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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 26, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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but in the final news conference of his three—day state visit, he said he believed president trump would walk away from the iran nuclear deal. earlier he'd attacked many of president trump's policies in a speech to us congress. the leaders of north and south korea are set to meet on friday for the first time in a decade. top of president moon's agenda will be persuading kimjong—un to give up his nuclear weapons. officials in seoul say that at this point they will not be raising pyongyang's alleged human rights abuses. and this story is trending on it's been revealed that this dessert, mango mousse, will be served at friday's inter—korean summit. and that's angered the japanese because the garnish depicts an outline of islands controlled by south korea, but claimed by japan. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: the home secretary, amber rudd, has told mps she deeply
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regrets that she didn't realise the problems facing the windrush generation were a systemic issue. could china be the next big car exporter? we will show you the latest trends from the beijing auto shows. as facebook grapples with the fallout from the candied scandal, we will hear from another company caught up in allegations of data misuse —— can be. —— cambridge analytica. good morning, asia, hello, world. it's thursday and glad you could join us for another exciting addition of asia business report. i'm rico hizon. we start with a motor show in the world's biggest car market, china, global
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automakers are unveiling some of their new models while chinese automakers are showcasing their increasing ability to make high—quality vehicles. robin brant is that the beijing motor show and hejoins us now. —— is at. robin, what are the latest trends and what is the buzz at the auto show? well, rico, 28 million new cars were sold in china last year, that is a vast market, as you say, the biggest in the world, that's why this event and others across the country in shanghai are such a big draw but there are signs growth in the car market is slowing gradually in line with the trend in the chinese economy. the other area of concern on the minds of the auto bosses at this event in particular is the prospect of a trade dispute between china and the us getting worse, are they about to see a trade war in which they could be stuck in the middle? we've been tooting too of
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the auto world's biggest names, bmw and fourth, they have a global presence but also a big significant presence but also a big significant presence in china —— talking to. it's neither american or chinese but bmw is worried about the prospect of a trade war across the pacific. at the beijing motor show this week it is launching a new electric suv but it's the bmws shipped in from abroad that other worries. their problem could be that it's kind of stuck in the middle. on the one hand it has a big manufacturing base here in china but it also makes cars in the us, tens of thousands of them, that are exported here to china and they could be hit with a big tariff hike. donald trump is threatening $150 billion worth of new caris. china plans to retaliate by targeting made in america cars, some of them bmws, so in america cars, some of them bmws, so the firm has multibillion dollar investment is at stake, hence this morning —— caris. investment is at stake, hence this morning -- caris. we are clearly ambassadors of free trade because
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free trade creates wealth on both sides, and that's what we stand for, and trade is something that is impacting both economies, the exporter and the local economy, and we are clearly in favour of free trade and that's been our business model in the past and for the future. at the same time, the big auto firms are mulling over the chinese pledge to open up its markets. the government is ditching the 50% cap on foreign ownership. but is it too late? no, business is a lwa ys but is it too late? no, business is always going on, we're always further developing and there's a lwa ys further developing and there's always new decisions and we are currently planning for the next five to ten years. ndinga cap is something donald trump has called for, so will america's number maker ta ke for, so will america's number maker take advantage of it? no plans to do that. —— ending the. you never say never about something like that. that. —— ending the. you never say never about something like thatm fa ct never about something like thatm fact america is going the other way,
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it wants its business here to become or chinese and being an iconic american brand could prove a problem if the trade war gets going with the chinese government encouraging consumers to stay away from anything over their. much fanfare about the reform confirmed to open up the car market and end the cap on foreign ownership but ford said they don't see any immediate impact on their business. in fact, as i said, they're trying to become more chinese and you wonder if at shows like this whether the trend isn't on foreign firms coming into the chinese market now they've been here for decades, it's about chinese firms using what they've learned over the years to export abroad and develop their markets abroad. robin brant updating us on markets abroad. robin brant updating us on the latest developments at the beijing motor show. us federal investigation into facebook doesn't seem investigation into facebook doesn't seem to be having an impact on its bottom line, its quarterly profitability and revenues beat
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a nalyst profitability and revenues beat analyst predictions. shares were up 49% after falling earlier this year and it said its mobile ad business grew on a major push to add more video content. one of the companies facebook suspended in the candied camby scandal is cube you. they say they are investigating them after a report alleged they got data through personality quizzes under the guise of academic research and that it sold that data to advertisers —— cambridge analytica. the personality quizzes were developed in relation to cambridge university —— with. but they say they had their consent. what i think is very important here is that in these two weeks we worked ha rd to is that in these two weeks we worked hard to show and prove through third—party evidence that we haven't done anything wrong, in fact we did
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everything by the book and the privacy of the user was totally covered and protected. so was the data used for business purposes and not for academic purposes, as mentioned on the app? the app, as i said before, the consent that was asked from the user was for both, business and academic purposes. we provided third—party proof about this if you go on the web archive and you can see our website from the past, you can easily see in a few minutes, the privacy policy was delivered at the time, and it states clearly business and academic purposes. we contacted facebook for comment when we knew you were coming on the programme and they said," any report suspicious activity that could threaten people's privacy we ta ke very could threaten people's privacy we take very seriously after learning of claims and information misused by cubeyou we made the careful decision to suspend and audit them". what is
