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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 22, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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the former wimbledon champion, boris becker, is told by the central african republic he could face prosecution for obtaining a forged diplomatic passport. he's denied any wrong doing. 70 years after the arrival in the uk of the first caribbean migrants on the empire windrush, a service of thanksgiving is held at westminster abbey. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll be speaking to a trade policy expert about the warnings from airbus and bmw over brexit. at nine thirty, clemenecy burton—hill will talk to a panel of authors about stories they think have shaped the world. and joining me later tonight to review tomorrow's papers will be benedicte paviote from france 2a and the head of politics at the daily mirror, jason beattie. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello i'm olly foster
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live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup... patience is a virtue in st petersburg an injury time late show from brazil knocks costa rica out. the super eagles have found their wings. . .they beat icealnd and group d's final round is going to be a nailbiter. and i'm holly hamilton — away from the world cup the comeback continues— andy murray confirms he will play at eastbourne next week.. and a lucky escape for marcus ericsson as formula one returns to france for the first time in ten years. hello, we are half
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way through the gorup stage here in russia. we are all trying to work out who can or cannot make it through to the last 16. a world cup without brazil would be a bit like red square without st basil's cathedral... it wasn't must win in st peterburg but their fate is now in their own hands ...for 90 minutes in st petersberg they were frustrated by costa rica, and the referee and his video assistants, but they came good in the end. they are up and running, costa rica
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are out. the relief at full—time, neymar says it all. it is the greatest stage in football but many of the star names have failed to live up to their billing. take neymar, he failed to score in their opening match, he would probably have scored this but the costa rican midfielder is not quite as prolific. as our‘s wastefulness and the dogged defending meant the only shot on target in the first fell to a defender. marcella's effort was not enough to beat now pass. a hero was needed, neymar expected it to be him after being brought down, but after inspecting replays, the referee changed his mind. that appeared to break his spirit as moments later, he was booked for dissent. it almost descended into farce, brazil accusing the costa ricans are
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playacting. it was almost slapstick stuff but it was time for a late drama. 90 minutes was already up when coutinho struck for the second match in a row, prompting unrestrained joy and relief in equal measure. brazil had severely taken a tumble but there was more glass to come before the finish. in the 97th minute, the world's most expensive player finally came good, prompting a torrent of tears at the final whistle. the favourite and neymar are finally firing. so this is how group e looks after that result — brazil top with four points but they could be overtaken by serbia or switzerland who play each other in the next 20 minutes in kaliningrad. brazil face serbia in their final match costa rica are out. so let's get some more now on that dramatic win for brazil from our football reporter john bennett who's outside the stadium over there in st petersburg wow. do you have words to describe
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the relief at the full—time whistle? we saw neymar‘s tears and that says so we saw neymar‘s tears and that says so much about the pressure he was under, but also the pressure on the team. they received so much criticism after that draw against switzerland. they had started so well, but then they were pegged back by switzerland and led to some press headlines which were really negative about the team. neymar was feeling the pressure and so was the coach and the players as well. for the first 20 minutes, all the crowd were behind brazil. it was a sea of yellow in the stadium, brought back memories of the previous world cup, but after that they quieten down and there was some booing. those late goals from coutinho and neymar have changed everything, changed everything in the group and changed everything in the group and changed everything in the group and changed everything in terms of clement. let
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us everything in terms of clement. let us have some perspective from brazil. i have been speaking to a radio journalist. they are very happy now. brazil needed a boost. the last game was not a good game, because we did not pass well and ca ke because we did not pass well and cake and made a score. now, we have possession, we have a good game with some good passes. now, ithink brazil is in the right way. i think firmino can replace jesus in the next game. i think douglas costa played very well. maybe he can can
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keep playing. now brazil are happy, we needed that victory. john, i know tea m we needed that victory. john, i know team sort of goal and two tournaments, especially when they are struggling, that is what they like to say, but do you think brazil fa ns like to say, but do you think brazil fans and followers will want to to have seen a little bit more of all their material skills and certainly a couple more goals? we saw patches offered in the games and speaking to some of the fans, they were more positive than i thought they would be. they say they have seen enough signs to suggest they could go far. it is interesting to talk about the possible team changes, maybe firmino starting, he got a big cheer when he came on. in terms of neymar, it will ta ke came on. in terms of neymar, it will take time for us to see the best of
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him. the coach said it will be five games before he is back to his best because he had bad injury with psg when he hurt his foot. we have seen enough from brazil to suggest there are still the world cup favourites but it will be interesting to see what they do against serbia. they need one point to progress to the last 16. it will be interesting. thank you. that group is going to become... so group e will become clearer in the next couple of hours, group d is going down to the wire. this is argentina's group, after their defeat to croatia last night, they will have been supporting nigeria, and the super eagles have put themsleves in the mix for the last 16 by beating iceland 2—nil in volgograd. i'll try and explain some of the maths in a moment. patrick gearey reports the eyes of their island are on
