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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 23, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm BST

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the will of the people is to have a proper, informed referendum, where we know what brexit deal means. we can't keep going into this absolute disaster without stopping and rethinking whether we really want to do this. senior cabinet ministers stressed that the uk stop —— still prepared to walk away from brexit talks without a deal. an explosion atan talks without a deal. an explosion at an election rally in zimbabwe, injures at least two senior government officials. the president escaped unharmed. new evidence of the devastating impact of plastic illusion on sea birds, with scientists going to extreme lengths to save chicks. now on bbc news, it's sports day. hello, i'm olly foster. live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines on day 10. the belgians run riot here in the
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capital. it was a win made in england. as hazard, lukaku and batshuayi overpower tunisia and it's england next for the belgians gareth southgates teama hve arrived in nizhny novgorod for their match against panama tomorrow, we'll head their live shortly. i'm holly hamilton at the bbc sport centre. i'll have the rest of the days sport including: an historic win for ireland as they claim their first series victory over australia in nearly four decades. and england's losing streak finally comes to an end with victory over the springboks in the third test at newlands. hello there. welcome back to moscow
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and sports day. a germanic day ten. we will get to almost build and goals injust a moment but we will get to almost build and goals in just a moment but there we will get to almost build and goals injust a moment but there is a match away right now in sochi. the last of the day, and it could be such a dramatic england for germany. the reigning champions. unless they avoid defeat to the swedes, they will be chopping out of the world cup, the reigning champions. they cannot afford to lose. for changes and the headline from that is that also has been dropped. the germans are also has been dropped. the germans a re really also has been dropped. the germans are really up for it so far, but was are really up for it so far, but was a sweden should have had a penalty? marcus bursting clear, jerome boateng with eight tackles. looked like it was. the swedish players crowded around the referee, he didn't give it the video assistant didn't give it the video assistant did not give it either. sweden felt really aggrieved. germany got off
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the hook there, perhaps, but in the last couple of seconds, would you believe it, sweden have scored. germany are losing in sochi against sweden. if it stays like that, well, there's 32 minutes gone there, so still a long time to come back from the germans. but as it stands, germany would be heading out of the world cup. and that is all because of what we saw a little bit earlier in rostov. mexico winning again, stacking the match up against the germans. chicharito scoring his 50th goal for his country, be south korea 2—1. drew savage reports on that. they'd never seen so many sombreros in southern russia. mexican fans we re in southern russia. mexican fans were on a high after beating germany, and party mood continued in south korea. they find their way into the game through the first half. south korea claimed jang
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hyun—soo's handball was a deliberate, but the referee gave it without consulting var. and carlos vela's calmness in taking it contrasted with the scenes that followed. south korea, needing something from this match to stay in the world cup, demanded a penalty of their own. this one, turned down. and mexico showed, for the second game in a row, how deadly they are on the counterattack. their leading scorer, javier hernandez, or chicharito as he's also known, took his country to the brink of the knockout stages. there was a moment to savour for the south koreans. son heung min of spurs provided it... but only in injury time. and two minutes later, it was mexico who celebrated. two games, two wins, and too good for south korea. confirmation that a goal for the swedes has put them ahead of germany in sochi. germany as it stands, heading out of the world cup. we
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will obviously keep you updated on that match throughout sports day over the next 20 minutes or so. 0r up over the next 20 minutes or so. 0r up until half—time, about ten minutes away. first match away was about here in the capital. i had one chance to see a match, it had to be an early kick—off here in moscow as well. before we start our late shift. what a match. we felt so fortu nate, shift. what a match. we felt so fortunate, the highest scoring match at the world cup so far. belgian just cutting loose against tunisia. 5- just cutting loose against tunisia. 5— today won, but he was the manager of the win as well. they look to be working so well together. roberto martinez has really got all that array of premier league talents, really clicking atjust the right time. the encounter was watching this one. every now and then, the world cup gives you an unexpected treat.
