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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 26, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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at least 64 people have died — many of them children — in a fire at a siberian shopping centre. officials say the alarm system was off and fire exits blocked. southern nhs trust has been fined £2m after admitting failing two patients who died in its care. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... it's the biggest expulsion of russian diplomats in history — as dozens of envoys are ordered out of the us and europe over a nerve agent attack in salisbury. we'll get the latest reaction in tonight's beyond 100 days programme. we'll have an interview with stormy daniels, the porn actress who claims she had an affair with president trump. she's been speaking about what she says were threats made to try to keep her quiet. and how much does facebook know
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about you 7 and how much does facebook know about you? our and how much does facebook know about you 7 our technology correspondent will be looking at some of the surprising data the giant saves on its users. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday i'm holly hamilton, here's what we have on tonight's programme. australia move out of cape town while investigators move in but are there now questions over ball tampering in the ashes? i cannot believe this has not happened before. it wasn't the reason england lost 4—0. england have problems of their own. blown away by new zealand in the first test in auckland. and could jack still be the lad for england at the world cup? wilshere‘s been given some hope by the manager. good evening and welcome
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to the programme we begin tonight with the scandal that has rocked australian cricket and cast a shadow over the sport worldwide. captain steve smith and cameron bancroft‘s admission on saturday that the team had a premeditated plan to tamper with the ball turned the third test in south africa into a circus. smith today stood down as captain of rajastan royals in the indian premier league while investigators are now in cape town where our sports editor dan roan is for us this evening. tell us what has been happening where you are tonight and has the
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story moved on and progressed at all7 story moved on and progressed at all? today australia should have been down the road at the newlyn school kit ground for the fifth and final days play of the third test but they collapsed yesterday, the game was over $0 but they collapsed yesterday, the game was over so today but they collapsed yesterday, the game was over so today was but they collapsed yesterday, the game was over so today was a rest day could. they should have been enjoying it with their families by the pool but have been holed up here all day but they will have been in for a pretty grisly 2a hours because they're waiting to find out the ramifications of this cheating scandal. two investigators sent overnight from cricket australia based in melbourne arrived here this morning, the head of ethics at cricket australia and the high—performance manager arrived at the hotel, they were greeted by nathan lion, the spinner in this tea m nathan lion, the spinner in this team and he is one of the senior players among the leadership group that has been potentially implicated in this scandal and they went on and
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met darren lehmann as well and they have been asking probing questions of the likes of steve smith who confessed at the end of the third days play on saturday when cameron ba ncroft‘s days play on saturday when cameron bancroft‘s attempt to alter the condition of the ball was caught on camera and the full controversy then was fully revealed. earlier today i spoke to the legendary cricket commentatorjim maxwell, the voice of australian cricket, who broke down live on air when commentating during saturday's play he was so upset about events is that we cannot bring youjim at upset about events is that we cannot bring you jim at the moment but he remains horrified by what he regards asa remains horrified by what he regards as a breach of the spirit of cricket, he said the series has been acrimonious, there has been sledging, now ball tampering and a real sense that this investigation has been going on coming at a crossroads for the sport and by this
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time is running night we should know what decisions have been taken whether or not steve smith has been relieved of the captaincy, he has all ready been suspended for one match by the icc but there is a view this position is untenable, what will the fate of the coach darren lehmann b, james sutherland, the ceo of cricket australia flies overnight and will meet investigators and tomorrow in johannesburg or will and will meet investigators and tomorrow injohannesburg or will be revealed. of cricket and in the last hour, the former england captain and test match special commentator michael vaughan says he believes australia could have tampered with the ball during this winter's ashes win over england. they have a huge identity problem, they have a problem in the way they are, they are very self—righteous, they have been for a while. they talk the game they feel it should be played and deliver what we saw at the weekend in cape town. to think
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steve smith has thrown at a young player, they have tried tikrit sandpaper, that baggy green cap the australians swear by, justin langer used to sleep in it, the values of that baggy green that we have had for many years, this set of players have completely ripped up those values. people asking questions about the ashes series in the winter weather australia were doing anything similar during that series, what are your thoughts?” anything similar during that series, what are your thoughts? i have to be honest, i cannot think bancroft was told to go out there with a piece of tape for a reason they have not tried it before. i cannot think that has come up with over lunch in cape town some has gone, get some tape and it will create some sandpaper and it will create some sandpaper and it will reverse swing, i cannot believe this has not happened before. i look at the amount of take