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iceland. their first match drew the attention of most viewers in iceland. there is a national obsession. either way you do not touch the removal and gylfi sigurdsson was over a free kick. it was dramatic by the standards of a slumbering first half. then the change of ends and look at the change of ends and look at the change of ends and look at the change of pace, nigeria suddenly faster got it into the path of musa. musa! the nigerian world cup ignited ina musa! the nigerian world cup ignited in a runaway moment and the game had changed. iceland tried to some of the primordialforce changed. iceland tried to some of the primordial force which changed. iceland tried to some of the primordialforce which has brought them this far but it was as nothing in the face of musa. i'm lucky there, within 30 seconds he had it again and this time he took forging completely out of the equation. it is musa! nigeria rampant, the super eagles flying but iceland, the smallest nation in the
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world cup of a spirit like few others and they got a penalty, placed at the feet of sigurdsson, one of the greatest ever players. heartbreak is an unusual feeling for this nation of overachievers, playing only guests in a 45 minute nigeria spectacular. croatia lead on six points and are through but nigeria are now in the box seat for second place — they may still need to beat argentina though depending on how iceland get on against croatia in the final mkatches on tuesday. argentina have to beat nigeria and then better iceland's result against croatia... if both win, then it could be decided on goal difference or gaols scored. we can now speak to a former iceland international and member of their fa ricarda dardason. you were at the game, can you give us an idea of how the players are feeling after that?
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we are definitely up against it. i think they played a good first half, but to concede a goal on the counterattack, when we were using one of our long thrones, it was difficult coming back from that and it lacked energy. the nigerian side is dangerous going forward. it looked to be a difficult second half. we need to take better care of oui’ half. we need to take better care of our chances in the first half.“ there is something that we learned from the euros a couple of years ago, what about the end of the group stage, do you still believe in what you can achieve? you got through to
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the knockout stage two years ago? yes. you said it right, we obviously have to beat croatia, they have been oui’ have to beat croatia, they have been our nemesis, we played them in the play—offs before the world cup in brazil and last and we've managed to beat them in the summer in the group stage and finish top of our group, we know we can beat them. i am sure it will come down to the last seconds, like it did last time. it has become something for a hallmark for this team. the mental strength to carry on, keep up the spirit and i think, we will try to do our best to be in there at the end of the games in the last round. never questioned the islamic spirit. we have learned that from first—hand experience tests—macro question the iceland spirit. let us stay in that
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group and remind ourselves of the extraordinary result we had last night, described as... so argentina now face a must—win match against nigeria on tuesday — that after what was described as one of the worst defeats in their history when they were beaten 3—0 by croatia in last night's dramatic match (00v) real madrid's luka modric was among the goalscorers as argentina's defence collapsed and left them on the brink of failining to quyalify for the last 16 this was the scene in buenos aires where thousands had gathered to watch the match on big screens around the capital fans described the team as "broken" and called for the resignation of coach jorge sampaoli. he begged for forgiveness after that result and he said, it was solely his responsibility. high drama in the argentinian camp at the moment.
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a lot of soul—searching as well. let's move on now to the england camp, their second match at this world cup is on sunday when they take on panama in nizny novogorod. we have the incident of the dislocated shoulder for gareth southgate. a minor injury scare. the headlines today have been about that team sheet which was revealed at training yesterday — here to look at the fallout from that is our sports editor dan roan in repino. today here at england's training base, gareth southgate was asked about the news yesterday, when steve holland was photographed during training holding a piece of paper which appeared to show team notes, which appeared to show team notes, which may have revealed the starting 11 for the big match on sunday against panama, england's second match of the world cup. that piece of paper appeared to reveal their
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hands —— but without raheem sterling would be replaced by marcus rashford and that ruben loftus—cheek would replace the injured dele alli. he said they were scored notes, not necessarily the starting 11, but he did say that anything that may give the opposition some kind of help would be a disadvantage potentially and he said it was time for the english media to decide whether or not they wanted to help england. tyler walker spoke to the assembled media afterwards and this is what he had to say —— kyle walker. media afterwards and this is what he had to say -- kyle walker. if you're trying keep it to yourself and not bring it out to the world, it will not help us, in the later stage of the tournament, if we get there, because all the rest of the world has seen our team because all the rest of the world has seen our team now. because all the rest of the world has seen our team now. you guys have to, do your little bit, so if you could help us in that and be a bit polite. kyle walker backing up his manager's opinion when it comes to the coverage of those controversial
