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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 3, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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its should be reducing its dependence on synthetic materials and embracing natural ones. so for traders argue silkworms are also killed for the material they produce and that because these are cute, they attract the debate. but whether that debate is emotional or intellectual, the reality is a big trader in her. a dinosaurfossilfound in the us is going on sale in paris tomorrow. the skeleton is worth millions of dollars, though experts are still uncertain of its identity — shuba krishnan reports. headed for auction. this dinosaur skeleton is expected to fetch up to 2.2 million dollars. not bad for an unidentified species. until all the bones were discovered, we all thought it was an allosaurus. it was in the laboratory that they
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realise, as they remove the bones, that there were plenty of anatomical details that did not match up. experts believe it is from the current carnivorous, the skeleton is almost nine metres long and is unusually complete, with 70% intact. it is a good sign for scientists, who are continuing to research its unique anatomy. they have already spotted several differences with other known species, such as ortiz and a substantial pelvis. organisers are hoping this rare dinosaur will find a good home. in terms of potential clients, there are quite a few. it is a large bracket. these past years, everyone is thinking about a museum, but the problem is that museums do not have enough money at the moment. they have asked for the raise the money of the sale to go towards further excavations. three crew members from
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the international space station have made the journey safely back down to earth. russian cosmonaut anton shkaplerov was accompanied kuhnigh fromjapan. the three landed in kazakhstan this afternoon, having spent 168 days in space. the russian was out of the capsule first, met by support crew who checked him over ahead of his journey back to moscow. weather with darren bett. hello, it is becoming dryer overnight, and showers turning into decay. what we're seeing is cloud heading our way. there is a lot of clout in the north sea and that is going to drift its way further inland across the eastern side of
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the uk, bringing some very misty weather, some patches of fog, especially around the hills. quite a warm night. but quite a cloudy day for southeastern parts of scotland, northeast england again, but this time, cloudy and mystique and significantly cooler for the east midlands on the way down towards east anglia. sunshine in the southeast, it is would be warmer into the low to mid 20s, but that could trigger a few thundery downpours. quite a range of temperatures, cooler in the east, but sunshine for the eastern areas on tuesday, and still generally dry on tuesday, and still generally dry on wednesday with difficult temperatures into the low 20s. goodbye. one neuron of... eight people died
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and 48 others injured after three attackers drove into pedestrians and stabbed people in the nearby market. in national minutes silence to remember victims of the attack also observed as tributes were laid by the prime minister and the mayor of london. in other news, the home secretary has said that he will look again at key parts of immigration policy including foreign students and doctors coming to the uk. doctors say new research means thousands of women with early—stage breast cancer could be spared chemotherapy. i meet the author this week, my guest isjuan gabriel vasquez with a novel about to political assassinations that shaped his country in the last story, a big story in which the history and stewart —— a truth are pitted against a never—ending fascination with conspiracy. now sports day.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm steven wyeth. barren run ended, england bounce back impressively to beat pakistan in the second test in leeds... consistent on clay, novak djokovic is on a record breaking run in paris as he once again claims a place in the french open quarter—finals. and semi—final line—up completed, st helens end hull fc‘s run in the challenge cup. england's cricketers have ended a nine month wait
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for a test match victory in the most emphatic fashion. they responded to a chastening first test defeat by pakistan to win the second by an innings and 55 runs and thus share the series. test match special‘s henry moeran was at headingley. for too long there's been a cloud hanging over english test cricket. as disappointing as they were in the first test match, they were dominic year, well ahead, there was a realistic prospect they could seal victory within three and as they proved with leading with the back, and wickets throughout the day, anglin got thejob and wickets throughout the day, anglin got the job done. for too long there's been a cloud hanging over english test cricket. against pakistan a moment, then, to step out of those shadows. doing just that, jos buttler showing everyone what's been missing. his half—century up, more belligerent blows in england's lead continued to grow. this took it passed i80,
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praise from both sides. england on top, a welcomed sight. the clatter of wickets... that's out! were a few more welcomed sounds. jimmy anderson making sure everyone at headingley heard. his second wicket soon followed. dom bess' quite brilliant catch, the match firmly in england's grasp. bess is still feeling his way in test cricket. his first wicket, then, a very special moment. if he is part of a new start for england, it was left to the more established to bring about pakistan's end. stuart broad, criticised of late, his and england's response was emphatic. for a side so long under a cloud, their wait for a test win is finally over. adam wild, bbc news. in terms of test cricket they won't
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pull the whites until august, before that, the international against australia and even sooner than that, they head to edinburgh, again scotla nd they head to edinburgh, again scotland neck sunday. novak djokovic has reached the last eight at the french open for an open era record 12th time, after beating fernando verdasco in straight sets. it was far from easy for the former world number one though. it took him more than half an hour to break his spanish opponent in the opening set, which lasted almost an hour. verdasco needed treatment for blisters just before losing the second set. and it was downhill for him from there, with the serb taking the third set 6—2. he'll play italy's world number 72 marco cecchinato next. second seed alexander zverev came through a third successive five set match to see off russia's karen khachanov. it's the first time the 21 year—old german has reached the last eight of a grand slam and he'll play austria's dominic thiem.
