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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 9pm... police launched a murder enquiry into the death of another russian exile in london, they say there is nothing to link this to the poisoning in salisbury. an 18—year—old is convicted of attempted murder following the tube bombing in west london. ahmed hassan was on the government's anti—radicalisation programme, prevent. on the face of it, he was engaged in the programme but coming back to his devious nature, he kept it very secretive nature to what he was planning as nobody around jim knew what his plot was. is the beast back? — snow, high winds and sub—zero temperatures could mean disruption for travellers. also this hour — rescuers in miami say there are no more survivors following yesterday's bridge collapse. at least six people died. authorities say the focus is on recovering bodies buried beneath the rubble. and in 30 minutes... the
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right road ahead? the transport secretary and sister will checks at dover after brexit. inside out south—east asks how the plans stack up... —— insists there will be no border checks. —— insists there will be no border checks. a murder inquiry has been launched into the death of a russian businessman in london on monday. a post—mortem has concluded nikolai glushkov died from compression to the neck, suggesting he was strangled. detectives say there's nothing at this stage to link the murder with the poisoning in salisbury of sergei skripal and his daughter. borisjohnson says he believes it's ‘overwhelmingly likely‘ that president putin personally ordered the attack on mr skripal. the kremlin has called his comments shocking and unforgivable. 0ur diplomatic correspondent james landale's report contains flash photography. boris johnson brought the polish foreign minister
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to a battle of britain museum today, a memorial to a war fought in the air. every single plane that britain had was up in the sky. the foreign secretary used the opportunity to push forward britain's current battle with russia, fought this time over the airwaves, blaming vladimir putin personally for the nerve agent attack in salisbury. 0ur quarrel is with putin's kremlin, and with his decision. and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the uk, the streets of europe, for the first time since the second world war. that is why we are at odds with russia. the kremlin spokesmen issued an angry statement, saying that mentioning president putin's name in connection with the attack was shocking and unpardonable diplomatic misconduct. the kremlin also confirmed that some
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british diplomats based at the embassy in moscow would be expelled, and that an announcement could come at any moment. it is retaliation for the uk's decision to expel 23 russian intelligence officers who will leave london next tuesday. again, russia's foreign minister denied any involvement in the salisbury attack. translation: i don't want to comment on the current situation. let it stay on the conscience of those who have started this shameless, groundless business. and as for the language of the defence secretary? translation: he says russia should go away and shut up. maybe he lacks education. i don't know. officials at the foreign office believe the robustness of britain's response and the unity of the western allies has surprised russia, and they say they are ready for any retaliation coming from moscow. as one source said, we have more stuff in the locker.
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but amid the diplomatic war of words, the metropolitan police announced that a russian businessman who had been found dead at his south west london home on monday, had been murdered. the 68—year—old nikolai glushkov was a former associate of known opponents of president putin. detectives said they were keeping an open mind but there was nothing to link his death to the nerve agent attack. in salisbury, two weeks on, police were still in protective gear in investigating the attempted murder of the former russian intelligence officer sergei skripal and his daughter, yulia, still making the streets safe. simon jones is outside nikolai glushkov‘s house in new malden and has this update. police activity continues here at the home of mr glushkov, as it has throughout the week since his body was discovered here on monday
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evening. the amount of police activity throughout the week is a lwa ys activity throughout the week is always suggested this was perhaps more than an unexplained death, as it has been labelled by the metropolitan police at the start of the week. today we got confirmation that the net are treating this as a merger. russian authorities during the course of the afternoon through the course of the afternoon through the investigations committee first labelled this as murder and they next gave further details, the met, saying they were called to run monday evening and they called on the counter unit because of associations mr glushkov has had in the past and a postmortem was carried out yesterday and today it was revealed the cause of death was compression to the neck and at that point the police were prepared to said they believed this was possibly a merger. they are stressing that at the moment they see no direct links to the events in salisbury and they say there is no question as far as
