellaini's effort the best
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of a poor first half. it was cautious and conservative. jesse lingard attempting to find the breakthrough. how he's seen it all before. but perhaps not quite as underwhelming and underperforming. where united couldn't, sevilla could. ben yedder putting his side in front. the complexity of the tie changed in seconds. david de gea, who saved them from defeat in the first leg, couldn't this time, as ben yedder struck again. commentator: it is in! 2-0! united now needed three goals, romelu lukaku could only get one. this, a match united had been expected to win comfortably. on this performance, they remain some way off europe's elite. a not—so—special night for the so—called special one. john watson, bbc news. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm jessica creighton. coming up tonight: misery for manchester united. they're out of the champions league after losing to sevilla in the last 16. full steam head for buveur d'air. he successfully defends his title in the big race of the day at cheltenham festival, the champion hurdle. and there's another medalfor great britain at the winter paralympics, silver for skiier menna fitzpatrick and her guidejen kehoe. good evening.
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we'll start with football and an upset at old trafford, where underdogs sevilla have knocked manchester united out of the champions league, wining 2—1 on the night and on aggregate. our football reporterjohn bennett is with me to dissect what went wrong for united. we will discuss the impact of this result on the club in just a moment but first, the goals. honestly, united were outplayed tonight and what they? they were, and they were hurt by not taking the attack to sylvia. it's had a look at the goals. a super game. ben yedder, he came on in the 72nd minute. it had been a terrible game before that. united had hardly traded any chances. this was the second goal, the crucial goal. david de gea has
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saved manchester united so many times this season. nearly saved them here but it just times this season. nearly saved them here but itjust went over the line. they needed three goals, they got one back, romelu lukaku scored for manchester united but it was too little, too late. united are out of i have not been to the league quarterfinals since 2014. you can his appointment on the united players faces there. —— the disappointment on. many pundits saying they were the favourites, expected to go through to the quarterfinals. how much of a blow with the speed to their season? jose mourinho has always fought back but he won't have much to fight back with when you look on the 180 minutes against sevilla. the united fa ns were minutes against sevilla. the united fans were so frustrated. they were
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chanting "attack, attack, attack." it was really negative. pot but came on to but not change things. —— paul pogba came on. now it isjust on to but not change things. —— paul pogba came on. now it is just the on to but not change things. —— paul pogba came on. now it isjust the fa cup. not good enough forjose mourinho's standards. yes, and i'm sure we'll be healing the liem —— hearing more of fallout. roma, shakhtar donetsk, 1—0. roma is through for the first time since 2008. the hero... look at this finish. no respect whatsoeverfrom edenjacko. finish. no respect whatsoeverfrom eden jacko. underestimate finish. no respect whatsoeverfrom edenjacko. underestimate them at your peril because roma have some very talented players. brilliant, thank you so much. john bennett
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there was an update. now, should england be boycotting the world cup this summer in russia? that's a question being asked by some if vladimir putin and the russian state are found to be involved in the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. the labour mpjohn woodcock has told the bbc today that england's participation in russia "ought to be in question". the fa's position is that international relations with russia are a matter for the government, and there are currently no changes to their world cup plans. well, the former fa executive director david davis said he believes a boycott would only be worthwhile if other nations backed england. iam against i am against boycotts by one country u nless i am against boycotts by one country unless the international community gives its positive and practical backing, and that means yes, france, and spain and germany and other countries ideally also support that action. then you make a difference.
