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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 24, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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this is bbc news, our latest headlines. england fans celebrate after harry kane's men make it through to the knock out stages of the football world cup in russia thanks to a record—breaking win over panama. new measures aimed at halving the number of obese children in england by 2030 have been announced by the government. polls have closed in the turkish presidential election, and local media is reporting president erdogan is in the lead, after about 80% of the votes have been counted. the health secretary, jeremy hunt says it's "completely inappropriate" for businesses like airbus to issue warnings about the government's brexit plans. president trump has said illegal immigrants to the us should be deported immediately and not allowed in his words to "invade the country". on mediocre this week, my guess is the author of the one who wrote destiny, a fierce and funnyjourney into the lives of three generations of the kenyan immigrants in yorkshire. now on bbc news, sportsday.
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hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow. this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines. kane's panama hatrick helps england through to the last 16. they thrash panama with a record world cup score. we wouldn't swap them for anyone in the tournament. in terms of number nines, i think that you know that when he gets opportunities, he will bury them. who could england face in the knockout stage? could be senegal orjapan. they've drawn 2—all in group h. i'm in the bbc sports centre with the rest of the sport. with butler bouncing as england secure an historic series win over australia.
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hamilton wins in france as title rival sebastien vettel falters. welcome to sportsday live from moscow at the world cup. 31 games into this tournament, and we still haven't seen a goalless draw. there has never been a world cup like it. it's been a record, this run of goals game after game after game after game. and we have never seen an england result at a major championship like the one we saw a little bit earlier. a record win for them at a major championship
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thrashing panama 6—1. let'sjoin our sports correspondent natalie perks right now, who is at the match. panama was poor, but england showed no mercy whatsoever. panama was poor, but england showed no mercy whatsoeverlj panama was poor, but england showed no mercy whatsoever. i think today will live long in the memory of those of us who were lucky enough to be inside the stadium. ever since garrett sackett took over, he's been talking about consigning past england failures where they belong, in the past. for them to go on and make their own history. and did they do that today, not only the best score they've ever had in a world cup, but for harry kane to become only the third englishman to score a hat trick in the world cup. his three goals have but england in the driving seat, they are now through to the last 16 with a game to spare, as dan rowan now reports. england's
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world cup was about to hot up. conditions were meant to favour their central american opponents. but after last week's last—gasp win, england would not turn potential into the perfect —— defining performance that fans had craved for yea rs. performance that fans had craved for years. the cruising encounter against panama, things immediately turning nasty. but england had developed a third of their own. —— threat of their own. and john stones... having been denied penalties against tunisia, england now had some luck. escobar punished for bringing down jesse now had some luck. escobar punished for bringing downjesse lingard. harry kane giving the panama keeper no chance. how emphatic was that? england were about to run riot. first lingard scored the goal his performance deserved. this is what
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it meant to the manager and the millions watching back home. before stones finished off yet another clever set piece move. by now, panama had lost the plot, even cane and other penalty. england five, panama zero. never before had england scored five in a world cup match, and we haven't even reached half—time. the records will show england's first world cup hat trick for 32 years, the captain the top score on five. unsurprisingly england's intensity dropped off, and philip a lloyd took advantage. panama had the consolation of their first world cup goal, but this had been england's day, one of their best days, 6—1 their final score,
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the most emphatic world cup victory centring —— sending them through to the next game with a game disc democrat to spare. i'm sure everyone at home is enjoyed it. the captain now meanwhile the only third captain to score a hat trick. we have been working on the way we want to play, and it's all come together. brilliant result, obviously fantastic to be through it and to do it in this way is brilliant. for yea rs, it in this way is brilliant. for years, england's site have struggled to impose themselves at world cup. how times have changed. that game link leaves england and belgium on exactly the same goals scored and conceded, so if that game on thursday ends in a draw, then it would be decided based on fair play. at the moment england have two yellow cards and belgium have three, meaning england would go through top. both teams will rest players
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naturally on thursday, so it's not dead rubber. if england win the group, they would end up having to play on the 2nd ofjuly where it is scheduled to be 30 degrees. if they come second in the group, they will end up in moscow today later. and if they win they will be playing whoever comes second in group h, which is currently senegal, japan, colombia and poland. if they come in second, they will play the winner of a group. i asked the players today if they would rather go for a slightly easier route to the final if it meant coming second? they all categorically said no, they want to win that group. it's for the likes of us took determine what that group might be. thank you so much, natalie. that is wide open, safe travels to leningrad for that matter
