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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm shaun ley. the headlines at eight president trump refuses to rule out military action against syria, after a suspected chemical weapons attack on the rebel—held town of douma. we are sitting at situation extremely closely. we are meeting with our military and everybody else. and we will be making some major decisions over the next 2a to 48 hours. this is the scene live in new york as delegates arrive at the un security council to discuss the attack on douma here, the home secretary says she'll do "whatever it takes" to tackle violent crime — as she launches a new strategy to combat it. facebook begins notifying all users whose information may have been accessed by the consulting firm, cambridge analytica. and in the next hour — adam peaty has to settle for silver at the commonwealth games
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the england swimmer suffered a surprise defeat by south africa's cameron van der burgh in the men's 50m breaststroke final. and we'll be hearing from charlotte dujardin — one of the greatest dressage riders of all time — about her memoir ‘the girl on the dancing horse‘ a good evening and welcome to bbc news. president trump has refused to rule out military action against syria, after a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel—held town. dozens of people are reported to have died in douma in eastern ghouta at the weekend and donald trump said nothing was off the table — and that he'd probably make a decision by the end of the day.
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syria and its ally russia have said they've found no trace of chemical weapons, a stance that is likely to highlight sharp divisions within the un security council which is meeting to discuss the attack. on the way, the uk ambassador to the un, karen pierce set out the british position. as the british prime minister and foreign secretary has said, it's important that there's a proper investigation as a route to accountability. it's also important that the council has a very serious and thorough discussion of what will it take for the syrian regime to stop attacking its own people? karen pierce there, the british representative to the un. for the latest from syria itself here's our middle east editorjeremy bowen. most of the casualties in syria's war were attacked with bullets and high explosives.
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but chemical weapons have a special horror. this is the aftermath of what witnesses said was a chemical attack, as douma, a town just outside damascus, fell to the regime. we are not showing you pictures we have of dozens of dead bodies with foam on their mouths, which can be a sign of a chemical attack. what happened looks likely to extract a response from western countries. a big price to be paid by syria's president assad and his russian and iranian backers, according to president trump. we will be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours. if it's russia, if it syria, if it's iran, if it's all of them together, we will figure it out and we will know the answer is quite soon. in moscow, sergei lavrov, the russian foreign minister, said there was no evidence that the russian accusations. translation: our military
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on the ground in the syrian and republic have warned several times that a serious provocation is being prepared. the syrian government also spoke about that. the serious provocation aimed at accusing damascus once again for using chemical, poisonous substances against the civilian population. in seven years of fighting the war has changed from a campaign to overthrow the regime to a mini world war that is being fought by many of the world's most powerful countries, and looks to be escalating. a year ago, the americans retaliated after another chemical attack on syrian civilians. it was mostly symbolic. the assad regime, with russian and iranian help, has continued to strengthen its position. from the start of the war, the us, britain and their allies called for president assad to go.
