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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 27, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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the issue. edinson cavani scores the only goal as england beat wales in the china cup. and sloane stephens is through to the quarter—finals of the miami open after a straight sets win. welcome to the programme. cricketing news coming out of south africa regarding ball tampering involving the australian team continues. steve smith has been banned from playing the fourth test injohannesburg, banned from playing the fourth test in johannesburg, saying banned from playing the fourth test injohannesburg, saying he will stand down from his position as captain of the england and england premiership team. the inquest has begun. australian cricket investigators arriving at the hotel this morning to get to the bottom of the scandal stunning the sport to be a warm welcome from nathan lyon, one of those potentially complicated. the next 2a hours could be painful
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for players and management. the plant to get cameron bancroft who deliberately tamper with the ball quickly unravelled under tv cameras. —— plan. the man known as the voice of australian cricket today told me how much damage was done by his compatriots. as it settled into my brain overnight, there was a sense of outrage that they should dare to perpetrate such a crime on the field. this was a blatant and premeditated thing. that is what sticks in the craw of most australian fans. the australian captain, steve smith, confessed to the plot and has been suspended for one match, but his long—term position seems untenable. the batsman today stepping aside as the captain of the rajasthan royals, his english premature team. the match on
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saturday afternoon will go down as one of the most infamous episodes in the history of cricket, a scandal which shocked a sport and shamed a nation. the full repercussions will soon become clear. it will be difficult to continue as captain of australia, sadly. it has been a fine captain for australians to bite pictures have emerged allegedly showing bancroft putting sugar in his pocket during the recent ashes series. —— australians. it has led to questions over whether this was the first time the ball has been tampered with. what they do is try to get the rough side roughed up so it is scratched on a rough and dry pitch, giving reverse turbulence, dragging the ball, forces the ball, in the other direction at a high speed, which is hard to play. amid so speed, which is hard to play. amid so much controversy, it is hard to believe there is another match to
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play in this acrimonious theories. australia, trailing 3—1, will travel to cape town tomorrow. —— series. the former england captain and test match commentator on the bbc, michael vaughan, says he believes australia could have tampered with the ball during last year's ashes win over england. this australian tea m win over england. this australian team have a huge identity problem. they have a problem in the way that they are, they are very self—righteous and have been for a while, they feel the game should be honourable and yet do this. to think steve smith made a young player use sandpaper... they have tried to create sandpaper in the middle. that baggy green cap the australians swear by, some have slept in it, the
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values of it, these australian players have ripped up those values. people are now asking questions about the ashes in the winter and whether australian did something similar in that series. what are your thoughts? i have to be honest. i cannot think that cameron bancroft was told to go out there with a piece of tape for a reason they have not tried it before. i cannot think that was come up with over lunch in cape town. do you know what, cameron, get some tape. i cannot believe this has not happened before. you know? i look at the mid—on and mid—off sometimes through the series, i am pretty sure it was going on through the ashes. but it is not the reason england lost 4—0. australia perhaps needed the trick of the trade in melbourne, it did
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not work. but i do not think they required it. but it has been going on for a while. the australian four bulky and play an international friendly on tuesday taking on the 2014 winners, columbia. —— football team. tim cahill was asked what he and his teammates thought about the cricketing position. you want to be respectful of the situation and understand we need to respect the playing group from what is happening outside. we are in a professional environment inside our camp and the focus has to be on preparing for the game tomorrow night, preparing for the bigger picture of russia. and, umm, it is important, being the older player, but you try to move the papers out of the rooms where the papers out of the rooms where the guys are and make them just focus on why they are here. australia are one of a host of teams
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in friendly action on tuesday. six weeks to go until russia. these are the last international friendlies before the domestic season in most countries and a chance for major teams to play each other. defending champions germany play brazil for the first time since they defeated and 7—1 in the semi—final in 2014. while brazil may be looking for revenge, the german coach who oversaw that win does not think it will affect their opponents. translation: i expect three players in the starting squad that played in 2014. i do not think they are still traumatised. players like marcello in real madrid, they had ups and downs and have all come back otherwise they would not play in the national team. portugal were humbled 3-0 national team. portugal were humbled 3—0 by the netherlands in geneva on monday. a former liveable player rushed the second. —— liverpool.
