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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 16, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines. scotland's first minister has described the fire which gutted glasgow's school of art as heartbreaking. the celebrated macintosh building was being restored after another fire four yea rs restored after another fire four years ago. we don't know with the structural damages, the damage to the stonework. so i think it's too early to say what will be required, but what i can say absolutely is we will be there to help. the home secretary uses an exceptional power to release illegal cannabis oil to treat severely epileptic billy caldwell, after doctors said it was a medical emergency. sinn fein delegates at a conference in belfast vote in favour of liberalizing abortion law. time to cross to the bbc sportscenter for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster live
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in moscow on the busy so far at the world cup, here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. a costly miss from messi. iceland, making their world cup debut have stunned argentina. var and goal—line technology helps france get past australia, but did the officials get it right? we'll also have the latest from the england camp, just two days out from their opening match. i'm hugh ferris, also coming up in the programme. england give up another lead to lose again in south africa. their defeat in the second test in bloemfontein means the springboks have an unassailable 2—0 lead in the series. and andy murray's long—awaited comeback will be at queen's. he'll play his first match for nearly a year at the tournament next week. good evening, we've got four matches
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on the third day of world cup, two results are in. last night, all the football chat in the bars and restaurants in moscow was about that portugal and spain match, everyone raising a glass to the genius of cristiano ronaldo. today it was over to lionel messi and his argentina side here in the captial facing iceland making their world cup debut. messi should have won the match at the spartak stadium, but he had a penalty saved and iceland are the talk of the town. a famous, famous draw.
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joe lynskey reports. look down the line at this argentine generation, it's defined by an icon. just the presence of lionel massey makes them believe. but the argentine accusation is they rely on him, and the rest of their superstars don't step forward. so for surgery aguero, a moment to come out of the shadows. prolific —— prolific in the premier league, this is his first world cup goal. the other is iceland's approach, built on unity and the courage to go forward. they dared strike backjust three minutes later. keeping his nerve in the chaos was offered from boggess and, a cold—blooded finisher crafted in edinburgh. his boy food -- his crafted in edinburgh. his boy food —— his boyhood club shared his
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nation's excitement. on this greatest estate, no minnow has faced argentina like this. the two—time champions would come again and forced a penalty. the moment seemed set up for lionel massey, but it brought a different story. denied by goalkeeper from the danish league, this was how to solve arson, reaching for his own glory. and as the game slipped away from argentina, there was time for one more intervention. a keeper like his team, inspired. and proof that only at this competition can the smallest nation's spirit stop football's biggest power. that makes group d very, very interesting, because nobody saw that result coming. iceland pinching a point off of argentina. they kick off in the next hour and a half or so. our football reporter
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john bennett is there. how was that result received? it makes this group very interesting now. i think both of these teams will now see that this is a massive opportunity to grab control of group d, which going into the world is world cup looked like the toughest group of russia 2018. difficult to put director determined what will happen,... but do they gel as a team? is happen,... but do they gel as a team ? is the happen,... but do they gel as a team? is the big question ahead of the game. as for nigeria, they're the game. as for nigeria, they're the youngest squad at russia 2018, mixed results going into the world cup. they beat argentina last november, but in the lead up to the world cup in the last few weeks, they lost to england and the czech republic. the former chelsea player says a lot is expected from him, his
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experience is supposed to lead younger players into the tournament. we like to control the game, we like to be aggressive. and if we do all this, we will have a great chance. yes, a few extremes players, young teen, nota yes, a few extremes players, young teen, not a lot of players were here in the last world cup. but i think this might be a very good thing for us, because these players have something to prove, they want to show the world what they can do. the good news for nigeria is there won't be any off pitch trouble. four years ago, i followed them at the world cup in brazil. they almost went on strike before their last 16 game against france because their bonuses hadn't been paid. this time around, their bonuses have been paid before their bonuses have been paid before the tournament, so the money is in the tournament, so the money is in the account of the players,... so that won't be an issue this time around. they are billing this as the gain between the two best kicks off russia 2018. you have that nigeria insert —— jersey which sold out in minutes, and the croatia kick which
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also —— always makes a great impression. a brilliant atmosphere behind me, and we will have a great game as well, group d is looking very open after argentina's draw. let's hope so, where your our glasses. many thanks, john. lets get to the first match of the day now, it was in kazan, france against australia in group c we knew that there would be some var controversy somewhere as the technology is used for the firsrt time at a world cup, but did they get it right as france beat the socceroos 2—1. not everybody is convinced they got it right. commentating on the match for radio five live was connor mcnamara with dion dublin. we've had our first ever we've had ourfirst ever var penalty
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decision at a world cup. the beneficiaries of it have been france, they have beaten australia bite 2-1, france, they have beaten australia bite 2—1, but i don't think we've heard the end of this deal. what's your view on the penalty decision? the first call was it wasn't a penalty, and i saw that var shots andl penalty, and i saw that var shots and i thought i wasn't too sure. really difficult for the official. at the state of the game, it had been 0—0. france needed something to go their way because australia have been disciplined and organised. they needed the spot and with a bit of luck. i love the australian's defence, their concentration and organisation. a little bit of spring clean of quality for them —— from the front was a little too much for them. australia's goal, deflected, wa nted them. australia's goal, deflected, wanted for france. he hit the crossbar, over the line and came back out again. all the goals were talking points of their own. nothing special about any of the goals. why did he put his hand a? i don't know,
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i thought to myself that it was in australia's day—to—day. i thought to myself that it was in australia's day-to-day. the other teams in the group, australia and —— peru and denmark. france will have to up theirgearto peru and denmark. france will have to up their gear to make sure they go on and win this group, but they are off to a winning start, they have beaten australia 2—1. let's get some reaction from the match now. the losing captain of australia. disappointed. we didn't have that luck, that first decision. the ball seemed to keep going, and then he got the shot. even the second goal, it was a bit of fortune, and it went in. but we understand that that's football, we have to take the positives from today, pick ourselves up positives from today, pick ourselves up and go on again. we have no other choice. france coming out on top of that. there's a match nearing fulltime in saransk. peru against denmark, peru's first world cup match since 1982.
