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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  March 18, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm GMT

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next six his address, and what the next six yea rs his address, and what the next six years might bring with him in power again here later on bbc news. time for a look at the weather forecast now with sarah. after another very wintry weekend, some slightly milder weather on the cards in the next few days, but the met office still have an amber weather warning to heavy snow in force across the south—west of england until 3am monday morning, so significant disruption down there. some snow flurries to come through this evening and tonight across many parts of southern england, particularly to the south—west, five centimetres possible here. further north, a lot of dry weather, isolated flurries of snow but temperatures as low as —2 or —3 in towns and cities, as low as —8 gci’oss towns and cities, as low as —8 across rule parts of scotland first thing. in the far south, down to the channel isles, snow showers, but many other places look largely dry. isolated snow flurries in the north—east. still on the poolside, between four and 7 degrees but there should be some sunshine and then
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things will turn milder through the rest of this week after a largely dry start, a return to rain later in the week. we are going straight back to moscow because vladimir putin has been talking about sergei skripal and yulia involved in the case in salisbury. translation: investigations, but for those they has to be some interest from the other side. as for, and also i think, any person with common—sense understands that it doesn't make any sense for any person, any person in russia to do this, just before the elections and just before the world cup. that despite all these difficulties we are prepared to work together, and overcome many
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difficulties. unfortunately in ukraine there were some limitations in the rights of the russian citizens. what can russia do in return? well, this is not good, um we're not going to do anything in return to retaliate. the ukrainians are our brothers and we will do everything for the ukrainians to feel at home in russia. yesterday you expressed your confidence that bilateral relations with china would have greater confidence. we wish
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success have greater confidence. we wish success to the head of state of china. there are great challenges. for example, the silk route, and the economic element of this silk road. i'm not going to talk about specific areas of cooperation but i think this is very compatible with our projects of creating and eurasian economic area and establishing eurasian partnership, our interests go together are outlined here. and we will do this. china is our strategic partner, the level of relationships between china and russia are unprecedented at the moment, and we congratulate the
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chairman for being re—elected and we express our con that they will do everything to strengthen russian— china relationships. when are we going to expect changes in the government, before or after the election? or changes in the government should happen when the president has taken office. i will be thinking what could be done and i think all changes will take place after negotiation, just to clarify, have you identified the new person
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for the prime minister? also do you have any plans for any constitutional reform? have any plans for any constitutional reform ? for the moment? for the moment i'm not planning any constitutional reforms. as for the prime minister and for the government as such, i am thinking about this. i'm starting to thinking about this. i'm starting to think about this from today because i had to wait for the results of the elections but all this will be announced after the inauguration. i'm sorry, can you repeat that? we know about the preliminary history, the past history about the
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relationships between latin america and the us. we know it was based on some pressure, economic and political pressure, but i am hoping that today's administration has a possibility, and they will realise this possibility, that they will establish these new relationships in the 21st century, based on equality and mutual respect. we want for relationships between countries on all continents to develop in a positive way. next question. do you acce pt positive way. next question. do you accept the possibility for yourself to come back as president in 2030?” to come back as president in 2030?|j understand to come back as president in 2030?” understand that as far away. i think what you are saying is quite funny. you think i'm going to live to 100?
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are you planning to meet with other candidates? yes, i'm planning. when are you planning. i don't know, the administration will contact them and i'll invite them for the meeting. yes, i will invite everyone. will we see a new vladimir putin or an old vladimir putin? everything is changing. everything flows, everything changes. thank you. vladimir putin, speaking to a huge number of interested journalists, asking if you would be interested in asking if you would be interested in a further term in office. he says it is funny to ask such a thing now, do you think i'm going to live to be a hundred? you think i'm going to live to be a hundred ? when we you think i'm going to live to be a hundred? when we firstjoined him he said it made no sense for russia to be involved in the sergei skripal case with the election and the world
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cup not far away. he says we are prepared to discuss what happened in salisbury and overcome any differences. more about that throughout the evening. mps demand answers from facebook, after accusations that data from millions of users is being mishandled without consent. they believe alexander nix has fresh questions to answer about the way facebook used the data. the head of cambridge analytica, the data firm used by donald trump's election campaign has been called back before a committee of mps. they believe alexander nix has fresh questions to answer about the way his company used the personal details of up to 50 million facebook users. the social media giant will also be asked to appear. both deny any wrong doing.