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the fielders have worn during the ashes series, mid—on, mid—off, they know who they are i'm pretty sure it was going on throughout the ashes series but it isn't the reason england lost 4—0. australia probably need a trick of the trade may be in melbourne it didn't work but other than that i do not think they required it but i'm sure it has been going on for quite a while. vaughan‘s former england team mate andrew flintoff is frustrated that cricket's image has been damaged by the episode and described the australians' ball tamerping plans as thick. i hate the fact that something like this then gets cricket in the public eye rather than the cricket standing on its own two feet. i am a bit mixed. what happens is cricket come you get a story like this, and opportunity for everyone to get their knickers in a twist and eve ryo ne their knickers in a twist and everyone to start saying this that
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and the other and because it is the aussies and steve smith it is easy tojump all aussies and steve smith it is easy to jump all over it and people will. they don't realise there's a camera on every angle, slow mo is, commentators and the argument, the debate is to what extent are you cheating7 and you can hear more from andrew flintoff, robbie savage and matthew syed on five live at 10 tonight and the show is also avilable as a podcast from your usual provider. so as cricket australia continue with their investigations in south africa, questions down under have surfaced not only about the future of steve smith but also coach darren lehmann, who smith claimed on saturday was unaware of the plan to tamper with the ball. former australia bowler and now coach of sussex, jason gillespie believes the end is nigh for the skipper. it would be difficult for him to
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continue as captain of australia. sadly, he has been a fine captain for australia but it is hard to imagine he would be able to come back from this and be leader of the country. what about darren liman, is his position untenable7 country. what about darren liman, is his position untenable? not so sure. i don't know. steve smith in the press co nfe re nce i don't know. steve smith in the press conference made it clear that no coaching staff were involved so u nless we no coaching staff were involved so unless we hear from the coaching staff publicly which we have not heard, we will not know. we have to ta ke heard, we will not know. we have to take that as it is on face value at the moment that the coaching staff we re the moment that the coaching staff were not involved unless we had different. so we've heard about the cheating and the repercussions, but just what were the australians trying to achieve by tampering with the ball. test match special‘s simon hughes can tell us there are two types of swing, conventional swing using the
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polished side to make the ball curve one way but with the kookaburra ball used in south africa and australia the shine does not last very long so what bowlers do is trying get the rough side ready wrapped up so it scratched and abraded on fairly rough dry pitch and that creates reverse swing, turbulence on the rough side and that drags the ball forces the ball in the other direction at high speed very hard to play. you are not allowed to scratch the ball so what they tried to do is bowl it crossed seem like this and make it land on that side or throw it in from the boundary and bounce it in from the boundary and bounce it on it in from the boundary and bounce itona it in from the boundary and bounce it on a rough bit of ground to try and scuff it up to scratch it and get it is rough and pitted as you can but that is a lottery, throwing it or bowling it to land on the rough side so if you can use devious tactics to try and scratch it or rough it up with sandpaper you will but those are not allowed in the laws of the game. well the ball tampering affair and its repercussions have maybe inadvertantly done england a favour as their innings defeat
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by new zealand in the first test in auckland has been overshadowed somewhat. but it's still a fifth defeat out of six this winter forjoe root‘s side and their 10th in their 12 tests overseas. from auckland, here's our reporter henry moran. the history books dictated it was a lwa ys the history books dictated it was always unlikely england were going to come out of this fifth day with anything other than defeat as it was some valiant batting performances at least reach gained some credibility that was lost in the dismal first—innings performance that saw england 58 all out but england could not quite see it home. england's hopes of salvaging an unlikely draw rested on a familiar pair of shoulders. in his comeback test, ben stokes and as his first ball disappeared the boundary, the signs seemed encouraging. but on the day when survival was the key, the wickets soon tumbled. milan seemed
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to go as new zealand seized the moment. a terrible shot from jonny ba i rstow, a moment. a terrible shot from jonny bairstow, a quite dazzling catch from kane williamson and england we re from kane williamson and england were in deep trouble. but at the other end, stokes stood strong, defying a back injury, as well as his opponents, patiently he ground his way to a half—century and in chris woakes, he found and able ally, as the pair edged england toward safety. but on 66, after restraining himself for so long, stokes finally succumbed to temptation. four and a half hours of watchfulness undone in a flash and he knew it. sure enough, england's hopes left with him... could be out — is out! new zealand soon wrapping up an emphatic victory. for england, a fifth defeat in their past six tests after what's proven the bleakest of winters. and the bleakest of winters. this defeat means england have
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failed to win from home in 12 test matches stretching back to 2016, a worrying trend for an england side that dominant in the longest format at home but increasingly struggle when conditions are not what they're used to and what worked for the bowling unit. england may not have the same issues other countries around the world are facing at the moment but with this away form there is cause for concern. also coming up in tonight's sportsday we'll hear from gareth southgate as england look for their sixth successive clean sheet against italy tomorrow. wales hopes of their first trophy in more than eighty years were ended earlier after edinson cavani gave uruguay a 1 nil victory in the china cup. it's ryan giggs first defeat since taking up the mantle they have travelled halfway around
