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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  March 28, 2018 7:00pm-8:02pm BST

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you're with me christian fraser in london — jane 0'brien is i'm rebecca jones. the headlines at watching in washington. 8:00pm. beyond one hundred on the korean peninsula during talks in beijing days. this week. putting a price cab rapist", after a campaign led by victims on plastics. and their families. but what did the two leaders shoppers in england could soon feel the pinch if they don't talk about? recycle. what is right for his people. they had made a but in the meantime there will be no let up in mistake. and thejudge made the right decision, really, didn't he? sanctions. in last week's supermarket siege. in a crash in hayes in west london in january. he is ready to negotiate. no let up from the lawyer representing stormy daniels. here in london. let us know your thoughts by using testimony on what he wins a landmark high courtjudgment the hashtag... knows. against the royal opera house. also on the programme. it's just been a very difficult time. you know, suffered an on bail by a court in scotland. injury, lost my career. putting a price on plastics. lost everything i'd worked for. shoppers in england could soon feel the pinch if they don't recycle. what is right for his people" and make moves to reduce consumer waste and improve recycling
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toward peace. some analysts are more ‘beyond—one—hundred—days‘. sceptical. rates. he and his family have spent decades developing? when they return plastic bottles and cans in england. in london, jane o'brien is in washington. but secretly continued it. the first nuclear test within the borders of his own country. followed in 2006. and family at his funeral at liverpool's anglican all part of pyongyang's carefully cathedral. good crafted diplomacy. evening removed its troops from south korea. and as a way to get donald trump to the table. welcome we are not going to get very far. to china will play a vital bbc role. the meeting with the us president is news. expected in may. and today donald trump tweeted congresswoman from california. his approval. from beijing here's robin brant. and a distinctive but unknown train sitting in beijing's main station. do you think north korea is buying time? time? how much confidence due place in
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it was kim jong—un who had journeyed west to these talks? meet president xi. in these talks? denuclearisation may not be what we mean by denuclearisation. mean by denuclearisation. i don't think we are wasting time. think we are that his guest, 30 years hisjunior, was given a substantial welcome. we usually see pictures of wasting time. others taking notes as kim speaks. this time though it was different. china is north korea's only big benefactor. it accounts for the vast majority of because i think post have them have an interest in not going to war. an interest in not going to its trade. war. think that was the reason that this weapons programme. visit was said. visit was said. this was about telling the world they are repairing the friendship. because china appears to have lost its patience with ofjohn bolton as the next national security adviser. its neighbour. security adviser. korea has been using in those very public spats wants to talk, i think we should take it. with donald trump. take it. nobody wants to have a pre—emptive nuclear war. nobody wants to have a pre-emptive nuclear war. to reassert its pre-emptive nuclear war. influence. only china can provide him with a certain about denuclearisation and not negotiation. level of security. negotiation. what can the us actually concede?
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actually concede? provide this kind of security, then denuclearisation is a good end game for everybody. is a good end game for everybody. so much the better. let's understand that. kim reiterated denuclearisation of the korean peninsular. he is peninsular. committed to what it means for north korea at the moment is unclear. denuclearisation. korea at the moment his country has long said is unclear. that though. china conveyed a message to the white house after the visit. very well, and that kim "looks forward to his meeting with me". one thing inspection of all aspects to make sure that nothing more happens. sure that nothing is very more happens. clear. china wants to have its say as those nuclear talks get closer. robin brant, bbc this programme would be a good thing. no more tests. news, beijing. at the harvard kennedy school and joins us now. capability against north korea but i think that would be a bad idea. think that would be a bad idea. some gesture would be a good idea. good to gesture would be a good idea. see you. put this in the context of what
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is happening with russia? happening with russia? that has always stalled on sanctions with north korea. with north korea. and pull in these countries to its sphere. china re—engaging the workers party of korea. sphere. we can't go back to a bipolar world. of korea. we have a multi—polar world. china has emerged. leaders, the combination of that process. process. the same scale as the united states and china? and china? to party dynamics which sanctions levied against it by has a long history. history. two dozen countries. but is pretty impressive. impressive. satellite image, a reactor in north korea, one of the first to be built. korea, one of the first to be built. and you can see smoke coming from a smoke stack taken just four ago. smoke stack taken just four ago.
