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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 18, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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' seems to seems to have been of them so far seems to have been much more severe than many people expected. icd my own part of london, businesses that succeed in terms of bums on seats but do not succeed in terms of making enough money because of the raise in business rate. i think the lobby group has a point here and we are in danger of having an homogenous high—street. here and we are in danger of having an homogenous high-street. business rates disproportionately hit certain places and london would be one of them. that is it for the papers tonight. you can see all the front pages of the papers online. therefore you seven days a, don't fret, if you miss it you can watch it later on i play a. thank you to both of you for sharing your sunday night with a. film review is next. —— you can see it later on iplayer. hello, and welcome to
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the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is jason solomons. good to see you, jason. what have you been watching? this week, we'll go tomb—raiding and cliffhanging with the new lara croft in tomb raider. look at the meaning of art and find our inner ape in swedish satire the square. and we dip into biblical times for the real story of mary magdalene, as played by rooney mara, opposite joaquin phoenix as jesus. what a mixture! tomb raider is back. did they need to remake this? well, it wasn't very good the first time!
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often they do remakes of things that are really good and you think, why have they ruined it? but they may be trying to get this right, because angelina jolie's lara croft has dated terribly — the effects are bad and it was never quite right. tomb raider was sort of a teenage fever dream for many boys who used to play that as a game when it was early computer games, and they've now changed the whole figure of lara croft for this new actress, who i happen to think is fantastic. she's beautiful, gorgeous, and she has got this strength to her and balletic grace, which she needs, because she has done a lot of running in this movie. she is slumming it in shoreditch when we start this, but then we find out she is the daughter of a billionaire, who is played in a flashback. she has to go and sign the papers which means that she will inherit his fortune. that was dad's? yes, miss croft. according to his will, i was supposed to give it to you.
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and, technically speaking, you are meant to sign the papers first. i could never understand your father's obsession with those things. i can't believe how many of those were lying around the house. there's got to be some purpose to it. the first letter from my final destination. but he didn't leave a letter. well, they've got all the great british actors in there as well. they've lined them all up!
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they are only in it for a bit, i have to say — for the money, i think! she goes off on her quest — this is a quest movie. she goes hunting with clues that her father has left her. these riddles, which you might start off solving them yourself in your head — but don't bother, because they don't make any sense, really! it's just another level of the game that she goes to. she goes to hong kong, and then she is pursued, which is all very good, then she has to go to a remote japanese island on a ship, and survive a storm, going down a waterfall and solving another puzzle. she does a lot ofjumping and then she does a lot of dangling. laughter. you know, it's a bit krypton factor! considering the indignities heaped upon her and ridiculous scenarios thrown at her, i was mesmerised by how brilliant she is at this. she brings a balletic
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strength to it. she's got great abs, fantastic skills with a bow and arrow, and she's far, far better than the film she is in. i wondered whether you were getting to that. she is great, but is it worth seeing apart from her? it's very kinetic, the best i can say for it is it keeps hurling stuff at poor alicia vikander. but the climatic tomb raid is almost laughable — it looks like something that you get on the back of the cereal packet! it's like, is that what this has all been about?! maybe there will be more tomb raiders and maybe they will get them better! they will keep trying. i'm loving the sound of the next one, it sounds intriguing. it won the palm d'or at cannes, and has taken a year to get here, but it was nominated as best foreign—language film at the baftas. much of it was not in swedish. elisabeth moss is in this.
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it features one of the great scenes of the year, which we are seeing here. an american actor comes in as an artist. it is an art world satire. this is an art gallery benefit dinner. he comes in to do a performance piece, but takes it far too far. here he is kind of goading dominic west. it's about finding art in that era. it's a satire on the art world. art that can be dated, what's the point of art, is it ridiculous? this is about modern art. it's about the curator of this gallery that we're seeing here. he loses his mobile phone, and his life completely falls apart and unravels. it really is a sort of film predicated on that. is that in the category of ‘first—world problems?'! it is very much about white male privilege and what it is to be a man in the privileged world. like, here they are in their black ties, and he is an artist. this scene goes on for 11 minutes,
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and you can't stop watching. it's extraordinary, but you don't go how to react to it. —— know how. it's all about, what would you do in that situation? it keeps throwing moral quandaries at you. it's very funny, but also very thought—provoking, perhaps a bit too thought—provoking, like the monkey poking dominic west in the ear. you have been to see mary magdalene as well. it's easter coming up, time for a passion story. this is reported to tell for the first time the story of mary magdalene, who has been cast as a prostitute since pope gregory in 591 declared that she was a prostitute, which is apparently wrong — she wasn't. this film aims to correct that and show the jesus story through the eyes of the only female disciple, mary magdalene, played by rooney mara, who leaves her fishing village and follows the son of god.