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but they didn't back their words with deeds. when the president was vulnerable, the us and the uk chose not to act. now he has the firm backing of iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khamenei, and of course, russia's president putin. that makes him stronger now than at any time since the war began in 2011. it's hard to see what the west can do to change that. the americans and the british missed their chance. in the last 48 hours, syria's mini world war has been heating up. this is said to be an israeli jet crossing lebanon to raid syria. in february, the israelis had a plane shot down as it hit the same target, an airbase called te four. heating it was not about chemical weapons, but israel's fight with iran. supporters of president assad took
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to the streets in aleppo, the city in which the coalition between the syrian regime, the russians and the iranians scored their first significant victory. they still look to be the war‘s big winners, and it's hard to see how western retaliation for the latest chemical attack is going to change that. jeremy bowen, bbc news. let's ta ke let's take a look at the scene in new york right now at the un security council. they are currently being addressed who is the man trying to get an effective peace deal in geneva. he is updating the security council on the situation. there will be other procedures taking place including efforts to find a cease—fire which collapsed over the weekend and is the immediate events preceding the air strike. it is claimed that the air strike. it is claimed that the air
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strike was the method used to deliver chemical weapons. 0h strike was the method used to deliver chemical weapons. oh well as his address, the you're its representatives are being called on to give an opportunity to take part. that cross two main work and joining me now via webcam is the former us ambassador to syria, robert ford. thank you for being with us on bbc news. let me ask you the obvious question that arises. what should the united states and its allies do now that they have not done before? well i think your correspondent was correct to say there's not much united states or his close allies can do to remove bashar al—assad from power now. it's a separate
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issue as to whether or not the united states and its allies should allow the syrian government to use chemical weapons with impunity. if the united states and its allies decide that the use of chemical weapons in syria sets a bad precedent that could be copied elsewhere in other countries and other conflicts that they have to think about what to do to deter the acai government from using chemical weapons again. it's very obvious that a one—time strike touch as was launched a year ago by the united states, a one—time strike does not suffice and that instead it needs to be more of a steady series of strikes each time the government crosses over the red line and uses chemical weapons. one crosses over the red line and uses chemicalweapons. one of crosses over the red line and uses chemical weapons. one of the presidents you have served, barack obama set that red line and the
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result was nothing in terms of effective action against the regime. similarly, we have had today remarks from the human rights chief at the un saying a number of very powerful states have engaged in feeble condemnation and yet they completely failed to complete this what he calls ominous regression and chemical weapons free fall. collective shrug is what she desires as the response. on the basis nothing is going to change until asad has brought the rebel groups to their needs and regains control? as their needs and regains control? as the report showed quite well the government is going to continue to attack the remaining pockets under opposition control and take them out one by one. the eastern suburbs of damascus being the latest example. deterring the uses a different issue. it's a different question.
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there i think you can establish deterrence and the government stopped using chemical weapons for several months after the april 2017 american strike. the government tested american resolve and a little bit of chlorine gas over here, a little bit of chlorine gas over there, a few attacks. the trump administration did not react and the government continued to escalate with chemical weapons. always testing to see how far he could go before the americans respond. the only way you change that behaviour is to strike bashar al—assad each time he uses chemical weapons so that he begins to think a second and third time before deciding to use chemical weapons. we are most grateful to you, thanks so much for your time. let's take a look at the scene in new york right now at the un security council.
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and uphold international law to for gods sake in short egg mechanism is found and attributes responsibilities. returning to the narrative of the events at around midnight of the 7th of april, hours after the alleged chemical weapons attack. they informed the un they had reached an agreement with the russian federation and the syrian government. the russian federation stated that the agreement encompasses a cease—fire and the fighters laying down their arms. the russian federation also reported
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that up to 8000 fighters and 40,000 of the old family members were to evacuate. we now understand that additional evacuations are awaited under way. we received reports that they had been released from duma today. we know the agreement provides civilians who decide to stay to remain under guarantees of the russian federation. with the presumption of services in coronation with the committee of civilians locally. i urge the syrian government and russian federation to ensure protection of those civilian so that as many civilians as possible can stay in their homes if they choose to or lead to a place of
