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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 14, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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u wru—r i imagined you fitzpatrick and keio. i imagined you have had a brilliant few days, what a collection of medals they have. we have a father here, what an amazing few days! and i hear that you are partly to thank for this? partly to blame, really. she found a younger, faster guide, but i'm not moaning, three medals is brilliant. and for you, a guide —— a mother to guide her. user responsibility to pick up and refocus? i don't think some realise what the guides have to do and all this. they have such a good relationship, they'rejust and all this. they have such a good relationship, they're just the and all this. they have such a good relationship, they'rejust the most amazing team. they use laughter an awful lot to get them through things, which is fantastic. sol think minna was shaken, she said so publicly, she was quite tearful, but theyjust work together on set with their amazing support team, and they we nt their amazing support team, and they went off, and now they have medals galore, as is amazing! if you could
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sum up what these last few days have been like, what is it like? it has been ana been like, what is it like? it has been an a blazing emotional roller coaster. it's amazing, at best i cannot put words to it. we have all had an amazing time, and we think the girls are fantastic. they definitely are, we have sisters, aunts, uncles, stepdads here are just loving their time here in pyeongchang, and hopefully more to come on sunday. great matching hats there. a mixed day for the gb wheelchair curlers. they started well with an 8—3 win over germany, but lost 9—3 to the united states in their later match and probably now need to beat both south korea and china tomorrow to stand a chance of progressing to the semi—finals. they have the new match at the new camp, and that is a big announcement from antonio content, it is olivier d rew‘s
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from antonio content, it is olivier drew‘s first start for chelsea into champions league. on the other side of things, you have another coming back from injury for barcelona. you can watch that match live, kick—off is at pm, listened to it live on five live sports extra. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. we will see you soon. let's get more now on today's developing story. theresa may's decision to expel 23 russian ‘undeclared intelligence officers‘, or spies following the use of a soviet—era nerve agent in salisbury. the kremlin has called the measures hostile and unacceptable. our diplomatic correspondent, jonathan marcus is here. theresa may saying this is the most extensive expulsion of diplomats for decades, what difference will it make, will present wound care?m certainly the largest for decades,
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you have to go back to 1985 when 25 diplomats were expelled, the record is back in 1971 when 105 were expelled. the simple question to whether putin will care, is probably not a lot. one has to be very forensic about this, there has been a long list of sanctions against russia, for example because of its actions in the ukraine, all kinds of actions in the ukraine, all kinds of actions have been employed, and it has not changed russia's basic direction, it does not like the sanctions, it does not like the sense that the west is castigating it as sense that the west is castigating itasa sense that the west is castigating it as a pariah nation, but on the other hand, it is very much in tune with the political narrative that president putin is setting out, of an embattled rush up the set by enemies abroad, and obviously with the russian election under way, that does not do them very much harm anyway. so overall, i do not think you'll be too worried. is there anything that would make him think
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twice? seizing the assets of his friends in london? there has been lots of talk about dirty money, particularly in london, will that matter? two things, and i think this is the feeling of many financial a nalysts is the feeling of many financial analysts and experts, best whilst we have been strong tipple medically at expelling a large number of russian and officials, the financial side of the equation is less strong. this is not an all—out assault on russian money in london, the links between russian money and the city of london go back such a long way, such large interest that straight —— steak of the government has been rather cautious. the most important thing is the international action. what has been very interesting is there has been very interesting is there has been very interesting is there has been a lot of rhetorical support from key governments for britain, lots of activity in a number of major international organisations, the open —— which raja is said to have breached. the un human rights council, there is a meeting today,
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there will be a meeting of the un security council later in the day. these are the preliminary steps in trying to galvanise some kind of international coalition. but the problem will be turning that sympathy, the words of sympathy into concrete actions. and that is actually going to be quite hard. they do. and that is actually going to be quite hard. they do. we can speak to our europe correspondent, damian grammaticas — who's in brussels. what she will get, which she has been hearing already, asjonathan was saying, strong statements of support. so we had the present —— donald tusk, who will be chairing the summit of eu leaders, including theresa may on thursday, she will be here in brussels —— brussels. he put out a tweet while speaking in finland, where he said that irrespective of brecht —— brexit and
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the tough negotiations there, he expressed full solidarity with theresa may in the face of what he called the brutal attack most likely inspired by moscow. he said that he was prepared to put this issue on the agenda of the summit. that we have heard similar solidarity from the polish leader, but the issue will be how far the eu believes it can actually go in support of the uk on “— can actually go in support of the uk on —— on this, because this was in international legal terms, as theresa may defined it, she said that this was attack on uk soil. so it eu countries already have significant sanctions in place on russia for its annexation of current media and its involvement in the conflict in eastern uk. —— ukraine. they will stand behind it uk, but whether they will be convinced to go further, that is unclear. boris johnson said that it was britain that led the way with things like stations against russia, and he said
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he detected some reluctance on the pa rt he detected some reluctance on the part of some eu leaders to go further. will that be an issue going further? it will only be a uk if it issued if the uk asks for that and asks the uk as a whole to take sanctions against russia. there has a lwa ys sanctions against russia. there has always been a debate amongst the eu countries about the efficacy of these sanctions, whether they really provide perfect —— pressure, some countries with closer relations to russia have been less convinced about that. but the uk and many other countries have said that this was an important instrument of pressure to bring to bear on russia, and it has to be important to maintain. and all these countries have stood behind that position, despite the internal debates about it. but i think what we will see is that for now, the uk will have to ta ke that for now, the uk will have to take the lead on this with rhetorical backing from the eu side.
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but whether the uk can convince other countries to expand their sanctions, some countries have those targeting russia, particularly on those accused of human rights abuses, i think more than perhaps... thank you very much. time for a look at the weather with phil avery. it has been one of those days across many western parts of the british isles, and for that you have to think this big area of low pressure. lights of iso— bars around it, and a whether front as well. it is a commendation of wet and windy weather that been on offer across the southwest of england, getting up to the irish sea area, western side of wales and northern ireland. into the evening and overnight, that is where i suspect we will find the heaviest of the rain. as the front
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just tends to swing its way out of the southwest, pushing the rain towards wales, the midlands into the southeast. further east under the skies, the attempt was will dribble away 3—5d or so, reasonably against that shield of cloud. thursday, the front makes progress towards the north and east. writer skies falling on behind, but the chance of some pretty heavy showers underneath that front, it will not be a particularly warm day. you're watching beyond one hundred days. a return to cold war expulsions. 23 russian spies are sent packing by the british prime minister. it the biggest number of diplomats expelled by britain in 30 years, as europe and the united states come out in support of london's response. poisoning of sergei skripal and his daughter has been formally tied to
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the kremlin which denied the deadline for information. they have traded the use of military grade nerve agent in europe with contempt. russia says the uk is engaging in a serious provocation. also on the programme. a month on from the school shooting in florida, students stage a 17 minute walk out across america


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