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how genuine did act in an effective way as she has in the north koreans the last few days. are? in the last few days. are? the same kudos to the president about the way he has acted? about the way he has acted? silent but the government is whole has acted well. has acted well. on the table could be part of that the question is whether britain will do more. whether britain game plan. game plan. will do more. would begin mass production of nuclear weapons. nuclear weapons. it is just a russia is establishing offices in europe and elsewhere. question of how durable europe and elsewhere. the british government is not it is. it is. that strong. government is not that strong. complicate the negotiations from the us of? us of?
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swift international banking system to cut the oligarchs offer. to cut the oligarchs offer. been the dominant way power derives from this circle of officials that he has put in place. officials that he has to engage friends and allies. put in place. friends and allies. a lot of people talking about bad. —— a lot of people talking about bad. thanks for that, jane. always good to see you. away from nuclear weapons development to economic development. development to economic development. of hostages in the supermarket siege last week. places with one of the captives held by an islamist gunman. 0ur correspondent lucy williamson has korea can latch onto and advise them time at the more. france has honoured victims many times. end of the day. time at the end of the day. today it was anointing a hero. summit but now looks likely to go ahead between trump and kim jong—un? ahead between trump and kim jong—un? of the capital's latin quarter. summit fever, it seems everyone wants to meet with kim jong—un. a chance for the nation he died wants to meet with kim jong—un. protecting to pay their respects. colonel arnaud beltrame walked into a hostage situation
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alone. that is the summit between president move of south korea and kim jong—un. move of south korea and kim jong—un. he's accompanied by 200 of his summit between president trump and kim jong—un. colleagues. summit between president trump and kimjong—un. kimjong—un. everything for his country. today his country is doing what it can for him. solar preparations in terms of the meetings with america. by a gunman near carcassonne. meetings with america. thank you very much forjoining us. says that after so many attacks here his actions spoke to the meeting judging by his reaction today. to france. reaction today. because he chose to be a korea, that problem may have gone victim. he accepted that choice and in doing so, away. he gave us honour. away. i hope it won't be forgotten.
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his president, and his friends. is why we're seeing this exemption of south korea from those tariffs. of south korea from those tariffs. and fraternity, a final the us needs south korea very uniform. much at the moment. at the moment. in any upcoming talks and negotiations with north korea. negotiations with north korea. in the face of islamist aggression. hatred and murderous frenzy. over the brewing trade war with with him, the french spirit of china. china. the second problem, the company could factor isjohn bolton. resistance re—emerged. company could factor isjohn bolton. the legion of honour. but protecting france the situation of course is an unknown at the moment. is notjust thejob unknown at the moment. of soldiers. talks to be about denuclearisation, not talks about how to get there. not talks about how to get there. prevent attacks conceived and nurtured on french and that sounds to me more like an ultimatum than negotiation. soil. lucy williamson, bbc ultimatum than negotiation. news, paris.
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when it comes to north korea and indeed iran. is michael avenatti. actress stormy daniels. burned body was found in her paris home at the from the president. weekend. weeks before the election. so who is this central figure in the stormy daniels affair. a woman who had evaded the expulsion of dues during the second world war. 0bama's chief of staff. of dues during the second world war. she was stabbed a dozen times. ordinary pictures, i was simpson for murder. very moved by them. this is not his first run in with donald trump. i was talking to friends in paris. paris.
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stealing the idea of his reality tv show, "the apprentice. a case that was eventually settled. have been brought into give the police and judges powers. police and judges powers. suddenly starting to feel pharmaceutical company. insecure again. again. they need to be more careful about security and where they go. whojoins me now in the studio. security and where they go. it's a real problem for france. real problem for france. quite damaged by what happened in those two years. of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers. to depose the president, what does that mean? and abuse against women working in that mean? the organization. so what is being done? extended testimony that occurs under both and can go on for days. both and can go on for days. had their positions that have been three days. nada tawfik reports. three days. shorter, presidents have been called to this in the past but not often. to this in the past but not often. supreme court and was ordered to do it. it. privilege and
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ambition to make under oath that is falls serve the is perjury. perjury. organisation. depositions is broader than what you have organisation. at trial. have at trial. the #metoo movement, another side of the organisation has come into view. the organisation in deposition because a lot of that stuff may be kept out of trial. stuff may be kept out of has come trial. into view. is a dangerous state to be in if you are at the present being deposed. are at the present being this woman worked at the un for a decade. deposed. decade. definition of materiality can be brought. brought. by her boss because she believes it is a systemic problem across the un. is a systemic problem across from an incredible character, stormy daniels. the un. other women have accused the same daniels. man. man. for him if he appears under oath, you mentioned bill clinton. you mentioned bill clinton. investigation was conducted which cleared him of wrongdoing. cleared him of wrongdoing. me because it is precisely why women don't come out to report it. don't come out to report it. as an existential threat to because it has been that way in the past. it has been that way in the past. violations but some people have raised.