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their choosing or return as per international law. there should be an immediate refocus for the implementation of the security council resolution. what we have seenis council resolution. what we have seen is basically an escalation before a de—escalation. mr president, clearly the dangers of further escalation arises from situations beyond this as well. we have received reports of missiles targeting the syrian government airbase early this morning. no state has claimed responsibility for this reported strike. the united states and france have explicitly denied any involvement. the syrian government, russian federation and iran have suggested israel could have carried out the attack. with
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iranian state media reporting military personnel being killed and injured including for military advisors. the government of israel has not denied it. the united nations is unable to independently verify or attribute responsibility for this attack but we urge all parties to show the utmost restraint and avoid any further escalation or confrontation. we are also concerned of dynamics in other areas for syrians. syrians in their rural homes. they have all expressed to us their own fears that they may soon face a similar escalation to what we have seen. we urge for this counsel
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and the states involved in the air force to work towards reinstating de—escalation in these areas and elsewhere in syria. the indication is the opposite at the moment. meanwhile, further to the operation in the frame the turkish government has indicated the potential for further operations in other areas of northern syria. if the forces are not removed from those areas military operations in such areas have the potential of international tensions and we therefore urge all parties concerned to de—escalate and find the dialogue meaning to implement 2401 two restore the integrity of syria. let me also highlight we have seen recently and this is particularly tragic when you
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look at the efforts of all of you la st look at the efforts of all of you last year. seen recently launching new operations in syria. in south of damascus and remote areas near the border. mr president, let me conclude with some bottom lines if i may. civilians are paying a heavy, heavy, heavy price for military escalation. we are not seeing de—escalation, we are seeing the conflict. our first priority must be protecting civilians from the war, from the conflict, from chemical weapons, from hunger. we call on all sides to ensure respect for
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international, humanitarian and human rights laws including humanitarian access across syria to all people in need. and we urge concrete respect of resolution 2401 throughout syria. second, continued allegations of use of chemical agents are of extremely grave concern. agents are of extremely grave concern. these allegations must be independently and urgently investigated. any use of chemical weapons is absolutely prohibited and constitutes a very serious violation of international law. chemical weapons convention, and security council resolution 2118. any further use of chemical weapons and upholding international law must be an utmost priority for all members
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of this counsel. third, i have to say very slowly because it's the first time during my presentation of my own briefings that i have reached a point in which i am expressing a concern about international security. not only regional or national or syrian security. mr president, the members of the security council, recent developments carry more than ever before the dangers that the secretary general has warned about re ce ntly secretary general has warned about recently at the munich security conference. speaking of middle east quote unquote different lines that
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are completely crossing each other and it appeared connected. on conflicting interest of regional powers and informed of escalation that can have absolutely devastating consequences that is difficult for us consequences that is difficult for us to even imagine. the council cannot allow a situation of uncontrollable escalation to develop in syria on any front. instead, it must find unity and address the complete threats to international peace and security in syria today. thank you, mr president and sorry to have been short but focusing on one specific concern, the threats to international security led to what we have seen now in syria and on the danger of repetition of the alleged
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chemical weapons attacks. next time, i will be able to give you a briefing on humanitarian issues and other aspects about the political process which i know we all are interested and focused on, but today is the date of security. international security and peace. thank you. he said there was a need for a thorough independent investigation to what happened in douma on saturday. the previous ambassador who was president for the session. and we'll be calling on the next representative and in fact... mr president and his thing which members of the security council thank you for the opportunity to you today. with the disarmament chapter of the documents and he has responsibilities to talk about disarmament of chemical weapons. we
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we re disarmament of chemical weapons. we were told that the chemical weapons owned by the syrian government had been destroyed. over this past weekend reports have come in regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons in douma in the serene arab republic. —— syrian. it's alleged that at least 49 people we re it's alleged that at least 49 people were killed and hundreds more injured in the attack. others, more than 500 individual cases reportedly presented with symptoms consistent with such an attack. the office for disarmament affairs has been in touch with the prohibition of chemical weapons on this matter. the limitation of the total weapons convention to which syria is a state party is gathering information about this event through its fact—finding mission. following the completion of this investigation they will report the findings on the alleged attack
