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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 15, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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heavy with weekend with rain, some heavy with rumbles of thunder, some light patchy rain moving away south and east across the midlands towards the london area and a fresher feel, highs of 15 to 18. this is bbc news. our latest headlines: a damning report says the government's flagship benefits scheme may end up costing more than the system it replaced. the national audit office said delays in transferring people over to universal credit caused hardship. at least 18 years in jail for the former army sergeant who tried to kill his wife in a gas explosion and by tampering with her parachute. emilie cilliers hoped he would benefit from his wife's life insurance policy.
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a bid to make upskirting a sexual offence has been blocked by a single conservative mp. sir christopher chope called a halt to the bill to prohibit the taking of photos under someone‘s clothes — even though the move had government support. the boss of troubled rail company govia thameslink resigns. hundreds of trains on the line were cancelled after a new timetable was introduced, causing travel chaos for thousands. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. following his death of eastenders star leslie grantham, who played pub landlord dirty den, we'll be speaking to a tv critic who says den and his onscreen wife angie were thejr and sue ellen of british soap. donald trump has today announced a 25% tariff will be
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applied to more than 800 chinese goods, we'll be live in washington to gauge reaction to that and the president's claim the nuclear stand off with north korea has been ‘largely solved'. and later on, a double helping of the paper review, when martin bentham, the home editor of the london evening standard, and whitehall correspondent for the sun lynn davidson join me to look ahead to tomorrow's front pages. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello im olly foster live in moscow on day 2 at the world cup. here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. uruguay leave it late but find a way past egypt — and salah has to sit and watch. the bouhaddouz blues... a late morrocan own goal gives iran their first world cup win in 20 years. the group b big guns face each other in the next half an hour. after their troubled build up spain take on portugal. and with the latest england camp as
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their opening match fast road shows. i'm katharine downes and away from the world cup. down to the decider — england's women are chasing victory in their one day series against south africa. and can dj — go all the way? the world number one is out in front at the us open. lots to get through tonight but we'll start with the action and the first of three matches today which saw egypt taking on uruguay in group a, a tale of liverpool strikers past
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and present of course with mo salah due to face luis suarez. the match was played in ekaterinburg, the most easterly venue in this world cup, nearly 900 miles east of moscow — and things didn't go to plan for salah, the footballer of the year as patrick gearey reports. salah did not get a game and all as uruguay nicked it early on. mohamed salah strolled into this world cup with the hopes of a nation on his shoulders, unfortunate as he dictated to his left one last month. he started on the edge, and uruguay darted. luis suarez‘s nearly scored. we had to watch the replay is to check he had mist. the next chance again came soares‘ ‘sway. the keeper
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had not been overworked up until then. it team had been —— his team has been quietly effective only to run out of ideas around there. a potential solution remains unused, the conductor a cheerleader as his tea m the conductor a cheerleader as his team grew more desperate, relied on el shaarawy‘s brilliance. combining a game... no, i game. el shaarawy‘s brilliance. combining a game... no, igame. notjust el shaarawy‘s brilliance. combining a game... no, i game. notjust yet. but seconds later, uruguay had a free kick. this was the 90th minute, and this from jose gimenez was the winning goal. a late start to the party, with the birthday boy left cruelly uninvited. pop to hear of the stadium seemed packed, but the posh seats looked a
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little bit empty. the firm are best day —— fever are investigating this. they say that the official capacity attendance today was 27,000, so 6000 empty seats. they say that there we re empty seats. they say that there were possibly a number of factors contributing to this, he mist it obvious being no shows. it is a long way to go, but you would have thought egypt, bigger travelling supporter, uruguay a key world cup player, it should really have been full for that opener. the far i investigating. the second match today, that was in saint petersburg. this one looked pretty full from where we were watching, hear from oui’ where we were watching, hear from our bondage points. it was between rock and iran. iran‘s last world cup win was 20 years ago. morocco have a terrible record in the tournament as well. their opening group b match was heading for a goalless draw in st petersburg. that was 1—0 as well,
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to iran in injury time, holly hamilton reports. the atlas lions on the prowl in russia. another side who don‘t concede goals is easily, but it is victory that is needed, in a group overshadowed by portugal and spain. morocco dominating in the first half, and they came close to taking the lead on a number of occasions commented in the six yard box scramble. the kick eventually cleared to safety by iran. better then from iran who finally put benassi are under pressure, but could not find the killer final ball. the second half and charges came few and far between for both sides. morocco‘s player coming close with this 20 yard strike saved by the iranian keeper. into added times
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and one last chance by iran, but it is the moroccan substitute who heads it down past his own goalkeeper, aziz bouhaddouz. their first victory in this tournament in two decades. holly hamilton, bbc news. injusta injust a moment, we will in just a moment, we will look ahead to the other big match between portugal and spain, but... time to catch up with the latest from the england camp — three days away from their first match against tunisia and better news today for gareth southgate with all 23 players able to train. let‘sjoin our reporter in repino david ornstein. they must be itching to get going. gareth southgate has a full lots to choose from. better news on the injury front? absolutely. in the far distance, you can probablyjust about make out st petersburg, where that iran — morocco match was. we are focused on england. that 23 man
