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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 21, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: a reversalfor the us president on his policy of taking migrant children away from their parents. more than 2000 have already been separated. donald trump has signed an executive order that he says will end the separation, but the children will now be detained with their parents instead. there has been angry reaction to hungary's approval of a controversial package of laws that penalises non—governmental organisations that help migrants. and this story is trending on british airways has disappointed travellers who thought they found an incredible deal on flights to tel aviv and dubai. more than 2000 tickets booked for just over $1 were cancelled by the airline, after it admitted they had been sold "too cheaply" by mistake. that's all from me. stay with us here on bbc news. and in the uk: an official inquiry has found that hundreds of elderly patients at a hospital in hampshire died because of an institutionalised regime of over—prescribing
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powerful painkillers when there was no medicaljustification. now, the business news live from singapore. raises its offer for 21st century fox to more than $71 million, but will comcast try to beat it? and in australia, at willpower calls for a ban on live animal exports could hurt the farming industry. —— we look at how. good morning asia, hello world. it is a thursday, glad you could join as for another action packed edition of asia business report. i am packed edition of asia business report. iam rico packed edition of asia business report. i am rico hizon. packed edition of asia business report. iam rico hizon. first packed edition of asia business report. i am rico hizon. first up on the programme, the largest bidding war in media history. disney has
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increased its bid for the assets of zist increased its bid for the assets of 21st century fox to more than $71 billion. the company is locked in a battle with comcast, which offered $65 million us last week. our business report explained what exactly is going on as the battle in the media and entertainment industry heats up. this is one of the longest—running corporate love triangles in some time and the nt is getting quite big right now. —— ante. we saw disney come to with an offer to buy it 21st century fox for something like $71 million, of course disney was forced to do this because its rival comcast had bid $65 million. what you get money? get most of 21st century fox's assets, crucially you do not get fox news and some of this box sports
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channels, but you do get shows like the simpsons, at the movie studios that produced films like x—men, you get sky tv of cause and a significant stake in the streaming service, hulu. will comcast come up with a counter offer? i do want to say that when it comes to 21st century fox, it does have a preferred suitor, they would prefer that disney does by the company. that is because they are concerned that if comcast does have a successful bid, it could face scrutiny from us regulators, who again are wary of these media mergers that are happening in the united states. 21st century fox, which is led of course by rupert murdoch, would be more —— believes that the regulators would be more inclined to approve the sale to disney than the comcast. instagram is sharing a new feature that allows users to upgrade video is longer
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than a users to upgrade video is longer thana minute, users to upgrade video is longer than a minute, this comes after rival snapchat unveiled a rival feature aimed at keeping users on the sight longer. dave lee explains. this is instagram's first venture into long—term video, it now videos will go up to as long as 60 minutes. they want to capture some of the younger audience that is gravitating toward snapchat, which already has similar types of content. instagram does have a similar challenge on its hands, for starters all the content is going to be shot vertically and it also has to lure all of those top creators currently using other platforms into making stuff instagram instead. they are currently not going to share any advertising revenue, is i asked instagram's co—founder why any creator would want to move to their platform instead. they find that a growing audience and connecting to that basis is really valuable for them ina
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that basis is really valuable for them in a whole bunch of ways. we have found some people gone too are based on the instagram following, which is really wild and about doing deals and branded content, which is something we are not in the middle of. some of those things will continue. some of these ideas we have seen elsewhere, youtube have beenin have seen elsewhere, youtube have been in the video business for a long time. snapchat stories has been copied by instagram. what kind of originality is actually coming out of your company? i think the key is looking at the community in what they want. we acknowledge that stories comes from snapchat first, you have seen other companies try it and it does not really fit. plus, it is about doing the work to make it feel like instagram, to make it fit in. instagram now has more than 1 billion active monthly users, it is the fastest growing social media network on the internet. if they wa nt to network on the internet. if they want to keep that up, this plan has got to work. well, as fears of a trade war between the two biggest
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economies lingers, it german luxury carmaker daimler has slashed its profit forecast for 2014, naming a decrease in profits to china. daimler claimed its profits would fall because fewer chinese consumers would buy sports utility vehicles coming from the us. staying with that story, that the us markets did actually stabilised after the us tariff had sent markets earlier —— loa early in the week. when will we see what kind of tariffs that these —— impact these tariffs will have a major? i put that to an analyst from the bank of singapore, who joined major? i put that to an analyst from the bank of singapore, whojoined us earlier. from july one, it is going to hurt. initially, the numbers are quite small that they are talking about, initially it is only 0.25% of
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american gdp. because of the supply chain ‘s comment is really hard to see where it could be disrupted. that it could be really the subject asian economic growth in the second half of the year by 2019 if you had these tariffs in place, plus rising interest rates and wicket emerging currencies. yeah, the overall economic environment is looking challenging. that is causing disruption amongst various emerging markets, most of those are not in the asian region but it is affecting the asian region but it is affecting the currencies and it probably will asa the currencies and it probably will as a result, lead to higher interest rates and problems. the weakest currency in asia, it thailand, an indonesian currency and the indian rupee 01’ indonesian currency and the indian rupee or falling against the dollar. there has been broad weakness, clearly not as much as we are seeing in some other regions but indonesia has been quite proactive, they have raised interest rates couple of times already. they have realise they need to get ahead of the
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markets and try to prevent it becoming too contagious, but the philippines have been behind the curve and they are paying the price. farmers in australia have warned against a move to stop the export of live animals to the middle east. demands for australian sheep and bmb demands for australian sheep and lamb has been at its highest because of the islamic festival of eid. at animal welfare concerns have led critics to call for a ban. please note, you may find some of the images in this report upsetting. packed on a ship for a three—week journey, this undercover footage shows dirty and distressed sheep being taken from australia to the middle east last year. more than 2000 died on thejourney. when the footage was aired in australia, it shocked farmers like alan piggott. having travelled to the middle east himself, he says it is not typical of the conditions he has seen, but
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farmers are worried live exports could be banned. is very uncertain, we have already seen prices drop in western australia. it is uncertainty for the expert is —— exporters as well and there is uncertainty for oui’ well and there is uncertainty for our markets in the lee. australia's major food exporter, our markets in the lee. australia's majorfood exporter, producing far more than it can consume, and that is white farmers here are acutely aware of the need to sell their goods abroad and hold onto their customers in the middle east. nearly 2 million sheep were exported from australia last year, from this port in adelaide and fremantle in western australia. kuwait and casar are the main destinations for the ships crossing the equator into a different climate. this is notjust one isolated incident, there have been many incidents with ships going into the middle east from an australian winter to a middle eastern summer. the death rate is higher, the raiders suffering of animals is high. those animals are expected to experience heat stress.
