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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 6, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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this is bbc news. our latest headlines... the grenfell tower inquiry has heard how the man who lived in the flat where the fire began has been vilified by some in the press and left terrified by possible reprisals. whatever the precise cause or origin of the fire in mr kebede‘s kitchen, it was accidental and mr kebede bears no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for the fire. the bbc understands there's disagreement within the cabinet on a future customs arrangement with the eu, should no formal agreement be agreed with brussels before brexit. and the city watchdog has told mps there have been around 10,000 cases of fraud, linked to the computer problems at tsb. the bank's chief executive says he's ‘deeply sorry.‘ in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news.
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the first of britain's next—generation fighter jets have taken off from the united states and are flying over the atlantic as we speak. we'll be at raf marham to meet them at 8:20pm. crops rot in the field as britain's fruit farms cannot get the workers to pick it. we'll speak to a recruiter. and at 10:1i0pm we'll bring you the paper review, with political commentator jane merrik and kevin schofield, who edits politics home. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. this is what is coming up. england defender danny rose has spoken about his concerns ahead of the world cup. we will hear from gareth southgate. he is part of our team and part of oui’ he is part of our team and part of ourfamily for the he is part of our team and part of our family for the next few months
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and we intend to support our players as well as we possibly can. aston villa face an uncertain future. a huge tax bill and players‘ wages could push them into administration. we‘ll be asking what next. sharapova and out — maria beaten by muguruza at the french open. good evening, thanks forjoining us on bbc news. england defender danny rose has spoken today about his concerns ahead of the world cup in russia, saying he‘s told his family to stay at home to avoid any racist abuse he and the other squad members may face. rose said his family may never get the chance to see him play at a world cup again but he doesn‘t want to have to worry about their safety.
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well, ahead of england‘s final friendly against costa rica tomorrow, gareth southgate has been speaking to the press and our sports correspondent, david 0rnstein, was there. david, what did he have to say about player safety? it was very passionate from gareth southgate and it stems from the interview that danny rose gave in the last 2a hours to the evening standard newspaper in which he said he would tell his family not to travel to russia because of the racism issues. russia has been blighted by racism issues in football over recent years. danny rose himself was on the receiving end of racist abuse when playing for the england under 21 team in serbia in 2012 and he has spoken to some of the england players and addressed them about that very subject and they have spoken about it in the camp. gareth southgate elaborated on what they would do if they did
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experience racist abuse at the tournament. i actually had asked him, for benefit of other players, his experiences in serbia, to share some of the things that had gone on. what was very clear was that he felt let down by the authorities. and that he was not the only one that had experience of that. which was sad to hear. he is part of our team and part of our family for the next few months. and we intend to support our players as well as we possibly can. and tomorrow night is one last chance for southgate to assess his options before england begin their world cup campaign in 18 days‘ time, and the keeper conundrum continues? jordan pickford was given the number one shirt but we know that does not guarantee him a starting place with
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jack butland breathing down his neck and nick pope is number three. gareth southgate showed some of his thinking when england beat nigeria on saturday but now he has a final chance against costa rica at elland road tomorrow. it kicks off at 8pm and we can expect plenty of changes before the first match in volgograd against tunisia on monday the 18th ofjune against tunisia on monday the 18th of june with southgate against tunisia on monday the 18th ofjune with southgate saying that places are still up for grabs. for sure jack butland played in goal, we will make a lot of changes. at some point frank alexander will get his debut. —— trent alexander—arnold one of the keys to these matches, we always adding up mind that we wanted every player in these good to have significant game time. every time a player, club or international, has ten minutes on the field or 90 minutes, they have an opportunity to make a statement in the way they play and the way
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that they tactically embrace the game and carry out the roles they are expected to carry out and that is certainly the case tomorrow night. iam sure i am sure we will hear from you tomorrow at elland road, david. the world cup just eight days away now and today the world of football said its goodbyes to another of england‘s triumphant 1966 side. ray wilson died last month at the age of 83 after being diagnosed with dementia. he spent most of his playing career at huddersfield town, before moving to everton, and today‘s funeral was held in huddersfield with several members of the world cup winning side, including sir geoff hurst, sir bobby charlton and gordon banks, in attendance. now, spain are many people‘s idea of the world cup winners this summer after the two madrid sides won both european club competitions at the end of the season. but, asjoe lynskey explains in the latest of our sportsday series on the contenders in russia, the build—up for the spanish has been affected by matters far removed from the football field. spain waited a long time to win
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their first spain waited a long time to win theirfirst major spain waited a long time to win their first major title but they have become something of a tournament powerhouse since winning the european championship in 2008 and they go to russia looking to win and they go to russia looking to win a fourth competition in a decade. but their last two world cup finals at the end of very differently. it was andres iniesta scoring the winner in 2010 in south africa as spain won the world cup by beating the netherlands in the final. four yea rs later the netherlands in the final. four years later in brazil, they lost their first two matches of the tournament and exited at the group stage. this tournament promises to be like no other for spanish like no otherfor spanish players and supporters. the country is still in the midst of political tensions surrounding the catalan independence debate and we have seen those tensions spilling into football here in britain with manchester city manager pep guardiola charged by the fa for the yellow within the wares
