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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 13, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines: i order the right honourable gentleman to withdraw immediately from the house. snp mps walk out after their westminster leader is expelled from the house of commons following a heated exchange with the speaker over brexit. let's be under no illusion. this is a constitutional crisis. we are now giving the message to the government that we will take them on. as key votes continue in the commons, theresa may remains under pressure from tory rebels on how much say mps will have on the final brexit deal. the retailer dixon carphone tries to reassure customers after a major data breach involving nearly six million payment cards. the supreme court rules that a plumber is entitled to employment rights —
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the case could have implications for the whole of the gig economy. and a warning from care companies and councils that in the future there may not be enough people to look after elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... at seven o'clock on beyond 100 days — we'll have the latest from washington as president trump returns home from his historic meeting with the north korean leader, kim jong un. and the president says north korea no longer poses a nuclear threat. as the pressure remains on theresa may from tory rebels over brexit — we'll have the latest from westminster as mps vote on amendments to the government's eu withdrawal bill. we'll be on the red carpet in leicester square in central london as the stars come out for the premiere of ocean's 8.
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the film is a spin off of ocean's 11, with a twist — mostly female main roles. and at 10.40 this evening, we'll be taking a first look at tomorrow's front pages with the political strategist, jo tanner and the broadcaster, david davis. that's all ahead on bbc news. but first, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster, live in moscow. we have so much coming up on sportsday, on the day a united bid were given the 2026 tournament — details of that coming up. we'll also head live to the england camp injust a moment. they've had one day in russia and they've had one injury scare. but spain are in a real mess. a club versus country row has seen
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them sack their coach. i'm sarah mulkerrins — away from the world cup... england's cricketers are looking to capitalise on a below par performance from australia. they're chasing 215 for victory at the oval, in the first match of their 0di series. and one of the stars of london 2012 calls time on his career. we speak to greg rutherford about retirement and one last bid for glory in london this summer. hello and welcome to sportsday. this will be our home for the next four weeks and a bit. this time
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tomorrow, we will know the results from the first match at the world cup, russia versus saudi arabia. we are in the shadow of st basil ‘s cathedral. behind that, red square and behind me, the kremlin. we are at the melting pot of this russia world cup. so many fans here, creating before they go off on their travels. 11 host cities, two of the stadia here in the capital city. there is a gala concert taking place tonight at the time tomorrow, we will be talking about the football. it has been such a busy day with details of that bidderfrom the been such a busy day with details of that bidder from the united states, mexico and canada coming up for 2026 and also the astonishing news from the spain camp. but the last of the teams is in position. belgium hit their training teams is in position. belgium hit theirtraining camp teams is in position. belgium hit their training camp today, one of england's opponents, that last opponents in their group. let's checkin opponents in their group. let's check in with the england team. they have been in russia in st petersburg
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in repino, a lush and plush wooded area where they are well away from things. i am area where they are well away from things. iam not area where they are well away from things. i am not sure if that is good or bad, but our sports correspondent is there. with them is our sports news correspondent david 0rnstein. we have always had our metatarsal worries, but what is this, rashford's knee? that's right, welcome to repino. if you look in the background to me, 20 minutes away in the dense forest, about 200 metres inland from the sea, england are in their base camp. it's called the four rest mix and they are here to rest and recuperate after their first training session on russian soil. the main injury concern is over marcus rashford, the manchester united striker did not train today. that is because of a knock he took to his knee in a closed training
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session at the camp at st george's park on monday. it is said to be a precaution, but he must now be a doubt for the opening game. but opening game will see england possibly using video assistant referees for the first time at this world cup. that is something we spoke to eric dyer, the tottenham midfielder, about today. spoke to eric dyer, the tottenham midfielder, about todaylj spoke to eric dyer, the tottenham midfielder, about today. i have seen it being used in many different ways. every time i play, it is in a different format. at tottenham, they have problems with it in the fa cup, which wasn't the best. but hopefully, the system they are using here can be smooth and everything can go well. obviously, it's good for the game if we get the right decisions because so much is riding oi'i decisions because so much is riding on the decisions. so the better the decisions we get, the better because there is so much riding on it and it's unfair for a nation to be knocked out on the wrong decision. tomorrow morning, england will train
