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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 18, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm BST

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in the country for 17 years the government has confirmed that it will introduce a bill to make so—called "upskirting" a criminal offence. there was criticism when the conservative mp, sir christopher chope, blocked a private members bill on friday seeking to outlaw the practise. mr chope says he had objected due to his long—standing concerns that the procedure can lack proper scrutiny. an earthquake in the western japanese city of osaka has killed three people. one of those who died was a nine—year—old girl who was trapped under a collapsed wall. the magnitude 6.1 quake struck during the morning rush hour and left tens of thousands of homes without power. now, most children like a good bedtime story, but ten year old frasier cox from brighton has written one of his own and it's won him a national competition. he's become one of the country's youngest published authors for his book which is about a friendship between two boys, one of which is a refugee. charlie rose reports. the winner of the competition is fraser. atjust ten years old,
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fraser cox wins a nationwide story writing contest and becomes one of the uk's youngest published authors. even if i did win, i didn't know it would become such a big thing. on that day when i found out that this was going to be the fate of that story, i was so, so ecstatic. frasier‘s story is about a friendship between two boys, one of whom is a refugee. the idea came to him in the classroom. the original homework was to make a poem and it had to be about difference and diversity. i think the thing that got to me the most is the refugee crisis because i've just imagined what it's like, an ordinarily life going to an ordinary school, and suddenly your country says, we are going to war.
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frasier has autism and his mum says the condition was a factor in her son's choice of subject matter. he cares a lot about different people and worries about different people and what is going on, how he can help. he's not very good at not doing something about it. and judges described the story as incredibly touching. you can go as deep as you like with it. my six—year—old would go like that with it and say, mummy, that's good. but my 11—year—old would be... it's brilliant. 35% of the proceeds from the book will go to charity and fraser already has plans for another bedtime story. and frasier already has plans for another bedtime story. inafew in a few minutes‘ time we are going to bejoined by viewers
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in a few minutes‘ time we are going to be joined by viewers from in a few minutes‘ time we are going to bejoined by viewers from bbc in a few minutes‘ time we are going to be joined by viewers from bbc one for a round—up of the news. sport now, and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. hello, iam hello, i am live in moscow and this isa hello, i am live in moscow and this is a sports day at the world cup. harry saves the day for england. the captain scores an injury time winner against tunisia. belgium also start with a win but they needed a half—time team talk to get themselves going against panama. and i'mjohn themselves going against panama. and i'm john watson. also coming themselves going against panama. and i'mjohn watson. also coming up tonight, eddie jones get and i'mjohn watson. also coming up tonight, eddiejones get the backing of the union after a run which has left his future in question. good evening. welcome to the kremlin, red square, in moscow. my
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word, england have joined kremlin, red square, in moscow. my word, england havejoined the party in russia. harry kane gave them the lead that their scintillating start really deserved against tunisia in volgograd but then they lost their way and they needed their captain again at the death to get an injury time winner. 2—1, gareth southgate‘s tea m time winner. 2—1, gareth southgate‘s team are up and running. let's cross live to the volgograd arena and our sports correspondent is there. a lot of those newspaper headlines will have been rewritten at very short notice. i think patience is a virtue. that is something gareth southgate was talking about afterwards. absolutely. they knew they were going to have to keep going until the last minute and in the end it proved to be the 91st minute. this was a side with nine players making their world cup debuts and at times it looked like thatis debuts and at times it looked like that is hubris of youth was going to make england leave volgograd with a hat full of goals but a stubborn
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resista nce hat full of goals but a stubborn resistance from tunisia. and carelessness from england almost cost them again on the big stage. for all the dark times of the past, for all the expectation of the present, every four years the hope returns. all the right sounds have come from this england camp but the talk and the mood is defined in 90 minutes. england's cohesion seemed no illusion. they'll bring to this match was thrilling. the breakthrough was coming. clawed away. put in now though! and put in by captain kane. the kind of opportunism that is now harry kane's habit, but england are well versed in not making it easy. tunisia hadn't threatened when they swung it into the box but they found a chance with a swing of the arm.
