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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 12, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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france has called the apparent policy of stopping ngo ships here cynical and irresponsible. the italian populist government doesn't really worry about those criticisms, and if you look closely at its policy, find this — there is still a way for rescued migrants to reach these shores. the italian coastguard continues to play a leading role in the search and rescue of migrants in the search and rescue of migrants in the mediterranean, and in the morning, in this board, we expect the coastguard to drop off around 900 migrants that it has rescued. so it seems that italy remains open so long as you brought here under and italian flag. james, thank you, james reynolds italian flag. james, thank you, james reynolds there. the 2018 world cup kicks off in russia in just two days‘ time. this afternoon, the england team flew into st petersburg before heading to their training camp — where they'll prepare for theirfirst game on monday against tunisia. from russia, here's our sports correspondent natalie pirks. they may be the youngest of any team here, they may be the least experienced, but if prizes were handed out for enthusiasm, england would be front of the queue. the world cup is the biggest
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tournament in football, so this is what it is all about, this is what you work hard for as a kid and spend all them hours training. this is the stage you want to be on, the biggest stage in the world. this is finally a squad england fans feel connected to — thanks to some steady leadership. i think people can see there is a humility about the group, and there is absolutely no reason why there should not be, by the way. so, you know, that's important for us, that's important for the way that we work. we've got to keep wanting to improve, and we are representing our country in the greatest sporting tournament there is. they flew into st petersburg, home to the beautiful winter palace, site of the russian revolution. but if england plans to stage its own, it will be a quiet one. 30km away lies repino, the sleepy resort town on the shores of the gulf of finland where england will call home. their forest hotel
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is heavily guarded, with police and security taking no chances. locals, though, are waiting for a glimpse of their new neighbours. translation: we found out that the england team will be staying here by accident, and now we're walking round here, and we really want to meet them. by the training ground, fences have gone up to keep prying eyes out. but it's not all bad for the locals — social houses in the area have received makeovers. this woman came home to find her house being painted a month ago. she also got a new roof and drainpipes. keeping up appearances is important here. well, as you can imagine, with only around 2500 inhabitants, there's really not much to do here, bar the beach and a few restaurants. now, gareth southgate dismissed the notion of boredom as a nonsense, but with the buzz of st petersburg quite some way in the distance, he needs to hope he's got this one right. but cabin fever can't be blamed, says a former captain.
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you get given games, you get given books. whatever you want is provided on a plate for you. you're here to play football for a month of your life, that's not too much to ask. what is a big ask is for england to win. it's been 52 years after all, but at least fans can now see the green shoots of progress. natalie pirks, bbc news, repino. newsnight is on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. good night. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'mjohn watson.
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i'm john watson. the headline this evening. england touch down in st petersburg as southgate vows to entertain at the world cup. hoping to get there, scotland's women leave it late to keep their hopes of qualifying alive. wales‘s women lead the way in their qualifying group. some beaumont brilliance levels england's series with south africa. and a golden athlete ends time on a golden career. hello and welcome to sportsday. there they are, the england sqaud
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hopeful of world cup success. posing for their pre tournament photo before arriving in russia today. manager gareth soutgate and captain harry kane both faced the media after touching down, we'll hearfrom both in a moment but first this from our reporter david ornstein who's been at the team hotel in reppino north west of st petersburg. welcome to the forest makes hotel. this will be england's base for as long as they are in the world cup. at least 16 days that covers the three group games and they will hope for a lot longer as well. they arrived here earlier on this evening after landing at saint petersburg airport in the afternoon. st petersburg is university to where we are now, around 45 minutes away. as for what happens next, england are training tomorrow morning. that will be in open session. on thursday, the preparations for the first match
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rampaul and they hold a training session that day and on friday and a final behind the closed doors training session on saturday. a little exercise on sunday before flying for the first match against tunisia. i'm in the net. not long to go now for england. expectations may be low relatively speaking. but confidence is high. that this young and inexperienced squad can try something of a surprise. yes and they have a week to familiarise themsleves in their new surroundings. the team hotel has been carefully picked by gareth southgate, for it's close proximity to st petersburg and for its climate which should prove cooler than other locations in the country. we like it down. we like st petersburg. we are hopeful that players and their families will have the opportunity to go into st petersburg we are not working. we like the fact we can take the hotel just ourselves. i think it is good
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for the balance of working but also players being able to relax and have some time for themselves. so we're really pleased and looking forward to getting into meeting the community. i feel like we are very relax. i felt like we had done very well up to this point. we played very good football. hopefully, we will get great support out of here and when he gets into that stadium for the first time, and you hear all of the fans, that is when it feels special. 20 years ago it was another striker alan shearer who was leading his country at the world cup scoring on his tournament debut as england beat tunisia 2—0 in 1998, in their opening match. it's the same nation that england face in their opening match this time, and shearer admits a win is a must. they need to get also a good start that person for most of both of the