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at 11.15 local time, 9.15 tomorrow morning, england will train at 11.15 localtime, 9.15 in tomorrow morning, england will train at 11.15 local time, 9.15 in the uk. 15 minutes of that session will be open to us, the rest will be behind closed doors. training is fully closed doors. training is fully closed on saturday and on sunday they like to volgograd for that first match on monday evening against tunisia. the waiting is almost over. david 0rnstein, our correspondent at repino with the england team, the first of our daily updates, and long may they last. let's see how far england go. now, spain came into russia is one of the favourites. their coachjulen lopetegui has been fantastic. they have been unbeaten in qualifying and friendlies and were seemingly destined to go a long way as the 2010 champions. but on the eve of the world cup, he has been sacked. his world cup started unravelling 2a
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hours ago, when real madrid announced that he would be their new manager at the start of next season. the spanish federation president was incensed by this. he said he only found out five minutes beforehand and he said that is not how things are done. he says his hand has been forced and he had no option but to sackjulen lopetegui. and now fernando hierro, the director of football, a former bolton player and real madrid player, has taken over. his first match will be spain against portugal, a really tough opener in group b on friday. here are the thoughts of the spanish sports journalist. it's one of the worst decisions i have seen in spanish football. as far as have seen in spanish football. as farasi have seen in spanish football. as far as i know, fernando hierro is a surprise. 0n the one hand, this
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decision is not that controversial. 0n the other side, the man who became president of the spanish federation a few weeks ago wanted to make things clear from the beginning. soi make things clear from the beginning. so i think both wizards came together yesterday and that is why even this morning, many people expected that lopetegui would stay as the spanish national coach. he was a very good coach and apparently, the players were happy with how he was working with the team. and now it is an improvisation. everything will be a surprise. and i presume that spain will start the game losing 1—0 before kick—off. so spain's world cup plans have been thrown into the black sea on the eve of this tournament. the opening match is the hosts russia, down at
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the luzhniki stadium, against saudi arabia. a really tough tournament, this could be, for the hosts. as we come towards the end of our world cup countdown, it's time to look at the hosts. russia open up the tournament against saudi arabia in moscow tomorrow, the same venue that has staged the final onjuly 15. but in all honesty, we are unlikely to see either of these sides make it although it is the end of the tournament. russia and saudi arabia are the two worst teams in this world cup, according to the fifa world rankings. russia have slid all the way to 70th, below the likes of guinea and burkina faso, and that is despite the fact that in 2010, when russia were awarded the right to stage the world cup, they we re right to stage the world cup, they were inside the top ten. so it's one of the most understrength russian sides and perhaps they will look to history for inspiration. the man on
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this year's tournament poster is their legendary goalkeeper lev yashin. he played for the soviet union between 1954 and 1967 and is still the only goalkeeper to win the ballon d'0r, the award for the world's best player. football has changed a lot since then, but to get a sense of what life was like playing for the ussr, we have spoken to anotherformer star, playing for the ussr, we have spoken to another former star, the playing for the ussr, we have spoken to anotherformer star, the nation's captain from 60 years ago. translation: i think i probably started playing football the day i was born. he was captain of the soviet team at the world cup in sweden. our group included england, austria and brazil. it was a very tough group. the great pele led his first match against us. he wasn't even 18 at the time. we met again recently and he told me that i had injured him in the world cup. i
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said, but pele, we played the same position. and he said, no, you came into the penalty area and injured me. and i said, oh, well, that's history now, that i injured the great pele. unfortunately, the ussr lost to sweden in the quarterfinals. sweden went through to the final, but lost to brazil. we were one of the eight best teams in the world. my the eight best teams in the world. my own view is that this was a success. but the communist party considered it a failure. between matches, the team managed to get some downtime. there was a lake nearby, and our legendary goalkeeper lev yashin loved to fish. so he went off and bought himself a fishing rod and went fishing. so what advice would this veteran player gifted a's team? of course, they need to be
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ready, physically and tactically. but more important than that, they need to be ready psychologically. will he be watching this time? are you kidding? 0f will he be watching this time? are you kidding? of course i will. that was the bbc‘s chloe arnold reporting. and for more about lev yashin, there is an in—depth look at the soviet goalkeeper on the bbc sport website. so russia come into this tournament of the back of a disappointing showing at the european championships two years ago, where a last—minute equaliser against england was about the best it got. that was their opening match of the group stage, but they went on to lose against wales and slovakia. but on paper, this russia side faced the ideal opponents to make a good start to the tournament tomorrow. as we have seen down the years that the world cup, you can never underestimate the power of home advantage. we will see russia are looking to make history over the next few weeks here on home soil. in 2026, the whole circus is going