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to the state parties to the convention. mr president, there is sadly little to be said today that is not already been said. the use of chemical weapons is unjustifiable. those responsible must be held to account. these views have been stated before on many occasions does not lessen the seriousness with which such allegations are regarded by the secretary—general. nor does it lessen the truth behind them. which is what we are seeing in syria and cannot go unchallenged by anyone who values the decades efforts towards bringing about the disarmament are weapons of mass distraction. —— destruction. the council must unite in the face of this continuing threat. they must
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fulfil the responsibilities and to do otherwise or sibley to do nothing is to accept tacitly or otherwise that such a challenge is insurmountable. the use of chemical weapons cannot become the status quo nor can we continue to fail the victims of such weapons. just over one year ago in responding to the attack, the secretary—general called for those responsible to be held accountable stating that there can be no impunity for such horrific acts. just over one week ago speaking on behalf of the representative for disarmament affairs i noted that unity in the security council on a dedicated mechanism for accountability provided the best foundation for success in this regard. i reiterate that believe here as well as the readiness of the secretary—general and of the office for disarmament affairs. i thank you for your
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attention. translation: i now give the floor to this council members who wish to give statements. i do give the floor to the representative from the russian federation. translation: thank you, sir. sir, if you believe it is a great pleasure for me to speak about the issue that we will talk about now and to make a statement on site than you are mistaken. unfortunately the situation is such that i will have to state a great deal today and will be incumbent upon you to listen to what i have to say. we are grateful
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to the briefing. the russian federation demanded for this meeting to be held on the agenda item. threats to international peace and security. in so far as we are deeply alarmed that the fact that in a number of capitals above all in washington and those blindly following it in london and paris there was a deliberate policy undertaken to stoke international tensions. the leadership of the united states, the united kingdom and of france without any justifications and without considering the consequences have engaged in a confrontational policy against russia and syria and they are prompting others to follow suit. a broad arsenal of methods is being leveraged to slander insults, hawkish rhetoric and blackmail sanctions and threats to use force
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against the sovereign state. russia is being threatened. the tone which with this is being done has gone beyond the threshold of what is a cce pta ble beyond the threshold of what is acceptable even during the cold war. such boorishness against my country is something which are britishness we recall... from the united nations general assembly and above all the united states. a concern in their reckless geopolitical experiments in the middle east. do you understand now what you have done? and the response at that time hung in the air but there is a response. no, you do not understand. just as you fail to understand what you're doing now.
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the lack of a clear strategy on any issueis the lack of a clear strategy on any issue is appalling notjust to us, it confounds not only us but it is confounding to the majority of those seated here but they had decided not to openly put this forward to you. following you everywhere you go regardless of what you do, everything you touch and chaos is left behind in the waters of which you try to take out fish something. on the mutant fish are being taken out. i will put another rhetorical question or do you understand the dangerous threshold towards what you are bringing the world? one of the areas that there is hostility that is most stark is on syria. the terrorists and extremists are supported by external sponsors are
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enduring a defeat there. let us recall the we are talking about those terrorists and extremists who you supplied, financed and deployed in the country to oust a legitimate government. now it is clear why this is causing hysteria among those who invested political and material capital in these dark forces. recently thanks to the efforts undertaken by russia in line with the security council resolutions that large—scale operation has been undertaken to lift the siege of douma. the residents were forced to endure the mockery and torture of fighters. won the 150,000 civilians we re fighters. won the 150,000 civilians were in actuated from that damascus suburb, a complete and purely volu nta ry suburb, a complete and purely voluntary with the conditions of being provided. tens of thousands of them have already been able to return the liberated areas and many we re
