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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11: police launch a murder inquiry after another russian exile is targeted in london — police say there is nothing yet to link his death to the attack on sergei skripal. police respond to a shooting east sussex tonight — the iraqi teenager, found guilty of the parsons green tube bombing, was on the government's anti—radicalisation programme at the time. and on newsnight, it's been britain versus russia this week. so is it a problem that this country has long welcomed many wealthy russians to london, including friends of putin? we'll ask, what is it that first attracted us to the oligarch billionaires? good evening and welcome to bbc news. a man has been arrested tonight
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following a shooting at st leonards on sea near hastings. natalie graham is in st leonards—on—sea for us. tell us more about what has been happening. this has been the scene ofa happening. this has been the scene of a major police operation, it all began about 730 when there were reports of a double shooting at a property just down the reports of a double shooting at a propertyjust down the road in st leonards. this is the main coastal road in this part of east sussex, the police shut the road, dozens of officers here, two helicopters up in the skies above hastings st leonards and bexhill, and reports of armed gunman on the loose. around half an hour ago sussex police confirmed that a man has been arrested in connection with this incident. they are not confirming much, but they are not confirming much, but they are advising everyone who lives in this area to stay indoors until there is further information. police
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have confirmed they are responding to reports of shooting at a property in st leonards. it is being reported elsewhere that those involved in the shooting include a heavily pregnant woman and one other person. we haven't had that confirmed by police. we don't know the condition of those people that are involved in this reported shooting. there is a man in custody tonight, sussex police are saying despite that development they are still advising residents here to stay indoors, not go out until they receive further information. one thing they have said tonight, this is not a terrorist incident. but as you can see, it is a major investigation. ijust want see, it is a major investigation. i just want to emphasise that, they have been some newswires saying people can return to their homes, and you are saying that is not the case yet? the last update i have from police
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and the lack of activity here tonight would suggest that people are certainly staying indoors and out. you may have more information than i have, ironically even though iam here than i have, ironically even though i am here at the scene in st leonards. i think yours is the more coaches cautious approach. thank you. detectives from scotland yard are treating as murder the death in london of a russian exile and businessman. nikolay glushkov, who was 68, was found dead at his home on monday. a postmortem concluded he'd suffered ‘compression of the neck‘, suggesting he'd been strangled. his death, just a week after the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in salisbury, is being investigated by counterterrorism police. they say there's no evidence at the moment to link the two cases. our home affairs correspondent, tom symonds has more. it was an ominous development, given what has happened elsewhere. monday night a 68—year—old man found dead, his body taken for a postmortem examination. 0minous because nikolai glushkov was russian, a political exile,
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number one on that country's list of people it would like sent back to russia. not that his neighbours had much idea of his background. i think he presented as a normal englishman. i didn't know he was russian. it's horrible to be on your doorstep, for one thing, but for that to happen to him, it must be a horrible thing to have happened. the daughter must be terribly upset. all week, his house has been the subject of a detailed search. the tents were for protecting items of interest. a pathologist has concluded that nikolai glushkov died as a result of compression of the neck, suggesting strangulation, but detectives are clear they are keeping an open mind. they'll be looking at all aspects of his life, and of course his past. but the stakes for them are high, not least because of the possible consequences for britain's relationship with russia. in the 1990s, glushkov was director of russia's state airline, aeroflot, but in 1999 he was charged
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with fraud and money—laundering. afterfive years in prison, he fled to the uk and was given political asylum. among his friends here was the russian billionaire boris berezovsky, a prominent critic of vladimir putin, found dead in 2013 at his former wife's berkshire home. the coroner recorded an open verdict, but nikolai glushkov was convinced that berezovsky and other russian exiles had been murdered. this week, glushkov was due to appear in court in london. the russian authorities were continuing to pursue him for more than £100 million of aeroflot‘s money. did his past make him a target? russia's sternest critics have no problem believing that. mr glushkov‘s death fits into a wider pattern of the last 12 years or so of kremlin opponents dropping dead across europe. the consequences for the kremlin of this were limited
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forfar too long. the uk response has recently been much stronger but there's still an awful lot more that we could do. but it's clear to take the strongest possible action britain will have to rely on the gathering of solid evidence. so the world watches another complex investigation unfold. an iraqi teenager who smuggled himself into britain on a lorry to seek asylum has been found guilty of the london tube bombing at parson's green. 18—year—old ahmed hassan left his bomb on a packed underground train during rush hour. the device only partially detonated, but injured 50 people. it's emerged that hassan was on the government's deradicalisation programme ‘prevent‘ while he was plotting the attack. the government says there are lessons to be learned from the case. june kelly reports. ahmed hassan, buying batteries and screwdrivers in asda. everyday items, but for a violent extremist, part of his bomb—making kit. he's asked for id.
