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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 19, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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there is also merit to... you know, there's also, you know, this is an industry and people are working in it and people are paying their wages from it. the thing is looking at the waste. you know, that's the conversation. there's 500 billions‘—worth of waste in the fashion industry every year, and that is ridiculous. you are being successful because you're marrying art and science together. yeah. two subjects which we tend to think of as separate. you know, in fashion, we only use about ten materials. i'm trying to challenge that. i'm trying to look at technology, i'm trying to grow silk in a lab, i'm trying to use dyeing in a whole new way, and i'm trying to... you know, i don't think that you can tell the difference. you have to think in a kind of sexy way. i think it's sexy. i don't think that... you know, it's science, but it's sexy science. and that wedding dress, are you designing it? 0h, shut up! we shall see. that was stella
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mccartney. of 2016. and we'll be getting live reaction from anthony scaramucci, one—time director of comms at the white house. join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. chelsea keep alive their hopes of a finish in the top four with a victory over burnley. arsenal boss arsene wenger has given his 100% backing to safe standing proposals at football stadiums in england. could we see a new formatof cricket? hello and welcome to sportsday.
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but for chelsea and southampton meet in the fa cup semifinal this week, they had pressing matters to attend to. chelsea, still in the hunt to qualify for the champions league next season, they beat burnley this evening. ina next season, they beat burnley this evening. in a vintage year for the cla rets bu rnley evening. in a vintage year for the clarets burnley are looking to set foot on european soil for the first time in over 50 years. chelsea's champions league chase for next season champions league chase for next seasonis champions league chase for next season is looking less likely and only victories will do now so the own goalfrom only victories will do now so the own goal from kevin only victories will do now so the own goalfrom kevin long only victories will do now so the own goal from kevin long was a welcome slice of luck but the gap to fourth is still a big one. even if the commitment to hunt tottenham down was obvious if gary cahill was anything to go by. they should have gone 2—0 in front but alvaro morata
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missed. that won't have helped, especially when burnley‘s endeavour was rewarded soon after. a score draw? 0r was rewarded soon after. a score draw? or not. chelsea showed great form before the end, victor moses scoring, and then seeing out the game. burnley‘s hopes of heading off to europe remain alive, and chelsea's hopes of finishing the top four were not soured by the clarets. studio: no goals in the other game at the king power stadium. southampton are four points away from safety in the premier league. next up for them the big game in the fa cup against chelsea on sunday. replays of incidents reviewed by video
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assistant referees will be shown on big screens at this summer's world cup in russia. it's the first time that var will be used at a world cup and comes despite criticism of its use in domestic competition. one issue has been that fans haven't been able to see the same replays on tv that referees were using to make decisions, which led to some confusion. this summer, the crowd will not only be told when a decision is being reviewed but why a decision has been reached. former lincoln city defender bradley wood has been banned from football for six years after being found guilty of two match—fixing offences. an fa tribunal found he intentionally got booked in two matches, including this one against ipswich town last year, in order to "influence a football betting market". betting firms said there had been "unusual bets" placed on him being cautioned in both games and wood has been banned until march, 202a. arsenal boss arsene wenger has given his ‘ioo per cent‘ backing to proposals for ‘safe standing' at football stadiums in england. the government says there are ‘no plans‘ to change
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the all—seater policy though, after a pilot was rejected. and the premier league has said more evidence is needed before safe standing can once again be allowed at top—flight stadiums. the closer you are to the position of the player be more supportive you are. imagine if people were lying in bed watching the game, they could fall asleep, so it is better they stand up. i think at as well —— it as well is a tradition of english football and overall i must say it is much better. there are safety reasons why they don't do it and i can understand that, but if the safety is right it has my 100% backing. fleetwood town chairman andy pilley has been defending his appointment ofjoey barton as head coach — saying he has an unfair reputation. the former burnley and manchester city midfielder will start his first role in management onjune 2nd, a day after his ban for betting offences ends.