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your response to this statement from facebook? my response is initially i understood where this was coming from, they're under a lot of pressure, but we have to look at the whole situation. we have been certified preferred partners with facebook for over six years, we invested heavily in the platform, and facebook didn't think twice to throw us under the bus with our reputation on the line to release the pressure from public opinion about what's happening right now. this isn't just about what's happening right now. this isn'tjust concerning for cubeyou as a company but all of the developers out there mac. you have been suspended and audited by facebook, do you think you will ever work again with facebook after being suspended and audited? —— there.|j don't think we will work with facebook moving forward. we invested a lot in the past, we were looking for a partnership, and there behaviour shows otherwise so it doesn't make any business sense for
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us doesn't make any business sense for us to keep running with facebook u nless us to keep running with facebook unless they change their attitude, not just towards us unless they change their attitude, notjust towards us but unless they change their attitude, not just towards us but to unless they change their attitude, notjust towards us but to the part partner ecosystem, which is suffering a lot from all the changes. the cubeyou ceo. india is facebook‘s largest market with 270 million users and the recent scandal saw almost 500,000 accounts in the company compromised. indian lawmakers are looking to strengthen their laws against data misuse and leading the charge is the indian it association. divina gupta caught up with its president hu says there is an urgent need for data protection in the country. i think users have to ta ke in the country. i think users have to take accountability, along with companies, it is not a one—sided thing. you can't pink companies, they all have a role to play. it has to be transparent. everyone can very
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easily say that india is the new currency and the new oil —— internet. it has monetary value attached. —— pic. if that happens businesses will figure out how to maximise that value. should there be another body that governs social media platforms to prevent misuse? given a lot of new users in india, first—time tech issues, may not be fully aware of the risks, and language may be an issue because english may not be their first language, the government has to draw that framework and in the digital world you have to do things not common in the old world and must include the intermediaries, that's where a lot of the problem happens. should there be a multimedia framework that is worked out for data privacy because data today has no boundaries? there's a lot of
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stuff with the data world that's still not in place in terms of the basic regulation needed. i don't think we should be... i have been trying to... i wouldn't waste time who on who should be penalised, i would work on understanding the learnings and figuring out what should change. let's look at the markets and asia is recovering in early trade after gains on wall street overnight, the nikkei up by 94 points. thanks so much for investing your time with us, i'm rico hizon. sport today is up next. the top stories this hour: emmanuel macron has said he believes president trump will walk away from the iran nuclear deal following his three—day state visit to the us. north and south korean leaders are set to meet face—to—face for the first time in over a decade. top of president moonjae—in's agenda will be persuading kimjong—un to give up
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his nuclear weapons. prince charles, the duke of cambridge and prince harry have taken part in a number of services to pay tribute to the war dead of australia and new zealand. prince harry and his fiancee meghan markle began wednesday with a dawn service to mark anzac day, which commemorates the first major battle involving australian and new zealand forces in the first world war, as our royal correspondent, nicholas witchell, reports. first light at the australia and new zealand war memorials in london on anzac day. a commemoration attended this year by prince harry and meghan markle. in particular, remembrance of the thousands of troops from australia and new zealand who lost their lives in the gallipoli campaign in the first world war 103 years ago. # abide with me...#. the losses at gallipoli were severe for two countries, many thousands of miles from europe which had sent their young men
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to fight for britain. they helped to forge australia and new zealand's national identities, hence the importance of this annual commemoration. in london, prince harry laid a wreath in tribute. in france, at the australian national memorial near amiens, the prince of wales led the tributes to australian forces who fought with the british, in april, 1918 to free a french town from the germans. the prince recalled that all the australian troops were volunteers. one in five of them would never return home. today, as we mark a century since they gave their lives, let us resolve to continue to fulfil their trust so that every passing year will only add to the measure of their honour. back in london, prince william left his new son to join harry
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and meghan markle at westminster abbey for a service of thanksgiving for soldiers from distant lands who came to britain's aid a century ago, and who lost their lives in the service of their king. nicholas witchell, bbc news. time now for all the sports news in sport today. you can also get in touch with me and lots of the team on twitter. mike embley will be with you at the top of the hour. in sport today, live from bbc sport centre, coming up on the programme: it is advantage real madrid. a
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strike edges the holders closer to the champions league final. another shock defeat for novak djokovic, this time knocked out in the second round of the barcelona open. and it is not just round of the barcelona open. and it is notjust in tennis that the big names are tumbling. 2010 winner neil robertson is the later to crash out of the world snooker championship. you are very welcome along to the show, wherever you are watching us. let's begin with titleholders real madrid i edging closer to a third consecutive champions league trophy. they left the alley on serena on wednesday with a win over bayern munich. kimmich put the hosts ahead, but having


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