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we may not have been expecting belgium against tunisia to deliver it, but within five minutes be present started. belgium gifted a penalty which eden hazard duly dispatched. the premier league's influence extended to belgium second, too. romelu lukaku! the game kept on giving. not 20 minutes old when the only player on the field who plays in belgium, got one back. still romelu lukaku found space to restore belgium's two—goal advantage and move level with ronaldo as the tournament's top scorer. tunisia needed to look at this game a little differently. the best angle came from and try as they might, tunisia just couldn't keep eden hazard down. fantastic goal, hazard. he's got two as well, belgium have four. they could've had plenty more as well. hazard's chelsea team—mate made missing look simpler than scoring on more than one occasion. third time lucky though, right? at last, he can make it five. in a thoroughly convincing victory. if belgium's three—scoring form was worrying, their defensive lapse cause for optimism. this effort was never going to be more than consolation though, as belgium with two wins
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and eight goals have qualification almost wrapped up. ben croucher, bbc news. it's really good for us to be able to adapt to different types of games, especially in competition like the world cup, and then just that desire to finding the solutions in each game. we had to suffer at spells, but then when we were at full flow going forward, we look really sharp. there's many things that we need to keep doing well. but it's qualification after two games, and you cannot ask more from this group of players. roberto martinez‘s team look so impressive. the best of the lots that we have seen so far in russia. that is how group g looks. belgium are not through yet, they have six points, goal difference of plus six. if england beat panama tomorrow, both will go through. we will have a better idea tomorrow which aside from group h, both those sites could
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possibly face and the last 16. let's get to that england match against panama. 0ur correspondent is there. i understand, against panama. 0ur correspondent is there. iunderstand, it against panama. 0ur correspondent is there. i understand, it is a fascinating place on the banks of two rivers. you are travelling around the england team. focusing on their reparations. kind of overshadowed by this curve of her over the team sheet. the thing that has really distracted things? i think you have nailed it really. it was a kerfuffle. something that gareth southgate referred to as no drama. and really it has come out of the fact that there is a bit of a news avoid it. nothing is happening around england. for them long may that continue, no drama to talk about. the biggest thing we can possibly talk about was the fact that the assistant manager walked out into an open training session, it has to be said, no spying was to be done. with the
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notes of what the training session was going to include. that looked like it would include such things as dele alli who we know is injured, being replaced. perhaps marcus rashford coming in instead of sterling during the game. southgate spoke wonderfully today. he is absolutely brilliant at these media conferences. asking incredibly calm and getting its point of cross very well indeed. and he said, as i said, no drama. it is not in the team he said. he was very strong and what he believed the media's world to be out here after a debate had raged for a day on social media. let's have a little he had to say. i think everybody would agree, if the opposition have your team in any sport, that is a competitive advantage. but it is not the job of the media to protect that, i accept that completely. as i say, the other day was a list of 23 players. people have taken something from that, which probably isn't correct, but that is it for me. no drama. natalie, i saw first—hand a very,
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very good belgium site. it crashed tunisia today. i'm not sure what the england players will have made of that. they'll also know that panama did keep belgium quite for 45 minutes. so they really cannot underestimate them. no complacency. absolutely. 0ne underestimate them. no complacency. absolutely. one thing southgate said today was we have to control the controllable, and that is to play the game that we play. but of course they will be expecting a very physical side. this panama site is absolutely short of stars, but be honest about that. i went to visit panama quite recently to find out more about their background and the words humble beginnings doesn't even cover it. these are players that are playing the biggest stars, they're playing the biggest stars, they're playing in mls. not stars that are playing in mls. not stars that are playing in mls. not stars that are playing in europe the way england's are, but they are very organised,
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they stick to their guns, they are tactically astute and they can cause england problems, just purely by the fa ct england problems, just purely by the fact that they are very physical. they are a physical side, they will trip in them and get into them. they can be difficult to deal with. that is why england will have to keep going right to the very end. they are and 55 in the world, 55th in the world, and of course after speaking to many panamanians, i have been told defeat to them would be even bigger than defeat to iceland. england simply cannot afford to become the sin. this is what gareth southgate had to say about my. we have seen already that the difficulty big countries in terms of rankings have had in breaking down lower—ranked teams. that has been a thing right the way throughout. so there is no way there is any complacency in the way we have prepared for the game. the situation in the group obviously is a healthy one for us, but we've got to focus on our performance.