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tea m that person for most of both of the team and individual. they need to get a touch of the ball, harry kane will be great if he was to score a goal in the first game to get his confidence going. and feel as though they belong in the tournament. they have a payroll group. having said that, nothing is guaranteed with england as we know from past results. that's what a durable group. build a way to the tournament and there's tried and enjoyed. it is and there's tried and enjoyed. it is a welcome. a magnificent place. a once—in—a—lifetime opportunity for some players, making most of it. wales have leapfrogged england in world cup qualifying to top the group after beating russia 3—0. three second half goals at newport‘s spytty park, including a brilliantly worked second from kayleigh green, moves wales one point above england. the two will meet at the end of august with a place in next summer's finals in france at stake. we came in to this group knowing it was going to be a tough group. to be ina was going to be a tough group. to be in a situation we are now it is
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sacred to us and our staff. and you can see how much ever gold resource. -- it is can see how much ever gold resource. —— it isa can see how much ever gold resource. —— it is a credit to us. we recently but to get through against a bushong russian side, proves how much have come on and how much and guide them at the direction we're going in. scotland are also in contention to qualify after a 90th minute winner against poland. they were 2—0 down, having pulled it back to 2—1, jane ross pulled the two sides lvel with ten minutes remaining. but lisa evans, grabbed a dramatric winner in the 90th minute to leave them just three points off group leaders switzerland. only the top team in each group qualifies automatically. centuries from tammy beaumont and sarah taylor helped england's women to square the one day series against south africa with one match to play. england winning by six runs at hove as henry moeran reports. england came to this game knowing the pressure was very much on. a heavy defeat in the first match that south africa had a very rough prospect of a first ever went in a
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bilateral series against england. with the clouds overhead, south africa won the toss, putting england into bat and try to expose that fragile batting line—up that was so sore comment. that's a shortcoming in the first match. england fought back at the end. centuries from sara taylor and tammy. belmont with a hundred to taylor hoffer 118. england hundred to taylor hoffer118. england with a big total 332 with the south africa target and even though they later died in the 17 day give them hope it look like it was going to be a step too far. —— though there wanted the one that looked like a gaping hole. this will give them confidence going into a busy schedule in the next two weeks. next up, comes the fun of this series. this he who will be victorious. —— to see who will be victorious. a little bit a twitchy moments but actually we knew if we stuck with it kept going, and eyeballing the balls in the right
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every, it will come off and having looked at that world cup last year, losing that first game and the final itself in the semifinal up there with a lot of pressure moments and it was gay for us to embraced those pressures and. —— it was important for us. the work behind the scenes is honestly paying off. how then will england respond after that defeat? they take on australia at the oval tomorrow in the first of five one dayers. it continues the build up to next year's world cup, with eoin morgan admitting they have a lot to learn if they want to start the tournament as favourites. we need to expose some of our weaknesses. in order to be in contention for the world cup next year. we can't just contention for the world cup next year. we can'tjust be cruising along and doing ok or getting over the line just about. we want to learn as we go along between now and next year and there are still a lot we need to learn. former world heavyweight champion david haye has announced his retirement from boxing, following his defeat to tony bellew last month, for the second time in succession.
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in a post on social media, the former unified cruiserweight world champion said it's the right time to call it a day. as of the 12th ofjune, 2018 i am no longer a professional boxer. something i've been since the age of ten. it is a strange thought. i have very comfortable with it as i've reviewed my life and my physicality. .. it is reviewed my life and my physicality... it is not waiting to be to compete at a world level as a heavyweight. and in the last hour another former british world champion — and olympic champion — has announced his retirement. greg rutherford, britain's greatest long jumper, is to hang up his spikes after this year's european championships in berlin. rutherford will be best remembered for winning gold at the london 2012 olympics on super saturday alongside mo farah and jessica ennis—hill. but he says that persistent injuries are forcing him to quit the sport. that gold at london 2012 was undoubtedly the high point of a glittering career
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but it was also the springboard for him holding all four of long jump‘s major international gold medals at the same time. following success in london, he won commonwealth games gold in glasgow two years later. just one month after that rutherford claimed top spot at the european championships in zurich, before rounding off the haul with gold at the 2015 world championships in beijing, joining linford christie, sally gunnell, jonathan edwards and daley thompson in holding all four major titles. he plans to appear at the london anniversary games in latejuly and the birmingham diamond league in august. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster and labour peer, dame joan bakewell and the former conservative pensions minister, baroness ros altmann. welcome to you both. thank you for being with us. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. and the historic meeting between north korean leader kim jong—un and president trump leads the telegraph, with a picture of the two meeting in singapore. while it's all smiles from the two men on the front of the ft as they sweep aside decades of hostility. still a lot about exactly what that
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agreement amounts to. —— a lot of questions about. and the meeting gets a big thumbs up of tomorrow's metro. with the times reporting that the us president said discussions went "better than anybody could imagine". back here, relief for theresa may on the front of the i as she avoids defeat in the commons over brexit. the guardian reports that the pm held 11th hour talks with tory rebels in her commons office. but the express reports that while theresa may has won today's votes she's not out of danger yet. while the sun calls today's proceeding a farce


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