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raised. were systematically victimised and forced out. that is why people don't report. his mistresses care and he stood trial for that. report. his mistresses care and he stood trialfor that. his mistresses care and he stood trial for that. trial for that. report sexual harassment if they are not protected from retaliation. not protected from retaliation. go into a deposition and lie about it. it. staff and herself experienced sexual harassment in a previous un posting. harassment in a previous un posting. coming towards me but he never put anything on the table. that very few have anything on the table. faith in the process. take a look at him in action for the what we want is the truth. i mean, we process. want to know because they felt nothing would be the truth about done. what the president done. they had no faith that their complaints would be addressed. complaints would be addressed. knew. when he knew campaigners say there it. and what he did about it. is a culture the truthfulness of mr cohen's, his of impunity. of impunity. attorney's statement. processes and have been told a bucket recommendations to
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of lies. be made. made. be able to persist anywhere else in is you can just wait for the present to react, just put it out there. to react, just put the world. the world. it out there. former research assistant and i've known him since law school. known him since law school. standout back then, he did very well. policy and has set up a task force to investigate well. the problem. to investigate the problem. easily between the court of public opinion and a real court. opinion and a real court. time to the mistaken for someone who is without substance. substance. measures that we extremely aggressive and extremely successful. are taking. successful. taking. convincing staff that the organisation is on their side. the guy you what to come up against in a case like this. in a case like this. affecting pretty much every aspect of society. watched stormy daniels give that interview. the company holds. interview.
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donald trump got when he appeared on 60 minutes. 60 minutes. as it had instructed them to several doubt people are interested in this years earlier. story. story. pay for this and at the moment there is no sign that he is. is no sign that he is. these are extraordinary figures. polls are showing his approval ratings have actually gone up. ratings have actually gone up. much more can facebook in spite afford to lose? of this. quite a bit more, actually. spite of this. and he is also very silent about any reaction to it. silent about any reaction to it. about this and that is the democrats. democrats. is the same as the entire value of starbucks. starbucks. perhaps it is because they know there isn't any. facebook is one of the most profitable companies on earth. most profitable companies on very interesting. earth. herself in to police in edinburgh this morning. she's now been released on bail. settings is hardly worth commenting on as far as users are concerned. on as far as users are concerned. of independence in october.
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members of the former catalan government with rebellion. each of them face up to 30 years injail. and you have to go quite awake to find them. find them. by german police on sunday. who is injail in spain. who served as the former education minister. advertisers which is their basic 12 more are charged with embezzlement or disobedience. business model. business model. it's a very interesting paradox. all 25 deny the allegations. interesting paradox. if and when he appears in front of congress? congress? professor clara ponsati and hejoins us now from glasgow. thing to the public and another to investors. investors. investors are worried about two things. about two things. good to see you. facebook already has it and most people are quite enmeshed in it. how the public in scotland have got behind this case. people are quite enmeshed behind this case. in it.
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they can't extract themselves that easily. initiatives set up and it looks as if it will pay for her costs. if it will pay for her easily. costs. are not so invested that they could not get off the site. not get off the site. fastest fundraising campaign in the history of fundraising campaign. history of fundraising campaign. as getting as much user data as possible. possible. i put it on twitter came in and support saying they support her. banks are very much for joining support saying they support her. us. —— thanks very much. this is beyond one hundred days. should we be worried? we'll find out. scotland for their support of catalonia. catalonia. appreciated by her and the people of who died at the age of 90 earlier this catalonia. month. catalonia. where the service was held. we know we have a difficult
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time ahead. ahead. spoke about the first time their paths crossed. how did i meet defence when it comes from another eu state. eu state. that is where we get him? to the nitty—gritty. acts will know this. .. and they had a gala night, was the referendum democratic,... democratic,... 57 years ago. no question of whether it was democratic. and all the local comics got up and we whether it was democratic. got bookings from it. my favourite, johnny hackett, tremendous comic. jim cooton, did an unusual act with his dog. countries if they do not get the right to a fair trial. right to a fair trial. in the dog's ear and the dog sang along and it was wonderful. so we are all in the room for the rehearsal and there he is. this lunatic with the hair and all that. hello, boys! i'll just wander on and tickle them up for you. we all wondered how long he would do, is whether the charges she faces politically motivated. he won't be long. politically motivated. that is what we have submitted. we have submitted. well, he was on and he was on and he was on. and hackett said to him, ken, you're
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out of order. he said, it didn't seem too long to me. how long was i on? he said, cooton's dog's died! laughter. responsible for the violence on the day of the referendum. day of the referendum. with everyone roaring laughing. and everybody out there who, as always, they wouldn't let off. individuals who were not demonstrating. he sang happiness because he gave demonstrating. happiness. was he a good comic? expressing their democratic right to vote. no. he was better than that. vote. he was the greatest stage comedian i have ever seen in my life. you're watching catalan people, to carry out their democratic will. beyond 100 democratic will. days.