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second seed caroline wozniacki is currently in action against daria kasatkina. the dane is hoping to reach the quarter finals for only the third time in her career. but the australian open champion is struggling against the 14th seed with the first set currently in a tie break. venus and serena williams have been knocked out of the women's doubles. they lost in three sets to andreja klepac of slovenia and spain's maria jose martinez sanchez. serena is back in singles action tomorrow taking on maria sharapova. st helens have completed the line—up for rugby league's challenge cup quarterfinals. they beat holders hull fc. with the final score 25—22. craig templeton reports. so for the last challenge cup
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quarterfinal, just a small matter of the holders, against the leaders. they dominated the competition for the past two years, but the scale of the past two years, but the scale of the task at hand is apparent early on. things then again to look ominous with st helens playing the kind of rugby that has lit up their season. kind of rugby that has lit up their season. the black and whites weren't going to give up their title lightly though. first albert twisted his way through and then chris screamed converted try gave them the lead by two. but in disciplined ken durell and he come back. they not only lost one but two, and then the empty space there was a loss. with the numbers refreshed, they began to push again and the try set up eight tent for our local. they will not lie down. but in the dying seconds,
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the ball passed forward and the game was up. so it is the saints are prevailed to get to the first wembley final a decade, but first the semites. —— sme. and st helens will face catalans dragons in the semi—final, with warrington up against leeds rhinos. both games will take place on the 5th august at the macron stadium. fiji have won the london leg of the world rugby sevens series, beating south africa 21—17 in the final at twickenham. ireland claimed the bronze medal, jordan conroy crossing inside the final minute to level the score at 19 points a piece, before mark roche secured the conversion and a 21 points to 19 victory with just five seconds remaining in the match. england are preparing for their final world cup warm—up match, against costa rica on thursday, there's a sense of positivity following the 2—1 win over nigeria yesterday. goals from gary cahill and harry kane gave england
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a comfortable half—time advanatge. nigeria improved in the second half and pulled a goal back through arsenal's alex iwobi but it's so far so good for gareth southgate‘s team. thought it was an excellent performance with the ball, really good movement and interchange between the front door, we managed to overload midfield and whenever either of them came sure, the others made fantastic runs behind and we did not always find them or see them, but there was a lot of unselfish one and two touch play, and that really pleased me, we also won the ball back really quickly, andi won the ball back really quickly, and i thought we played from the back with good composure. scotland were beaten one—nil by mexico, another team preparing for the world cup. the former spurs forward giovanni dos santos with the only goal after 13 minutes in mexico city. brazil and croatia were in friendly action at anfield this afternoon. there was a stunning opener for brazilfrom neymar on his return
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from a three month injury lay—off. no signs of rustiness from the world's most expensive player. and it was a familiar face who made it two late on. liverpool's roberto firmino scoring in front of the kop to give brazil a 2—0 win. to the world cup here on sportsday, we're taking a closer look at some of the issues facing the nations competing in russia. there are two teens making their debut at the finals, one of them is iceland, who'll be looking to build on their impressive displays at euro 2016. here's joe lynskey. well iceland go into the first world cup final despite the tiny resources they can compete. with the world best, they bring with them memories of the first major tournament two yea rs of the first major tournament two years ago, and the historic 2—1win over england, the manager was cost hisjob. they over england, the manager was cost his job. they celebrated the over england, the manager was cost hisjob. they celebrated the night
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on the page with an iconic thunderclap celebration and nine months on from the result, on march 2017, one hospital in iceland said it reported a record—breaking baby boom. we can get a sense of iceland achievement that night from some other stats. the population is roughly the same size as the city coventry, the manager has spent most of his working life as a dentist, and they have no professional clubs, so and they have no professional clubs, so youngsters have to battle the freezing temperatures just to get on the pitch and play. let's get an insight from the iceland captain, speaking to the teens assistant coach, he is kindlyjoy this from the training camp, thank you very much for speaking to us you have been training this morning, what is the atmosphere like it must be so much excitement before the first world cup? of course, lots of work in the last weeks, months, or preparation there are a lot of new
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things for us, and we want to be really good and organised, this is what our key point in ourjob here, we have to be good in organised that it's all starting to roll at the moment. that 26 in campaign two yea rs moment. that 26 in campaign two years ago, what impact has it had predicted that night on england as it had on the team in terms of belief in the country as a whole?m was fantastic experience for the whole team, and for the whole fa, we learned a lot over there it was fantastic, not many people thought we could do even better, and with the qualification for the final world cup, we did it again, so we learned a lot about that, so this is, a lot of things we could've done better, down there and we are trying to fix it have everything organised before we go to russia. quickly, what is the secret to the country doing so well considering the size ofa doing so well considering the size of a comments are merely down to the


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