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they are concerned of anybody being poisoned here but they are concerned with the links he has had with russia and the fact that he was jailed in russia forfraud and money—laundering and he sought exile in this country. he was also a critic of president putin and has associated himself with other critics of president putin. that is why so many questions have been raised here and we have seen officers coming and going throughout the evening into those tents behind me so the evening into those tents behind me so still the search is very much ongoing at the home here, as the police seek further answers. simon jones reporting. our world affairs correspondent richard galpin is in moscow with the latest on the murder investigation. this is another very dramatic development, the fact that british police believe that yet another russian exile, someone else who was granted asylum in britain, is believed to have been murdered. the british police are launching what they say is a murder investigation into the death of nikolai glushkov. mr glushkov is someone who fled
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to britain 14 years ago. he had been put in prison in russia prior to that for about five years. the key points or one of the key points is that he was a close associate of boris berezovsky, a friend and he helped to run one of his companies while in russia. boris berezovsky was certainly viewed by the kremlin and putin as being enemy number one. berezovsky himself died about four or five years ago. that was deemed to be suicide by many people, although at his inquest there were questions about this and one forensic
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scientist appeared dramatically towards the end of the inquest to say that he believed that he had not committed suicide and he had been strangled. in the case of mr glushkov, the british police say that he did die from compression to the neck. the investigation does go on but this is another very important development amidst this febrile atmosphere in relations between london and moscow. particularly after the comments of borisjohnson, in which he directly accused putin of being involved in the poisoning in salisbury. richard galpin reporting from moscow. an iraqi teenager who sought asylum in the uk as a child has been found guilty of the london tube bombing at parson's green. 18—year—old ahmed hassan left his bomb on a packed underground train during rush hour. the device only partially detonated but injured 50 people. it's emerged that hassan was on the government's deradicalisation programme, prevent, while he was plotting the attack. the government says
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there are lessons to be learned from the case. june kelly reports. ahmed hassan buying batteries and screwdrivers in asda — everyday items but, for a violent extremist, part of his bomb—making kit. he's asked for id. he may have looked young but hassan is said to be mature, highly intelligent and calculating. cctv cameras captured his journey as the following morning he left home early with his bomb in a bag and a murderous plan in his head. he was setting off to cause carnage on the london underground system. he made for a train and then, a few stops down the district line, he got off, empty—handed, his bomb on a timer left behind. just after the train pulled into parsons green station, the bomb detonated, creating a massive fireball which rolled down the carriage. passengers were left burning and screaming in pain. a gassy flare ran up above my head, singed my hair.
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there was panic all around me on the train. people were diving off the train. fortunately the doors were open so i managed to get off the train. my initial reaction was that there was a fault on the train rather than a device. hassan had strapped shrapnel to the device — nuts, bolts, screws and knives to cause maximum death and injury. it was said to be pure luck that his bomb only partially exploded. this computer—generated graphic shows the scene in the carriage after the attack. he had used the explosive tatp, known as mother of satan. at parsons green a major emergency operation got under way. terrified passengers were taken off the train, injured commuters carried out of the station. meanwhile, the teenage bomber left london and went on the run. the year before he declared it was his duty to hate britain because his father had been killed by coalition forces in iraq.
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at the time of his attack he was on the government's de—radicalisation programme, prevent, aimed at turning people away from terrorism. he was very cunning and devious and, on the face of it, hassan was engaged on the programme but coming back to his devious nature, he kept it very secretive in relation to what he was doing, what he was planning, and nobody around him actually knew what his plot was. 2a hours on from the attack, firearms officers were surrounding hassan‘s house in sunbury in surrey. inside were his petrified elderly foster pa rents, penny and ron jones. this was a couple who had received mbes from the queen for fostering hundreds of children. ahmed hassan repaid them for giving him a home by secretly building a bomb in their kitchen. and it came out in court that the teenager staying in their spare bedroom had told immigration officials he had been kidnapped and trained to kill by the islamic state group.
