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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 19, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines: the home secretary announces a review into the medicinal use of cannabis — in a move prompted by cases of children with epilepsy not having access to cannabis oil to control their seizures. amid growing political tension in washington, president trump once again defends his zero tolerance immigration policy. around 2000 children have been split from their parents. religious and community leadersjoin together for a minute silence to mark the first anniversary of the finsbury park terror attack in north london. there's been more disruption for northern rail passengers as a 24—hour strike over staffing levels affects services. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, with the latest on the world cup. but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll be speaking to the medical director of the epilepsy society as the government announces a review
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of medicinal cannabis, after pressure from parents of epilepsy sufferers whose condition is helped by cannabis oils. 0n beyond 100 days, christian fraser and katty kay will be speaking to a democratic congressman who visited one of the migrant children centres on the border. we'll be discussing helicopter parenting after a new study suggests it could be bad for children. and we'll have a double helping of the papers. joining me tonight are lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times, and the writer and broadcaster mihir bose to look over tomorrow's front pages. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster, live in moscow, this is sportsday on day five at the world cup, england are preparing revenge is sweet for the blue samurai.
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japan put colombia to the sword to start their tournament with a win. senegal celebrate their first world cup for 16 years with a win against poland. we are alive where england have been recovering from their dramatic victory over tunisia last night. we have the latest from the camp. i'm john watson in the bbc sport centre — also coming up in the programme: it's been a record breaking day at trent bridge as england smash their way to the biggest one day score in history. and murray goes the distance on his return to tennis. good evening. welcome to muggy moscow at least six
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at the world cup. an important day. all 32 nations have nowjoined the world cup party. over the past few hours we have been assessing the talents of group h, just as gareth southgate will have been, because if england get out of their group, which they should, then they will be facing one of the teams that we have seen so far today. let's start in sranask. japan were knocked out of the world cup by colombia four years ago in brazil. 4-1. 4—1. rodriguez was brilliant. japan got their revenge. it sought the first red card of the world cup. afamiliar
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a familiar fixture but would it be a familiar result? just three minutes m, familiar result? just three minutes in, carlos sanchez was shown the first red card of the brad kupfer and intentional handball. former manchester united shinji kagawa from the penalty spot. unable to score the penalty spot. unable to score the equaliser but determined to make his mark. under pressure, and a reward. he calmly drew columbia lovell. japanese keeper briefly tried to argue people had not crossed. goalline technology disagreed. the teams going into half—time one apiece. after the break, ten man columbia began to tire, no longer able to keep up the work of 11 month. japan took advantage, heading in to get that
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fifth world cup win in the history. columbia made a final push. rodriguez was unable to read greatly form which won them the accolade last time round. 0n the day's showing, it seems to have been the right decision to change the manager. what a start forjapan. their first world cup win on european soil. what a great start for them in group page. let us take you back to the stadium to show you someone you back to the stadium to show you someone who was spotted in the crowd. a fairly recognisable figure. it is pretty easy to spot him. carlos valderrama in the crowd, most capped colombia player of all time. almost as famous for his hair as for his skill with the ball, he's vowed to shave off his hair if colombia win the world cup. locks look safe for now. what do you think? especially after
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columbia lost. let us get to the other game. poland against senegal. senegal at their first world cup for 16 years after their heroics in japan and south korea. senegal has scored the first goal. in 2002, senegal scored a goal they heard around the world. eating habit deeper meeting, now this french speaking call it independence day. today the faces have changed, the rhythm sounds the same. setting the tempo is their superstar, sadio mane made these dates for this team's moment. the everton man shot was off
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target that stayed in by the defender. the one piece of play to light upa defender. the one piece of play to light up a poor first half, poland are meant to be the group's seeded tea m are meant to be the group's seeded team that the early lethargy tended to her meltdown. a pass to their midfielder was a lost cause for the goalkeeper. senegal never had it so easy. a moment where premier league know—how escape them. although poland did respond, the goal back him too late. the header overshadowed by his earlier intervention. senegal, and moment they have waited 16 years for, a performance to tell the world about their new generation. the final match kicks off in the next 20 minutes in saint petersburg. back to group eight, the host russia. if they beat egypt, they are as you —— they are as good as barry.