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the undercover footage prompted a political debate in australia, which is still unresolved. the government wa nts is still unresolved. the government wants the number of sheep on board reduced in the hottest months, but some of its members wanted them instead. it may reflect a gradual shift in the public‘s attitude towards the farming industry. shift in the public‘s attitude towards the farming industrylj think towards the farming industry.” think it has to do with this idea that abuses are occurring, it is occurring offshore but we are still responsible for it, and so this heightened kind of public distrust, together with more transparency because of the expose is and the transport issues has led to a real crisis in this domain. for australian farmers, the key commodity of these —— in this is trust. they want to keep the export trade going without losing their customers at home. the six major us air carriers have spoken out against the trump administration's immigration policy, where children have been separated from their families. alaska, american, delta,
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frontier, south—west and united airlines all said the policy went against their values and they do not wa nt against their values and they do not want the aircraft used to transport migrant children. the us government said some of the airlines were being taken in by a false media narrative. australian stores of the us chain toys—r—us will be shutting down at administrators said they were not able to find a buyer. about 700 people be losing theirjobs, it was confirmed 44 baby and toy good shops would close. thank you so much for investing your time with us. sport todayis investing your time with us. sport today is that next with all the world cup results, i am rico hizon. just before sports today, let's bring you up—to—date with our top stories. —— sport today. president trump has signed an executive order to end his administration's controversial practice of separating migrant children from their parents. an official enquiry has found that
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hundreds of elderly patients at a hospital in hampshire died because of the over prescribing of powerful painkillers when there was no medicaljustification. lord sugar has apologised, after being accused of racism in a tweet in which he compared a picture of senegal‘s world cup squad to beach sellers in spain. lord sugar hosts the apprentice on bbc one. the british billionaire turned tv star of the apprentice, lord sugar, synonymous with these two stinging words... you are fired. but following the senegal—poland world cup match, lord sugar tweeted to compare senegal‘s national team to beach vendors in spain, posting an image of sunglasses and handbags underneath. the comments prompted hundreds of people to show him the red card, some calling him racist. lord sugar‘s response? "i can't see what i have to apologise for, you are 0tt." as an educational charity working with young people on a daily basis,
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and seeing the effects of casual racism, i can assure him that it is casual racism. but i think as the reaction‘s gone on over the course of the day, i think lord sugar has come to realise the implications of his words and his actions today. 0thers watching the match saw it as extra motivation for the senegalese team. this is a kind of message that we must end. in fact, it maybe help us to become more motivated and show them that those kind of comments does not have any place in the football industry. we've tried speaking to lord sugar, but he wasn't available. despite him not speaking to us at his home in essex today, lord sugar has tweeted an apology. sir alan michael sugar, knight. the bbc press office also commented
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on lord sugar‘s actions, saying "it was a seriously misjudged tweet, it's right he's apologised unreservedly. " despite the comments off the pitch, senegal claimed their victory on the pitch with a 2—1 win over poland. and even the fans were praised for cleaning up their stand afterwards. frankie mccamley, bbc news. we have as always lots more on our website. and you can get in touch with me and the team on twitter. i'm @bbckasiamadera. that is it to me. mike embley will be here at 2am. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, i'm tulsen tollett and this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: ronaldo the record breaker, another goal
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for the portuguese captain sees them edge closer to the knockout stages as morocco pack their bags to go home luis suarez scores to ensure that uruguay join hosts russia in the last 16 with a match to spare and marin cilic moves through to the quarter—finals of the queen's club championships after a tough three set win over gilles muller. hello, and welcome to the programmme where we start at the fifa world cup in russia. on wednesday, there were wins for european champions portugal along with spain in group b — while in group a uruguayjoined the host country in guaranteeing their place in the knockout phase. all three matches finished 1—0, only the third time in world cup history that three matches on the same day had this scoreline, and wrapping everything up from moscow is 0lly foster.


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