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to show support for his fellow catalans. it to show support for his fellow catala ns. it is to show support for his fellow catalans. it is awkward for the national team because one of their keep players, defended gerard pique, who is famously from barcelona, publicly went out to vote in the band independence referendum last 0ctober band independence referendum last october and he has written about the dilemma he faces over his national identity in a lengthy blog post for the players tribune magazine. he says playing for spain was his dream since he was a little boy and winning the world cup was the happiest moment of his life. but on the other hand, he says, catalonia is my people, my heritage, my land. we can get a view from the region and speak to ernest mattia who is a sports reporter. thank you for joining us. we will get to the comments from gerard pique in a moment but from a catalan point of view, how do you see relations in to looking at spain as they world cup tea m looking at spain as they world cup team this summer and will catalans support the spanish national team?|j think support the spanish national team?” think it will be proof that it is a very complex issue in a very complex place in the world but i think they
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will be able to support spain. those who don‘t and those who are indifferent. we have to remember that messi plays for argentina and there is a constant among barcelona fa ns there is a constant among barcelona fans that he‘s best playable time. that alone and spain, the situation is intense and there will be a lot of people in catalonia wanting the opponents of spain to win. especially in the city surrounding barcelona which is where most of immigration from spain comes, they will openly support spain. immigration from spain comes, they will openly support spainm immigration from spain comes, they will openly support spain. it would be an interesting atmosphere inside catalonia but how do you see it affecting pique in particular on the pitch? i think he is a professional and he has shown that even people booing him from the stands makes him stronger pulls up he likes to represent an idea of being a professional apart from being
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cata la n professional apart from being catalan so i think in the end he will play very well and we have a conscience in spain that with the squad spain has at the moment they can compete against brazil or germany which are at this moment the main favourites. so we have the conscience that winning again a world cup or at least being in a semifinal or eventually a final is perfectly possible with this team boss up thank you and enjoy the tournament. that was from radio catalonia, this is a tournament like no other for catalonia, this is a tournament like no otherfor spain, opening up against neighbours portugal in sochl after losing out on promotion to the premier league in the championship play—offs, aston villa is on the brink of bankruptcy. the cost of transfer fees and players‘ wages has left the club with a tax bill totalling over £4 million which it is struggling to pay, which means villa could be handed over to adminisrators. the club is now under pressure to pay the bill within seven days or they could face a winding up order. this their former finance director, mark ansell. it is not rocket science. there is
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spent as are more than their income and they are able to fund it in cash flow terms for the sometimes it works, leicester had a great season ona works, leicester had a great season on a low budget. wolves has spent a lot of money and it has worked for them this year but it is a very risky business and if you‘re going to be an owner of a football club nowadays, certainly to take those kinds of risks you need very deep pockets and access to quick funding. so let‘s have a look at how villa‘s fortunes have declined over the past few years. they were relegated from the premier league in april 2016. tony xia took over as owner from randy lerner two months later. things weren‘t going well in the championship though and roberto di matteo lasted just four months as manager before being replaced by steve bruce. villa limped to 13th in the championship at the end of that season. they banked on experienced players such asjohn terry to get them up last season but they face a third successive season in the championship after losing to fulham in last month‘s play—off final and, now, financial uncertainty. we can speak to villa supporter
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dave woodhall from the heroes and villa ns fa nzine. dave, thanks forjoining us. i want to ask you what your immediate reaction was when you heard the news? i think surprise followed by horror. it came so quickly and out of the blue. the last 2a hours it has got worse and worse and you wonder where it will end. where does the blame lie for this? there are obviously many problems, but i think you have to say that the buck stops at the top. tony xia must‘ve known he was gambling and extent of money he had available and what would happen and the must‘ve been an idea of what would happen if they did not get promoted. that did not happen and we now have these problems so it has to be tony xia and also the ceo, keith wyness. you
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would like to season heads roll? the problem with head rolling is that for somebody to sell a football club there has to be somebody who is prepared to buy it and also the right type of owner. for a club like aston villa in trouble, you could quite easily be prey to all sorts of asset stripping, and maybe not the best type of people in charge of the club. you can save you want change but what more can fans do? that is the problem absolutely. there was a time when fans, i hesitate to say bankrolled but certainly play a big pa rt bankrolled but certainly play a big part ina bankrolled but certainly play a big part in a new administration and those days are long gone. looking for new owners not even in your community and not even in your country but around the world. thank you forjoining us. talking about the future of aston villa. izzy christiansen and jordan nobbs have withdrawn from england‘s squad for friday‘s world cup qualifier in russia. manchester city forward christiansen has a thigh injury, while arsenal midfielder nobbs has a foot problem.