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stay with football now. wales were beaten in the final. the only goal of the game was scored early in the second half by edinson cavani from psg. the 42nd goalfor his second half by edinson cavani from psg. the 42nd goal for his country. the second year in a row the south american team has won the china cup following chile last year, but disappointment for wales and gareth bale. we thought it was there for the taking and we had chances. the keeper made good saves. ultimately, we are disappointed and thought we could get more out of the game. it was not meant to be. we will keep trying to progress. when the major games, round, qualifiers, we will be ready. —— come around. johanna konta has been knocked out by venus williams. the american lost a third
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set but took advantage of errors to get through. us open champion, sloane stephens, beat the number three seed. sloane stephens is a local favourite from florida, winning 6—3, 6—4. she will now face the former world number one, angelique kerber. she has played some great tennis. i am excited to get out there. every time i come here it is incredible, the atmosphere. i am looking forward to it. nick kyrgios is through to the last 16 after a straight sets 6—3, 6-3 last 16 after a straight sets 6—3, 6—3 win. he needed little over and hour. it is a tournament the 22—year—old likes after reaching the semifinals in the past two seasons here. not such good news for another
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australian, tha nasi kokkinakis. here. not such good news for another australian, thanasi kokkinakis. he went out in a heated affair arguing over his father who pedasco was talking about during the sets. he will next face fellow spaniard, pablo, for a place in the quarter—finals. the ryder cup in 2028 will be posted at hazeltine. it was the sight of victory in 2016 and it will be the first american venue to hold the event between the us and america's top golfers for a second time. —— europe. i could go for a game of golf right now. instead, i am here. that is it for now from the sport tonight team. i am boston college. from me and the team,
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goodbye for now. —— tolsen tollet. hello there. the weather is looking fairly mixed as we head through the remainder of this week. during monday, there was some blue sky and some sunshine around for many of us. in fact, this picture comes from one of our weather wwatchers in saltburn—by—the—sea in north yorkshire. it was a beautiful end to the day on monday, but skies have been clouding over overnight. and through the day on tuesday, we start with quite a lot of cloud, some rain around which should clear toward the east and then things will turn brighter from the west later on in the day. so that's all down to the fact that we have this frontal system moving its way from west to east across the country through the day on tuesday. low pressure in charge. but we will see some clearer conditions following behind this cold front as we work through the afternoon. also, a dip in the temperatures behind that front too. so tuesday morning, we've got a lot of cloud. you can see the outbreaks of rain in the east. some snow on the mountains of scotland as well.
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most of that rain clears off and then we see brighter skies with sunny spells too. we'll keep the rain and a little bit of hill snow at times across parts of scotland. temperatures range between around about 5—14 degrees. later on, on tuesday then, we'll keep the outbreaks of rain and hill snow for a time across scotland. further south across the country, clearer skies, but then we see more cloud building in from the south, with some outbreaks of rain later on into the early hours of wednesday morning. so temperatures for most of us, frost—free to start the day on wednesday. but during the day, we'll start to see some slightly colder conditions. so on wednesday, the winds turn to a more north—westerly direction, importing that slightly cooler air mass through the middle of the week. so here is how wednesday's shaping up. we've got that rain in the south. could be a little bit off sleetiness over the higher ground as well. still a few wintry flurries for the mountains of scotland. whilst that rain clears towards the south—east, still a few showers, but most places looking dry. temperatures certainly colder by the time we get to wednesday. by the afternoon, around about 6 or 7 degrees so probably the coolest day of the week.
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looking ahead towards thursday, low pressure still sitting towards the north—west of the uk and another frontal system moves in from the south—west so after a largely dry start to the day on thursday, there'll be some showers pushing into wales, south—west england too, making their way further north and east, mainly for england and wales. for scotland and northern ireland, it's looking a drier day, particularly during the morning. an isolated shower during the afternoon and temperatures on the cool side, around about 9 or 10 degrees for most places during thursday. now what about the outlook towards easter? it starts off on that fairly cool theme, i think, but things will gradually turn milder. there could be a little bit of rain at times but also some sunshine to be enjoyed too. bye for now. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: it is the biggest mass expulsion of russian diplomats since the cold war. the united states, canada and 22 other countries respond to the nerve agent attack in britain. investigators trying to find out what caused a deadly fire in a shopping centre in siberia
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say the alarm system was switched off and fire exits blocked. european union leaders say turkey has not responded to a long list of concerns, including that it's flouted the rule of law. and in deep water — a new report backed by the un says the earth's resources are running out faster than we think.
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