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squad is now fully fit and available, and that will be welcome news to gareth southgate, because marcus rashford, the only injury concern is fit. he mist the first two days of training with a knee problem he picked up prior to the squad flying out from their base at st george‘s park. but he did strain today and he seems to be showing no signs of discomfort. that is positive news, although he might not have started anyway. he might be on the bench. in other news, the newspapers have been reporting that england lined up yesterday in their chosen first choice team. they said that that includes ashley young in the left back position ahead of danny rose and jordan henderson in holding midfield. it is our understanding that at least gareth southgate has not told his bearers of the starting line—up for monday‘s game against tunisia, even if they do feel they are moving towards a
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decision. one player we think will play it is raheem sterling, and he has been speaking about the imprint of his mother on his career. she told me what things i need to do more, if i had a chance to shoot, and you know, if i had an opportunity, she will let me know. if she is anything like me as a sportsman, you will normally find that there are the people who should have helped your son a bit more. laughter her main one is getting in the box. that is probably one of my biggest thing. cheers help me get in the box a lot more. you need to get in the box more. in stirling and coe will be back in training tomorrow when things get very serious, because the whole session, for the first time since england landed on monday will be behind closed doors. the media who have been getting 15 minutes of time to look at what is going on over the past couple of days, and the entire day on wednesday will be able to see nothing, that is when
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you presume that england will line up you presume that england will line up in their formation for the first match. jonah game on sunday morning, we will be able to see that, then they fly over to volgograd ahead of they fly over to volgograd ahead of the first game. we were here from gareth southgate that evening, and we have not heard from him so far. monday, match day. the waiting over. how england line—up, how they perform, not long until we find out. but we will be talking endlessly about that for three days, hardly? you talked about the england media seeing nothing from that all—important seeing nothing from that all—importa nt close trading seeing nothing from that all—important close trading session, but i understand the england media has been getting a bit of a time at the key with some england players? talk us through this. is that david ornstein i see there? i was sincerely hoping you were not going to mention this. i was promised that you would not. but seeing as you
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have, yes, i better admit that i was the journalist asked to take on jordan pickford today. england‘s number one i shared, we don‘t know if you will start of course, but we think he probably will. it has become a thing of the england camp that a journalist will take them on. yesterday a journalist was edged out by gary cahill. today it is fair to say that i received a drubbing from england‘s number one. i was feeling isa england‘s number one. i was feeling is a pathetic towards him, i did not wa nt to is a pathetic towards him, i did not want to inflict england was my first defeat on him, and so it proved as pickford ran out, i think it was 40-11 pickford ran out, i think it was 40—11 over the three darts shoot out against me. but i would have won if my final dart had not ricocheted off a bit of wire and the floor. enough, enough david. i still maintain that i could have made it. i am bubbling. we are bored. you lost. it is 2— is
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to have made it. i am bubbling. we are bored. you lost. it is 2—0 to the england players for the england camp. we will be back tomorrow, on sports day. we‘re just a few minutes away from the first really big match of this world cup as old rivals spain and portugal meet in sochi. it‘s been a chaotic build—up to the tournament for spain after coachjulen lopetegui was sacked on wednesday afterjoining real madrid 2a hours previously. i‘ve been speaking to england‘s 1990 world cup captain terry butcher about his thoughts on morale in the spanish camp. what kind of state and spain going
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to be in as their sporting director looks after them? a former spain player? i spoke to terry butcher a little bit earlier. he does not think they will be affected at all. loads of experience in that spanish side. they are good, good players. they will see this as an opportunity to get everybody together for the first time for a while. there have been divisions in the spanish dressing room in the last couple of yea rs. to dressing room in the last couple of years. to get everybody together and go out there. it is not a case of them and us, it is about art. i think they will be very united. and anybody who has looked at spain, and thought last two tournaments no good, i would say have your money on them, iam good, i would say have your money on them, i am not a betting good, i would say have your money on them, iam nota betting man, buti would say, have money on them, but they could be reunited, reinvented, reinvigorated. his first as interim, if they —— as interim coach in charge of spain. they have got diego costa, isco, sergio ramos, all the
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players you would expect. cristiano ronaldo will be leading at portugal in such is. in the next 15 minutes 01’ so. in such is. in the next 15 minutes or so. we will be back here in a fume in its time, but there is plenty of other sports news around, so plenty of other sports news around, so who will fly back to the bbc sports centre. thank you very much. i‘m just watching the build—up to that game. we will be back with olly foster in moscow, in a few minutes. england‘s women cricketers are chasing 229 to win their one—day series against south africa in the third match at canterbury there was a fine comeback in the field from england — inspired by this sarah taylor stumping to dismiss proteas skipper dane van niekirk for 95... south africa losing their last seven wickets for just 31 runs. in reply, england are 26—0 after 10 overs. world number one dustin johnson leads the way at the us open — he‘s three clear of the field on 4 under on day 2.
