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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 5, 2018 1:45am-2:00am BST

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this is sport today live on the bbc sports centre. coming up on the programme, liverpool shocked manchester city in the opening leg of the champions league quarter—final tie. shanghai sipg secured their place in the last 16 of the asian champions league. and celebrating a hole in one at augusta. a bit of ankle trouble. welcome to the programme. we'll also have lied to the gold coast with chris mitchell. we start with the champions league quarter—final played on wednesday. the two remaining first leg matches were played with barcelona 4—1 winners at home over roma. but that is. and manchester city 3—0. opening goals in the first 45 minutes. but the
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goalkicker was replaced with what appeared to be in injury. alex chamberlain got one on the 33rd minute. three goals of the half—hour mark. the reds with a huge advantage. result is the most important thing and i never expected a perfect performance, i expected it to bea a perfect performance, i expected it to be a real challenge and we were a real challenge and it's 3— nil up is better than being 3— or down but it's not a real decision. everyone knows we go to manchester city and they want to strike back, they didn't play bad tonight and we didn't play bad tonight and we didn't create the usual number of chances but half—time, lot more. barcelona will take a 4—1 lead to italy when they face roma. roma was
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given hope when it was a 2— goal deficit. in the asian champions league, for more teams qualify. two former champions from south korea. they secured their place in the last 16. the brazilian striker, ricardo lopez, put them in front eventually after only 15 minutes with the securing victory secured 13 minutes from time. the champions remain. they arejoined by from time. the champions remain. they are joined by tianjin, with the winner scored two moves from time. a
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final round of games in the fortnight with a side that finishes top of group b. shanghai sipg have qualified after a tie with kawasaki frontale. and even though they equalised six minutes later, a point was enough to secure shanghai top spotin was enough to secure shanghai top spot in the group. ulsan hyundai thrashed melbourne victory as the 2016 champions won 6—2 to eliminate the australian side and a silver in place in the last 16. the 21st commonwealth games are under way in the gulf case to australia. they say it is beautiful one day, perfect the next there and chris mitchell is there, testing the theory over the next 11 days. some big news coming out of australia regarding sally
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pearson. the face of the games, sally pearson, the marketing face of these games. if you turn on the tv in australia, use either all the time, on the backs of buses, the sides of buses. she's been advertising the commonwealth games for a long time. she is pulled out. a news conference in the next couple of hours, she will sit the team doctor from australia and say that achilles injury is not building enough and that you cannot compete. that is a devastating blow to the commonwealth games in the australian team. she is here to try and win a hat—trick of commonwealth medals. she is a former olympic champion and the current world champion and she's had a rollercoaster of a ride in her career. in rio, bitterly disappointed. she dumped her coach and coached herself. here, as i say, the face of the games, sally pearson, is out. the people behind me have been enjoying the triathlon.
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here are a couple of australian fans. sally pearson out of the games. it's amazing. the first time i heard this. it's shocking. she is the face, she is here representing australia and that's where we came from, all around the world, to see a world champion and olympic champion compete. and that is the point. the commonwealth games organisers have made this game is all about sally pearson's redemption, made this game is all about sally pea rson‘s redemption, the made this game is all about sally pearson's redemption, the comeback. i was talking to mark peters, the head of the organising committee. he likened sally pearson winning next week in the hurdles as being a moment like cathy freeman at the syd ney moment like cathy freeman at the sydney olympics. it was going to be the moment of the game is and now it appears that she won't take part at all. let's get a very quick reaction from somebody else. sally pearson out of the commonwealth games. she is out? i had no idea. really. gosh,
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thatis is out? i had no idea. really. gosh, that is terrible. i am distraught. injury? oh, no. sally. i might need a tissue. there you go. that reaction tells you how australia will be feeling when they wake up to the news. every body has woken up but they don't yet know that sally pearson is out of the games. thank you. chris mitchell, ifeel as shattered as her. the first men's golf major of the year gets under way at augusta. sergio garcia —— sergio garcia. the masters, the one eve ryo ne sergio garcia. the masters, the one everyone wants to win. the famed green jacket has been donned by some of golf ‘s favourite players throughout the years and once again augusta national is ready to crown yet another champion. the stage is set this year's tournament and it is to be one of the most commit ——