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lea ked the coverage of those controversial leaked training ground notes from steve holland. some injury news on dele alli who had a slight thigh strain from which she has been receiving treatment. gareth southgate also said that he was unlikely to be fit enough to take his place in the team that faces panama on sunday afternoon. england will have four more training session here in repino before making the journey to the match and by sunday they may be in a position where they know that a victory would be enough to ta ke know that a victory would be enough to take them safely through to the knockout stage of the competition. confidence running high after that opening victory against tunisia. we'll have more on england later in the programme but tomorrow, it's the other game in england's group as belgium face tunisia here in moscow. after their 3—0 win over panama last monday, their coach roberto martinez cut a confident figure at his pre—match press conference today world cup does not respect
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generations or individual names and the world cup only respects winning teams and the only thing we have done is qualify well. i think we have been progressing really well in ourtime and now have been progressing really well in our time and now it isjust making sure that we are ready for tomorrow. we do not want to be boring, we are football team, we are not here to bring stories are try to fill fill pages for the wrong reasons, we want to bea pages for the wrong reasons, we want to be a group, we care about each other, that we find a way to fit all the exceptional individual talent that we have. we have footballers in a very good moment of their careers. they have big roles at club level, but this is the national team, this is unique. we are not here to find blame orfind is unique. we are not here to find blame or find a is unique. we are not here to find blame orfind a way is unique. we are not here to find blame or find a way out, we're here to work hard for each other and try to work hard for each other and try to fill the potential that have. that is tomorrow. we have serbia and
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switzerland coming up. that's all for now from us here, join us later in sportsday. holly — over to you. tennis now and some good news for andy murray fans. he's announced he'll be appearing at eastbourne next week after accepting a wildcard into the event. the former world number one returned to the court at queens this week — his first competitive match in almost a year as he recovered from a hip surgery. after losing in straight sets to nick kyrigos the three—time grand slam champion said he was unsure of the best way to continue his return. eastbourne is of couse the final warm—up event before wimbledon which begins on the 2nd ofjuly. there's lots of other tennis news today — here's a quick look at what else has been going on. top seed marin cilic is through to the semi—finals at queens club. the croatian, who won in 2012, beat american sam querrey 7—6, 6—2. novak djokovic is also through to the semi finals after beating france's adrian mannarino 7—5, 6—1. the three—time wimbledon champion
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will face france'sjeremy chardy or american frances tiafoe in the last four. britain's dan evans could still play wimbledon despite being overlooked for a wildcard this week. the former british number two who recently returned to tennis following a ban for taking cocaine, won two matches today to come through pre—qualifying. evans will have to win three matches at roehampton next week to reach the main draw. over in birmingham, mihaela buzarnescu repeated her french open feat by again defeating number two seed elina svitolina in their quarterfinal. the romanian won in straight sets 6—3, 6—2 and will face petra kvitova in the last eight. formula one hasn't visited france for ten years, but it returned today with a bang. while world champion lewis hamilton clocked the quickest time for mercedes in both practice sessions... but the unfamiliar course took its toll on some of the drivers as jennie gow reports.
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the first day of the french grand prix proper, the first time we have been back here to this circuit since 1990. that year west germany won the world cup, who will win this? first blood goes to lewis hamilton in the mercedes. he was fastest of everyone today and quite frankly he looks out of this world. his team—mate, a suspected water leak took his running a little bit early out of the game and for him, it will be frustration, because he desperately wa nts to frustration, because he desperately wants to come out here and show he has got what it takes to beat lewis hamilton. we know that the ferrari ca i’s hamilton. we know that the ferrari cars are a little slow out of the blocks on a friday, but on saturday, when qualifying gets under way, the ferrari cars will be closer and the
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red bull cars, both daniel mercado and max verstappen having a clean day and look like they were on it as well. a six way battle for those which could be the first french grand prix for ten years, will be fantastic. 0ne bit of drama, marcus ericsson had a big fire in the first practice session and could not get out again. he was ok, but scary scenes here in france. 0nto racing and the favourite alpha centauri has won the day's race at royal ascot, the coronation stakes — and in brilliant fashion. the big fillees race of the meeting was never in doubt once alapha centauri started her run for home. she was ridden by colm 0'donoghue and trained byjessie harrington, more known for her success injump racing. alpha centauri eventually came home six lengths in front of the field to follow her victory in the irish 1,000 guineas. confirmation of the starting prices — alpha centauri the 11 to a favourite winning from threading at 7 to 1 and veracious at 1a to 1 in third. england's women play a t20 double
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header against south africa and new zealand at taunton tomorrow, fresh from setting a new t20 world record score of 250 in their match with south africa at the same venue on wednesday. confidence in their camp is therefore soaring after setting the new benchmark. we have put a lot of hard work into power hitting, but the aggression we wa nt to power hitting, but the aggression we want to go out in t20, we are working hard on soap to go out there and geta working hard on soap to go out there and get a world record, it was a great experience. how early in the innings did you think this might be a world—record ? innings did you think this might be a world-record? tens or 11 are over and we talked about the fact we did not even want to think about their scorer, but it started to creep in. right, that's it from me. back to 0lly foster in moscow.