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the 2016 champion is one of only two players under par at the moment. just one bogey and four birdies, including this on the fourth. and there was a magnificent second round for england‘s tommy fleetwood — he finished with a four under par 66, the best of the day so far — that puts him injoint fourth place, one over par for the tournament. well i said johnson was one of two players under par at the us open so far — the other is england‘s ian poulter — he‘s one under after the first day and has just started his second round. olympic championjustin rose has also just teed off on one over. as you can see from the scores, the conditions are proving very testing at shinnecock hills in new york — tiger woods slipping to 10 over tied with rory mcilroy — who‘s also struggling on 10 over after day one — he‘s yet to head out onto the course. here‘s a quick look at the rest of the day‘s sports stories: british number onejohanna konta is into the semi—finals of the nottingham open —
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she beat dalila jakupovic of slovakia in straight sets, and she‘ll face donna vekic next, who beat her in the final here last year. and konta is the only brit left in the draw because katie boulter was beaten in the quarter finals — she won only two games against top seed ashleigh barty of australia. it was boulters first ever wta quarter final. will andy murray be fit for wimbledon? well he‘s going to make a decision on whether he plays in queen‘s this evening — he‘s been at the club playing a few practice sets with fellow brits kyle edmund and cameron norrie this afternoon. australia‘s sarah roy sprinted to victory on stage three of the women‘s tour in leamington spa. the race finishes in colwyn bay on sunday, american coryn rivera has the overall lead. and afghanistan have been thrashed by india in their first ever test match.
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they were bowled out for 109 and 103 on day two to slip to defeat by an innings and 262 runs. it‘s only the fourth time in test history a team has been bowled out twice in a day. the holy moscow. anas aremayaw anas thank you very much, cat. —— thank you very much. just remarking on all the these vans or congre getting in the these vans or congre getting in the capital and going their separate ways. at the moment —— congregating in the capital. they have been fabulous, chanting from dusk until dawn. they will make a lot of noise, if they can get their world cup up and running with a win tomorrow at the spartak stadium, here, against iceland who are making their debut,
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we expect the iceland fans to make a lot of noise, run what they did to england at the euros, i was there in nice, and they have got this amazing opportunity. and earlier i caught up with klara bjartmarz from the icelandic fa and jon haldorsson, chairman of fc hafnarfjordur — the club where their star player, everton‘s gylfi sigurddson started out. icelandic football has come a long way over the past two years. we have realised what we can accomplish, what we can do, and the success of
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the national team has inspired all footballers in iceland. so, i think it isjust... we breathe in how exciting and how fun this can be, and that will push us forward. the big thing that came out of the euros was the thunderclap, but you call it something else, yes, we call it who! we will see thousands of items found in the park behind us, because if you hours later, argentina, what an opening match. perhaps it is the best thing for iceland to make history, perhaps? we can only win tomorrow. so, we will go full force, and we will play strongly, and we will do our utmost for a good result. and with the likes of gylfi sigurdsson, a bit of magic, hoping for the match tomorrow? we are hoping for the best, we are hoping
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for victory. but i don‘t think that the average football fan, we will not understand how big business. until tomorrow night. this is so big, this is so beyond everything that we have, those of us who have been doing this for many years. this is something extra special, and i know that the team and the players, they are ready. even though we are not ready, they are ready. they have also put out is rallying cry saying if your team is not here and get knocked out early, come and follow iceland. it will be an adventure. good luck to them. also in their group are croatia and nigeria. the last of tomorrow‘s four matches is between croatia and nigeria in kaliningrad — another one of those host cities —
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england will head there as well. all of the chapters about how they did once nigeria to ruffle any feathers. i spoke to the regional sports minister today, and she said that she had a request from some nigerian fans to take some chickens into the stadium that you seem behind me into the stadium as a good luck charm. they have banned the chickens. no nigerian fans will be allowed to bring dickinson. i have met some vans, and asked them if you have heard of this, and they said they had never heard of it. i‘m not sure if russian authorities have got their wires crossed, but breaking news, that will be a chicken free