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—— through. mo salah is in. they will need him. that kicks off in around 20 minutes or so in st petersburg, and our reporterjohn bennett will be watching. it was clear that mo salah's shoulder yesterday was not right. they have taken the gamble tonight. he starts tonight against russia. you can understand why that decision has been taken. without him, egypt r.n. audrey site. with him, they are tea m r.n. audrey site. with him, they are team of magical need a team of magical moments. they need a result tonight to stand any chance of progressing to the last 16. russia, the mindset is different. they know if they win, they could get through to the knockout round. there was so much negativity about them just six days ago but after that amazing 5—0 win against aldi
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arabia, the positivity around the national team is quite incredible. —— saudi arabia. they believe their tea m —— saudi arabia. they believe their team can get you to the last 16 and perhaps beyond. they certainly do. john bennett up there in saint petersburg, right up to date with what is happening today. you should know what happened last night. england's injruy time win against tunisia in volgograd. they got back very early this morning to their training base outside st petersburg. david 0rnstein set his alarm to welcome them back. they all got back safe and sound? they all got back safe and sound? they did, the camp is calm that the weather is not. if you like the choppy waters behind me you can see that repino is not the paradise that you have witnessed in previous nights on sports day. england are
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back, six amb arrives local time. 4am in the uk. some wary eyes but they rouse themselves to train. those who were not involved or those who were substitutes, whether they played or not, were in training today. that was 12 members of the squad in total. ruben loftus—cheek who came on as a substitute was among them, danny welbeck, you saw the goalkeeper is as you were not involved. the rest of the squad who did start the match, they were trimming back at the hotel, just going to do some light warmed up and recovery work. dele alli is the only injury concern. he was sent to press down on a five problem. i was told that he was walking around the hotel in the morning. —— eight by —— five problem. marcus rushford made such an impact when he came on as was substitute and he's about entire squad will prove crucial at this world cup.
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you need the squad to win the tournament and that is what we are here to try and do. it is not the be all and here to try and do. it is not the be alland end here to try and do. it is not the be all and end all if you are on the bench and want a and start the game oi'i bench and want a and start the game on another. in the squad we have got here, everybody understands that and we understand it has to be a team effort if you want to bring the trophy home. i guess one of the jobs that gareth southgate will get down to in the next couple of days will be looking at that belgium panama march, working out what changes, if any, he has to make. theyjust nicked that when against tunisia. the questions will be over the next couple of days, will there be changes for panama. i think there is a feeling that there could be some changes, certainly with delie ali and injury concern. there will be questions also about raheem sterling's position. he was the man who made with a marcus rushford and rushford made an immediate impact when he came on. if the think about sterling
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now, he's one of the most expressed players in the squad, he was at the last world cup and the euros as well. he is 23 years old, 39 caps, only two goals. he has not scored four and only two goals. he has not scored fourand on only two goals. he has not scored four and on since october 20 only two goals. he has not scored four and on since 0ctober2015. —— for england. ruben loftus—cheek making a significant impact when he came on. calls for him to be brought into the starting line—up. panama as a match england are expecting to win. but in doing away with them come to play in the end. england know if they win the match on sunday, then they will be, could possibly, depending on the belgian result the day before, could be through to the last 16 with our belgian games still to spare. selection dilemmas for gareth southgate that they are good ones. england have got to win —— a win in the back. they will be looking forward to sunday. they have a day off tomorrow. the only time they will benefit from that luxury for the entire stay here at the world
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cup, they will have a bit of downtime, heading to saint petersburg, families can visit, they can go on the golf course. it is full stea m can go on the golf course. it is full steam ahead for sunday and panama. david, i feel really sorry for you. you have to put all your linen water the way for the day. many thanks for the way for the day. many thanks for the updates. you are up—to—date with all the matches today. senegal winners, japan winners. we are looking forward to egypt taking on the host in the next 15 minutes. there is a lot more sport you can see. john watson is there at the sports centre with all of it. news of a thrilling day at trent bridge, where if you were one of the lucky ones to have a seat in the stands you were treated to some huge hitting as england set a new record for the highest score in one day cricket. they made 481 for six off their 50 overs, surpassing the previous record england held by 37 runs
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which was set at the same ground two years ago. we can get some reaction to this. ryan sidebottom is with us. former bowler with yorkshire and england. alex hales 147 off 92 balls. bairstow 139 off 92. eion morgan became england's leading 0di runscorer. it was impressive. impressive. forget the world cup, that is a ridiculous score. i think losing to scotla nd ridiculous score. i think losing to scotland was the impetus that the england team needed. sometimes you need a kick up the backside to come back down to earth and there is some fantastic players in that team. 481 isa fantastic players in that team. 481 is a ridiculous card in 50 overs and it is absolutely immense. australia 48-1 it is absolutely immense. australia 48—1 now as they look to chase down