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i was wondering if i would have to get a haircut before then. if england go deeper into the tournament, what will they do? there isa tournament, what will they do? there is a barber on standby coming out, should they need a trim. there have been questionable haircuts, like carlos valderrama. he's not the only one. there was reynaldo's and finish buzz cut and the time the romanians turned up with bleached hair in 1998. thankfully the england team and me are in safe hands. just an car is the personal barber to some
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of english football ‘s biggest names, cutting the hair of dele alli, kyle walker and danny welbeck and he is on standby this summer. tell me what happened at euro 2016? they flew you how to cut their hair. can you imagine? i got to go over and bea can you imagine? i got to go over and be a part of it. it was a mad honourfor me to and be a part of it. it was a mad honour for me to be there. will that happen this time? it depends how long they are out there. i hope anyway, i am long they are out there. i hope anyway, iam british, isupport england,... how was anyway, iam british, isupport england, . .. how was that? anyway, iam british, isupport england,... how was that? good, world cup ready. the life of being a professional footballer. there are barber on standby. we are coming up to the last match of the day. let's turn our attention to tonight's match —
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serbia versus switzerland in kaliningrad and an example of the lengths bsome fans will go got follow their team here in russia. how about this trust —— this is beat studer who trust rumbled into kaliningrad on thursday after a 12 dayjourney from lucerne — on his tractorjust to watch tonight's match. switzerland will have been pleasaed with their start after that draw against brazil in their opening match but they are already two points behind serbia, who beat costa rica 1—0 in theirfirst game, thanks to a quite brilliant free—kick from the former manchester city full—back alexander kolarov. this so these are live pictures from kaliningrad — the most westerly venue at this world cup... we have the anthems. can you believe it is actually the first time that switzerland and serbia have faced each other? serbia are pretty newly formed. the swiss are unchanged
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unsurprisingly from the team that got that brazil draw. there is aleksander kolarov, got that brazil draw. there is aleksander kola rov, will got that brazil draw. there is aleksander kolarov, will he be on target again? the group is still wide open. the top headline so far is brazil getting that win. from all of us, back in the sports centre as well, it is goodbye from —— goodbye for now. we have been predicting that the weather will be sunny. it is looking beautiful across the uk. however, bearing in mind that the uv levels will be very high,. the pollen levels will be very high across parts of the uk. the satellite image
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from today shows how sunny it was across the country and these are the temperatures around nine o'clock in the evening. still in the mid teens in the north, holding a 20 on the south. tonight with the clear skies, the temperatures will take a dip, not as cold as last night, but still relatively fresh. first thing on saturday morning for the early birds, we're talking about single figure at temperatures from the northern cities. a high pressure is in charge of the weather on saturday. in the very far north, we have a week weather front that will be brushing scotland and that means thicker cloud and maybe some spots of rain but only for a time from the north—west of scotland, possibly the northerners, south of that, the weather is looking sunny and for some of us, clear blue skies with temperatures in the mid—20s in london, the high teens in the north. these are the pollen levels, you can see high they are in scotland
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and very high for the south of the uk. i suffer from and very high for the south of the uk. isufferfrom hayfever, that and very high for the south of the uk. i sufferfrom hayfever, that is not good news for me. sunday, it is looking great across the uk, a lot of clear whether, a lot of sunshine around, dry in the north as well, light winds. those temperatures will start to pick up nationwide, even in the north of the country, temperatures into the 20s. 22 for belfast. 20 1a hole. not too hot, just about right for most of us. monday, high pressure in charge, not moving, not bud shank, not expected to move anywhere and in fact, read across europe, we will see those temperatures rise through the course of the week, hot air in spain, france and the uk as well. the temperatures may be underdone, we could be hitting 30 degrees across the south of the uk at some point next week with lots of sunshine. this is bbc news. i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at 7: the aerospace giant airbus questions its future in the uk,
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if britain leaves the eu without a deal. we're very fearful there'll be chaos at the borders and we want our factories to be able to operate as smoothly as possible. president trump threatens 20% tariffs on all european cars going into the united states, as the trade dispute escalates. 70 years after the arrival in the uk of the first caribbean migrants on the empire windrush, a service of thanksgiving is held at westminster abbey. history will be made in saudi arabia this weekend when the deeply conservative kingdom lifts its decades—long ban on women driving. and,
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