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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 4, 2018 1:45am-2:00am BST

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lam i am tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live on the bbc sports centre. coming up, cristiano ronaldo scores a wonderful bicycle kick goal for rearmament. sergio garcia has —— the peregrine ‘s title defence of the peregrine ‘s title defence of the masters. and going for gold at the masters. and going for gold at the commonwealth games but how releva nt the commonwealth games but how relevant is the event on the gold coast for the biggest sporting landscape? welcome to the programme. we start with footballing news. rearmament read have one foot in the semifinals of the champions league after a 3— win overjuventus. that saw one of the goals of the season from real m. they are looking to make a third consecutive title. conor mcnamara was in turin with the former scotland international pat nevin. it's a very important win for
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real madrid and a crushing defeat forjuventus. there is one moment of this game which will be remembered in the sands of time. an exquisite bicycle kick from cristiano ronaldo. a privileged to witness. sometimes you hear about goals and talk about goals and there is hyperbole involved. there was none here. this was a phenomenal piece of skill. an understanding of where he was. just the athleticism to do it, before you start thinking of the spatial awareness and talent. add on top of it the importance of the moment within a massive game as well so that's why as one of the special goals of recent years, one of the best i have seen in my life. i could have done that. afterwards, it got to a height. to - a height. it was a joy to up to such a height. it was a joy to be here. and to watch it, to be part
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of it, to see it and feel the reaction afterwards which was really special on its own. juventus supporters, they stood and applauded the goalfrom their supporters, they stood and applauded the goal from their opponent, cristiano ronaldo. a very special moment. the wider concept of this in terms of the champions league. other teams have come back but not away or at home against real madrid. minuscule chance. something weird would have to happen. weird things happen in football. the most creative player will not be available for that game. i just can't see how it will happen. juventus are a very good side but they are built on defence, not scoring that huge point but for any
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juventus fans, that's the way it is going. real madrid, who upon the champions league, no team has ever won it twice in the champions league era. you've got to go back to the 19705 of the last time that has happened. it looks like real madrid could be a semi—final and final way from getting that illustrious three ina from getting that illustrious three in a row. bayern munich came from a goal down to win against sevilla. translation: well, i have to say we are very happy. perhaps sevilla doesn't have the same name but they area doesn't have the same name but they are a skilful team with a strong spirit to keep fighting and they play well. this victory is very important to us. staying with football news, shanghai shenhua are out after a draw with kashima
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antlers. shanghai shenhua way have one of the most valuable teams in china that money doesn't always buy you success. with players worth in excess of $100 million, being eliminated at the group stages will bea eliminated at the group stages will be a bitter disappointment for the clu b be a bitter disappointment for the club '5 owners. despite being 2— nil up club '5 owners. despite being 2— nil up at half—time, their gameplan fell apart. kashima antlers at —— it back with goals from suzuki and leandro, sending the team into the knockout stages. the disappointing evening all round for china. the two—time champions had a frustrating evening. far be's team were held to a draw in thailand. an equaliser in stoppage time keeping their last 60 intact. they still lead group g but have more work to do to progress. sydney
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fc recorded their first win of the tournament and what to win it was. this beautiful finish against the blue wings. bobo's late goal made it 4-1, blue wings. bobo's late goal made it 4—1, reviving their hopes. these we re 4—1, reviving their hopes. these were rescheduled gosling —— following the sudden death of davide astori. they travelled to udinese. the first men's golf major of the year will get under way thursday in augusta and preparing to be released for the first rounds. tiger woods, who has missed the last two major is
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due to a back injury. mark leishman and tommy fleetwood, rory mackle rhee would adam scott. while sergio garcia will go out with world number two justin thomas who garcia will go out with world number twojustin thomas who won the pga championship last year. it is easy to come here and say, i am just treating it like any other term and in the majors are the majors because of that. in augusta, it's even more different and more spectacular. that's the way you want to take it but when you go out there, you know it's going to be a special week and this week to me, it's even more share special because i'm the defending champion so my cassette, i am really enjoying it. i'm hoping to put some good girls out there. am really enjoying it. i'm hoping to put some good girls out therem
