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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 26, 2018 5:00am-5:31am BST

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hello. this is the briefing. i'm sally bundock. the top stories: ending his 3—day state visit, emmanuel macron says he believes president trump will walk away from the iran nuclear deal. president moon and kim jong—un are set for talks and even a little treeplanting in tomorrow's historic inter—korean summit. a retired police officer is arrested in california in connection with a notorious spree of rapes and murders in the 1970s and 80s. in business, winning back friends on wall street: facebook shares jump as earnings soar again despite the privacy scandal. also coming up in business briefing, we'll be live at the beijing auto show to find out why china is the engine of growth for the global car industry. a warm welcome to the programme.
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this hour, we'll be briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and we'd like you to be part of the conversation. tell us what you think about the stories we are covering today of what you are spotting online. just use the hashtag #bbcthebriefing. the french president, emmanuel macron, is on his way home after publicly acknowledging he may not have convinced president trump to remain in the iran nuclear deal. he said he felt their personal relationship was excellent, despite criticising many of the president's policies in a speech to the us congress. our washington correspondent chris buckler has more. after a ll
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after all the hugs, the handholding, and even the air kisses, emmanuel macron and his visit was something ofa macron and his visit was something of a slap. mr speaker... inside congress, he heads out many of donald trump's america first policies in favour for a donald trump's america first policies in favourfor a broader worldview. he insists many countries, including the us, needed to play their part in promoting international stability and protect their planet. by polluting the planet and destroying our buy you diversity, we are killing our planet. —— biodiversity. let us face it. there is no planet be. —— planet b. his speech was shared by both sides of the house, but it might not
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have gone down so well in the white house. the tube presidents have laid the groundwork very good personal relationship, but there is no easy way of burying their deep political differences. —— two presidents. on this visit, emmanuel macron needed to get donald trump is a part of a deal to curb the iran nuclear programme. but donald trump feels it is too lenient onjapan. —— one.? it says it is not eager to defend it. doi says it is not eager to defend it. do i take it personally. —— iran. —— to ta ke do i take it personally. —— iran. —— to take it personally? no. there is no doubt that on this grand state visit there were countless displays of solidarity and support. but on that key vision, emmanuel macron appears to have failed. schmoozing
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donald trump is one thing. moving him is another. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. now, kim jong—un will become the first north korean leader to cross the military demarcation line with south korea. he will take the step at the start of friday's historic summit with the south korean president moonjae—in. mr kim will inspect a south korean honour guard and the two men will plant a tree. laura bicker is in seoulfor us and jointly now. there has been so much in the run—up to this meeting on friday. tell us more. when it comes to south korean interests, they are beginning to have high expectations. you need to remember where that is coming from. at the end of last year, the tensions on this peninsula we re year, the tensions on this peninsula were so year, the tensions on this peninsula were so high many feared that they we re were so high many feared that they were heading towards war. and here were heading towards war. and here we are few months later with the two
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sides, president moonjae—in from south korea, meeting his counterpart, the north korean leader kimjong on. counterpart, the north korean leader kim jong on. there will come face to face at the demarcation line in the demilitarised zone. and kimjong—un will become the first north korean leader to step foot on south korean soil. —— kim jong—un. leader to step foot on south korean soil. —— kimjong—un. but there is a big but here because one of the things not on the agenda is the alleged abuse — the alleged human rights abuses taking place in north korea. i have been out with one group that is concerned that this is about politics and not the people. huddled on the shoreline, a group of activists tried to send a message to north korea. the final and off rice into the bottles to feed them for a week. the other contents, such as wetlands
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and usb sticks are as important as the food, she says. they put key pop music and south korean soap operas is on the usb sticks. many defectors themselves hope to encourage people to the fact were to rise up against the programme. —— k—pop. translation: the people who get these will feel they are getting a lifeline from the water. when i was in north korea, i remember how desperate i was to grab anything i could. it brings mejoy when desperate i was to grab anything i could. it brings me joy when a think about how happy they will be. they wait for the currents to be just right, then the throwing can begin. let's save a life is the cry as the bottles splashdown. they feared that politicians at the centre of the summit have forgotten about the people of north korea. and yet here at the heavily fortified border between the two countries, a lot will depend on a south korean
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president whose family fred the north and the north korean leader who was chosen to rule. so as —— soldiers come face to face here every day. the leaders have not met in overa every day. the leaders have not met in over a decade. that is kim jong—un ready to give up his nuclear weapons? and what might he wanted return? —— but is. at the weekend, pyongyang cleared it would not be testing any more nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missile isles. so is this a good sign and head of the talks? everybody has their own motivation to make this work. as long as donald trump, moon jae—in, and kimjong—un are able to spin asa jae—in, and kimjong—un are able to spin as a that they like, i think there is a good chance we will see some insignificant come out of this. as little packages of aid make their way north, there are high expectations in the south. but after decades of tension, perhaps, for now at least, pieces on the horizon.