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pilley says he fully expects fleetwodd fans to get behind barton. i knowjoe as an individual, and i know the image that is perceived by the media is not an accurate image of thejoe that i know. it doesn't concern me. i'm sure he has made mistakes in the past, but we all have, and it doesn't concern me in the slightest, we are looking forwards, rather than backwards. i think what will happen is the same as what happened at burnley, the same as when he signed there. their fans were concerned when he first went in because of this reputation, which i think is somewhat unfair, but they love him now, absolutely, every single burnley fan thinks he is superb, and i'm sure the fleetwood fans will come to the conclusion he is a good guy. the england and wales cricket board wants to introduce a ‘ioo balls' format into its new eight—team, city—based tournament
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which will start in 2020. the competition would take place alongside the t20 blast tournament. i think it is about simplifying the game, so we will want to attract a new audience to cricket. in order to do that, we have to make them think and feel differently about the game. we think this concept is going to do that. you say simplifying, but you have just added another format to the game, test match, 20 overs, 50 overs, 100 balls, how do people keep up with it? it is the strength of cricket. other sports would love to have as many formats as we do, because it allows us to take our formats and talk to different people in different ways. without wanting to insult you byi degrees, the g word, gimmick, is this a gimmick? something to drive attention? i don't think it is,
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we wouldn't have done it if we thought it was a gimmick. what is important is that it still has sporting integrity at the heart. hull fc maintained their unbeaten home record at the start of the super league season leaving it late to beat leeds rhinos. leeds were leading by ten points with four minutes remaining but a late try and this kick secured the victory for hull. bath centre jonathanjoseph victory for hull. bath centre jonathan joseph is set victory for hull. bath centre jonathanjoseph is set to miss the summer tour with england. he was injured in the game with saracens last weekend. england will play the springboks in three test matches in june. the london marathon takes place this sunday and it could be one of the warmest on record. around 40,000 people of all ages and abilities will be on the start line. the oldest, at 87, will be john starbrook. emma jones has been to meet him. half marathon, 2:15.
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a mass of medals and great memories of the runs that john starbrook has done so far. i had two left shoes, so i had to cut a hole in the one on my right foot so that my toes could get through, had to do that again. he was 53 when he ran his first london marathon. this sunday, at the age of 87, he will take part for the 33rd time. it might have been more but for illnesses and a few unfortunate injuries. 0n the saturday, i took my alsatians out, and they decided to trip me up, so the night before the marathon myt ankle was doubled up and i couldn't walk, so i had to drop out. john had to miss out on london last year after having a minor stroke and following a few recent health scares, he started running with one of his friends from the local club.
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he's got such a strong mind, his determination keeps him going, keeps on running, and i like that he keeps going, it keeps him strong in his mind and physically. you can't beat london for the atmosphere, and every time we are there, the whole crowd keeps going, everyone shouting at john, just to see him smiling. john will run a bit and walk a bit of the 26.2 miles this weekend. the big question is, will it be his last ever london marathon? a lot of my friends all think i am a bit mad. i did say i was going to pack up when i was 70 but... i carried on from then, just one more, just one more! as you do. but this could be the last one, because it is a lot of training. but anyway, never say never. so he might hang up his trainers after sunday, but even at 87 years young, john could be back. emma jones, bbc news.
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that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. we are joined by martin lipton, the chief sports reporter at the sun newspaper and benedicte paviot, uk correspondent for france 24. many of the front pages are already in. the eu has found the
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uk's proposals to avoid a hard border with northern ireland is unacceptable, says the data raft. —— daily telegraph. the metro has looked at the queen asking for prince charles to be the next head of the commonwealth. the financial times has a story about the irish drug mannerfracture. times has a story about the irish drug manner fracture. —— manufacturer. amber rudd is coming under pressure to produce a post brexit immigration bill in the times. the daily mirror has an interview with dwayne brooks who was with these teenager —— ‘s —— the teenager stephen lawrence when he was murdered in 1993. and the front page of the i is looking at the april heatwave we are experiencing.
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we start with the daily telegraph, irish brexit proposal in tatters, theresa may wanted to avoid a hard border but from the look of this the eu is saying no deal. no deal and a p pa re ntly eu is saying no deal. no deal and apparently this has profoundly shocked british negotiators in brussels, it is only ten weeks to the big eu summit where the uk needs to make progress and as a result of that the telegraph says according to its sources that theresa may is now going to be chairing a weekly meeting to sort this out and find a solution. because this flies totally in the face of what she said at the mansion house speech, so this is quite worrying and it was a forensic rebuttal by the eu apparently. and according to the telegraph, michel barnier has suspended internal talks
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on the future eu uk trade deal which piles on even more pressure on the government and theresa may. strong language, martin. eu annihilates the plan. yes, annihilation, demolition, you would not think this is the daily telegraph, given their pro—brexit starts. —— stamps. —— starts. clearly there is a bit of ha rd ball starts. clearly there is a bit of hardball here, and the uk government cannot lose its nerve. the danger is, if you go to hard you end up getting no deal, nobody really wants there to be no deal. to go back to wto terms, and especially in northern ireland, no one wants there to bea northern ireland, no one wants there to be a hard border with the south, that would be horrendously difficult
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for internal trade within ireland and would be difficult for many people. this is a surprising development. we all assumed eventually a compromise would be found and that they would be a way to clear the hurdles, but suddenly the government is facing the possibility that that isn't there. you suspect this is a game of bluff
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