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it is understood thejoneses were not given his full story. after the bombing, hassan headed for dover. he was arrested as he tried to flee the country which had given him a home and an education but for which he felt only hatred. he will be sentenced next week. severe weather warnings for snow and ice are in place for parts of the uk this weekend. the met office has forecast snow for the eastern side of the uk and temperatures could drop by 10 degress across the country by saturday. forecasters say that although it's the same siberian weather as the "beast from the east", the disruption will not last as long. philip avery has been comparing the forthcoming subzero temperatures with the balmy climate of the past few days. 14.6 degrees in northolt, 16 yesterday in porthmadog.
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maybe more. in the north, the north—east, eastern in scotland, they have had a weather front giving temperatures closer to 5 degrees, miserable and that weather front is important. some interesting graphics... have a look at this! here is one that i made earlier! that area of low pressure in the atlantic was a dominant feature across us for a good part of the past week but this is the weekend. and that high pressure, if you follow those isobars from northern scandinavia, across the cold north sea, all that cold air picking up the moisture from the north sea and i suspect you know what comes next. as early as tonight, as you have suggested in the introduction, we will see that weather front tumbling across the british isles, persistent snow across southern england and wales, through saturday morning. becoming more showery but snow showers and all the while, because of that easterly further north, there is a
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complete supply of snow showers running from the north sea and the eastern side of scotland and england, absolutely exposed. given the strength of the wind, temperatures feeling like —6, —7 or —8, some of those snow showers will get across the midlands and into wales, particularly eastern wales. the father of a female engineering student allegedly attacked by a group of women in nottingham has called for "justice" for his daughter. 18—year—old mariam moustafa died on wednesday, nearly a month after she was assaulted on a bus in the city centre. nottinghamshire police says there is nothing to suggest it was a hate crime, although they are "keeping an open mind". sima kotecha sent us the latest from nottingham. 18—year—old mariam moustafa, an engineering student in nottingham. her family are from egypt and came here for a better life. her sister and father described her as loving, cheerful and intelligent.
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mariam was always looking up, looking forward for being in engineering. she was a hard worker. she always put all her effort to being in engineering. in february, as the teenager was making her way to see her mother and sister, she was attacked. she caught a bus on this street to try to get away from the girls. however, they followed her. police say she was punched several times. she died on wednesday. this footage on social media shows what happened on the bus. you move out of my way, you move out of my way! yesterday, police said there was no information at this stage to suggest it was a hate crime but that they were keeping an open mind. she was discharged from hospital after the attack but then she fell ill and was readmitted. that's when she went into a coma. the family gave us these pictures.
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for me to now think that she's gone, i still feel like she's around me, i feel like she's going to come knocking on the door. but that's not happening. the egyptian government, as well as her family, have called on the uk authorities to bring those who did this to justice quickly. a 17—year—old girl was arrested on suspicion of assault but has been released on conditional bail. in a tweet this afternoon, the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, assured the egyptian authorities that nottinghamshire police was investigating the case. sima kotecha, bbc news, nottingham. before the headlines, some breaking news... kent police say officers are
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investigating a fatal collision that happened in thanet. this is an accident that happened on the 3rd of february, police called to report that a private ambulance overturned in ramsgate. in the early hours of the morning on saturday the 3rd of february, the vehicle travelling from the minster roundabout and the collision took place nearby. there was a patient in the ambulance, a 66—year—old man, who died the following day and two others sustained injuries. it is only now being treated as a fatal collision because of further tests and postmortem examinations were carried out by the serious collision investigation. a fatal collision being investigated by kent police and they are keen to hear from anyone who has not yet spoken to them about that accident. the headlines... police launch a murder enquiry into the death of another russian exile in london, they say there is nothing linking the death to the poisoning in salisbury.
