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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 28, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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this is bbc news — our latest headlines. a decision to release the serial rapistjohn worboys from prison has been overturned by the high court. the threejudges said the parole board should have looked further into worboys‘ offending and must now make a "fresh determination". a drunk driver is jailed for 13 years — for killing three teenagers in a crash in hayes in west london injanuary. the ireland and ulster rugby players, paddy jackson and stuart olding, have been found not guilty of rape, following a trial at belfast crown court. a viola player who suffered irreversible damage to his hearing has won a landmark high court judgment against the royal opera house and — thousands of fans of sir ken dodd joined friends and family at his funeral at liverpool's anglican cathedral. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first a look
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at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... on beyond 100 days at seven o'clock, the team will be talking to the lawyer representing a former catalan minister — who's wanted in spain for alleged rebellion. she's been granted bail after turning herself in to police in scotland. we'll be talking to our technology correspondent, about the news that facebook has adjusted privacy settings to give users of the social media site more control over their information. journalist and author mihir bose and the former pensions minister baroness ros altmann will be reviewing the papers later. and we'll be hearing about the police dog that's going back on the beat after being wounded during an arrest operation. that's all ahead on bbc news. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm will perry. coming up on the programme — krkic -- krkic —— cricket australia apologise for the ball tampering scandal. clearly this has caused a huge demand of damage to the game of cricket as a whole and are certainly australian cricket and it has, my fa ns australian cricket and it has, my fans confidence. manchester city women are heading into the champions league semifinal, chelsea will hope tojoin them later. and we're live in cardiff with boxing promoter eddie hearn ahead of saturday's battle of the heavyweights anthonyjoshua and joseph parker. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm will perry.
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as the three players punished by cricket australia make their way home to an uncertain reception, the team's coach has today apologised for the ball tampering scandal that's engulfed the game, calling it a ‘grave mistake‘. darren lehmann also says he hopes steve smith, david warner and cameron bancroft are given a second chance claiming they‘ re ‘not bad people'. all three were banned today by cricket australia as our sports editor dan roan reports. welcome to the wanderers. australia we re welcome to the wanderers. australia were meant to be holding a chaining session here today ahead of the fourth and final test match against south africa which begins on friday. that session was cancelled, preparations in disarray. this morning, steve smith, the captain, was injapan as berg airport sent home in disgrace, thrown into cricketing exile, and for a yearfor his part in the ball tampering scandal. david warner his vice captain also banned for a year from
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domestic and international cricket. both men have lost the right to play in the ipl, the lucrative indian premier league, this season. the third player involved in the scandal, cameron bancroft, who carried out the actual cheating, he's also been and for nine months. earlier on today, james sutherland, the chief executive of cricket australia revealed more about the investigation into the affair. there was an element of courage of taking on the point and owning up to what happened but there was also u nfortu nately happened but there was also unfortunately an element of in that process and they were taken into consideration when the board went through its process of finalising offering sanctions. cricket australia insist only three players smith, one, and bancroft were in an this plot and the coaching staff
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including darren liman will not involved or where. there are some surprise that he is the head coach remains. he sent a message to say, what is going on? that was found to be through ian's in the investigation. i want to make that point clearly that darren made those comments and ian was satisfied that darren wasn't involved and didn't know anything of the plan. the full 90w know anything of the plan. the full gory details are now emerging and it is revealed that sandpaper was used to tamper with the ball and not sticky tape as he and steve smith claimed in that now infamous press conference following the third day's