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here's our business correspondent joe lynam. the idea that all women should receive the same message... meet alexander nix. he's the eton—educated boss of the data mining company cambridge analytica, which specialises in something called psycho graphics. that is an understanding of your personality because it's personality that drives behaviour and behaviour obviously influences how you vote. but now a committee of mps thinks he may have given parliament false statements about what his company did with millions of facebook profiles. he's been recalled for more questions. the facebook boss mark zuckerberg will also be called. it looks like facebook are trying to avoid difficult questions about this and people will rightly be concerned, are there other data breaches we don't know about, how effective are facebook at stopping people from taking data from their platform and using it in a way that suits them and that facebook can't control? at the heart of this was an app designed here in britain in 2014. it was supposed to tell you a lot more about your own personality. but if you logged in using your facebook profile it allowed the app and its users access to some very personal data held on facebook. most astonishingly, though, it allowed the app access to all your friends‘ personal data, without their explicit consent. and we're going to make america great again... and we're going to make
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america great again... it has been claimed that donald trump's campaign used personal data acquired from cambridge analytica to try and influence the election, something flatly denied by the company. and it was also at the top table when the leave dot eu campaign was launched in 2015 but now denies that it did any work at all on the brexit referendum. but it does raise the issue though of what happens when we click "ok" online. we see these quizzes pop up on our facebook timelines, we think it will be fun, which famous star am i... but what you are really doing is handing every bit of your profile data onto a data collection service. much of this has come to light because this former cambridge analytica employee chris wiley has now claimed facebook knew what data the company held and how it could used. facebook strongly denies his claims and has suspended his own facebook account. the social media giant said that it was doing so because mr wylie had exploited facebook to harvest millions of people's profiles. joe lynam, bbc news. a man has been arrested on suspicion
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of it did murder after a car was driven into a nightclub in gravesend. it was thought the car was driven into that crowded area and blake ‘s nightclub. simonjones reports. police say it was a miracle no one was killed, a packed area ploughed into by a four by fourjust before midnight. bbc one xtra dj rhys parkinson was there. my god i nearly died, this car came to the club, look. police say 13 people we re club, look. police say 13 people were hurt although it is likely others were injured but had left the clu b others were injured but had left the club before ambulances arrived. everybody was panicky, crying, screaming. i rememberthis everybody was panicky, crying, screaming. i remember this girl right next to me, she was only little but she was crying so much because her friends were outside. we don't know if they got it or not. the way she was crying, they might
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have. chloe, and a night out with friends said herfirst have. chloe, and a night out with friends said her first thought was to text parents. i was shaking so much, and never shaken so much in my life, my first thought was i've got to let my parents know where i am and ifi to let my parents know where i am and if i don't get out of here, if something bad happens there needs to know all of them. a man of 21 is being questioned on suspicion of attempted murder, it is believed he was asked to leave the club earlier in the evening after an altercation. the club owners say they are deeply saddened people were injured and relieved that nobody was killed. they say their thoughts and prayers go out to the gas and the staff members affected by what has happened. police are not treating the incident as terror related. simonjones, bbc the incident as terror related. simon jones, bbc news, the incident as terror related. simonjones, bbc news, gravesend. let's go back to the address
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vladimir putin was making, it seems he could be elected with a majority of 70%, he's been addressing crowds in manezh square in moscow but also surrounded by reporters eager to ask him about ukraine, and about his future as president, how long he might stay in the post. dexter he also talked about the poisoning of sergei skripal and his daughter yulia, poisons two weeks ago with the nerve agent novichok in wiltshire. president putin says he learned about the tragedy from the media. his view was, the first thing that came to mind was, had it been a chemical warfare agent they would not just have been chemical warfare agent they would notjust have been poisoned, they would have died on the spot. he says this is an obvious fact, it is simply necessary to understand this first. then he went on to talk about whether there could be russian involvement. he says russia doesn't have the means to do this. he says,
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we would never do this ahead of a presidential election and the world cups we are ready to cooperate. more about that and the ramifications of another, sixth term in office of vladimir putin later, not least in the papers at 1030 and 1130. i hope you willjoin us. now on bbc news, the travel show. coming up on this week's travel show: i dress up and hit the road here injapan. we are going through the most fashionable part of tokyo and i am dressed as a fat plumber. abd we get the lowdown on travelling without too much plastic. cheers! we are starting this week injapan, the home of video gaming. it is hard to believe that it's a full a0 years since the space invaders game was invented here and recently,
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tokyo celebrated that anniversary with a special exhibition and giant video wall, where today's generation of gamers can test their retro skills. but space invaders isn't the only iconic game to have been created here injapan. tucked away in the backstreets of sibuya, just five minutes from the famous crossing, i have come to find a guided tour with a difference. i guess the best way to describe what i am about to experience is a self—drive videogame simulation with some sightseeing thrown in. welcome to maricar, nice to meet you! this brings back memories from my childhood. yoshi, luigi and mario.