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competitive in recent memory. champion sergio garcia returns to the vendor ‘s crown but on the greens, the talk is all about tiger. —— defend his crown. it is going to win at some point, that is clear to eve ryo ne win at some point, that is clear to everyone with the way he has played and continued to get better. lou mackie has a bit of the intimidation factor. tiger woods, probably one of the best players to play the game. the first time in three years, tiger woods is back at the masters. although it's been a decade since his last major victory, just seeing the name at augusta has got people talking and after successful spinal fusion surgery last year, many think tiger is back to his best.|j fusion surgery last year, many think tiger is back to his best. i feel great. i feel like i've tiger is back to his best. i feel great. ifeel like i've really put a lot of the pieces together. we worked on what body parts to get stronger and more than. ifeel fantastic. meanwhile, the same questions are being asked about rory mcilroy. the 4— time major winner
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needs an elusive green jacket to become the sixth man in history to com plete become the sixth man in history to complete a career grand slam and after his first win in 18 months at leyhill three weeks ago, he is hitting format just the leyhill three weeks ago, he is hitting formatjust the right leyhill three weeks ago, he is hitting format just the right time. i'm looking forward to it, i'm going to relish it, i don't want to put as much pressure on myself as i have in the last few years, just go and enjoy the opportunity to do that very few people have been able to do. but on the lush greens of augusta, the americans are often the ones to watch. three of the world ‘s top fourfrom ones to watch. three of the world ‘s top four from the united states, ones to watch. three of the world ‘s top fourfrom the united states, all of them hungry for more success. after withdrawing through injury last year, dustin johnson after withdrawing through injury last year, dustinjohnson is back alongside 2017 us pga champion justin thomas with the open champion, jordan speak completing the convention. it should woods slipped into a bit green jacket to the fifth time on sunday, it wouldn't be just one the greatest comeback in masters history, in sport. tom watson became the oldest
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winner of the traditional par—3 event. the 68 claimed the win beating sam sneyd's record when he w011 beating sam sneyd's record when he won in 1974 at 61. the real drama came on the course with extraordinary different ways of going about it, with tony finua claiming this on the seventh and then thinking it was so good, he sets off to go for a little rhyme, only to suffer a dislocated ankle en route. it is calmly fixes himself. lovely. garry nicholas, —— gary nicklaus, this grandson ofjack, with the ball agonisingly edging its way to the whole. working its way down the hill. it's getting there. almost. it's there. and just look.
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gary player and tom watson as well. hgppy gary player and tom watson as well. happy as larry. from aulos, goodbye. from all of us —— from all of us, goodbye. wednesday brought a real mix of weather across the country. thursday is looking completely different. it's going to be quite a chilly start. frosty start for some of us, but weather is looking great. a lot of sunshine eventually in the afternoon. that'll be right across the country. this is the cloud that's been bringing the unsettled weather still in the north of the country, with some snow in places as well. that is finally clearing away and as we head through the course of lincolnshire, east anglia, the midlands, and the south—east but the skies already clearing in many parts of the country.
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by early thursday morning, it will clear in northern england too, and temperatures will drop away like a stone in the northern half of the uk. some rural spots in scotland could get down to —7 degrees. whereas in the south, around 3—6 degrees celsius. here's forecast for tomorrow. the last of that cloud will clear away from the south—east in the morning on thursday, then sunshine all round. but later in the afternoon, the skies might turn hazy here out west and into northern ireland. slightly cooler day on the way thursday. maybe 8—12 degrees celsius. that is because the morning will be pretty chilly. that sun will have to work harder to warm things up. you can see the weather front is approaching. of the uk across friday. quite a split in the weather towards the end of the week. many western areas will eventually turn fairly cloudy. outbreaks of rain, particularly in plymouth and the western isles as well. look at that central and eastern parts of the country.
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arrows coming in from the south. the southerly wind will start to making still warmer. temperatures up to 15 in london, some eastern areas getting up to 13, possibly, as well. friday into saturday, that warm air is still kind of with us. certainly not for everybody. it will be mostly hugging south—eastern and eastern areas of the country. so by the time we get to saturday, the chances are that it may turn a little bit warmer still. but notice that there is a bit of rain drifting out of the south, moving northwards. some of us will get some rain on saturday, with the possibility of temperatures getting up to around about 17 degrees in east anglia. that is really going to feel like spring. but for most of us on saturday, it will feel cooler, more like 12—14 degrees. will on sunday, eventually that blob of rain from the north will move northwards into scotland. things should dry out. partly cloudy for most of us on sunday. still decent temperatures, 14 in london, 13 expected in edinburgh and glasgow as well. that's it, have a good day. bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley.
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our top stories: 50 years on, commemorating the life and murder of the civil rights leader, dr martin luther king. two more violent deaths in london take the number of suspected murders in the city so far this year to more than 50. "a huge mistake," says mark zuckerberg. he's now admitted data from up to 87 million facebook users may have been misused. china unveils its retaliation in the trade dispute with president trump, but hints that talks are also possible.
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