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here in london has won a landmark high court judgment. silenced the most of the european union. union. during a rehearsal for a wagner opera in 2012. and support and said it is a question of the rule of law. question of the rule of levels exceeded 130 law. decibels. the spanish government or its judiciary. that's roughly the same as a jet engine. 0ur legal correspondent clive thank you very much. coleman reports. the outside world from its embassy here in london. at the royal albert hall of other countries. in 2005. but his brilliant career came mr assange has been taking refuge at the ecuadorian embassy since 2012. to an end in 2012. ben ando who's here now. house's famous pit — a space smaller than this one. so, if you sit there... if i'm a trumpet player or a horn player... i would have been from, it almost looks like this close to you. imprisonment. imprisonment. it moves from asylum to imprisonment. and what sort of noise can the brass section generate? to imprisonment. which is a jet engine sound.
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nearly died during a the noise had a devastating effect on signage has been in chris's hearing. the ecuadorian embassy. been in the ecuadorian embassy. —— julien assange. person to walk julien assange. on normal ground. then you imagine walking barefoot on grass. as any other worker. it's just been a very difficult time. one more than most i've suffered an injury, lost my career. the intranet is vital. lost everything i had worked for. vital. people here in the uk within parliament. of my injuries. parliament. hopefully, as i said, prevent anyone else being hurt. today's ruling is huge. foreign office minister, describing him as a miserable glow—worm. him as a miserable glow—worm. compensated by a
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court. there and clearly feeling the pressure. thank you very much. and disappointed by thejudgment. and plastic pollution. those containers for recycling. in an artistic institution in the same manner as a factory. of them are not recycled. some 60% of musicians say they have suffered 0ur environment editor david shukman reports. hearing loss. plastic bottles are this case will send shock waves through the music suddenly getting political industry. attention. is a distant 13 billion of them are bought memory. in the uk every year. clive coleman, bbc news. but at least 3 billion are never recycled. its way toward drifting in the oceans and polluting them earth. on an ever—growing scale. but apparently, you don't take birds in the pacific can suffer from plastic waste. cover just yet. will burn up as it passes through the atmosphere. emerging threat. get a refund of the small deposit and so hopefully will not
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they paid while buying the drinks. cause any injuries. germany and denmark have similar schemes. and they have massively increased the are now taking rate of recycling. place. british ministers think something similar could work here. other countries have got it right. we can learn from them. are those actually but there are particular circumstances in the uk. real pictures of recycles material. the satellite? the way in which our corner shops attract customers. at are they we've got to make sure that this scheme works. mock ups? already a lot of plastic does get recycled. i am being told that they are a mock—up. mock—up. that is a very good picture of a satellite in space. with 300 million plastic of a satellite in space. somewhere out there! bottles every year. and they fetch good money. leroy chiao — he's in houston. can be recycled. i'm a pessimist. don't need to be ducking over the next few days. sure. going on to make new plastic milk bottles.
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the deposit scheme should encourage it. have yet to be decided. the types of bottles to be included — all drinks orjust some? around 5000 celsius and it's going to burn where the collection machines up. to burn up. will go. that could be tricky in small shops. and crucially, who will pay for the scheme? we asked people in birmingham about the deposit idea. survive re—entry and come down and hit the ground or the water. hit the ground or the water. day and age. the more incentives we can offer the public, the better really. yeah, it's worth a mostly water so it's most try. likely going to go into it might work. i'd do it. the ocean. going to go into the ocean. we're paying 5p for the bag charge, so we're used to it by now. because plastic pollution isjust insane. plastic packaging. has clearly noticed. completely uninhabited, so it was not a problem. david shukman, bbc news. not a while we are on the issue problem. struck by a piece of this are vanishingly small.
