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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 23, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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on the other hand, there is a terrorist who might bomb a bus, we need to have law enforcement looking at that. long—term if we are thinking about this, on the one hand, the possibility of totalitarian systems benefiting from being able to surveil everybody and detect this and dissent networks and so forth. 0n the plus side, if there are powerful new technologies, maybe something is discovered in a biotech that makes it very easy for an individual to destroy the world, in that scenario how do you prevent the world from being destroyed? the only way would be to keep track of what everybody is doing at every point in time. karen, you mentioned people's unease about what is going on in the elections. but clearly nick is going a whole lot further in terms of following this radical transparency concept to its logical conclusions. i mean, is he right, do you think? is that where we are headed? or is the kind of disquiet that you've mentioned going to put a brake on this in some sense? one thing i know from thinking about the governance of emerging technologies is that one can never predict where it's going to go, there are so many contingencies that i'm not going to do something, i can't even imagine
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where we will be in 50—100 years' time will stop but i do think that there is a possibility for us to intervene and think collectively as a society about what kind of digital society do we want to live in. and i don't accept this technological determinist view that the technology just has a momentum of its own and we are but passive pawns in that particular show. it is handy if you are trying to build a massive business? it certainly is, but we can act collect of lee and think carefully and deliberate meaningfully about what matters to us in terms of a digital environment and a digital world and impose restraints upon what is done with our personal data and where we think the boundaries ought to be. is that right? do you agree, or do you think effectively the genie is out of th bottle in terms of sharing data, connectivity? it looks like we are moving more and more into a sharing world. some technologies are more or less deterministically going to be rolled out. i think actually with these social networks, there is a number of possible outcomes, there might be different equilibrium, where only certain people have access to some of this data, let's say law enforcement agencies
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and the companies themselves. orin another social equilibrium, they be removed to another system where everybody can see everything. thank you both of much indeed forjoining us. france fell victim today to yet another attack carried out by someone who said they were inspired by the so—called islamic state. the killer took three lives during his attacks in the south of the country this morning. we leave you with the sight — or lack of it — of the eiffel tower in paris. ten minutes ago, its lights were turned off as a mark of respect following today's tragic events. good night. welcome to sportsday. the headlines: england win in amsterdam but is gareth southgate any closer to knowing his world cup dream team? no dream start for scotland. beaten by costa rica. and rory mcilroy blames fatigue for his early except in texas. —— exit.
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the world cup countdown is less than three months away, in russia. the manager has a two friendlies and he will try to decide his preferred line—up. a deserved victory in the netherlands. the laid—back city of amsterdam, where time can almost stand still but the england the clock is ticking — the world cup countdown starts now. and it's here at thejohan cruijff arena that their preparations ramp up. the first of four friendlies before the tournament begins in russia. amid political tension, england's participation has been questioned but their focus tonight was firmly on football. an experimental squad vying for seats on the plane. jordan henderson was made captain
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and came closest to scoring, in the first half that offered reasons to be encouraged. at the other end, jordan pickford was given the gloves but the question is whether he will keep them or does the search for a first choice goalkeeper go on? after the break, england showed more intent and felt they should have had a penalty when marcus rashford went down in the box. they were getting closer, more dominant and soon it told. manchester united'sjesse lingard with a moment of inspiration — a first goal for his country, cause for celebration. on came the reinforcements and opportunity for others to stake a claim, though not for the four uncapped players in the travelling party. among the chances of note for the netherlands was an effort by memphis depay, easily saved. the disappointing dutch showing why world cup qualification was beyond them. so england next face italy on tuesday. for gareth southgate and his team, a job well done.