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kyle walker mei gwynedd contact for a penalty. and enough composure for a penalty. and enough composure for a leveller. this was now a battle africa's best side had promised and tunisian physicality seemed to go unnoticed. for england it became a second of frustration, wasted chances and crossed wires. minutes looked all up when england carved out last chance. and it is in from harry kane again! that could make a huge difference to the way this world cup goes for england. with one swivel, the captain turned the england mood for a cap and a coach who talked a good game, now there really is hope. harry kane did say he wanted to emulate cristiano ronaldo. he did not get the hat—trick but he is out there in the chase for the golden boot. england had the most first half chances of any side in the
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world cup so far, so that first half was action packed, but it was in the second—half when it became difficult and tunisia became difficult to break down. they would doggie, resilient. we knew that would happen and england had talked about being in those tough times and having to keep their shape. at times they did start to look a little bit ragged, they started to lose that which they had in the first half. there will be questions asked about how many chances they didn't put away. that has to be a concern for the likes of jesse lingard and raheem sterling. let's listen to what harry kane and gareth southgate had to say on england's first win in an opening match in world cup since 2006. it's massive. so proud of the lads. i thought we played really well, especially the first half, deserve to be ahead. i have not seen the penalty back but from my point of view it did not look that way. credit to the lads, we kept going,
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it is the world cup, you go to the la st it is the world cup, you go to the last second and absolutely buzzing. even though the clock was running down, we stayed patient, we didn't just throw the ball in the box, we waited for good opportunities. and i think we deserved the win. we made so think we deserved the win. we made so many clear—cut chances, especially in the first half. total control of the game in the second half. we were strong on set plays all night and i am really pleased. i thought even had we draw the game, which i know would have made life more difficult for us, but i would have been proud of the performance. they are flying now back to their base before they will start work on panama, when they leave for the next game. it win over panama would put them firmly in the driving seat for them firmly in the driving seat for the last 16. thank you very much. you mentioned panama, that is going to be on
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gareth southgate's to do list, to analyse the video from the other group match today, belgian beating panama 3—0. but it was 0—0 at half—time. hear the voices, look at the faces. that is how panama feel about reaching their first world cup. that is how panama feel about reaching theirfirst world cup. this for them is a remarkable end goal. for belgium, it is only a starting point. the time for a team at its peak to produce something tangible. panama spent the first after asking for their ball back. failing that, doing everything they could to keep it out of their net. even eden hazard denied. the world's third—best team were not in the mood but belgium have the ability to eclipse long minutes of the thracian with an incident of inspiration. that is the moment of magic that belgium were so desperate for! dries mertens made the goal of the tournamentjudging
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dries mertens made the goal of the tournament judging tougher still. panama were obliged to venture forward and just for a second they may have had a national hero. just for a second. but class told. eden hazard, kevin de bruyne, romelu lukaku. a goal built from some of the best footballers belgium has ever seen. panama, the best footballers belgium has ever seen. panama, a the best footballers belgium has ever seen. panama, a nation split in half by a canal, with similarly dissected by a ball from eden hazard. peden —— romelu lukaku with the gold. for them, a day of routine. for panama, one of history. so belgium coming good in the second half against panama. we had one more win today. sweden just edged past south korea. that is mexico and germany's group. mexico top of that after they beat the germans. it wasn't a great game, this one, between sweden and south korea. just that penalty decided it.
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spectacular stadiums at world cups are almost a given. unfortunately, the quality of the matches played within can't be guaranteed. sweden haven't won their opening game since they hosted the tournament in 1958. what they would have given to be able to field their recent icon. the first shot took 20 minutes to arrive. the second longest wait for arrive. the second longest wait for a first attempt at a final since 1966. south korea were even worse, failing to register a single shot on target. both sides try to win penalties but the officials didn't fall for their antics. the video assistant referee finally intervened in the second half. the outcome, a spot kick to sweden, with the captain leading by example. that was as good as the finishing got, not that the swedish fans were complaining. their team now top of their group alongside mexico. and it is the germans next four
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sweden. what a massive game that will be for germany. that is it on day five year at the world cup. england winning at the very death against tunisia. but it is now onwards and upwards. panama next four gareth southgate's england. lots more sports news. lee foster live in moscow. england's football tea m lee foster live in moscow. england's football team enjoying a better run of things than england's rugby union side. it is understood the rugby football union are still backing the england head coach eddiejones. defeat in bloemfontein at the weekend meant they slipped to a series defeat as well. eddiejones compared the loss to a horror movie but he will be given until the autumn internationals to turn the team's fortunes around. i always knew we were going to go through a tough period and i always knew close to the lions we were
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going to run into difficulties with players having been up for a long period of time, not having our best players available, testing the depth of our squad. the great thing at the moment, we are correcting a take —— great test for our depth, a great test for our resilience and we are developing the character of the team. england will be without two of the all—rounders for the rest of their one—day series against australia. chris woakes has injured a thigh muscle while ben stokes is recovering from a torn hamstring. neither have played in the series which england currently lead 2—0. the grass court season is well under way at queens and we have already had a first british defeat. cameron norrie proved light work for three—time grand slam champion stan wawrinka. he is well down the world rankings after an injury lay—off but looks to be returning to form. and andy murray returns to action tomorrow. his first competitive match in almost a year. we will let
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you know how he gets on tomorrow night. and british women's numberfour is out of the birmingham classic. she was beaten in straight sets by soccer from japan. that is all from sports day on a night where england got their world cup campaign off to a winning start. theresa may is promising a £20 billion a year increase in nhs funding in england, but she admits taxes will have to go up as well. across the nation taxpayers will have to contribute a bit more in a fair and balanced way to support the nhs we all use.
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