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the big talking point of the first half was this, cristian cueva fouled in the penalty area, initially the referee waved play on. but this was var working as it should, they took another look at it. the penalty given, 30 million peruvians held their breath, and cueva took one of the worst spot—kicks you'll see. if you took it back in peru, it would have flown over the andes. so 0—0 at half time, denmark really let off the hook there. and they made them pay for it in the second half, yussuf poulsen scored for the danes with their first real chance. peru have been on the attack since then, edison flores
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stopped in his tracks by kasper schmiechel. 82 minutes gone, peru— zero, denmark— one. there's a lot of other sport going on as well. let's go to hugh now back in the studio with a round—up of the day's sport away from the world cup. we'll start in bloemfontein where england suffered a fifth defeat in a row for the first time in nearly 1a years. losing the second test against south africa by 23 points to 12. and it came in familiar fashion, as james burford reports. eddiejones is eddie jones is looking eddiejones is looking for his team to seeing from the same hymn sheet, but in bloemfontein, the south african players are rock stars. england's made the fuss of starts last week, and went on to lose or stop they hoped this would not meet more of the same as mike brown touchdown within the first ten minutes. but that was not the only
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trick up there steve. how about this for a bit ofjuggling from brown? finding the east and the whole, or the space on the wing asjohnny may did his best to spoil the party. it would not be long before south africa got going. step forward, no, straightforward for... they started to folks england down. one penalty try later, in england's disciplinary downfall certainly responsible for south africa's points all. they could use, the pantomime villain of this occasion. the last lap belongs to south africa today, this is england's longest losing streak since 200a. ireland won a thrilling second test against australia to level their series at 1—1. their 26—21 victory in melbourne was their first test win in the country for 39 years. the wallabies were 1—0 up after beating the six nations champions in brisbane last week, and were leading injust the second minute today. but ireland fought back with 16 points from jonny sexton, and prop tai furlong touching down to score the crucial try. the decider is next week in sydney.
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so confirmation of ireland's win and england's defeat. while later wales play argentina in santa fe. and overnight, it's the usa against scotland. it's been a busy sporting day for australia. as we've heard they lost their rugby union and football matches, and it's not looking promising for them in the cricket. england scored 3112 for eight in the second one day international, a record one day score against the aussies. and australia are struggling on 209 for five in their chase. -- 214-5. patrick gearey has been watching. at about the same time in cardiff as kazan, 11 australians took the field. not when you're facing jason roy upfront, or capable of long grain spectacularfirms roy upfront, or capable of long grain spectacular firms ——. controlled acceleration. he made 20
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more before encountering a particularly sharp pain. captain tim's catch solved one problem, but once he gets going, there is no catching him. he turned over 91 of england's 342, a record against australia. so to the chase, a chance for england to strip back and expose any for england to strip back and expose a ny flaws for england to strip back and expose any flaws in the aussie order, batting uncovered. australia were four wickets down and struggling when shaun marsh decided there was only one way out of this. batting win with this with him was glenn maxwell, but on 31, the man known as the big show had to go. australia's chances might have followed him. scotland are chasing 206 to beat ireland in their t20 match in the netherlands. only three batsmen got into double figures in ireland's score of 205 for five, but all three made half centuries.