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my action. then you make a difference. my worry is that if one country like england says we are not going to ta ke england says we are not going to take part in a world cup, one other country will replace us and the country will replace us and the country that will be damaged and will be most upset by what has happened is called england. there are claims date there have been high—level talks within the faa about a potential boycott. do you think that they are considering it asa think that they are considering it as a viable option? the more likely option is the dignitaries, the suits not going to moscow, saint petersburg and the rest. will that affect the russians? not really. will it make people feel better that there is some symbolic gesture? perhaps. do you feel than the pfa needs to do more to reassure fans in the lead up to the world cup in light of what's happened? the faa to the world cup in light of what's happened? the fm is not a security advice bureau. that is a business from a business of government and of
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the security forces. the good news is that russia and the leader of russia well, i'm sure, wants to stage a successful football tournament and they will want part of that successful tournament to be safety for sure. as far as concerned, people will have to make their own judgement concerned, people will have to make their ownjudgement but i concerned, people will have to make their own judgement but i suspect that foreign office advice will be absolutely right up to the last minute, is it safe or is it not? away from football, the big race of the opening day of the cheltenham festival. the champions hurdle was won by odds—on favourite buveur d'air. the nicky henderson trained horse, ridden byjockey barry geritty, has nowjoined some ofjump racing's greats, by winning back to back stagings of the prestigious race. it was a seventh champion hurdle for henderson, and also for ownerjp mcmanus. the great thing about today was that he found himself in a battle for the first time
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in his career, really. it has all been very easy for him. and last year was too. today he had to fight, and hejolly did to. he was great. it is tough out there today. the ground is testing. meanwhile, a good day at the office for ruby walsh, the most succesful jockey at the cheltenham festival. he picked up his second win of day in the mares hurdle aboard bennie des jour. incredibly, he only returned to the saddle five days ago after breaking his leg. walsh beat the hot favourite apple jade in third and midnight tour in second. earlier, he won the arkle chase aboard footpad. and jockey lizzie kelly scored herfirst cheltenham festival victory as 5—1 favourite coo star sivola, trained by her stepfather nick williams, landed the ultima handicap chase, edging out shantou flyer by just a neck. the british team have won theirfourth medal
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of the winter paralympics. menna fitzpatrick and guide jen kehoe claimed a silver in the women's visually impaired super combined event to help pa ralympics gb close in on their target of seven medals at the games. kate grey is in pyeongchang for us. the mountains have been a happy hunting ground for the alpine skiers so far. what fortunes would the super combined hold today? after the speed discipline this morning, menna fitzpatrick and guide jen kehoe were comfortably in silver medal position. onto the technical slalom... the penultimate pair down the tricky course and the communication through their headsets was integral and effective. the brits momentarily in gold medal position. then the turn of the slovakians. they are unbeaten at these games. would they falter this time? a minor mistake, but their experience prevails. menna and jen had to settle for silver.
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i have no words! it's not sunk in yet. we'rejust glad, amazed to be here. so grateful it all went right today. while the alpine skiers have been making waves in the mountains, the competition is really heating up on the coast, as the wheelchair curlers move into the business end of the round robin matches. it may be 20 degrees outside, but a cool head was required on the ice as the brits faced another strong slovakian team. both ended in heavy defeats, knocking them down the round—robin standings. they will go again tomorrow, hoping to move up in the standings. team sky have scored their first major victory of the 2018 cycling season. michal kwiatkowski has won the week—long tirreno—adriatico race, while team—mate geraint thomas finished third overall. the final stage on italy's adriatic coast was a time trial, and thomas was fast enough to move up from fourth and take
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the last podium spot. kwiatkowski started with just a three—second lead at the top of the standings, but put in a storming run on the six—mile course to claim the leader's blue jersey by 24 seconds. that's all from sportsday. thank you so much forjoining us. coming up in a moment, the papers. i'll see you soon. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me, michael booker, deputy editor of the daily express, and times columnistjenni russell. thanks both of you for coming in.
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many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's ta ke let's take a look. starting with the financial times, which leads on philip hammond's optimism in his spring statement, as well as donald trump's dismissal of his secretary of state rex tillerson. the daily express shares the chancellor's sunny outlook, focusing on the possibility of tax cuts in the budget in autumn if economic forecasts remain positive. the i reports theresa may is preparing a wave of sanctions against russia amid tensions over the salisbury nerve agent attack. tensions with russia and that investigation into the unexplained death of a russian businessman in london feature on the metro's front page. the sun also leads on that death, the 68—year—old nikolai glushovski, who was an outspoken critic of president putin. the daily telegraph's picture story features racing fans enjoying a day out at the opening of the cheltenham festival. but the daily star's front page
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warns that more freezing weather is on its way, with temperatures set to plunge again this weekend. and the daily mirror warns that one and two pence pieces could become a thing of the past, as the chancellor launches a series of finance—related consultations. let's talk to our guests. i think we're starting with the front page of the i, and this threat of sanctions. we've had this for a few days, there is going to bejust sanctions. we've had this for a few days, there is going to be just that of sanctions. looks like the cold work starts again tomorrow in earnest with the russians over these, the poisoning and then the suspicious death which has now been linked to it. oligarchs could have their assets frozen, it doesn't sound an awful lot. and it does not
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sound an awful lot. and it does not sound as if it is going to scare russia a single bit. we saw a bbc correspondent speak to vladimir putin last night and he smirked when he was asked about whether russia had anything to do with the poisoning. i don't think he cares andi poisoning. i don't think he cares and i think the problem we have with this, and i've seen a few commentators say this, is that russia is prepared to go to the length that we are not. they seem to have no boundaries whatsoever, as seems to be happening with the poisoning and possibly again with this suspicious death of someone. you're not suggesting the uk intelligence services match the russians in being willing to poison double agents. i'm not saying that, but that is the problem. they are prepared to go to these degrees and we are going to hit them with a few assets? jenni, what is your thoughts on this coverage? do you take the same view as michael that it is i


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