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less tha n put some good girls out therem less than nine hours, the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games will have begun on the gold coast in australia. 71 nations competing but with the game is missing some of that superstar pulling power, will it stay relevant? they have got to see in the glorious hot sunshine to boot. it will be a great games to be out but have they got the timing of these gains right? tiger woods tees off the masters on thursday and at the weekend, manchester city can seal the english premier league so are the organisers concerned at all but the commonwealth games can pass by relatively unnoticed ? but the commonwealth games can pass by relatively unnoticed? the great thing is, there are so many media avenues around the world. but you time to get coverage. for the first time to get coverage. for the first time ever, we have espn actually taking package is to put in america where there isn't a commonwealth
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country. africa, canada but the first time is taking footage. there is plenty of space on the landscape for what you want to achieve all what we are doing in australia, not having a lot of difficulty with coverage. the message is getting across about what they stand for. mark tells us that over 1.5 billion people will watch the commonwealth games at some point, far fewer than the world cup. a lot less in the rio olympics, per example, but it's no mean numberand olympics, per example, but it's no mean number and ticket sales are doing well. these people snapping up the last remaining few. 95% of the tickets sold. it seems here at least, the commonwealth games is releva nt. least, the commonwealth games is relevant. it's a great festival and people are happy and we forget about all the other things that are happening in the world. 0h, all the other things that are happening in the world. oh, yeah. the amount of people that come in
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the amount of sporting events in one country, yes, it's got to be relevant. it's one stage below the olympics. camilla alvarez is awaiting tests before his match with gennady govolkin. he blamed it on meat contamination. the rematch is scheduled for the fifth of may in las vegas. eric gomez said it was extremely unlikely the matter would be resolved in time, and is about being cancelled. 13 games are taking place in the mba presently. the big one is the toronto raptors who are the top of the eastern conference and they are playing cleveland. the ra ptors a re and they are playing cleveland. the raptors are down 91— 8a. if they lose this one, they will have lost three of the last four and will head
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to the boston celtics in 2a hours time. it's all falling apart as they head towards the play—offs. that's all we've got time for. until next time, goodbye. well, wednesday is going to be one of those days where you might look at the sky and just think the weather cannot make its mind up. it's really going to be that changeable from hour to hour. we'll have strong sunshine and downpours as well. some of them will bring thunder, possibly hail and some gusty winds as well. it's all thanks this area of low pressure. you can see the clouds spinning around here, that's been sitting to the south—west of the british isles over the last couple of days, and finally, that low will be barrelling across the uk. so into the early hours of wednesday morning,
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already some showers around across a number of western and south—western areas and still, we have the cold air across scotland. in the last few days, throughout easter, we have snow across the northern parts of the uk. we still have the remnants of that cold weather in scotland and it's still with us on wednesday. but to the south, here's that showery low that will be moving across the uk. so the thinking is that first thing in the morning, some of us will have showers, others will have clear blue skies. it'll already be very mixed first thing in the morning. but let's zoom into scotland first of all because here, we still have the snow. it will be falling mostly across the hills and mountains but in the lowlands, i suppose, there is the chance of some sleet falling here. but you can see, it's sort of like peppering england and wales. so very hit and miss.
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there is a chance that some of us will miss the showers altogether. whereas others might get lots of them. and then you've got the hail and thunder which i mentioned earlier on. now, eventually into thursday, that showery low moves out into scandinavia. you can see here it is, just approaching denmark. we're in between weather systems, and a chilly start to thursday. i think a frost in one of two areas. that's why temperatures will be a little bit lower on thursday, 10—12 degrees, but we've got a change on the way for thursday into friday. low pressure comes in. another area of weather, cloud and rain out west here. the winds are blowing out of the south. given some sunshine, maybe eastern areas, it is going to warm up again. so possibly getting up to around about 15 or 16 degrees on friday. in the west, where you have the cloud and rain, it's going to be quite a bit cooler. 10 degrees in belfast. towards the end of the week, friday, saturday possibly as well, still hanging onto some of the milder weather across south—eastern areas. very changeable weather over the next few days, but it will improve eventually. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america
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and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: another deadly shooting in the united states. this one taking place at the headquarters of youtube in northern california. three people were injured, one is in a critical condition. the shooter used a handgun and then killed herself. us officials release the list of $50 billion worth of chinese imports that'll be subjected to additional tariffs. and 50 years after the murder of martin luther king, how much progress has america made in tackling racial inequality?
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