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andy balbirnie's 74 coming offjust 40 balls. scotland in reply are 112—3 after 14 overs. play got under way two hours late in st lucia after a row over ball tampering in the test between west indies and sri lanka. west indies were awarded five penalty runs after sri lanka initially refused to take the field for the third day. they were protesting the umpires' decision to change the ball. the tourists' captain dinesh chandimal eventually led his team out, before arguing with the match referee and walking off again. but play has now resumed, with west indies chasing sri lanka's first innings total of 253. world number one dustin johnson will tee off atjust after 8pm this evening for his final round of the us open. at the beginning of the day, he had a four shot lead at shinnecock hills. and remarkably, johson is the only player in the whole field under par as it stands. ——johnson. england's paul casey has been among the first players out in new york state this afternoon, he got himself up and running with an early birdie at the fourth to move him to five over par, still nine behind the leader. andy murray will play for the first
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time in almost a year when he makes his comeback from hip surgery at queen's next week. the three time grand slam winner will make his long awaited return to the court after having the operation in january, and coming through a training session yesterday. he'll play nick krygios in the first round, which will be his first competitive match since wimbledon last year. and in the semi—finals of the nottingham open, british number one johanna konta is currently one set up against defending champion donna vekic, with play suspended due to rain. the croat caused an upset in last year's final, where she beat konta after recovering from a set down. but today, a dominant looking konta currently leads 6—2, taking the first set in under half an hour at the blustery nottingham tennis centre. the winner will face australian number one ashleigh barty in the final, who beat naomi osaka in straight sets during their semi—final. denmark's amalie dideriksen won stage four of the women's tour of great britain, while coryn rivera of america retained the overall lead with just one stage to go of the race. dideriksen sprinted to victory at the end of the 130 kilometre
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stage into worcester. marianne vos was third, which helped her narrow the gap to rivera, whose advantage is now 14 seconds. britain's dani rowe is third overall. the race concludes tomorrow in colwyn bay. jorge lorenzo has claimed his first motogp pole position for ducati in qualifying for the catalan grand prix in barcelona. the spaniard recorded his first win with his team last time out in italy. and his run of form continued as he beat reigning champion marc marquez by six—hundredths of a second. cal crutchlow‘s hopes took a tumble on the penultimate corner, and the briton will start from tenth on the grid. that's all we have, but plenty still going on not only in moscow and beyond. back now to olly in moscow. thanks, hugh. we keep hearing sporadic breaks of
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applause from icelandic... after that draw against argentina and their world cup debut. their opening match amazing. how are england doing? i know they will all have been watching that, just itching to get going tomorrow. but for now, they're still just outside get going tomorrow. but for now, they're stilljust outside saint petersburg, where david ornstein is. david, i know thatjordan pickford was possessed of everyone, they were all celebrating that big win for him. but will he be celebrating now? will he be one of those players who has found out, got the knock rooftop on the shoulderfrom has found out, got the knock rooftop on the shoulder from gareth southgate that they are in against to his yeah? welcome back to the gulf of finland, a picture of calm, no thunder claps here. but in the
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distance behind me in the dense forest, england are getting ready forest, england are getting ready for their final sleep before departing for a photograph. and today, they trained behind close doors, that is the first time they been able to enjoy that luxury survey landed in russia. that have allowed disallowed gareth southgate to work on hisjoe's information for the first game. we don't know exactly who will be filling what position, but we know that the entire squad have now been informed of their roles, so they know where they stand, whether starting on the bench were not involved at all. if reports are to be believed, jordan pickford will be in goal, with a back three of harry maguire, john stones and kyle walker. the wing backs being kieran trippier and ashley young. the wind forwards raheem sterling and jesse lingard in support of captain harry kane. but thatis support of captain harry kane. but that is unconfirmed, that is what reports are suggesting. today we heard from another player, and it
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was a news conference that was relaxed. fabian delph was the man put in front of the media, he talked about this being a fearless england team. they been having a lot of fun out here, it's been very relaxed, they been mingling with the media, playing video games and darts competitions, tenpin bowling, you name it. it's been a departure from previous england squads. but as fabian delph says, it's not been all fun and games. once training starts, it's fiery and very spicy, the intensity is there. people are not afraid to dig people out, and nothing is ever personal. that's what i've found with the squad, nothing is ever personal. if somebody has something to say, as long as it's constructive criticism, people take it on the chin. let's look at the itinerary. england train again tomorrow morning at 10am local, which is a day am in the uk. 15 minutes of that training session