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david ornstein, bbc news, amsterdam scotla nd scotland are also in friendly action tonight against costa rica. scotland are finding theirfeet tonight against costa rica. scotland are finding their feet under the new manager. he begins at the second speu manager. he begins at the second speuin manager. he begins at the second spell in charge but it was not the fresh new start many fans wanted. costa rica a re fresh new start many fans wanted. costa rica are comfortable winners, 1-0. costa rica are comfortable winners, i—o. manchester united's scott mclaughlin i was one of the debutantes. the heavyweight showdown between germany and spain ended in a draw. spain taking the lead inside five minutes and what about this for an equaliser. thomas muller levelling the match. neither side has lost a match since euro 2016. as
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rory mcilroy prepares to win his first masters, he has been knocked out early in his last warmup event. he blames fatigue. he lost to of his three games in the matchplay event in austin. beaten by brian harman. he says he has not recovered from a busy week in which he won his first tournament for a year and a half. paul casey is also out. johanna konta has made a successful start to the defence of the miami open title. she succeeded in levin and she looked impressive against an awkward belgium. winning in straight sets. liam broady lost in his second round match. day three of the opening test in new zealand will start in a few hours. poor weather the best hope of avoiding defeat. the kiwi captain, kane williamson, finishing off is
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18th test century, a record for new zealand before play was abandoned. they will resume on 229 — four. it isa they will resume on 229 — four. it is a two match series. disappointment today for ireland. they missed out on a place at the world cup after losing to afghanistan. it means the likes of ireland, scotland and zimbabwe all miss out. afghanistan joined the west indies in making it through. the new formula one season is underway and lewis hamilton, the world champion, started where he left off late being the quickest in practice. there was not much between the top teams. mercedes may not be as dominant as predicted and with rain expected in qualifying, and for the race on sunday, it could get interesting. just a parker says he is in the best shape possible against this world fight against
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josh were. —— joshua. against this world fight against josh were. ——joshua. he against this world fight against josh were. —— joshua. he underwent surgery on josh were. —— joshua. he underwent surgery on his elbow at the end of last year but says he is fit and ready. the winner holds three heavyweight titles. there no excuses, you know, once we got the surgery done, now going into the match, it's whoever wins his the best man on the day and there is no excuses from my side. i am 100% ready. there's no injuries. there's nothing, there's no needles so i'm ready to put on the best performance. the decisive penalty was kicked six minutes from time. they are nine points clear at the top of the
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table. glasgow warriors continue their impressive form. 60 ait — seven was the score. “— their impressive form. 60 ait — seven was the score. —— 68. they are third in conference brief. dragons lost to the cheetahs. it was a big night in the super league with five matches with big wins for some top teams. brian mcdermott‘s 200 game in charge ended in a narrow defeat. warrington beat wakefield. hull fc thrashed the catalan dragons. tomorrow the world ‘s most famous barrass takes place on the thames. thousands of people are expected to arrive at the banks. we go behind
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the scenes. it is snowing, it is —6 it is ait a year. it is dark when you get on the water and dark when you get off the water. it is hard. i need to be up in the morning because there are a ait other girls waiting to meet to go rowing. ——8. ait other girls waiting to meet to go rowing. --8. imagine grant born and brought up in cambridge knows this stretch of river more than most. she is also a trainee doctor ata most. she is also a trainee doctor at a local gp surgery. this matters just as much. i really like fixing things. in general, it is what brings mejoely, things. in general, it is what brings me joely, i things. in general, it is what brings mejoely, i suppose and i think the doctor is one that is ways to do that and give back to people in the community. i hope i can be a
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good one. as a medical student she is very keen, she takes the work with the patient's very seriously as she is a good communicator with patients and a do really hope she becomes a gp because we need good gps. commentator: it is a victory for great britain. last year she helped cambridge beat oxford by 11 lengths in a red cap time. itjust looks like 15 minutes of pain. is that what it feels like? sometimes. you are working at your limit for 15- 20 you are working at your limit for 15— 20 minutes, depending on the conditions you have the other girls in the boat and you have the cox encouraging you. you are confident about what the boat is doing and at that time does pass quicker than you
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think. from the freezing waters, the crew is now ready to roll. the hard work done, it is time to deliver once again on the wild and rockers thames in front of an audience of millions. that is it from me. more sport in the morning but from all of us, good night. low pressure close to the south of the uk breeding outbreaks of rain to england and wales. clearer skies for scotla nd england and wales. clearer skies for scotland and northern ireland. saturday, a cloudy day the many with the best of the sunshine on sunday. the cloud across england and wales. outbreaks of rain continuing. also outbreaks on central and southern parts through the morning. a few
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showers across the north—west of scotland. generally staying largely cloudy throughout the afternoon for england and wales. above average temperatures. on saturday night, we start to see the improvement. clouds clearing and elsewhere it will be a largely clear start to sunday and chilly. lots of sunshine around. one to showers for the north—west of scotland. a fine afternoon to many, better than saturday as the temperatures 10— 13 degrees celsius across the south. is the this is bbc world news, i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: french police shoot dead a man who killed at least three people and took others hostage in a supermarket. as the attacker claims allegiance to islamic state,
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a policeman emerges as a hero by offering to swap himself for one of the captives. he's now fighting for his life. to the kernel who was with those men voluntarily swap himself hostage. who the terrorists then let go. the officer stayed with him and then the terrorists opened fire, so our forces intervened and brought down the terrorists. also ahead: british officials search the offices of the data gathering company cambridge analytica, despite it insisting it broke no laws while amassing online information.
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