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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 16, 2018 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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# does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day # when i kissed you and called you sweetheart? # welcome to sportsday. the headlines tonight, two premier league teams will become one, after liverpool draw manchester city in the last eight of the competition. the beer referees will be used in the world cup for the first time, after fifa formally approve the technology for this year's tournament. and no to
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it16> f. wfi it16 l6 1; eagfi il16 described uninterupted at his press conference this afternoon, as he defended his record in the wake of the shock champions league exit to sevilla this week. he claims his record should put their defeat to sevilla in a different light. i'm not going to run away, i'm not going to disappear, i'm not going to cry because i heard a few boos. i'm not going to disappearfrom the tunnel, running immediately.
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the next match, i'll be the first to go out. you know, i respect the fans. i'm not afraid of anything, i'm not afraid of my responsibilities. when i was 20 years old, i was nobody in football. i was somebody‘s son, you know? and now, with 55, i am what i am, i did what i did, because of work, because of my talent, and because of my mentality. i could be in another country with a league in the pocket, the kind of league that you want, even before the league starts. i could be, iam not. i'm here. i'm here, and i'm going to be here. and no way — no way i'm going to change my mentality. what an extraordinary out burst from jose mourinho, thatjust part of 12 minutes and more. you can see at all if you have the time on the bbc sport website, all because they were
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not in the hat for the champions league quarterfinal draw. perhaps fitting that their two biggest rivals were paired together. liverpool and manchester city will face each other in the champions league quarter—finals. they have been drawn together today in what will be the first all—english last—eight tie in the competition since 2011. a fascinating draw, manchester city two wins away from the premier league title at the moment. liverpool are the only premier league team to beat city this season. it finished 4—3 at anfield in january. the previous meeting finished at 5—0, so let's go ahead and promise goals. their draw will ta ke and promise goals. their draw will take them 30 miles each way at crosby and 62. moving further away, and people who have to travel some sort of distance. there are three spanish teams in the quarterfinals, including barcelona, thanks in part to lionel messi, who put chelsea out
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in the last round. they have roma, while real madrid take onjuventus. the only knockout win real madrid have againstjuventus since 2003, and the legendary goalkeeper has not won this competition before. he retires at the end of the season. the other spanish side, sevilla, play bayern munich. but the standout tie is liverpool against manchester city. their manager is the only manager to have a winning record against guardiola, of those who have played ten times. if i thought about one of the other teams i didn't think was a big chance, i knew it would be difficult, and that is difficult. the good news is, for man city it's difficult as well. i saw their face after the draw, and it didn't look like it was christmas and easter the same day. so it's hard work, and that's good, because it's the last eight
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in europe, and if that would be easy, then something would be wrong. meanwhile, the europa league draw also took place today. the top pairing will make headlines at a time of strained relations between britain and russia. they will have to be pleased, arsenal, that they have avoided the likes of favourites atletico madrid. we will see video assistant referees used at the world cup in russia, after fifa approved the controversial system. it has been trialled in the fa cup this season been trialled in the fa cup this season but has been criticised by a lot of people for taking too long and being overused. it allows referees to consult an official with access to video replays in order to make key decisions. in the scottish premiership, the hibs manager had to watch his side's match from the stands as he continues to serve a touchline ban. it proved a frustrating evening for hibs but started with promise. with 90 seconds on the clock they went ahead
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thanks to this header. a few minutes later, the hibs‘ keeper was sent off. they held out with ten men until the 83rd minute when they were undone by a striker named chris cain. native river at an epic duel this afternoon, beating favourite might bite, who was nicky henderson's best chance of winning the historic triple of champion hurdle, champion chase and gold cup. well, what a wonderful cheltenham gold cup that was. a really, really thrilling finish, and native river leading, with one of the most wonderful jumping displays i've seen for many years here in a gold cup. he made those cheltenham fences look really small as he flew over them to win that race. he flew past might bite, who nicky henderson was training, and he was hoping to become the first trainer in history to win the big three at the cheltenham festival.