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play. earlier on, ispoke conference following the third day's play. earlier on, i spoke to the legendary australian commentatorjim maxwell about what happened. legendary australian commentatorjim maxwell about what happenedm makes a lot more sense than what was said before. it's a lot easier to apply sandpaper than sticking dirt ona apply sandpaper than sticking dirt on a sticky tape and rubbing it in your pocket. somehow australia must try to prepare for the fourth and final test match at the wanderers on friday. they are guaranteed a hostile reception from the south african fans. never an easy place to play here, especially after what has gone on in the last few days. cricket australia have made a real statement today. there was so much pressure from fans, former players, the media, sponsors and the government itself, the prime minister making clear that he wanted decisive and tough action and that is what has happened to those three players who have paid a heavy price indeed for their role in what will
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surely go down in one of the darkest episodes of australian cricket history. john holder is a former test umpire, he's told the bbc there's a huge inconsistency in some of the bans being handed out he believes the icc need to be harsher in their approach to try and stamp it out of the sport. the problem of cricket is the perception that it is a gentleman's game. it is not a gentleman's game. as you get more money in cricket, the pressure to win and win big money increases. players will cheat. footballers dive, players will cheat and tamper with the ball and do whatever they will get away with. the pakistanis were trying to make money. warner and the players were trying to influence the result of the game. the pakistanis were trying to affect the outcome of the game and yet they were given by icc massive bands. i think that's a massive bands. i think that's a
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massive inconsistency. if ciman but —— salman but, who got a life ban, mohammad amir got a five—year ban and the other player got a ten year ban, that is what should have happened here. so another watershed day for australian cricket with bans that have divided opinion across the game. former england captain michael vaughan, shane warne has called it a jump to
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hysteria and has elevated the offence beyond what they actually did. maybe the punishment doesn't fit the crime, that's according to shane warne. kevin pietersen, former england batsmen, i've woken up this morning gutted for smith, david warner and bancroft. i don't think anybody else believes they were the only ones. i hope they get a fair trial, says kevin pietersen. and india's great sachin tendulkar says the right decision has been taken to uphold the integrity of the game. winning is important but the way you win is more important. plenty of reaction out there on social media, take a look at the test match special and bbc sport pages for more. england's final match before gareth southgate names his world cup squad was overshadowed by the video assistant referee in their 1—1 friendly draw with italy at wembley last night.
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england were heading for victory and a sixth straight clean sheet before italy equalised from the penalty spot a decision that was awarded with the use of var. the system will be in use at the tournament in russia this summer but england's players are convinced by are not convinced by it just yet. it is what it is. it is being used at the world cup so we've used it to night. there is a problem with players and supporters not knowing what is going on. if no one knows what is going on. if no one knows what is going on, it's taking time, as well, five minutes added on. i think there are still issues with it but it works in other countries so, who knows? i did touch him but that wasjust my who knows? i did touch him but that was just my running who knows? i did touch him but that wasjust my running pattern. i was
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not channelling the ball. the referee didn't give it and he didn't believe it was a penalty. you a fan the system? i will be if we win some penalties from it. the ball is out of play already. is it a foul if he's never going to get the ball anywhere. on the pitch, that's what it looked like. obviously, the referee made the decision but there is nothing you can do it. i've never seen a is nothing you can do it. i've never seen a referee is nothing you can do it. i've never seen a referee go is nothing you can do it. i've never seen a referee go back on his decision. scotland manager alex mcleish says the win last night is a massive psychological boost for his young team. it's the first win since he took over as manager for a second is didn't after taking over from gordon strachan. the tartan army is home with something to celebrate.