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no doubt, england will be sitting in their hotel here, watching the drama unfold. in that germany game. many of them were fans watching england know how it must feel. in 2014 the likes of sterling for example, they we re likes of sterling for example, they were out after just two games. likes of sterling for example, they were out afterjust two games. they will be watching that germany game with interest. england needed a last dash winnerfrom harry with interest. england needed a last dash winner from harry kane against the tunisia to be in this position. it was their first win in the opening match in the world cup since 2006. they're in a very healthy and strong position, but like you said and mike garrett said they cannot afford to mess up against panama. if they don't and they do beat them, they don't and they do beat them, they will be through to the last 16. actually with this germany situation playing out, they could afford to rest players against belgium, as belgium have already confirmed they will do against england. fans i've been peaking to hear today are incredibly confident of beating panama. it will be incredibly hot at
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3pm kick—off am a that is 1pm english time. but england have the speed, power and youth and the guile to beat this panama site and we fully expect they will be going through to the last 16 after that match. we will see. natalie pirks, our sports correspondent, many thanks indeed. we will be back with you tomorrow on bbc news mv build—up to that lunchtime kick—off, which is across the bbc. natalie was mentioning the england team probably watching that match in sochi where sweden still beating germany 1—0. just approaching half—time come as it stands in germany would be going out of the world cup. plenty more coming up here from moscow later in sports day, more on that england panama match. we will be speaking to a former england captain. also hearing from the current belgian tapping about what he expects from that game next thursday. for now, let's head back to the bbc sportscenter. holly hamilton.
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thanks for that. and from moscow to sydney where ireland's incredible season continued with their first three—match series win down under since 1979. for the irish, some frayed nerves during that final deciding test at the allianz stadium withjoe schmidt's side hanging on until the final whistle as patrick gearey reports. music. winning on the other side of the world is rugby‘s great test. the last time ireland won a series in the australia, neither these players nor this song had been conceived. it takes some effort to reverse that sort of record. but this irish team never lacks in that department. rumbling through australia, cj stander, the scorer. that try and this match had been tributes to collective work, but the wallabies found space for individual brilliance, kicking collect, express and first class. he delivered. just a point between the sides now. a situation which puts a premium on a player likejohnny saxton, who knows it's over as soon as he has kicked it. that, his fifth penalty, no other
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irish men or women were as calm, so imagine the emotional frenzy and sydney as australia mounted one last attack. but the pass was off, the time was up. ireland, champions of the north, make history in the south. patrick gearey, bbc news. over in south africa, england can celebrate the end of their losing streak with victory over the springboks in the third and final test. the hosts claimed the series 2—1, but with moments of magic from danny cipriani and jonny may, england's 25—10 win at newlands could give head coach eddiejones some much needed hope. asjoe lynskey reports. in english rugby, they are hoping for the storm to pass. this is a team on their worst running years. the last five tests have brought defeat. it meant the third match of this series was effectively a dead rubber, but instead 80 minutes to solve the problems.
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england's under pressure coach knew the significance, but when south africa scored the first try it seems the problems were mounting. england's defends unlocked by a delicate touch. but for a team in crisis, england kept their focus. they tipped their way back in front through the boot of 0wen farrell, a five—point lead the foundation for risk—taking. from the boot of danny cipriani, jonny may had a target in sight. a race with the players and the pitch, touched down just in time. for england, a release from the pressure. the end of the slump. more significant results await this team. but the hope is now that the clouds will pass and the recovery starts. joe lynskey, bbc news. lewis hamilton will start the first french grand prix for ten years from the front of the grid. the world champion dominated qualifying, bouncing back from the disappointment finishing fifth last time out in canada, where he surrendered his formula one championship lead. nick parrott was watching the action. after consternation and canada,