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to mexico, canada and the us. they have won the right to host the tournament in eight years' time. morocco missed out yet again. here is our sports news respondent richard conway. the member associations of canada, mexico and usa have been selected. united in victory. mexico, the united states and canada can now prepare to host the 2026 world cup, a prize they insist will turbo—charge football in north america and deliver huge reve nu es to north america and deliver huge revenues to invest in the worldwide growth of the game. very emotional day for all of us. it's been a long and hard campaign. congratulations to morocco, who fought to the end. but we are gratified by the result, how can you not be? we are thankful to fifa. they did an impressivejob. we are delighted. the north american
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bid, known as united 2026, will host 48 teams, playing a few games across the three countries, with organisers promising a riot of passion and colour. the north american bid has prevailed and fifa's voters have listen to the mists of $11 billion in profits and a relatively headache free build—up to the tournament. the result with the light fifa's leadership. donald trump, who some felt had threatened fifa's voters to back the bid, offered congratulations. meanwhile, vladimir putin made a quick appearance to thank fifa for their support. the world cup remains a glittering prize for many nations. russia will take its term starting tomorrow. the us,
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canada and mexico now have eight yea rs canada and mexico now have eight years to prepare for theirs. i have beenjoined now by our sports editor dan roan. we heard vladimir putin saying welcome to russia. and i suppose just as the organisers have their worries about delivering a safe and successful world cup over the coming weeks, a lot of people coming to russia are wondering what kind of welcome they are getting, with real concerns over several aspects of this vast country. absolutely. that is because of recent sporting history. it was only backin recent sporting history. it was only back in euro 2016 that we saw those dreadful scenes of violence in marseille, when russian hooligans went on the rampage. there is also a history of racism and dissemination in their footballing culture history of racism and dissemination in theirfootballing culture here. the last time they hosted a global sporting mega event like this, it was the sochi winter olympics in 2014 and we know how that ended, with the biggest doping scandal free sport has ever seen. it was only a few months ago that they were kicked
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out of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. but it is notjust their sporting notoriety. this world cup is happening right in the middle ofa cup is happening right in the middle of a heightening of diplomatic and geopolitical tensions between the west and russia. it was very different in 2010, when vladimir putin turned up in zurich and russia we re putin turned up in zurich and russia were awarded the right to stage the world cup. he was trying to build bridges with the west. that has changed with sanctions and allegations of meddling with elections, the skripal poisoning. it was only a few weeks ago that the foreign secretary himself said this event was comparable to adolf hitler's 1936 olympics, much to event was comparable to adolf hitler's1936 0lympics, much to the anger of russians, who are proud of this event and hope it goes well. but it has cost a lot of money, about £8 billion. there will be some disquiet about that, and many will feel it is something of a vanity project for the president. he is in red square right now behind us, enjoying a special concert on the eve of the world cup. you will see his presence tomorrow at the opening
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ceremony as well before russia take on saudi arabia. he will be hoping the hosts do well, which might be the hosts do well, which might be the biggest challenge, because they are ranked worst in the tournament. many thanks. dan will be joining are ranked worst in the tournament. many thanks. dan will bejoining us throughout this tournament as and when we need his expertise. this tournament is going to throw up so many stories. that is all from red square for now. let's go back now to salford for all the other sport news. let's start with cricket then, as england are looking to put that shock loss against scotland behind them. they're in action against australia at the oval, in the first 0di of their five game series. and things seemed to be going england's way, they dismissed the tourists for just 214. but there has been a little wobble for england early on, in their reply. with all the latest, let's cross to our sports correspondentjoe wilson at the oval. have they steadied the ship? finally, they have. we will bring
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you up—to—date with what is happening in the match in a couple of minutes. you never get what you expect in sport, as the spanish footballers have been finding out in russia. i don't think anybody anticipated this match today being a low scoring affair with the bowlers on top but for the most part, that has been the case. as england try to move on from what happened in edinburgh and australia try to move on from what happened in cape town. arriving at the oval, australia's new captain leading a new australian ethos, but in south london, everyone remembered south africa, the ball tampering scandal. so en route to the ground, some witty entrepreneurs provided a bit of sandpaper, just to rub it in. is this banter?” provided a bit of sandpaper, just to rub it in. is this banter? i think it is banter. the aussies love dishing it out, so they can have it back occasionally. i'm expecting a bit of banter. is that locate? just
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banter. 0n bit of banter. is that locate? just banter. on with the cricket. australia missing star batsman suspended for sandpaper were soon in a mess. moeen ali took three wickets. tim payne's batting innovation led to his downfall. england's spin bowlers excelled. but if glenn maxwell could get australia going, they could still set a decent total with this kind of thing. 0n 62, maxwell sought another boundary and found jonny bairstow, test


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