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that unlikely total. that mammoth total. as we know though, england despite that upset the scotland a few days ago, they are demonstrating that they are the most dangerous side and one date crooked. most definitely. they have got a talented side. —— one day cricket. they are absolutely outstanding. it is absolutely amazing. stokes and works are not playing in these matches, so england are very strong, 15 to 20 players that and happily come in and do the same job. england in the short format of cricket are absolutely amazing. very talented and it is exciting. they play that exciting brand of cricket. very attacking, great to watch. i would
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love to be there today. reigning fours and sixes against the aussies as well is amazing. you wouldn't need a helmet in the stands today. thank you forjoining us tonight. —— you would need a helmet. england as we know without the big hitting of ben stokes because of injury, not that they're missing him. he has though been left out of england's squad for the t20 matches against australia and india. meanwhile tash farrant, has been added to the women's t20 squad for their up coming tri series, which starts tomorrow in taunton against south africa, with new zealand the other side involved. captain heather knight using the tournament as a chance to prepare for the t20 world cup in west indies later this year. it is going to be a really good test for us. new zealand, south africa, some of the best t20 teams in the wild. hopefully we can perform very well and go into that tournament in
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november with some confidence. england full back mike brown defended his reaction following his verbal altercation with an england supporter as he left the field following saturday's defeat to south africa in bloemfontain. team mate ben youngs also walked away from a tv interview following england's fifth straight test defeat. iam nota i am not a robot, iam nota robot, iam i am not a robot, i am a iam nota robot, iam a human being. i react the way i feel at that moment in time, i am a passionate person, an emotional person, i play on agents. that is me, if people do not like it, that is them. —— i play on emotions. 0ne is them. —— i play on emotions. one more match to come on that tour of south africa. the duke and duchess of sussex joined the queen today, as the royal ascot meeting got under way. so often it is the racing in the spotlight, but a series of fights and other anti social incidents at high profile races have prompted the authorities to take action, as sara 0rchard reports. as scott high street was alive with
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race goes from early this morning. 300,000 are expected to attend over the five—day flat racing spectacle and they did not seem to be many worried about having a tipple before lunch. after outbreaks of violence earlier this year, both here at ascot and also at goodwood, the increased security measures increased security measures increased the possibility of being breathalysed as you enter the course. barack to 20 sniffer dogs looking on patrol for illegal drugs. a highly browsable response team to increase numbers to carry out early elections and intervention. you have to look after yourself, do not get too drunk. i think it is a good thing. you want a nice day, you do not want anyone to drunk. i hope they squash this violence. it is terrible for families who are coming racing. it has got to be so. . with 20 sniffer dogs covering the
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entrance to the racecourse, the chances of being caught is fairly high. it is not an event that taking drugs or getting out of control in terms of what you have drunk. come to the royal ascot, enjoyed like it is meant to be enjoyed, and they will find that is how you enjoy it to its maximum. while racegoers who admitted he had those created this year will remain on thursday's gold cup, today's feature race was the saintjames cup, today's feature race was the saint james palace stakes, cup, today's feature race was the saintjames palace stakes, one by the favourite, son of the unbeaten frankel, ridden by frankie dettori. the full 20 will be the prince of wales stakes. before we return to russia and link up with 0llie foster once again, news of arriva monday —— andy murray's comeback. andy murray said his comeback at queen's wasn't about winning — but he stuck around long enough to prove that it might be. as he went the distance with nick kyrigos over three sets at queen's after almost a year out with a hip injury. asjoe wilson reports.
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nearly a year they've been waiting. he's been waiting. andy murray's pounded the practice courts, ran all the rehab. but only a match would tell us — is he really ready? well, the first point at queen's went 0k. murray's opponent, nick kyrgios, talented and tormented, was now belting wild serves out and helping murray take the first set 6—2. well, whatever was happening with his opponent, andy murray was cracking on with the comeback. now trying to win the second set. if the point of this match was for murray to extend himself, to test his hip, and his hop, he was moving. full stretch. but kyrgios found enough of his good moments to take the second set on a tie—break. so queen's, intrigued, prepared for a third set. joe wilson, bbc news, west london. well, it's been quite a third set. he lost it by seven games to five.
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murray losing on his return to competitive tennis after almost a year out with that hip injury. at the wta event in birmingham, british number one johanna konta went out in the first round. she was beaten by the defending champion petra kvitova 6—3, 6—4, as she continues her preparations ahead of wimbledon. heather watson's disappointing season continued with defeat to lesia tsurenko in the first round. it was a tight match, with the first set going to a tie—break and only a single break of serve in the second. heather watson searching for her best form of course with wimbledon around the corner now. back now to 0lly in moscow. day six of the world cup. many thanks indeed, john. the world cup, the game so thick and fast you have no time did dwell on anything.