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mercedes were determined to be fast in france. lewis hamilton was just five years old the last time paul ricard's circuit held the french grand prix. being well strapped in was vital for this unfamiliar ride. hamilton proved the best that adapting to this new environment, topping the time sheet and friday practise and doing the same in the first two sessions of qualifying. while the world champion was nimble, the spring and the step of the winner of last week and's 24 hours didn't last long. fernando alonso's mcclaren went to 16th on the grid. his worst qualifying this season. and there was little for the home fans to cheer, as their man's ambition exceeded his car. his crash suspending the final session for five minutes. the delay didn't distract hamilton as he beat his team—mate to
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claim the 75th pole of his career, with championship leaders sebastian vettel third, hamilton will be hopeful of returning to the top of the standings. nick parrott, bbc news. elsewhere the england women's cricket team have lost the first match of their t20 double—header at taunton. they made the world record score in the week against south africa and, though there was no repeat of that, 71 from tammy beaumont helped them to 161 for five from their 20 overs. but lizelle lee put the south africans in control. she really hit out, six sixes, in a quick—fire 68. it was a tight finish but suner lose knocked off the winning runs with three balls to spare to complete south africa's first win of the series. they're second in the double—header is against new zealand who are looking to maintain their unbeaten run. three quarters for the way of their innings, it was a strong
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effort from the holes to leave new zealand needing 173 to win, currently 77—4 in reply. novak djokovic's return to form and fitness continues at queens, as he booked his place in the tomorrow's final. it was a straight sets win for the former world number one againstjeremy chardy. the pair have met now 11 times, and chardy is yet to win a single set against djokovic. he'll play last year's wimbledon runner up marin cilic in tomorrow's final. it's been a while, that i have played for a title. so this is definitely a very special moment for me. considering what i've been through in the last year or so. so it's just a great occasion. in germany, roger federer is one match away from winning a tenth halle 0pen final. he beat denis kudla in straight sets but the american, who is 11 years hisjunior, did push federer hard, 7—6, 7—5 it finished in straight sets.
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and finally at royal ascot, the big race of the day, the diamond jubliee stakes, was won by the aidan 0'brien trained 4—1 shot merchant navy. jockey ryan moore held off the challenge of french horse city light. bound for nowhere was third. favourite harry angel only finished seventh after getting a leg stuck in the stalls at the start of the race. now let's head back to 0lly foster in moscow, and a look ahead to tomorrow, when england play their second match of the world cup. many thanks indeed. at the moment in sochi, the germany head coach is going to be having to give the half—time team talk of his life. germany, trailing sweden 1—0 at half—time, and if it stays like that germany will be going home early. they will not be able to reach the
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last 16. the reigning champions. let's look ahead now to england's match against panama. we will do that by getting a bit of reaction from that else and then. 0bviously england are going to be playing belgium last up on thursday. england hope that it will be practically a dead rubberjust hope that it will be practically a dead rubber just as hope that it will be practically a dead rubberjust as a side who finishes first and second, with both having already qualified. the belgian captain eden hazard was talking about what he expects from the england game, and the players should know each other inside out. it isa it is a premier league game for sure. ithink it is a premier league game for sure. i think we have like 15 players play in their merely. good game to play. good game to win. because we want, you know, next season in the dressing room to talk about this game and a winning game. so, yeah, we will did everything and also we want to be top of the group. yes, the belgians looking very good on six points with that fantastic goal difference as well. bus six just across the road that, some more
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tv studios. the bt sport colleagues are there. you're going to be able to hear a lot from frank lampard, the former england captain when that matches on the bbc tomorrow. he spoke to was a little bit earlier about england's position in the group. at the moment when he expect out of them against panama. group. at the moment when he expect out of them against panamam group. at the moment when he expect out of them against panama. if we don't win and we took the job, of course we would all be very disappointed. yeah, it's nice that we have got a good feeling. good feeling comes as much in the result against tunisia and as much about the performance that we saw in the opening, creating chances and good football. so more of that. and that's what everybody wants to see. it excites the fans, people are really happy back home, to see a team play with such energy and a forward thinking team. so, yeah, keep that going while you got it. i don't expect any less of gareth southgate. he's not going to let the lads off. i think they have now the idea that they have to keep going. we have so many options now. you saw who gareth can bring off the bench, that can change. i think the maturity of the players themselves. we do have another way to go.