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return the liberated areas and many were met with their relatives. there has been no change in the composition which is being shouted about by supporters of the syrian opposition has occurred. these are lies. with the leaders of armed groups there were difficult negotiations that took place as a result many of them left the areas they had occupied with full respect for guarantees for their safety and during this transportation operations several attempts were taken to stage terrorist attacks. when the militants attempted to reach the buses with the belts other preferred to settle the status with the syrian authorities. thanks to a presidential amnesty they now will be able to return to civilian life and subsequently it is possible they may enter the syrian security forces. we a re may enter the syrian security forces. we are talking about implementation of a un principal and
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demobilization, disarmament and reintegration. however, this is a positive dynamic and it's not liking of some foreign sponsors and western countries willing to take up any straw just to countries willing to take up any strawjust to maintain a hotbed of terrorist resistance to striking distance from the syrian capital. this for the fighters to continue to terrorize ordinary civilians to seize their food and to request from the international community that humanitarian assistance be delivered. incidentally there were not prepared to send that with ordinary civilians as was shown in the inspection of the strongholds left behind by the fighters. as was the case in the past in eastern aleppo improvised hospital facilities and basements were full of medicine. which as a result of
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western sanctuaries which were not provided to other government—controlled areas. also, large... as were the corpses of people that had been subjected to torture. we are stand at the scale of the tunnels that were being used byjeff hardest, and some of them, small trucks were able to freely move about. these are a super surprising underground facilities brought together the positions of groups who are viewed by some as moderate, and they were linked... and resumed the rocket and mortar firing against residential areas in damascus. the firing targeted
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several areas, jaw according to official information, age died, and 37 civilians were wounded. u nfortu nately, 37 civilians were wounded. unfortunately, both... unfortunately, the 37 civilians were wounded. unfortunately, the following day, 7th of april, fighters accused the syrian authorities of dropping a barrel bombs with toxic substances. at the same time, the versions were being mixed up. it was at times chlorine or other substances, or at time isa chlorine or other substances, or at time is a mix of toxic gases. these rumours were immediately taken up by those financed high western capitals, as i am referring to an ngos, and the white helmets who are mendacious the acting under the cloa k of mendacious the acting under the cloak of health professionals and
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these reports were taken up and transferred to media outlets. many of these structures have a clear list of e—mail addresses representatives of security council members, which shows that some of our colleagues have recklessly lea ked our colleagues have recklessly leaked sensitive information to their proteges. incidentally, accidentally, the white helmets have put on the internet, a video which showed preparation for staging a so—called victim of an alleged attack perpetrated by the syrian army. in 2011, the chemical cereal began, and this continues to be
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shown to us with a calculation to each new episode to the more resona nt each new episode to the more resonant than the one prior to it. in washington, london and paris, immediately conclusions were drawn. has nobody asked the question, why does damascus need this? there were insults against the syrian government. however, the syrian leadership —— however, the main responsibility was pinned on russia and iran. i think this is hardly surviving tarmac surprised at this point. —— hardly surprising at this point. a home was made to manufacture
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chemical substances artisan elite, chlorine agents of german manufacturers were also discovered. in istanbul, an opposition journalist put on his twitter page, a video allegedly from the area of the incident. this has probably from the incident. this has probably from the white helmets, an unknown individual is next to a handmade bomb with a chemical, which allegedly struck the bedroom of a building in douma. all of this is a accompanied by comment about another attack. by the regime against civilians. the staged nature of this action is something of which there is no doubt the trajectory of the alleged... trajectory of the bombs
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is unnatural. this fell through a roof and naturally, calmly, fell into a bed without damaging that bad. a wooden bed without damaging the wooden bed. clearly was placed prior to permission for the staging. the chemical provocation in douma, occurred immediately after the us delegation of the security council, received instructions to convene expert level consultations on their d raft expert level consultations on their draft resolution on the mechanism to investigate incidents of chemical weapons. the initial text today has far reaching changes, and revisions. under these obscure circumstances, of course we need to get to the bottom of what is taking place, but we need to do so in an honest,
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object objective and impartial way. by object objective and impartial way. by no means prejudging the outcome of the investigation, despite provocation. russian specialists continue their efforts to resolve... following a new agreement, the evacuation of fighters resumed. following the liberation of douma from fighters, russian specialists we re from fighters, russian specialists were sent back —— specialist on radiological section, to collect evidence and information. they took soil samples which showed the lack of nerve agent and chlorine containing substances. locals were interviewed about the cessation of resista nce interviewed about the cessation of resistance to the fighters. not a