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a lot of the chat, especially those with england hats on, with about a few of those challenges that harry kane, england captain, suffered in the tunisian box. wrestled, manhandled to the ground. should've got a penalty, perhaps, with the ve day are, they dew assisted referee. why did the man upstairs spot those clear files buyers towards england? richard conway, they seem clear cut. are going to do anything this outrage. —— steve they would open the think a lot more pressure today if the score had remained 1—1. pressure today if the score had remained 1-1. they have attracted a lot of attention and people looking should the serves spotted that. fifa
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say they will look at that. referees do go back over the footage and see how they could make improvements. fifa are happy with the way it has been introduced at this world cup. we have seen decisions made in the france australia opening match. that involved the four video system referees. they are located in the international broadcast centre which is on the outskirts of moscow. they are not too far from here. is on the outskirts of moscow. they are not too farfrom here. all the feeds coming to them from around the country. they look at them. they are in co nsta nt country. they look at them. they are in constant dialogue with the referees. it is about the four men in the booth talking constantly with the referee on the pitch. the referee on the page has the final say. fifa happy with how it has been implemented that those two decisions causing some debate around whether or not it is working. this is what
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we do not know, fifa will not tell us we do not know, fifa will not tell us why those decisions were not made. they may be there was a foul leading up to harry kane being brought down the first time. an insta nt brought down the first time. an instant preventing the referee making that call in the second incident, that is where we are. fifa are aware that the disgraced president, he is in town at peetoom's invite. he will be at the stadium. —— vladimir putin. it is a bit awkward. he is not very far from here. he arrived this afternoon, on a personal invitation from vladimir putin. he was here to watch a couple of games, taking in morocco against portugal and costa rica against brazil. said blatter is banned from football for six years. he is subject to a criminal investigation in switzerland regarding possible
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misappropriation of funds. it could be delegate seating plan to make sure there is no embarrassment. thank you. some other news from around the world cup. there's worrying news to bring you from the brazil camp. neymar hobbled out of training today, they're preparing for their second group game, against costa rica on friday. it's a problem with his right ankle, apparently the result of a series of fouls in their 1—1 draw with switzerland on sunday. we're told he will play a full part in training tomorrow, though. it should be ok for the next match against costa rica next weekend. they are sweating on a neymar injury, the brazilian fans. adds to the drama. it was positively balmy in volgograd last night and we've been blessed with really good weather here in moscow — until today, that is. you do not know what will happen in
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the moscow skies. just listen to the match of the day team trying to talk through it. last night, two or three times, i think england have two or three penalties, it could have cost us a lot last night. i don't you cannot hear what i'm saying, it is really coming down. some of the best work there. it was that bad. they spent a bit more money on this sheedy ‘s, a corrugated iron roof. before we go, let's take you to the st petersburg stadium. it isa it is a must win match for egypt after they lost their opener against uruguay in which mo salah played no pa rt uruguay in which mo salah played no part whatsoever. mo salah starts the egypt against the host russia at the saint petersburg stadium. they kick
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off in saint petersburg stadium. they kick offina saint petersburg stadium. they kick off in a couple of minutes. the matches live on bbc one. russia, if they win, they are good as do and that something opening win. it will not be mathematically sealed but they are kissing the world cup there already. so, not really much pressure as there was on the russians before they came into this tournament but certainly pressure on the shoulders as there always is, on the shoulders as there always is, on the shoulders as there always is, on the shoulders of mo salah. we will leave you with these pictures. we will have updates on this match, russia against egypt, throughout the rest of the evening on bbc news. from the sportsday team here in moscow and back in the bbc sport centre, it's goodbye for now. a dry month so far for some of you.
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a dry month so far for some of you. a wet spell, over the next two weeks. rain against southern scotland, coming and going against the breeze. a bit of drizzle in the west, many will stay dry another muqqy west, many will stay dry another muggy night. temperatures in the teens. that will make its way further southwards and he said that they go through wednesday, introducing brighter skies with it. the morning rain, eastern scotland, close will stop wet start to beat day parts of northern england and northern wales, a few showers on the weather front as it heads to the east anglia towards the end of the afternoon. steve is warm, humid 25 to 26,000, mid—teens. they will continue into the first part of the night, fading away into thursday and then destroy all the way through the rest of the week and into the weekend after temperatures with the brief drop slowly on the rise again.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. maybe the sound of a child crying in texas will change the minds of adults in washington? a secret recording from an immigrant detention center is unsettling politicians on capitol hill. child crying. these desperate cries don't help the president, who is heading to congress to defend his policy of separating kids from parents who try to enter the country illegally. even some top republicans now say the controversial practice must stop but president trump stands firm. we want a country with heart. but when people come up they have to know they can't get in, otherwise it's never going to stop. also on the programme. a senior british politician calls for cannabis to be legalised — for recreational as well
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