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mary. each of you stand at the threshold. do you fear that you will never reach the kingdom? whose kingdom? herod's? you know as well as i do, there's only one true kingdom. and that is god. and god's kingdom has taken root. so we must prepare. we must wash away the stains of your corruption. and be born anew. like children. i have been hidden for too long. i'm not sure what to say about that!
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you can see why her father would be upset if she went to follow him, this kind of hairy bloke who's really boring! whatever you think about the bible, there's no denying it's got some great lines in it. why this film hasn't got any of them is a mystery to me. it is extraordinarily dull. is it a long couple of hours? absolutely so dull you would not believe it! it even looks dull, it has got this tablecloth fashion with the stones everywhere in the desert. at one stage it was the greatest story ever told, when it was in hollywood, now it's just the most boring story ever told. it's extraordinary what it does, trying to rectify it and make it a story for a new age, kind of a story for everyone — it won't offend catholics, christians, jews, muslims or even atheists. is it trying to be too careful, is that part of the problem?
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it is trying to tiptoe over any heresy. people boycotted martin scorcese's film. any film that makes you cry for mel gibson has got it wrong! it also makes you think of monty python all the time! there are scenes when people are going, ‘messiah, messiah'! you know what, he's not the messiah! i do wish you'd say what you really think, jason! so that's a long two hours, and we'll leave it at that! i don't think this will make a lot of money at the box office, either. i think faith—based audiences will go and be completely mystified as to what this was about. it is a passion of the christ without any passion. what should we be going to see? you've got to see black panther. and you've got to see it now at the cinema. it is becoming a cultural event — people are seeing it four or five times, it has broken records at the box office, it is changing the way that audiences are going, black audiences are flocking to it, families are enjoying
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the representation. it is a great superhero movie, it's sexy, it's exciting, it's funny. people are hollering at it in the cinema. if you haven't been to a marvel movie in the cinema, this is the one to go and see. and dvd of the week is also so lovely. i will admit, i cried at paddington 2! but it's a delight, it's an absolute sweet, delightful, charming, sometimes silly, butjust lovely, lovely, lovely. beautifully done... he is in his little outfits, wondering around. paddington didn't win best british film at the baftas, that went to three billboards. this is one of the best british films we've ever made. and how good is hugh grant?! he's fantastic! he is. and sally hawkins is great in it, the whole brown family, the whole look of it is perfect.
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it's a work of genius, paddington two. and when did you cry?! i cried at the end! i'm not going to give anything away for anyone who hasn't been to see it. if you want a marmalade sandwich, you can't have one! it's very sweet, wonderful. a mixed week, but an interesting one. jason, good to see you, thank you. that's it for this week. enjoy your cinema—going and your dvd watching. it's terrific, honestly! thanks for being with us. goodbye. hello. snow and ice had affected much of the uk through the course of the weekend. one of the first affected parts was the south—west, where an amber warning is in force. even after it goes, we will see
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significant disruption, with sober one or two places. still coming from the easterly or north—easterly direction. they won't be as cold as they have been. but to start monday morning, sub—0 temperatures, as low as minus eight degrees in broad parts of scotland. snow showers in the far south—west of england, the channel isles, perhaps one or two for trend in sussex. most places dry through the day. cloud for scotland in north—east england. most places dry. sunshine in some areas, and it will turn milder through the week. some rain will arrive later in the week. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: vladimir putin has won another six years as president of russia. he has also dismissed the suggestion from britain that russia was behind the poisoning of former spy, sergei skripal.
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i'm babita sharma in london. —— i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme. aung san suu kyi is speaking to the australian government about troubled rakhine state after appealing to southeast asian leaders for humanitarian support, at a regional summit in australia. a breakthrough in the treatment of multiple sclerosis after a medical trial involving stem cell transplants. live from our studios in singapore and london, this
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