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that is laura bicker, based in seoul. we will hear more from laura bicker in the coming days. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. tens of thousands of people joined a demonstration in the armenian capital yerevan on wednesday, calling on the government to resign. a junior coalition partner has already deserted the administration, saying parliament should elect a prime minister that has the confidence of the people. there's been a series of demonstrations across germany against anti—semitism in reaction to mobile phone footage, posted on social media, showing two men injewish skullcaps being attacked by three youths. one of the men was an israeli—arab, who said he'd been given the skullcap as a gift from a friend. many non—jews wearing skullcaps — or kippah — joined the demonstrations in solidarity. the chairman of alder hey hospital in liverpool, where the seriously ill child alfie evans is being looked after, has said its medical staff have been subjected to a "barrage" of abuse. over the past fortnight protestors have gathered outside the hospital. the parents of the twenty—three
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month old boy have lost their latest legal challenge, preventing them from travelling abroad for treatment. 42 companies in the uk have signed up to what's being described as a ‘world—leading initiative' to cut plastic pollution. the businesses — including supermarkets and manufacturers — are aiming to make all plastic packaging fit for recycling or composting within seven years. let's turn to our top business story. we are looking at facebook — because despite the storm of controversy over its handling of our personal data — the world's biggest social network is more popular than ever. it has continued to see advertising revenue and membership soar in the first three months of the year. it made revenues of almost $12 billion — up around 50% on last year — and 2.2 billion people now log
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on at least once a month. that is such a big number. amrita sen is from energy aspects. it is lovely to see this morning. how are you? and are you using facebook? i have an account, but i haven't used it in a while. is it because of concerns over data security, all white? a little bit of both. in the past, when i was at university, we used all the time. over time pro—eu use you —— over time, do you have your first reference and you don't really need to use it. but i have concerns over privacy, so i have drastically reduced usage over the last few yea rs. reduced usage over the last few years. but looking at our top story, it would seem that despite all that
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news — and this came through in the middle of march— that is not reflected in these numbers entirely. but still cover the number of people looking in monthly is going up. their profits are growing up. advertising revenues are soaring. their profits are growing up. advertising revenues are soaringlj think as you say, let's see what the second quarter results show. i think there will be some effect from the whole scandal. april is when you went to testify in congress. mark zuckerberg, that is. i think there will be a fallout. but he says that he wants to comply to european regulations... will they have two, now. they are saying that if they are not doing it in the exact same format, advertising revenues will not be affected. so i think there is still a few things that they need to iand still a few things that they need to i and out. more than a few, i think. it will be interesting. —— iron. and
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you are back for our news briefing later. stay with us, as still to come, caught between the rock and a hard place: brexit leaves some british residents of gibraltarfacing brexit leaves some british residents of gibraltar facing an uncertain future. the stars and stripes at half—mast outside columbine high. the school sealed off, the bodies of the dead still inside. i never thought that they would actually go through with it. some places have already had nearly as much rain as they'd normally expect in an entire year. for millions of americans, the death of richard nixon in a new york hospital has meant conflicting emotions. a national day of mourning next wednesday sitting somehow uneasily
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with the abiding memories of the shame of watergate. and lift—off of the space shuttle discovery with the hubble space telescope, our window on the universe. you are watching the briefing. our headlines: ending his state visit to the us, emmanuel macron has said he believes president trump will walk away from the iran nuclear deal, despite their friendship. president moon and kim jong—un will meet on friday for an historic inter—korean summit. denuclearisation is set to dominate the agenda. gibraltar‘s chief minister, fabian picardo, has told the bbc that he is open to the idea
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of spain sharing the use of gibraltar airport. that would be as part of brexit talks aimed at settling spain's contention over british sovereignty of the territory. but we also understand that ongoing talks between british and spanish negotiators are currently deadlocked. gavin lee reports from gibraltar. gibraltar, a picture postcard of britishness on the southern tip of spain. gib, as the locals call it, has been uk territory for three centuries, a state affairs contested by spain for almost as long. the 34,000 by spain for almost as long. the 3a,000 gibraltarians here on its square miles of land on the verge of leaving the eu, despite 96% of the people having voted against brexit. i have lived here for 2.5 years now,
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but my biggest worry is that the border will which would result in companies leaving, because my husband works for a company which is based in gibraltar, which could lead to us are busily having to leave back to the uk. you are really worried about that, that it could get to that level. they want gibraltar, the airport and everything, and they are not going to get it. we are tired of this. even with the brexit talks now, doesn't it clear things up, get things to a head? well, we don't know where we stand with brexit, with the uk. the eu has allowed spaina with the uk. the eu has allowed spain a voice in these brexit talks over gibraltar and british and spanish negotiators are now meeting weekly to discuss a solution. and the spanish side say they are not planning to reclaim the rock as part of these talks, but they do have specific demands. in madrid earlier this month, spain's foreign minister spelt out to me exactly what is at