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sergei skripal and his daughter are still critical in hospital and the foreign secretary blames vladimir putin for the attack. 18—year—old ahmed hassan is convicted of attempted murder following the london tube bombing. it has emerged that he was on the government's de—radicalisation problem. —— programme. all the sports news... hello. fifa have formally approved this evening the use of video assista nt this evening the use of video assistant referees for the world cup. the council gave the green light to the system at a meeting today after trialling this at two tournaments over the past two years. var is already used in germany and italy won the fa cup adopted this season. italy won the fa cup adopted this season. there are italy won the fa cup adopted this season. there are some italy won the fa cup adopted this season. there are some teething problems but their fifa president has said we need to live with the times. jose mourinho has launched an astonishing i2 times. jose mourinho has launched an astonishing 12 minute defence of man united being knocked out of the
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champions league this week. they lost at home to sevilla with the performance hugely criticised, particularly by the fans. he ranted uninterrupted at a press conference today, using notes chewbacca biz points about united's recent record in europe and the premier league, which he claims should put the defeat in a different light. which he claims should put the defeat in a different lightlj which he claims should put the defeat in a different light. i am not going to cry. because i heard a few boos, i will not disappear from the tunnel, running admittedly. the next match, i will be first to go out. then i was 20 years old i was nobody in football and now, at 55, i am what i am and i did what i did because of work, because of my talent and my mentality. i could be in another country with the league in the pocket. the count of league that you win even before it starts, but i am not, i'm here. the door for the champions league quarterfinals went on without mourinho and man
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united and its biggest rivals were drawn together, liverpool and man city facing each other in the last eight of the competition. the quarterfinalists are taken from the top four leagues in europe, a repeat of the final last year the juventus and real madrid and barcelona and bayern munich will be strong favourites. the games take place in successive weeks in april. the europa league draws... the favourites kept apart, atletico madrid drawn with sporting lisbon and arsenalface madrid drawn with sporting lisbon and arsenal face cska moscow at a time of strained relations between britain and russia. after a week of irish domination at cheltenham, the gold cup provided an epic duel between two english trained horses. native driver —— native river beat mite bite. both led throughout, stride for stride for 22 fences, more than three miles, before native
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river pulled away after the final jump, conquering the field and the soft ground to improve on his third place of last year. champion jockey richard johnson's second gold cup of his career and a first for the trainer, who prevented nicky henderson winning the historic treble of champions trophy, champion chase and gold cup in the same year. richard johnson was brilliant on that horse, i do not think many gold cup winners do all the running and jumping and you could see him setting up the jobs, jumping and you could see him setting up thejobs, about jumping and you could see him setting up the jobs, about six strides out. that is a very long strides out. that is a very long stride and the horse would come every time. he is away from the fence very quickly as well. in racing, that is very important. and he stays very well. a big day for colin tizzard at cheltenham. much more on the website. you can watch the full 12 minute rant from jose mourinho. we don't have time to play
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it here but there is enough time to bring you all of the sports news at 10:30pm... spoilsport! thank you very much. we will see you later. in florida at least six people have been killed after a newly built bridge collapsed onto a busy road in miami. the bridge had been put up in six hours just six days ago using a method called "accelerated construction" to avoid traffic disruption. ten people have been taken to hospital and the emergency services have been working at the scene since last night. here's how the disaster unfolded. the bridge at fiu just collapsed out of nowhere. there's cars stuck under there. we tried to get people out but we couldn't. they were all stuck. two construction workers also fell from the crane.