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lucy staniforth and lauren bruton have been called up as replacements. meanwhile, england striker eni aluko hasjoined juventus in italy. she had announced a couple of weeks ago that she‘d be moving abroad after her contract with english champions chelsea expired. she joins former liverpool midfielder katie zellem in turin. time to bring you all the latest from roland garros now, and the meeting between two former champions, maria sharapova and garbine muguruza, didn‘t quite live up to its billing. sharapova, who made her comeback this year after a 15—month drugs ban, was still not back to her best, and muguruza took full advantage. rhia chohan reports. it had been awhile since maria sharapova had been this far. she had not been in a grand slam quarterfinal since returning from her drugs ban but she could hardly have had a tougher opponent. garbine
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muguruza, anotherformer have had a tougher opponent. garbine muguruza, another former champion, was not planning on making it easy for the last year‘s wimbledon winner had not yet dropped a set in the tournament and that was not changing in the opener. she took it 6—2. both we re in the opener. she took it 6—2. both were well rested after injuries to their previous opponents but for sharapova, was it a bit too much time away from the clay? muguruza pack a bigger punch, seizing the advantage in the second set. sharapova broke back but could not come back. muguruza was simply can be the dominant pulls a picture would have lasted longer, after 70 minutes muguruza was through to the last four. sharapova‘s biggest dates since coming back to the spot was over far quicker than she would have hoped. and muguruza will play world number one and top seed simona halep in the semi—finals. halep came through in three sets against former number one angelique kerber from germany. but the ten—time champion rafa nadal has got a battle on his hands against diego schwartzman. the world number one was totally
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outplayed in the first set with schwartzman winning it 6—4. and then taking a break of serve at the start of the second. but then the rain came. the players off court for just under an hour. they returned for barely seven minutes, nadal now serving for the set, some turnaround there, before the rain came again! there‘s a tough draw in the wheelchair singles as far as the british men are concerned. defending champion and world number one alfie hewett will play his doubles partner gordon reid in the first round — the first time they‘ve met in the opening round of a grand slam. they‘ll team up again for the doubles. australia‘s new cricket captain says the team will try to restore the nation‘s reputation during their forthcoming matches in england. in the wake of the sandpaper ball tampering scandal which saw australian players banned for cheating, the team is promising a change of culture but that only goes so far, asjoe wilson reports. australia‘s cricketers practised at
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lord‘s while australian cricket still exist in a state of flux with the news that long—standing chief executive james develin will step down. it is is nothing to do with the south african sandpaper scandal ——james the south african sandpaper scandal —— james sutherland. but the consequences of that affair are there for everyone to see put up captain steve smith in tears and then banned. best batsmen david warner in tears and band, cameron ba ncroft warner in tears and band, cameron bancroft band, the coach darren lehmann resides in tears leaving australia with a new captain in tim paine and a new coach injustin langer. very experienced opening batsmen of course. what we heard at lord‘s today was a sense that of course australia are still going to try to win but there is, however you define it, going to be a change of culture. there is no room for abuse anywhere, there is plenty of room for banter or what we call sledging, it isa for banter or what we call sledging, it is a fun part of the game and actually part of the game. we will
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behave well on and off the field and you guys or everyone else, we will still be called sledging australians, it has happened for 30 yea rs. we australians, it has happened for 30 years. we will work with that. the word people used in south africa was cheating and in the esteemed position of australian captain, are you had to restore australia‘s reputation? i think we all are, yes. no doubt our reputation as a cricketing nation took a bit of a battering from south africa and that was really difficult for the players to come to terms with them what had happened and what we had done. certainly come to england now, having a few new faces, a new coach, and just being here getting back into cricket is a great opportunity for us to move on and show the cricketing world where we have made some changes. if you‘re watching the boxing on saturday night, you‘re going to see "the best tyson fury you‘ve ever seen" — that‘s according to the man himself. the former world champion is making his return to the ring after two and a half years away and takes on albanian sefer seferi
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in manchester, a fighter a foot shorter, and almost five stone lighter than him. richard askam caught up with fury. ididn‘t want i didn‘t want to box any more so i walked away but i do now so i‘ve come back. very simple, nothing to it, no rocket science or explanations. was it a case you fell out of love with boxing for a while? most definitely. i didn‘t like boxing, couldn‘t stand it. every great relationship is a love hate thing andi great relationship is a love hate thing and i had mine. but now we‘re backin thing and i had mine. but now we‘re back in love. what about this fight? how difficult an opponent do you think sefer seferi will be? some people say he is 39 and you‘re going to knock him out in one round.” hope i do but i can‘t see it to be honest. i hope it is an easy knockout, don‘t get me wrong! first hit, slam, see you later! but i somehow don‘t think he will be.
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hit, slam, see you later! but i somehow don't think he will be. what drives you, tyson questioned what drives you, tyson questioned what drives you, tyson questioned what drives you to win them back? just to be an inspiration to others who have suffered with problems. they can relate to me more than any other sportsmen in this country because i suffer with everyday problems like the rest of us and i‘m open about it, i don‘t try to hide it, i tell everybody what is going on and that is the unique point. nobody else does it. people are talking about huge fight against anthonyjoshua, deontay wilder. you have already said you‘re confident you can beat them. you still feel that? if i didn‘t, you think i‘d say it?! it is a game of


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