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the world for a chance to see their side win silverware, some have clocked up more miles than others. originally from west wales, live in auckland is now travelled for the first game against china and then flew back to auckland for a wedding and then flew back again last night. i make that 60 hours on the plane in six days. you must be mad. you are from belgian, why do support wales? i have lived in wales for a year now andi i have lived in wales for a year now and i love wales and i'm supporting wales because my boyfriend is welsh. it may be a friendly tournament but the final had a competitive edge, it took just 90
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the final had a competitive edge, it tookjust 90 seconds for barcelona tookjust 90 seconds for barcelona to produce the first chance. exactly a decade to the day since his debut, he was gifted another opportunity. just how did he manage to miss? denied by the woodwork for the second time, now it was wayne hennessey‘s time to frustrate uruguay. wales under pressure but they created chances to come andy king's shot was saved by the goalkeeper. ryan giggs's team could have gone ahead before half—time, panic in front of goal, 0—0 at the break. uruguay will be at the world cup this summer moved up the game in the second half, cavani cool in front of goal. 1—0. moments later, cavani again and not so cool. wales could not find the equaliser despite lee evans on as a substitute coming close. we had chances but they
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played some good saves. ultimately we are disappointed and we could have got more out of the game but it wasn't meant to be and we will keep learning and keep trying to progress and when the major games come around in the qualifiers will be ready. fantastic performance and we did not get the result, a couple of chances where it could have gone in press and we rolled our luck which you need to against good teams but overall it has been a good tour. disappointment for wales to leave without the china cup but this last week will live long in the memory for these fans, a first trip to china to see the national football tea m china to see the national football team play. uruguay were worthy winners, the manager says it has been a learning curve for him and his players. gareth southgate will be without a few of his injured players including midfielderjack wilshere but he used his press conference
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at tottenham's training ground to assure them that they could yet still make the world cup squad. the bbc‘s senior football correspondent ian dennis has sent us this report. this is the final match before gareth southgate names his squad for the summer world cup in russia. we know he is contemplating changes for the game against italy at wembley. to give you an idea of the timeline, made the 14th is when he has to name is provisional squad, june four the day for the final list of 23. we know jack butland will start in goal, for those who did feature, the england manager says all is not lost. i don't think it is to let anybody, it is more difficult because there are a couple of guys that have been in squad that have not played for us but we'll still be monitoring everybody between now and the end of the season because there isa the end of the season because there
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is a squad of 31, 32 players that would be in contention and none of us would be in contention and none of us know what will happen over the next eight to ten weeks. i think in lots of positions on the field we have really good options and players that we know we're going to the team and do well for us so they are tough decisions to make further down the line but there was a lot to play for and it is important we have competition for places, everywhere on the pitch, that is one of the things that breeds good performance. a change in personnel and maybe a change of system to the game against italy, who have not qualified for russia in the summer. the first majorfinals russia in the summer. the first major finals they have missed out on in 60 years however gareth southgate believes they will still be a stiff test. i'm not sure sure their win as much of the state as people say. they were not at the world cup because they were in spain's group, they did not get the play—off game right but have good players and there are a proud nation. they will
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not come to wembley and rollover, that's for certain. we be in for a good test tomorrow, they will press us good test tomorrow, they will press us with more intensity than the other night which is a good challenge for us to be able to play. after his second spell as scotland manager got off to a disappointing start on friday night, alex mcleish has insisted there's no need to panic. they were beaten one nil by costa rica during theirfriendly at hampden park but he says he won't over react to the result by making wholesale changes ahead of the their next game against hungary tomorrow night. with the number of injuries in rugby union consistently on the rise, bosses have formulated an eight point plan to make the game safer. concussion remains the most reported match injury along with a recent spike in incidents involving aritifical surfaces. among the new measures, the current permissible height of tackling will come under consideration. former england and lions wing ugo monye told five live rugby union weekly podcast that the level of physicality in the modern game is unprecedented.
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i commentate on rugby and think, how didi i commentate on rugby and think, how did i ever played the sport, i know it is changed and it's got more physical and there was no contact in the game but the physicality, what these guys are putting themselves through every single week is just phenomenal. the 2028 ryder cup will be hosted at hazel teen national in minnesota. the course was the site of usa's victory in 2016. it will be the first american venue to hold the event between the us and europe's top golfers for a second time. so that's it from sportsdayjust a reminder that you can listen to michael vaughan and phil tufnell on five live at 7 o clock for more discussion around the ball tampering affair.


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