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commentator: the early ball in, tucked into the net by philips. fa ntastically tucked into the net by philips. fantastically worked by scotland. we had players really confident in using the ball. we had some great performances from everybody, to a man. almost enough to make one forget that costa rica beat scotland just a few days ago in glasgow. almost. commentator: oviedo crosses and in it goes. costa rica have the lead at hampden. last night, we were more like a team that you would put into a competitive game. i'm sitting on the fence at the moment but hopefully we will make chances. i would like to see an improvement. there is always optimism. when alex brooker and she was scotland manager
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last, his win rate over ten games was 70%. at the moment after two games, it is 50%. mcleish‘s scotland version two is a work in progress. he has learnt a lot about his team individually and collectively. a huge plus has been the form of scott mckenna. he's going with a three in defence. he has started to get to know the shape of his team. the performance last night may have assured some players of a place on the summer trip to peru and mexico. the tartan army will definitely be there. could we see this again in two years time? a women's gb football team at an olympics. we've worked with the home countries and they are really supportive, as long as they are individual players
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who get the chance to be a part of tea m who get the chance to be a part of team gb. and with a week to go until the commonwealth games, we meet the teenage weightlifter whose hoping for gold on the gold coast. manchester city and chelsea could make it two english clubs into the semi finals of the women's champions league for the first time this evening. city are in the closing stages of their second leg against swedish side linschoppings. they went into the game 2—0 up for the first leg, they currently lead 5—3, 7—3 on aggregate. jane ross headed them in front after 14 minutes. georgia stanway then produced a stunning finish from outside the box to make it 2—0. stanway then struck again from distance to make it 3—0 before jen beattie made it 4—0. the swedes pulled three back, 5—3 is the latest scoreline with city heading
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into the last four. chelsea ladies are in action shortly in the 2nd leg of their quarterfinal they have two goal lead over montpellier and are looking to reach the semi finals for the first time. it's the biggest night in the club's history. every female player aims to play in champions league. the big stage, the big challenge. i love playing in the big games. i do love this club and it would be great to ta ke this club and it would be great to take this club in that direction. i think the team that are's built over the last year, we've seen it progress. it's been 13 years since england were the hosts of the uefa women's european championships, but in 2021 will football be coming home once again? a bid was submitted by the fa to host the event last summer and in december the host nation will be announced, but it's notjust england in the hunt as baroness campbell explains. two other countries, austria and hungary are bidding as well. we are
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ina hungary are bidding as well. we are in a competition here. we are working with uk sport who have attracted major events in a whole range of sports, including world championship, massive experience that will help is. we have put a tender out to cities who are really excited. they are putting in written bids now and we are going to identify the cities. we will select those cities, not just identify the cities. we will select those cities, notjust on the basis of those facilities but on the basis of those facilities but on the basis of their legacy plan. we will put the bid in in the summer and we will know our fate by december.m the bid in in the summer and we will know our fate by december. it could come one year after the olympics. where are we on team gb? we are in a good place, we have worked with the home countries and they are really supportive, as long as their individual players get the opportunity to be part of team gb and we have the opportunity through selection, the way we scout, to look across the whole of gb. we give
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every player chance to play. the huge heavyweight unification bout between anthonyjoshua and joseph parker is just three days away. on saturday night 80,000 people watch on in cardiff's principality stadium with world titles on the line. they all do pose a threat. if i make a mistake. i don't want to give them that chance. i'm not going to say it is not a possibility but i make the possibilities limited number eight training, focusing and being in the best shape physically and mentally. it doesn't really come to my mind how big it is going to be. i've had 24 fights and i've enjoyed them all. this isjust on another 24 fights and i've enjoyed them all. this is just on another level. 24 fights and i've enjoyed them all.
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this isjust on another level. i'm trying to train as just another fight. it happens to be in front of 80,000 peoples, i'm excited to be fighting in front of them. the commonwealth games in australia get under way next week. fraer morrow is only 19 but is already a british weighlifting record holder and will be making her debut at the games. mark ansell‘s been to see her in training. underfive under five foot tall and still a teenager, she has incredible strength. she has only been weightlifting for three years and yet she is already a great britain under 23 record holder. you have just got to keep pushing. when you get it, your body is like... yes! everything hurts. you can feel the blood rushing everywhere. her coach
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believes she has potential. one of the things she has is that she has the things she has is that she has the ability to train every day. she can lift double her body weight, the equivalent of 15 stones. without me knowing it, fraer filmed equivalent of 15 stones. without me knowing it, fraerfilmed me trying to lift a lesser weight to my waist. herfather to lift a lesser weight to my waist. her father used to play for doncaster rovers and knows what it's like to be a sportsman. the differences, fraer doesn't get paid for her sport and has to work as a waitress. to go to california for the world cd is with teams from china, australia, the united states. they are all fully funded athletes.
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they are all fully funded athletes. they don't have the pressure is financially to compete on that level. that is what we are appealing for. fraer's first competition is just days away in australia. there are no words to describe it. it's my first time competing for england and for it to be the commonwealth, it's a big thing. i'm so excited. atjust 19, her career should go from strength to strength but don't count her out for a medal on the gold coast. the final whistle has gone in sweden where manchester city's women have beaten their opponents


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