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it has got to be mario. how do i look? i feel like michelin mario. we have the key, it doesn't start the engine, it just turns the light on. maricar have been running these go—kart tours have been run, taking in the many tourist attractions for several years now and to take part you firstly to show your id and driver's licence from your home country. then there is a compulsory safety briefing. when driving, always one straight line guys, ok? always one straight line. if the tour guide does one, it means you just stop in one straight line. 0k? if the tour guide does two. you simply come up behind, same lane, always the same lane, side by side. see the two go—karts behind me back there? they are side—by—side and nice and close, that is the stopping formation we want to see when the tour guide does two. it's going to look like this.
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two, four, six. there is lots to think about, like how to drive the car for a start and i feel exposed being so low, then i have to think about formations? oh my gosh. i'm not the best driver, you know, right now this costume is the least of my worries. i have got my foot on the brake. where is the key? john, where is the key? laughter. this is ridiculous! oh my god. even though it is a sunday morning and the traffic is lighter,
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it takes a while to get used to driving a vehicle that feels so low and exposed. slightly vulnerable, but i think i am getting the hang of driving this car now. oh my gosh. do you see how close i came to a taxi? we are going through the most fashionable part of tokyo and i am dressed as a fat plumber. little chance of anyone wanting to copy my outfit here in harajuku, but nintendo are reportedly unhappy with their trademark super mario dungarees and cap being used by the tours. there has been talk of legal action, but the subtle name change from mario kart to maricar and the inclusion of other cartoon and video game characters seems to be
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keeping the lawyers at bay. we are coming up to the crossing. oh my goodness. last year, a record number of almost 29 million people came to japan in two years‘ time, the authorities are keen to see the maricar tours continue, but they are looking into how safe they are. new regulations now mean that modifications will have to be made
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to the go—karts, and it is hoped that repositioning lights and fitting better back and head protection and mudguards will provide safety for kart drivers and road users and pedestrians. tokyo is such a hotbed of trends and innovation and as the birthplace of video games, it would be a shame to see an end to these tours. so let's hope the new safety regulations will help keep them on the road here. that was so much fun! i really had a good time. once i started to relax and got used to driving this car it was crazy, i can't believe they let you drive this on the streets of tokyo. i really felt like i was in a video game most of the time. it was crazy and i was so close to cars, so low down. it was really fun and i felt like a celebrity, everyone was waving at you, it was a great
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way to see the city. we have been hearing a lot in the news lately about sustainability — from coffee cup recycling schemes to carrier bag bans, but being green when you travel can be tricky. disposable water bottles like this are easy to fill at home without a second thought, but what if you are in a new and unfamiliar city? where do you go to get clean and free water? some places around the world are trying to tackle the issue by providing more drinking water with the hope of cutting down on the number of single use bottles thrown away. but if you are travelling internationally it is worth firing up the wetap app, that provides a map of nearby drinking fountains to keep you hydrated on the move. i really like the fact that it is community—based, so if you stumble across a drinking fountain that isn't identified, you simply tap this button here and add it to the platform. in london, a network of drinking points is being rolled out in summer. here in borough market, new fountains are already up and running and rather than a single—use disposable bottle, i have got this to try out. the hidrate spark 2.0 water bottle
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connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth. once you are connected, a sensor is able to detect how much water you are drinking. you can set daily goals based on information you tell it and it will glow to give you a gentle reminder when it is time to hydrate. however, in orderfor it to keep tabs on how much you are drinking it needs to be placed on a flat surface every time you take a swig. great if you are at a desk all day, not so much if you are at the gym or on the move. i like that you can tell it where you are in the world, if you are in a hot country it will increase the amount of times it tells you to drink. it is notjust cutting down on plastic bottles that will reduce your carbon footprint. i popped in to see tech expert andrew to talk about some friendly apps for my next trip. one i would recommend if you are starting is going on green globe, it has hotels, resorts and attractions that are eco—friendly. it's a pretty extensive list.