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will be open to the media. and in the afternoon, england believe their tea m the afternoon, england believe their team hotel, the forest makes hotel and head for the main airport in saint petersburg. they will fly there, and when they get there, gareth southgate will give a press conference and address the media for the first time as a mass since they've arrived in russia. and on monday, it's all focused on match day against to his yeah. england haven't won their opening match since 2010, so there may be a few nerves there. my single player in the squad have won a match at a world cup, so it's fresh, young and inexperienced. it's actually the third youngest squad england taken toa third youngest squad england taken to a world cup. but on the flip side they might not be scarred by those previous major failures. they might not be scarred by those previous majorfailures. they could hopefully cause something of a surprise, that is certainly divide you are getting from the england captain. it feels like a bill that has been so long, we've had so much time to talk, no controversies or scandals, it's on the micro all gone
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very smoothly. but that optimism will be put to the test, because england need to deliver on the pitch. they went nine games unbeaten until recently, losing to spain. they were only edged out in the last minute, said england will have a task on their hands, and hope they have the youth, pace, and firepower to break through and really set themselves up for this weld cop before they play pantomime their second game. and then finishing against belgium. one more sleep, and then england leave, the match against tunisia is on monday. sounds like you're describing christmas coming up. no controversies, no scandals, i think you jinxed them now. many thanks indeed to our sports correspondent on the gulf of finland. you can see the dangers to leading
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1-0, but you can see the dangers to leading 1—0, but peru, they don't know how they've not constantly out of this match. they miss the extraordinary match. they miss the extraordinary match from quay vote in the first half. kasper schmeichel has had to pull off a couple of really smart saves. denmark leading by that wholesome: the second half, they 1—0 in that group. france at the top of the table at the moment, leading to — one. this match over on bbc one, and the full—time whistle has gone on. you can see from the reaction of those peruvians, some of whom are just lying down on the pitch, they really feel they should of got something out of that match. the danes have got away with that a little bit, peru in theirfirst world cup for 36 years. mike bushell has been to learn
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from the best penalty taker of all time. face—to—face with the best penalty taker the game has ever seen it in this showdown at 12 yards. in all his professional career, he's only missed one of 49 penalties. but even though i didn't stand a chance, he wasn't brave enough to look me in the eye. until i realised why. wasn't brave enough to look me in the eye. until i realised whylj didn't like to make eye contact with the goalkeeper at all, i wanted to give them no clues. so my focus would be on the ball orjust above the ball, so i could see what the goalkeeper was doing, what his movements were like. if he goes too early. for me, this alone didn't make much difference. oh no. you
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need to get the angle, not this angle. the run—up is quite slow, and then just before the wall, you have to accelerate into it and get that speed on the ball. practise your technique, side foot the ball accurately. there we go! matt believes like me, the current young england side will have learned from the past, and the nightmares of penalty shoot out defeats, like the one gareth southgate was a part of in 1996. you have to work really ha rd in 1996. you have to work really hard on dismissing all the negative thoughts that go through your head when you step out on the field to ta ke when you step out on the field to take the penalty. yet! the youngsters here from a
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school learn from the best penalty taker of all time. don't worry about him moving. watch the goalkeeper‘s lads. —— legs stop there you go! him moving. watch the goalkeeper‘s lads. —— legs stop there you gum is the future, penalty playing will be the storage of future generations. he said pick the corner. don't always look at where you're going to go. you can shoot down in the goalkeeper... still haunted by the past, but full of confidence. how you think england will do if we come to a penalty shoot out? terrible. this is the ag need to be training people to do well at penalties. and grooming them
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while they're young, this one kicks into the wrong side of the goal. easy how to score a penalty. updates, france being australia, iceland drawing against argentina, denmark beating peru in the last couple of seconds. we will be back with another sportsday at 7:30pm. but from all of cinemascope and sportsday, it's buy from us for now. —— moscow. we have heavy showers... tomorrow, it will be quite a cloudy day and relatively cold. a few spots of rain in the forecast. the last of the showers cleared the north ski by around midnight, clear spells for a
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time. the cloud starts coming in again, and there is a lot of clout behind me, you can see on the graphics, that is all pushing our way and we'll be right on top of us during the course of sunday. so sunday may start of sunny across eastern and northern areas, but the client will quickly come through. a bit of light rain or drizzle around some of these western coasts, but i don't think it will be sheet clout all the way through. there'll be some sunshine around poking through, maybe around these eastern areas, particularly northern and eastland —— eastern scotland. next week it will stay unsettled in the north, but in the south, summer is returning and the temperature will be skyrocketing. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at seven. a second devastating fire in four years at one of scotland's architectural landmarks, the glasgow school of art. the scale of damage is extensive, scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, sees the destruction for herself.
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it's hard to think about what happened four years ago, the fact that it was so close to be reopened, the fact that this has happened again. the home secretary uses "exceptional powers" to allow doctors to treat severely epileptic, billy caldwell, with illegal cannabis oil. billy is getting the best care in the world here. and i feel safe here at this particular hospital with billy. so, again, it'sjust one step at a time, praying for a miracle, really. sinn fein members vote in favour of liberalising abortion law
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