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single local resident confirmed the chemical attack having ta ken single local resident confirmed the chemical attack having taken place. a local hospital, those there, there we re a local hospital, those there, there were no reports about symptoms from a toxic substance such as chlorine, rather than a medical facility not located in douma. the bodies of the dead as a result of contamination we re dead as a result of contamination were not found. medical personnel and residents have no permission about their potential burial areas, thereby, the use of sarin and chlorine is not confirmed. incidentally, the representatives of the syrian red crescent refuted the statement allegedly made an error by half on the delivery of assistance to victims of toxic gas. i call upon
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those who will speak against me, slandering the regime, to proceed from the premise that there was no chemical weapons attack. sweden drew up chemical weapons attack. sweden drew upa draft chemical weapons attack. sweden drew up a draft resolution to investigate the incident. in principle, in order to conduct a investigation, no resolution is necessary, however we are willing to consider this resolution. today, we propose that what you envisage in your project in your draft be done. let the op cw, which through the secretary stated a willingness to get to the bottom with the police. let it immediately, tomorrow, flighty damascus. there, the syrian authorities and russian troops will provide conditions to travel to the area of the alleged incident, for them to familiarise
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themselves with the situation. incidentally, this is what president trump and other western leaders called upon us to undertake. as for the possibility of a chemical attack being a possibility, this was repeatedly warned about by the... it was dated that in order to take a film of a chemical attack, and i put this in quotes, the necessary equipment has only been brought in. we, too, made the relevant state m e nts we, too, made the relevant statements of the security council. you have heard these warnings, you have heard but deliberately ignored them, insofar as they do not align with the doctrinal views of those who sleep with and cm elimination of illegitimate government in another arab country, still, what is not being looked at is that significant numbers of chemical weapons were
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discovered in syrian territory that had been liberated from fighters. 21 tonne containers worth discovered in one province. more than 50 munitions we re one province. more than 50 munitions were found which contained toxic chemicals. in another province, 24 tonnes of toxic chemicals were discovered, and this was believed to be chlorine. in another province north—east of damascus, to tarmac many more ammunitions —— many more ammunitions were found with bosphorus substances and compounds. 44 chemical containers were found,
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and these can be used for the manufacture of toxic substances. from the beginning of this year alone, four instances were reported fighters using toxic chemicals against positions that were government troops were located in two places. more than 100 syrian troops were hospitalised. fighters from government troops discovered a tunnel, and underground, carter ‘s zero manufacturing site to make chemical munitions of a handmade nature, and this is farfrom a chemical munitions of a handmade nature, and this is far from a list. it points to the wrong doings and abuses by the irreconcilable opposition. however, the opcw experts being sent there to identify
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evidence is not sending that we see people eager to do. we demand that opcw, verify all of those areas access being —— access can be provided. also information is surfacing that american instructors... to create a pretext for a strike. it was clear to ask that the attempt to shelter terrorists and at the same time to punish the year regime so hated by some western capitals, was sooner or later be undertaken. speaking on television screens, sought to repeat last yea r‘s television screens, sought to repeat last year's attack. last year's strike against syria. there were
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strikes on an airfield in a province. we are deeply troubled by some actions. provocations in douma echo last year's incident. the unifying moment, unifying aspect is that there is a planned nature of these attacks, piety and after the incident, and this shows that washington, ahead of time prepared for its operation. the us naval destroyers, from fourth to 7th of april last year, that is when the toxic substances was used before the strike against the airbase, were already present in the mediterranean waters, where they were engaged in planned operations. they did not enter the ports, where an exchange of munitions could have been taken place by increasing the number of cruise missiles. fourth to 5th of
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april, the port destroyed was located south—east of sicily, and the naval destroyer in passage in the naval destroyer in passage in the area more south of sound india. later, —— south of sardinia. later, sick april, both destroyers were reported in the firing positions more south—west of cyprus. from there on 7th of april, they conducted in mass strike against the airfield. at the same time, the number of missiles that were launched, 59 units, surpassed the overall munitions for two naval destroyers, if they had actually weaning age in the anti—missile defence operations that had been assigned to them, and for that happens, only 48 units were