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i mean, it was horrible, it was a disaster. what i saw was it slowly coming down, and the dust and the cementjust shattering on top of the cars. we exhausted last night all of our search and rescue capabilities in the hopes of finding additional survivors. we used auditory, we used visual, we used our canines, and we determined that there is no longer any survivors. that's why we transitioned into this recovery mode. south africa's former president, jacob zuma, has been charged with corruption, a month after he was ousted. mr zuma denies the charges, which relate to a multi—billion—dollar arms deal completed in the 1990s. the french arms manufacturer thales
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has also been charged. from johanesberg, milton nkosi reports. the call forjacob zuma to have his day in court has been a long time coming. he is facing 16 charges of corruption, including fraud, racketeering, and money—laundering. the charges had been controversially set aside nine years ago. paving the way for mr zuma to become president. the prosecuting authority says it has more than 200 witnesses lined up for this case. this is going to be a long and complicated trial. after consideration of the matter, i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma on charges listed in the indictment. this case dates back to the early 90s, when the state purchased fighter jets, patrol boats and other arms
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in a massive defence overhaul now known as the arms deal. the charges relate to allegations that mr zuma solicited bribes for his personal benefit from a french arms company through his financial adviser, mr shaikh. he was tried and found guilty of corruption. back in 2005. but the former president has always maintained his innocence. this is what he told me when i asked him about these corruption allegations back in 2012. there's nothing to clear my name of. absolutely. nothing. mr zuma is no stranger to controversy. two years ago he was ordered by the highest court in the land to repay some of the public money used for security upgrades at his private residence in a rural location. the current charges he is facing have nothing to do with his latest
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corruption scandal, involving his relationship with the controversial gupta family. milton nkosi, bbc news, johannesburg. let's get the weather forecast with philip avery. the story of the weekend is a winter ‘s tale, back when if you saw any spring warmth of late, forget about that, snow and ice and potential disruption and it starts as early as tonight as the band of snow gradually tumbles from the eastern side of scotland and the north—east of england into the southern half of britain, wintry showers are plenty as a night—time temperatures rarely away. it is a raw start to saturday and i am showing you the snow showers only, no cloud. the white is the snow showers and perhaps something more continue in the side for a time. and it will feel so much colder than
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likely, temperatures barely above freezing in some spots, adding in the strength of the wind and will feel like —64 minus eight. at that stage, saturday afternoon into sunday, the met office already has these amber warnings for snow and ice. this is bbc news. the headlines... police torture murder enquiry into the death of another russian exile in london, they say there is nothing to link his death to the poisoning in salisbury. sergei skripal and his daughter are still critical in hospital, the foreign secretary blames vladimir putin for the attack. an 18—year—old is convicted of attempted murder following the london tube bombing. it has emerged ahmed hassan was a government de—radicalisation programme. the former south african president jacob zuma is to stand trial on 16 charges
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of corruption, in connection with an deal. now on bbc news, our inside out south east team brings you some of their strongest stories this week. what will brexit mean for traffic in kent? it will be like an 0peration stack situation on a daily basis. and that cannot be allowed to happen. the kitchen where cooking is a serious business. it gives me a reason to get up in the morning, get dressed and get out there. and the world of strictly dog dancing. couldn't get more tense, could it? i'm natalie graham, with untold stories closer to home, from all around the south east, this is inside out. hello, welcome to the programme, which this week comes
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to you from dover. brexit is coming, and some of the biggest changes in the south east are going to happen right here, in this town. tonight, we can exclusively reveal academic research which makes some remarkable predictions about this part of the region once we leave the eu. rachel royce reports. 0n 23rd june 2016, the uk voted to leave the european union. june the 23rd, independence day! cheering this means there could be changes ahead for people and goods crossing the channel. dover and eurotunnel
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at folkestone are two of britain's busiest frontiers. for now, they're frictionless. at the moment we have what's considered to be a free—flowing border between britain and the continent. lorries don't have to undergo customs checks unless they're going to a non—eu country and passport checks are minimal but that could all change after brexit. it's really very concerning for us. nobody knows what's going to happen. there seems to be a lack of information about what brexit will mean for dover and folkestone. so we've decided to do our bit to help. we've commissioned a special report looking into what could happen to traffic as a result of post—brexit border changes.


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