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zonein news, that will be a chicken free zone in that stadium. no fowl play in that stadium. last year, they beat nigeria in a friendly by 4—2, but against england, they played poorly. awful first half, but against england, they played poorly. awfulfirst half, and losing 2-1 at poorly. awfulfirst half, and losing 2—1 at the end. where not sure what nigerian team will turn up. as the croatia, they are looking to get out of the group stage is since 1998, when they reached the semifinals, backin when they reached the semifinals, back in france. a very talented sides. there will be some rumours in some split in the cab, due to off field issues. but speaking to them today, they say there are very united and like a family, and very covered of doing well at russia 2018. john bennett, many thanks indeed for the update from callinan grad —— kaliningrad.
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that‘s it from us. just before we go, a quick look at what‘s in store tomorrow. group c starts with france against australia at 11 in the morning uk time, denmark take on peru in the later match, while confirmation that in group d it‘s those matches between argentina and iceland and nigeria and croatia. lionel messi, and many others. iceland, that be a fabulous game. nigeria against racial, asjohn bennett was saying. that is just about it for us. this matter on bbc one comedy team is about to come out between portugal and spain, down there in saatchi. that is going to
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bea there in saatchi. that is going to be a cracking match. they have already come out, they are singing the athens. we will leave you with our moment of the day, really, a mo salah miserable moment, he had to sit and watch, his shoulder not good enough to start or play any part against uruguay, and it was uruguay who beat egypt in the end. from all of us on sports day, it is goodbye for now. years underneath the ball, it‘s in! they‘ve won it, uruguay! and egypt are heartbroken. good evening. it has been a day of the country, but not quite as extreme as extreme as we had yesterday. you can see it from these weather which are —— weather watch pictures, some of the rain heavily.
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sunnis buzz coming through as we had to eastbourne. .. temperatures responded and the low 20s. now that weather fronts that is bringing the showers will continue to move in. it‘ll be a cool saturday, leading into a quieter and cloudier sunday. this is the story for the next few hours. the weather fronts this is the story for the next few hours. the weatherfronts bringing the showers through scotland, another one waiting the wings arrive before saturday. is at our day with the south—westerly winds driving in more cloud across the country, and if you showers along west facing coast. with all that cloud, temperatures will not fall too low. it will be another miles. already, can see from the word go, wet and windy weather the. some of that rain heavy with rumbles of thunder as it makes its way into northern ireland throughout the day. as the weather
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front pushes east, it weakens. there will be levels of uncertainty about how much rain was the crosswell and south—east england. not really enough for the gardens are starting to get desperate now. as a consequence with the cloud, the rain and breeze will be done to comparison of late. 14—19d at the very best. that front will clear away, with that ridge of high pressure quietening things down, and although there is another area of low pressure out in the atlantic, that will weaken, and again, not bring too much anyway of rain. so, sunday looks like the better of the two days. there will be a lot of cloud around, and that south—westerly breeze, you should get some breaks and some sunshine and temperatures perhaps peaking at 20 having to do 1 degrees. so, certainly as we look ahead, conditions across central and southern areas may warm up a little,
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with high pressure in the driving seat, but the rain continues to the north—west. this is bbc news. i‘m julian worricker. the headlines at seven. a bill to make upskirting — the act of secretly taking photos under a skirt — a sexual offence has been blocked by a single conservative mp. only a recent poll this morning showed 96% of the people in this country are behind this change in the law. and then one person can block the whole thing, seems very frustrating and wrong. donald trump announces the us will be putting a 25% trade tariff on more than 800 goods from china. two teenage moped riders are jailed for life after they stabbed and killed a charity youth worker during a violent robbery spree. a damning report says the government‘s flagship benefits scheme — universal credit — may end up costing more than the system it replaced.
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