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necessary , happens, only 48 units were necessary, thereby, us naval vessels, prior to the incident, entered military service at... with strike equipment, that is an increase of cruise missiles that we re increase of cruise missiles that were necessary. . . more increase of cruise missiles that were necessary... more than necessary for the defence, and this could attest to prior planning by washington of an act, a strike against damascus. the fake news from douma argued... drew attention away from the skripal case that was muddled up by london, and throwing on russia completely unconfirmed accusations, and with the aim to build an anti—russian alliance. now the english are stepping away from a
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transparent investigation, and putting forward specific responses for the questions. at the same time, they are slipping up their tracks. during the security council meeting, on the 5th of april, on the skripal case, we cautioned that an attempt to an justifiably place blame on ours of having had a hand in the scope of that case —— in the skripal case... for the moment, a scope of that case —— in the skripal case... forthe moment, a uk scope of that case —— in the skripal case... for the moment, a uk foreign minister, dorisjohnson, case... for the moment, a uk foreign minister, doris johnson, continues to disclose things against russia, and attempts to be witty and here is the following pearl! —— boris johnson. expert intercepted on the day of skip out —— skripal‘s poisoning, reports from the suburbs
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to moscow. this is what the times is reporting: it contains the following sentence: " the message has been delivered. the parcel has been delivered, and two individuals successfully left. this is it turns out to be part of the intelligence information provided by london to allies prior to the expulsion of russian diplomats. however, if it's not clear that there is a irrefutable link here. if that's not clear to all? syria, irrefutable link here. if that's not clearto all? syria, russia, salisbury. i would clearto all? syria, russia, salisbury. iwould hinder to clearto all? syria, russia, salisbury. i would hinder to the british intelligence services, and i will do so without charge. another powerful cause, a step, why not propose that novichok was received,
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reached salisbury directly from syria by parcel to cover up their tracks? this is complete mockery. an ambassador said that russia will never be a friend to the united states. i wish to respond to that. friendship is something that is reciprocal and voluntary. one cannot force a friendship. and, we are not particularly keen to be friends with you. we are not begging to be friends with you. what we want from you, is really nothing. something thatis you, is really nothing. something that is normal, civilised relations. which, you arrogantly refuse, disregarding elementary courtesy, basic courtesies, and you are
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misguided if you think that you have friends. you have so—called friends of yours, are only those who cannot say no to you. this is the sole criterion for friendship say no to you. this is the sole criterion forfriendship in say no to you. this is the sole criterion for friendship in your understanding. russia has friends. and unlike yourselves, we do not have anniversaries. —— adversaries. we do not view the world through that reason, and yes, international terrorism, that is our enemy. however, we continue to propose cooperation. this is the be respectful and mutual cooperation. it needs to be geared towards resolving real not imagined problems, and you should be equally interested as we are in such cooperation. ultimately, as permanent members of the security council, wiebe the main responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. —— we bear the main response of the
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city. we have origi conveyed to the us that armed force, under men daesh russian troops have been —— armed force under mendacious pretext, what a military miss advantages of the worst bring about are well known to us if we consider yugoslavia, and libya, and no one has invested with the power to act as policemen of the world, and at the same time to act both as investigators, procurators, judges and executioners. we call for your return to the legal fold, to comply with the un charter, and to
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jointly tackle problems that arise, rather than attempting at each step to advance your egotistical geopolitical games. all of the energy needs to be focused on support from the political process in syria, to which end it is necessary to constructively pull the effo rts necessary to constructively pull the efforts of all intellectual players. to conclude, mr president, i wish to ta ke to conclude, mr president, i wish to take this opportunity to request an open briefing of the security council, on the outcomes of the un assessment mission in... as members, we see the way that members of the commission are attempting to create a smoke screen on this issue, which isa a smoke screen on this issue, which is a result of that action since area, including the operation to raise rack to the ground through the bombings and no chemical provocations will detract attention from this. from what you have done, thank you. that is the un
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representative from russia giving quite a performance there. not a lot of it about the alleged chemical weapons attack. a lot of it angrily denouncing criticism of russia, and syria, and the gentleman that you can see speaking at the moment is the ambassador from the netherlands. but the russian injust the ambassador from the netherlands. but the russian in just about the same as that russia would support an immediate investigation by the organisation for the profits pension of proliferation —— prevention of proliferation of chemical weapons. it is the form of investigation, i suspect on those terms that britain and america may not be very keen on. our correspondent is in new york watching the security council. no great surprises about the anger from the russians. what sort of response are expected from countries such as