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of plastics. vanishingly small. were you aware that this is those odds, you ought to go and start buying lottery tickets. a potential killer. start buying lottery tickets. reassuring thought. per cent of bath toys. is, how much stuff is still up there and not what is coming down? and not what is coming down? you mean other the habitual offender. spacecraft? mean other spacecraft? seriously affect children with weak immune space junk generally, there is so much of it. generally, there is so much systems. of it. you are right. concerning thing in losing spacecraft with astronauts on it. spacecraft with astronauts i am aggrieved by this story. on it. duck in this house preceded the spacecraft, especially ones that are going to contain humans. children. going to contain humans. children. i have already given up sugar this year. sugar this year. i'm not giving up the rubber duck. i told my wife this morning. it stays. that is also the natural environment of there. there. small rocks flying around an ultimatum! at those speeds. but the those speeds. micro meteoroid de vrij is what we call
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thing is, it. vrij is what we call it. doesn't squeeze? squeeze? of these rocks, it like being shot with a gun. with a gun. it could ruin your day if you're not shielded. if you're not shielded. and whether you squeeze that in the children's faces which i do not do. children's faces which i do not do. because it is quickly, there is a second and third version mine. of this space station. the only joy i have. version of this space station. have. apparently 75 million cells to every one centimetre of rubber duck. this is beyond 100 days from controlled entry, target a spot in the ocean where you want it to go. the ocean where you want it the bbc. to go. ocean called the spacecraft graveyard which we target. graveyard which and bbc world news — tracking the fortunes of facebook... we target. is now the time to buy shares? do you know what acoustic shock is? so that is why it is coming down in control. that's still to come. control. the good news is it is relatively small. relatively small. thanks very much forjoining us. forjoining us. we will see you at the same time tomorrow. good night.
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good evening. the date good evening. improved. yet again the day improved. and we did see some sunshine improved. coming through. through. it was wet and windy for some for much of the day. some for much of the day. not a bad afternoon for and we had some sunshine coming through. many. afternoon for many. through. isles where it was wet and windy for much of the day. much of the day. touch of frost first thing with maybe some patchy mist and frost. maybe some patchy mist afternoon across staffordshire at the south london. and frost. the south london. particularly further north and east. evening and overnight temperatures likely to fall away alt. likely to fall away alt. milder before the next batch of rain arrives. arrives. around freezing orjust below in many places. even some freezing fog patches further north and east. many places. further north and east. story to the south—west, staying milder here. milder here.
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hovering around freezing orjust below to push in a long he central and southern parts of england and wales. southern parts of england and wales. in places. some of it below in places. quite heavy, as batch of wet weather well. for scotland a few scattered showers. quite begins to push on. cold. on. midlands and south east and some of that in the south, the highest values of nine or ten. the highest values of nine or ten. quite heavy. that quite heavy. scattered showers across the north and east. quite cold atjust to the south—west and frontal systems spiralling around that low. systems spiralling around 5 degrees. that low. degrees. further south values of a risk of a few showers, someone she, coming of the north sea coasts. minor ten. minor ten. she, coming of the north sea coasts. further south, longer spells of rain, some of it the south—west and the frontal system spiralling around that. heavy. rain, some of it heavy. not feeling very warm out there. system spiralling around that. 5—9 always the risk of some showers, coming in from the north sea coast. coming in from the north sea degrees. coast. further south more longer spells of rain, some about heavy. rain, some the unsettled theme is set to continue. about heavy. there will be rain at times. feeling very warm for good friday at times. five, 9 degrees. five, 9 degrees. quite cool with sunny spells if you are lucky. are lucky.
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seeing sunshine is further west it looks as though the unsettled theme is set to continue. theme is set to continue. than seven day. seven day. wintry showers further east on higher ground. still not cool with some sunny spells of your lucky. warm. lucky. some sunshine and further warm. west on saturday. and it looks to be the west on saturday. best day of the weekend. particularly warm in the weekend. drier, brighter, fewer showers and like to win. the far north showers and like to win. east. east. that will be the day to get out and about. about. and it looks likely to be the still, those temperatures disappointing for this time of year. 00:28:29,084 --> 1073741526:09:44,170 this 1073741526:09:44,170 --> 2147483051:50:59,257 is 2147483051:50:59,257 --> 3221224577:32:14,344 bbc 3221224577:32:14,344 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. best day of the easter weekend. day of the easter weekend. brighter with fewer showers and a lighter wind. lighter wind. still the temperatures disappointing for the time of year.
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