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we have other players who can come on, we have maybe a change, tweaks to a system that can potentially change the game, so yeah. that remains to be seen. we will certainly be tested at some point in this tournament, where it is what we're going to do in the situation, and then it will be up to the players to try and change the game. marcus rashford when he puts on an english shirt, is a positive and brings something that is so different that he picks it athe ball up and runs straight at defenders. that always scares defenders. and gives us another option. so i think gareth's fortunate there. i wouldn't be surprised to see rashford play against panama and it's open for the rest of the tournament. i believe we have a really good chance. i really do. particularly an attacking areas. these tournaments are generally won by teams who have players that can make a difference in attacking areas. it sounds simple, but the big players really can do that, and we have harry kane, and dele alli, raheem sterling and marcus rashford. all these players, they can do these things. that is really great for us. but i say we really
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do have to keep some context here and know that when you do good to be business end, and when you have started to see it a bit with brazil and the second half yesterday, that neymar all of a sudden looked like we were starting to see the real neymar after the injury. the talent they have in their squad. germany can change things very quickly if they get a result against sweden. and the bigger and better teams will compare. yeah, england certainly should be confident where they are read at the moment come about i really expect the bigger teams. i think spain will be very strong for the tournament. one to look at as we get past the group stage i suppose. frank lampard speaking to us earlier. that is all to look forward to tomorrow. lunchtime kick—off will be on bbc. 0n to tomorrow. lunchtime kick—off will be on bbc. on day ten, the big win for the belgians, 5—2 against tunisia. mexico winning again. they beat south korea 2—1. that has the germany and a very sticky position. the germans losing to sweden 1—0 at half—time in sochi. if it stays like that, the reigning champions will
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not be able to reach the last 16. i will have updates on that match of course throughout the rest of the evening on bbc news. but from all of us evening on bbc news. but from all of us here in moscow, and back at the bbc sportscenter, that is it for sports day. goodbye. hello once again. thanks forjoining me. it's been a pretty decent sort of day for the greater part of the bridges aisles. 0ne of day for the greater part of the bridges aisles. one day i'll be able to say everybody had a great day. it isn't quite like that at the moment andi isn't quite like that at the moment and i will explain why injust isn't quite like that at the moment and i will explain why in just a second. certainly into the western side of wales, no great complaints there. just as i came into the studio i think someone in the southampton area may have just exceeded 24, we will rounded up to around 25 degrees or so. that is a little warmer than we have been of late. you have probably heard the chat. it is going to stay pretty much fine and child in the next few
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days and the temperatures are set to soar. not just across days and the temperatures are set to soar. notjust across the southern counties of england, the heat will be widespread as you will see in just a second. you can see that darker hue proceeding there across a good many parts of the british isles as we start next week. 0vernight we are going to keep a lot of cloud across the northern isles of scotland. a piece of frame is the exception to the dry rule, underneath the clear skies for the south. we end up with temperatures in single figures. this is the way that sunday is set up with the high—pressure doing its stuff for many parts. safe again for the berry firm north of scotland. however don't as blair —— don't despair in the shetland islands, here i think there will be less in the way of cloud than there has been today. you will be to see a wee bit of sunshine, certainly more across the greater part of gotland. the temperatures responding as a consequent stash across the greater pa rt consequent stash across the greater part of scotland. just a touch of an onshore breeze here. light winds for the most part across most parts of
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the most part across most parts of the british isles. and then that ta kes the british isles. and then that takes us at a sunday on into monday. by takes us at a sunday on into monday. by this days, the high—pressure is very much the dominant feature across all parts, and there we are, the temperatures may be just coming up the temperatures may be just coming upa the temperatures may be just coming up a touch at the daytime temperatures begin to make the news headlines. it will get that warm. the high—pressure boat just failing again to keep his weakening weather front away from the northern and western isles of scotland, so more in the way of cloud here, but look how those temperatures respond in scotland. 24 degrees, 23 there, somewhere in northern ireland. look at that, 25, 20 6 degrees. and from there, the temperatures are set to rise away. semi somewhere i suspect as we get into the middle part of the forthcoming week, is going to see 30 degrees or so. that is indeed boiling, wherever that happens to be. and so do remember your sunscreen if you are out and about. the pollen levels, really quite high as well. see you later. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 8pm:
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tens of thousands of people march through london to demand a vote on the final deal on the uk's departure from the eu. the will of the people is to have a proper, informed referendum where we know what a brexit deal means. we can't keep going into this absolute disaster without stopping and thinking if we really want to do this. senior cabinet ministers stress the uk is still prepared to walk away from brexit talks without a deal. the prime minister has always said that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and that no deal would be better than a bad deal. also ahead this hour: an explosion at an election rally attended by zimbabwe's president. he was unharmed in the blast but at least two senior government officials were injured.
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