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he may have looked young but hassan is said to be mature, highly intelligent and calculating. cctv cameras captured his journey, as the following morning he left home early with his bomb in a bag and a murderous plan in his head. he was setting off to cause carnage on the london underground system. he made for a train and then, a few stops down the district line, he got off, empty—handed, his bomb on a timer, left behind. just after the train pulled into parsons green station, the bomb detonated, creating a massive fireball which rolled down the carriage. passengers were left burning and screaming in pain. a gassy flare ran up above my head, singed my hair. there was panic all around me on the train. people were diving off the train. fortunately the doors were open so i managed to get off the train. my initial reaction was that there was a fault on the train rather
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air-4&5; —,--,——:~ ~—— —— gsrstaggn sffthetrgirfi ' w 7 ' injured commuters carried out of the station. meanwhile, the teenage bomber left london and went on the run. the year before, he declared it was his duty to hate britain because his father had been killed by coalition forces in iraq. at the time of his attack he was on the government's deradicalisation programme, prevent, aimed at turning people away from terrorism. he was very cunning and devious and, on the face of it, hassan was engaged on the programme,
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but coming back to his devious nature, he kept it very secretive in relation to what he was doing, what he was planning, and nobody around him actually knew what his plot was. armed police! 2a hours on from the attack, firearms officers were surrounding hassan‘s house in sunbury in surrey. inside were his petrified elderly foster pa rents, penny and ron jones. this was a couple who had received mbes from the queen for fostering hundreds of children. ahmed hassan repaid them for giving him a home by secretly building a bomb in their kitchen. and it came out in court that the teenager staying in their spare bedroom had told immigration officials he had been kidnapped and trained to kill by the islamic state group. it is understood thejoneses were not given his full story. after the bombing, hassan headed for dover. he was arrested as he tried to flee the country which had given him a home and an education, but for which he felt only hatred.
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he will be sentenced next week. a brief look at some of the day's other news stories: as many as 70,000 people have fled two separate offensives in syria in recent days. the un estimates almost 50 thousand people have left the northern town of afrin in the last few days, while activists say 20,000 have escaped rebel—held eastern ghouta, near damascus. police in miami are continuimg to search under a collapsed footbridge, 2a hours after it fell onto an eight—lane motorway near florida international university. at least six people were killed, and nine injured. the bridge was only completed last saturday. the former president of south africa, jacob zuma, is to face prosecution for alleged corruption. mr zuma denies the 16 charges, which relate to a multibillion—pound arms deal before he took office and include counts of fraud and money laundering. the father of a female engineering
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student allegedly attacked by a group of women in nottingham has called for "justice" for his daughter. 18—year—old mariam moustafa died on wednesday, nearly a month after she was assaulted on a bus in the city centre. the case has caused outrage in egypt where mariam's family are from. nottinghamshire police says there is nothing to suggest it was a hate crime, though they are "keeping an open mind" the clothing chain topman has apologised for any offence that was caused, after criticism that a t—shirt it had been selling could be seen to refer to the hillsborough disaster. the red top, which has now been withdrawn from sale, has a large 96 on the back, is being interpreted by some liverpool fans as a reference to the number of people who died in the 1989 disaster. topman say the design was inspired by a bob marley song. the first to the 43 has been seen
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after being warned that other christmas. the polar bear cub emerged earlier this week to the delight of keepers at the park. it is unknown whether the card is a boy or a it is unknown whether the card is a boy ora girl it is unknown whether the card is a boy or a girl but is proving to be a curious character. that's a summary of the news, newsday is coming up at midnight — now on bbc news it's time for newsnight. britain versus russia. who's winning? are we even competing? what game is putin playing? a russian intelligence chief has accused theresa may of "childlike naivete and incompetence". a diplomatic conflict that is deadly serious, but with a dash of playground name—calling. this russia watcher thinks putin is getting exactly what he wants. we will ask if he's right. also tonight, for years we've welcomed russians to london, including friends of putin. what is it that first attracted us to the oligarch billionaires? bunfight like these are moments when
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british interests get a bit cosy with russian money, and whether we know it or not. that means that they could be just 2 degrees of separation from the master of the kremlin himself, vladimir putin. and, if leaders are forged in times of crisis, how have our leaders dealt with events this week? hello, another russian, no friend of putin, another murder investigation. it has taken a few days, but the death of nikolae glushkov, who was found on monday, is now being investigated as a murder. very quickly after he was found, reports emerged that he had been strangled and death by compression to the neck is what the police themselves are now saying occurred. it's just something else to heat up a row that has led to a new chill in relations between east and west. now in relation to the nerve agent used in salisbury the british have today invited the organisation for the prohibition
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of chemical weapons, to come to to come to the uk to take a sample under article eight of the chemical weapons convention. the 0pcw have expressed their willingness to support the investigation. i'm with our diplomatic editor, mark urban. nikolae glushkov. we have known for days that he died. that is the main point today i think that police are saying it is now a murder inquiry. they said they haven't established any link with the case of the skripals, but people will inevitably now see this as another potential killing of an opponent in london. let's go back to salisbury. there is very little else to say at this point. back to salisbury. what do you think about how this nerve agent was him to be their?
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this is creeping forward incrementally. on monday i spoke about one of the novichok agents, a234 and the possibility it had been released into a car. today we heard the russian ambassador of being quoted by tass, saying that this was indeed the agent ever talking about any salisbury context. we also saw today the car of mr skripal being removed from the tow truck yard where it had been since it happened and ta ken away. it had been in an air—proof tent there to try to contain any contamination.
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