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on thursday between belgian and england, as natalie says, it will be a team from group h that belgium or england will face. japan or senegal at the top of the moment, they faced each other, it was a 2—2 draw as adam wilde reports. as the shape of his world cup comes into focus, the identity of england's future opponents could become a little clearer. japan and senegal have set the early pace in group h, now to see who could make for the best start here. if that was the question, it was soon answered, sadio mane soon finding himself in exactly the right place. a little touch of luck due to the rest. senegal the quickest to find their rhythm. there was nothing forjudas about japan's equaliser. he found just enough time and space to keep things level at the break. he almost
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also had a second... this wonderful effort could scarcely have been closer. instead it was that the other end that some fine skill would pay off, loser like a finishing this senegal mood to restart its restore their lead. but once again, it is wouldn't last. honda turning in the goal that would see this match ending level. group h still anyone's guess, england will have to wait and watch. adam wilde, bbc news. after that draw, it's no surprise that this last match of the date between poland and columbia was a bit cagey. but five minutes before half—time, columbia had just taken the lead. if it stays like that, poland are out and would not be able to reach the last 16. we still don't know which teams will be going through from
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group h to face belgium and england until they play their final round of matches. as it stands, columbia have put themselves right back in the mix, and poland going up. they are just now approaching half—time. that is the 32nd game at this world cup, just another 32 to go before the final here in exactly three weeks' time. but we're still waiting to see the next few days which teams will get into the last 16. the headline so faron get into the last 16. the headline so far on day get into the last 16. the headline so faron day 11, get into the last 16. the headline so far on day 11, england are in the last 16. lots of other sports news back to the bbc sportscenter, john watson is there. what has been an historic day for england's footballers, as well as their cricketers. england staged an impressive comeback to secure a first series whitewash over australia with victory by one wicket in the final one day international at old trafford. set a target of 206 they were 27 forfour at one stage, butjos butler came to the rescue, scoring more than half of their runs.
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as drew savage reports. they came at the old trafford in hopes to see history made. and after a bright start by the tourists, moeen ali helped put england in charge. wickets fell regularly. jos buttler was sharp behind the stumps. although cricket history shows us, never understimate the australian fighting spirit. they were all out for 205, which looked beatable. but billy stanlake, the last man out, tore into the england batsmen. bowling at over 90 miles an hour, getting of jonny bairstow. joe root. and captain eoin morgan. england in deep trouble, but that simply paved the way for a star turn from jos buttler. playing patiently at first, keeping the scoreboard the big blows he's famous for only came once victory was within reach. he nearly ran out of partners, there was just one wicket in hand when the knockout blow landed 110 not out for buttler,
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and 5—0 to england. it's right up there, playing a different style, but we should've chase that down with ease. probably a trickier wicket that looks when we first turned up today. these games are the ones that are so enjoyable when you win. the start time of the french grand prix was moved to avoid a clash with the england against panama, which meant lewis hamilton, who started on pole could watch the match. and it would appear it helped as he won for the third time this season, to regain the lead in the drivers championship. as nick parrott reports. with the world cup in full flow, the french grand prix needed to pull out all the stops to get attention after all the stops to get attention after a 10—year absence. all the stops to get attention after a 10-year absence. it wasn't just the prerace entertainers with their heads in clouds. sebastian is best sebastian vettel desperate not to
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lead this lose his own lead moments after it all kicked off. hitting second place, that forced the mercedes to the pits for new tires. with both dropping to the back of the field, lewis hamilton must have felt like the england team he watched before starting. just like being 5—0 up at half—time, the wind was in the bag. remarkably sebastian vettel fought back to finish fifth. this was hamilton's third win of the season, but he won't have many as easy as this. so happy for england, as well. it's a beautiful sunday, happy sunday! so the current king of formula i returns to the top of the standings, hoping he will go on to conquer all. i enjoyed the race. the weather was good, and the fans have been crazy today, it's been great to see so many people here at the french grand prix. for me personally, is the best french grand prix i never had. marin cilic outlined his credentials as a potential wimbledon champion, beating novac djokovic to win his second title
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at the queen's club. he fought back from a set down against the former world number one to win the longest final in the tournament's history. djokovic, who had been aiming to win his first title in a year, had a match point in the second set but couldn't convert it and was easily beaten in the third. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. next up, it's meet the author. three generations of immigrants from kenya, three lifetimes of struggle, and not only with the attitudes that mukesh meets when he arrives in yorkshire, falls in love and starts a family. nikesh shukla's novel the one who wrote destiny is also about struggles inside themself, the daughter who struggles with cancer, a son who chooses a career as a comedian but unfortunately isn't terribly funny.
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but the book is, despite its unflinching exploration of racism. welcome. it would be very easy on this subject to write a very angry book, you know, a brittle book, full of fire. and there is anger in this book, but fundamentally it's very funny. do you think that's a better way of doing it? yes, i've read a lot of very heavy books about immigration and race in the last three years. i edited a collection of essays called the good immigrant, and i am by nature a writer, so i wanted to get to something that got to the heart of these people and these wonderful characters.


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