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sta ke. spelt out to me exactly what is at stake. what we want is to solve some of the irritants that have plagued our relationship in the last few yea rs, our relationship in the last few years, such as lack of transparency in the tax in gibraltar, questions having to do with the controls at the border. one of the big issues, and my right to say, is the airport? does spain onejoint and my right to say, is the airport? does spain one joint management of the airport? what does that mean? the problem is that the airport is located in a piece of land that was not ceded under the treaty of utrecht, so we cannot accept that there is british jurisdiction utrecht, so we cannot accept that there is britishjurisdiction over that piece. the recently positive mood that accompanied the talks, and the hope of a deal by summer, has changed. the bbc understands both sides are currently deadlocked on the airport issue. the chief problem is that spain wants to build a terminal inside the gibraltar border. britain wants it to be outside the border, on the spanish
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side. it can be as big an issue as a dealbreaker... side. it can be as big an issue as a dealbreaker. .. gibraltar's chief minister is also involved in the talks. how much of a satyrs he have on the matter? without gibraltar in the room, it would not be possible for gibraltar agreements to be done to the satisfaction of the people of gibraltar. when it comes to the airport, this idea ofjoint management from the people from spain, what you think about that? gibraltar airport can be used more thanit gibraltar airport can be used more than it is today and there can be accessed from spain to gibraltar airport, but insisting that it remains gibraltar's airport. but i can tell you that there are some areas on which we will not find agreement. there is a legend in gibraltar that while the macaque monkeys that dot the top of the rock remain, gibraltar will monkeys that dot the top of the rock remain, gibraltarwill stay monkeys that dot the top of the rock remain, gibraltar will stay british and while there is no serious territorial claim right now, many aspects of life could change depending on the outcome of brexit talks. their future of an depending on the outcome of brexit talks. theirfuture of an hour lies in the hands of the negotiators. —— for now. here is our briefing on some of the key events happening later.
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first up, in london we have the announcement of this year's shortlisted artists for britain's prestigious contemporary art award, the turner prize. then after that, in frankfurt, there will be a meeting of the european central bank on monetary policy in the eurozone. and later, in washington, the head of the us environment protection agency, scott pruitt, will be questioned by lawmakers over ethics scandals. now it is time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. this is your sport briefing for friday, where arsenal are hoping to get closer to a spot in the europa league final, and the boston celtics one win away from the next round of the nba play—offs. so arsene
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wenger‘s farewell at arsenal continued later on thursday with the first leg of the europa league semi—final with atletico madrid. wenger announced last week he would leave the london club at the end of the season, and this competition represents his last chance of silver wet with the gunners. honestly, i don't know what i will do. will i take a little rest? i have seen them this season be challenged mentally, and i have seen them always respond in a positive way. the boston celtics one win away from reaching the next round of the nba play—offs after beating milwaukee bucks eat 2— 87 to go 3—2 up in their series. that returns to milwaukee bucks thursday for game six where the celtics could clinch it. they will need the likes of
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jason tatum landing this 3—pointer in game five to do more of the same. same for their top scorer of that night. in case you missed it, titleholders real madrid have inched closer to a third consecutive champions league trophy. they left the arena on wednesday with a 2—1 win over bayern munich. the hosts went ahead and no doubt bayern munich, will be wondering how they lost, having dominated possession and created twice as many chances. real madrid clinical in attack, levelling things up before the break, and then on the breakaway after a bayern error put them ahead. reynaldo had the ball in the back of the neck, but it was ruled out for a handball —— ronaldo had the ball in the back of the net. that ends his
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run of scoring in every game of this yea r‘s run of scoring in every game of this year's competition. run of scoring in every game of this yea r‘s competition. another shock defeat for novak djokovic in the second round of the barcelona open. the former world number one was beaten in three sets by an opponent he had beaten in all four of their previous encounters. the serb is still struggling for form after recovering from an elbow injury. neil robertson has been knocked out of the world snooker championship. the 2010 winner last ten frames to five to robert milkins in their first—round match, and so far it has been a tournament full of shocks. defending champion mark selby went out in the first round, as have former champions shaun murphy and stuart bingham. not a great day at the table for the thai player, who was heading for a maximum 147 break but missed the last red. he went on to lose by 10—7. if you want to get