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he had already won the champion hurdle, he had already won the champion chase, and he was hoping to make it a hat—trick. the favourite, might bite, ended up finishing second. anibale fly a brave third place, quite a long way behind in that finalfinishing post for the gold cup. but it has all gone to native river, colin tizzard, the trainer, making up for some disappointments for him last year, richard johnson winning his second gold cup here at cheltenham, and native river, the second—favourite, winning the jewel in jump racing's crown. richard johnson, he was brilliant on that horse. you can see... i don't think many gold cup winners make all the running and do all thejumping, and you could see him sitting up about six strides out, and you thought that's a long stride. he is away from the fence very quickly as well, which in racing is very important. and he stays very well. the saints have won five out of five
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but their centre scored two tries in just six minutes to take the rhinos clear. lead is nowjust two points behind. —— leads are nowjust two points behind. england have finished runners—up in the women's six nations after france beat wales to win the grand slam. england beat ireland when danielle waterman scored the opening try to become the leading try scorer, with a7, overtaking the previous record. she is now two tries away from the overall record of a9 for england. scotla nd overall record of a9 for england. scotland and italy played tomorrow to co m plete scotland and italy played tomorrow to complete the tournament. in the pro ia, cardiff won it for the fourth time in a row. edinburgh held off munster. that finished 12— fourth time in a row. edinburgh held off munster. that finished i2— six at murrayfield. great britain's snowboarders
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all missed out on medals in their winter paralympic banked slalom events this morning. another day to forget for ben moore, james barnes—miller and owen pick after they failed to make the podium in the boarder cross earlier in the week. paralympics gb have five medals in pyeongchang, behind the uk sport target of 6—12 with just two days of competiton left. i'm gutted. you know, like, this was my event. i came here to do well in this event, and i'm upset. but there's nothing i can do about it now. i can't change what has happened, and i did whatever i could, and itjust wasn't enough this time. mason greene will miss the tournament which starts on thursday. he has a stress fracture in his lower back. and finally to what looks like the end of a memorable if sometimes controversial cricket career. kevin pietersen appears to have retired via this tweet. a
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simple message, boots up, he says, and thank you. he had already revealed that this year's pakistan super league would be his last tournament, and he played 10a tests, leaving the sport as england's second—highest run scorer across all forms of the game. that's all from sportsday. enjoy your sporty weekend, and from us it is goodbye for now. hello, a very good evening to you. expect a shock to the system if you are out and about this weekend, because today, in places where we had some sunshine, it felt like spring. that will not last. today some spots in the south got up to 14, some spots in the south got up to ia, close to 15 degrees in places. tomorrow more like two or three degrees at best, and not only will
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it be culled through the weekend, there will be some snow and some ice. disruption looks pretty likely. we are already starting to see some wintry weather at the moment. during the rest of the night, a band of rain, sleet and increasingly snow will be pushing its way southwards and westwards. that will give recovering in places, and behind that we start to get into some really very cold air indeed. this coming all the way from siberia. alone in our direction by a strong easterly wind which will make it feel raw. i have taken the cloud of the chart so we can focus a bit more on the snow. this band of snow moving across southern areas tomorrow morning give a quick covering and then we see plenty of showers coming in from the east, especially in parts of south—east scotla nd especially in parts of south—east scotland and north east england. as is the nature with showers, they will be quite hit and miss. some pieces won't see any at all, other places could get a few centimetres of snow. much of northern ireland and scotland dry, but when we factor in the strength of the wind it will feel subzero for many. as we go into
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tomorrow evening, there are met 0ffice amber he prepared warnings in force for parts of eastern england and the north midlands, down to the south—east, and on sunday the south of wales in the south of england getting involved in the action. these are the areas which are most likely to see disruptive snow, initially during saturday night in the form of frequent showers pushing into the east. and then some more persistent snow which looks like it could develop down towards the south—west by the first part of morning. temperatures subzero, and there will be some icy stretches on sunday morning as well. the south—west of england, parts of wales, could well see some disruptive snow fall. worth keeping an eye on the forecast between now and then as we firm up on the details. further east, you will know sunday not as many showers. in fact, the clouds starting to break up to reveal some spells of sunshine. it will be another cold feeling day. high pressure to the north of the british isles, drifting a little bit further west as we move out of sunday into monday. that will to an
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extent cut off the cold easterly wind. we will get into more of a northerly, still not a warm direction by any means, but next week should be a little bit less cold. a dry start with inks turning more unsettled later. warnings in force for snow and ice this weekend. take care. good night. this is bbc world news, i'm sharanjit leyl. our top stories: britain's anti—terror police launch a murder inquiry into the death of a russian exile living in the uk. nikolai glushkov was found dead at his home near london on monday — he had been a critic of vladimir putin. in a separate development, the british foreign secretary accuses president putin of being behind the recent nerve agent attack in the uk. we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the uk, the streets of europe, for the first time since the second world war. it's emerged that an iraqi teenager found guilty of a tube train bombing in west london, was on the uk government's anti—radicalisation
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