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let's tap on jamaica. quite a lot of different resorts, you tap on the ones you are interested in and you tap on it and it tells you about the resort and also what it does to help the environment. the next one is olio. i have heard a lot about this app. it is supercool, it is great if you are travelling or not. it's just a brilliant app. it is all about reducing food waste. and so it means that you can give away food that you don't need, but also get food that people are giving away. so if you are planning a trip and you look in your fridge and you have got a carton of milk and a fruit bowl of fruit and it will go to waste. put it on the app and somebody will collect it. the other way round is that if you are in a city and you don't really want to pay for a meal or whatever, you look on the app and see who is giving away food. the last one i would recommend is spinlister, think of it as aianb but for bikes in your local area that you can hire. i have searched los angeles and you search your local area and find what is available and so there are road bikes, mountain bikes, they do surf gear, ski gear, all sorts of stuff. so it usually works out less
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than around $20 a day and it is much cheaper than getting taxis everywhere and you are eco—friendly because you are riding a bike. and finally, if you can't start the day without a caffeine fix even while away on holiday, then the pakito cup could help. reusable coffee cups are nothing new and some shops offer a discount if you bring your own. but it can be annoying carrying those around. what is great about the pakito is it squishes down really small and extends to three different sizes. it is a little fiddly to pull out, but once fully extended you've got a full—sized cup. regular americano, please. cheers! good evening, sunday wintry, ice and snow across the country and tunbridge is very low. this picture was taken in budleigh salterton in
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devon today by a weather watcher. and amber warning is in force from the met office, ten to 20 centimetres of snow across devon and cornwall valid until tomorrow morning. they will be pushing westwards, there could be another five centimetres overnight, one or two scattered snow showers apart from eastern england and paz a beast in northern ireland, scotland mostly dry and clear, bitterly cold. through sunday night this easterly wind, across all a country, high pressure is in charge heading through to monday so that should keep dry weather on the scene but certainly a cold start to monday morning. here are pictures in towns and cities, it could be as low as minus eight degrees first thing monday morning across parts of scotland, particularly cold we have that snow cover, monday looks drier, if you snow showers in the far south of england, the channel islands seeing a little snow in the morning,
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most other places looked dry during the day, they will be more sunshine but more cloud moves in from parts of eastern scotland and eastern england. through the week ahead things will eventually turn milder, some rain later in the week but we start on a drying out with this big area of high pressure slipping further south across western parts of the uk. so that keeps us with the north—easterly breeze through to stay, still fairly chilly especially in the south and east where we will seek a weather front bringing a few showers, elsewhere a lot of dry weather, probably the best of the sunshine through north—west scotland, and tebbit is between six and 9 degrees, creeping up to where they should be for the time of year. towards the middle of the week you will notice the yellow colours starting to return to the map. indicating slightly milder air moving into the south—west. through wednesday it will be southern and eastern parts that will be largely dry and bright, towards the northwest more cloud bringing outbreaks of rain, temperatures
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still on the cool side burst back into double figures around eight to 10 degrees. goodbye for now. this is bbc world news today. i'm lucy hockings live in moscow. the headlines. vladimir putin will lead russia for another six years. translation: i can see trust and hope, hope of our people that we will continue working in the same way with the same great results. the exit polls show that with more than half of ballots counted, president putin has almost three—quarters of the vote. he has also been speaking about the poisoning of a russian spy that has led to a stand—off with the british government. translation: i learned about it from the media, and the first thing that came into my mind
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is that if
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