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a much talked about boxing bout to happen, why not take to social media? that happen, why not take to social media ? that is just happen, why not take to social media? that is just what the wbc heavyweight champion has done. he offered $50 million for a unification fight with the wbo, ivf champion anthonyjoshua and went so far as to edit an older video showing joshua saying he would accept the fight for that amount. tell you a man to check their e—mail. i have something specialfor you. and by the way, all the money is in the bag. so i expect you will be above your word. ok, i will take $50 million upfront. we will see, it rumbles on. you can get the latest sport news on our website. that is your sport briefing for now. authorities in california believe they have identified the so—called
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golden state killer, thought to be responsible for at least 50 rapes and 12 murders in the 1970s and ‘80s. the man they have arrested is a former police officer, joseph deangelo. james cook has this report. joseph james deangelo, the man police say terrorised california while serving as an officer of the law himself. after decades of frustration for detectives, they found the suspect under their noses in this quiet suburb of the state capital. for over 40 years, countless victims have waited for justice. over these years, hundreds of individuals have soughtjustice for these victims and their families. archive: the rapist moved into contra costa county in october, striking three times in just over three weeks... more than 175 crimes in the ‘70s and ‘80s have been linked to the golden state killer,
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including 12 murders and 51 rapes. she was awakened while being blindfolded. she never saw her assailant. the crime spree started in sacramento, before spreading to the san francisco area, and then central and southern california. it took years before investigators could confirm that the crimes were linked. advances in science eventually led detectives to the former police officer, now 72 years old and the father of grown—up children. his arrest apparently came as a complete surprise. over the last few days, as information started to point towards this individual, we started some surveillance. we were able to get some discarded dna and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew — that we had our man. for the families of victims, although the pain endures, there is now some satisfaction. to the entire reservoir of victims out there, my sadness is with you. for the 51 ladies who were brutally
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raped, sleep better tonight. he isn't coming through the window. prosecutors are now beginning to file charges againstjoseph deangelo. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. james cook, bbc news, los angeles. stay with me on bbc news. i'll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments. we will have more on facebook. we have also had earnings from ebay as well, twitter, many other companies. i will see you soon. well, wednesday brought us classic
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april weather. sunny spells, well, wednesday brought us classic aprilweather. sunny spells, heavy showers and these cumulonimbus clouds built up widely across the country, bringing downpours, hail and thunder and is wonderful weather watch picture shows cumulonimbus clouds decaying in the sunset. showers have been coming in off the atla ntic showers have been coming in off the atlantic on a fairly stiff west, north—westerly breeze and will continue to stream entering the overnight period in the thursday morning. mainly across the north—west of the uk, elsewhere it will turn dry with clear spells. it will turn dry with clear spells. it will be a chilly start to thursday, temperatures and low to mid single figures. but although a chilly start it will be lovely and bright the thursday morning. lots of sunshine around. showers from the word go across western areas, and they will spread their way eastwards. most of the will become confined to the northern half of the country on thursday afternoon. further south at will stay largely dry with sunny spells. temperatures reaching maybe 17 celsius, very pleasant indeed. now we look to the south—west. this
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next area of low pressure will move infor next area of low pressure will move in for friday, bringing increasing amounts of rain the south—western pa rt amounts of rain the south—western part of the country, increasing breeze as well. elsewhere we are starting a chilly and bright with some sunshine. it looks like this —— at this stage the weather will spread across the far north of england, scotland and northern ireland the day of sunshine and heavy showers, some wintry spells and hail. a chilly day to come with temperatures of eight to 12 celsius. it will feel cool weather rainfalls. this weekend it is a mixture of of sunshine and showers for most. rain returning to the south—east of england and turning quite windy across the south—east is that rain arrives. this is saturday's picture. friday's rain eventually clearing away from the south—east, potentially a grey day, but elsewhere sunny spells and a few showers. most of those across scotland, northern ireland, maybe northern england, the odd heavy one as well. temperature—wise, not that great compared to last weekend. temperatures of eight to 12 celsius.
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as we head on in towards sunday, a chilly start, but at least it will be bright for some, with some sunshine. heavy showers developing across northern parts of the country and rain returning the south—eastern parts of england, along with strong and chilly north north—easterly winds, 50 mph gust could cause some disruption. once again sunday is looking pretty cool across—the—board. despite their friendship. this is you business briefing with me, i'm sally bundock. winning back friends on wall street: facebook shares jump
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as earnings soar again, despite the privacy scandal. plus engine of growth: it's full speed ahead for the world's biggest car market. but will a us china trade war put on the brakes? we are live at the beijing auto show. and on the financial markets in asia, another mix day. the winner of the tech stocks. —— mixed. the losers are the financials. —— the winners are the tech stocks.
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