8:54 pm
america, britain and france who have been on in talks all day about how they should respond? absolutely. i accept that we are going to hear a strong rebuke of what we have heard from the russian ambassador so far. he is, for example, talked about how russia has been threatened, that the tone is beyond the threshold of what was acceptable, even during the cold war. he said that this is all part of plan by western nations, to try to ta ke of plan by western nations, to try to take action in syria, and that russia had warned about this. he calls the attack in douma fake news, and he said that it was just to take attention away from the skripal case in salisbury. it was very interesting to hear the russian ambassador use this security council meeting to take this type of approach, and i think we are going to hear from the approach, and i think we are going to hearfrom the us ambassador, and the uk ambassador, the french ambassador, as you say, who have
8:55 pm
been speaking just about the seriousness of this issue. the united states wants to revive an investigation into what happened. the russian ambassador said that the opcw could travel there. that they would coordinate their travel on the ground to get to the area. but, what the united states, uk and france wa nt the united states, uk and france want isn't dependent investigation to ta ke want isn't dependent investigation to take place, and for the opcw to be able to hold those at home —— those responsible accountable. any past, the opcw have identified that the syrian government were responsible for several cases where chemical weapons were used, along with the group that calls itself islamic state, they have found that they were responsible for several cases, but there have been no accountability, because russia blocked any action on that front. that is what we will hear about from council members laying the blame on russia for why we see continued chemical weapons in syria, and this
8:56 pm
recently in douma. like you said, 35 chemical attacks on sirius ‘s 2013. you've mentioned thatjoint opcw investigation, which found that the syrian government forces used chlorine and sarin repeatedly, and yet we are in the same position. is there a problem for the un in terms of getting a resolution, or even getting a effective action from that resolution? absolutely. i think we can do this from numerous france. lastly, when was that attack, and the opcw did say it was these are investment, we had president trouble carrying out business are stuck on the airfield base. that was limited scope. it was a direct action against the airbase in which those chemical weapons were launched. but then again, the un was unable to hold the syrian government is accountable through the international body in a united way, after the opcw found them
8:57 pm
responsible for... going forward, the question is what role does the un have to pay if the security council, the garages of international peace and security aren't even able to intervene when there has been a direct threat to there has been a direct threat to the chemical weapons convention. where do we go from here? lot of experts are saying that this security council meeting is really just a formality a ticking of the box by the uk, the us and france, to say that they tried once more to go through unilateral, channels to try to address the issue. really, they will be discussing separate military options, to try to force president assad from not using chemical weapons any more. what the security council is in danger at the moment, i've been told, is that chemical weapons become a normal part of warfare. that is something that is
8:58 pm
echoed by the un human rights chief, who criticises security council's failure to act tough on this, saying that it will have dire consequences for decades to come, because they arejust shrugging off for decades to come, because they are just shrugging off the use of such a horrible weapon against innocent civilians. let's return to that. we are currently hearing from the dutch ambassador. he is not a permanent member, and the dutch will be regarded as an important ally for britain, america and france who are taking the lead to press for an independent investigation, from the prevention of proliferation of chemical weapons. there was talk about not being able to send
8:59 pm
inspectors physically on the ground because of concerns about their safety. but, let's listen in to him and just to say, we are expecting to hear media after him from the us ambassador. as there can be no impunity for the use of chemical weapons. to do otherwise is to effectively condoned these attacks. it's to fail on our responsibilities and to do otherwise is to undermine the international architecture that we collectively designed to stop such attacks. it is time for this counsel and international community as a whole to act. thank you, mr president. translation: i think the representative of the netherlands for his statement that will give the floor to the representative of the united states. thank you, mr president. thank you, sir, and thank
9:00 pm
you mr markram for your briefings. almost exactly one year ago i stood on the floor of the security council and held up pictures of dead syrian children. after that day i prayed that i would never have to do that again. i could, there are many and truly there are many truly gruesome pictures. many of us have worked ha rd pictures. many of us have worked hard that one day we will not have to see images of babies gassed to deathin to see images of babies gassed to death in syria. the day we prayed would never come has come again. chemical weapons have once again been used on syrian men, women and children and once again the security council is meeting in response. this time, i council is meeting in response. this time, lam council is meeting in response. this time, i am not going to hold up pictures of


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