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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 26, 2018 10:40pm-10:50pm BST

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i know i share a desire with all of you, and with your neighbours, for a just and lasting peace. tomorrow william will visit the most important of those neighbours, the palestinian territories. it will be an opportunity for him to gauge what chance there is of those hopes for peace being realised. nicholas witchell, bbc news, jerusalem. some football news. argentina have narrowly avoided an embarrassing early exit from the world cup, but the side's star player, lionel messi, has been criticised by some for a lacklustre performance in the tournament. richard conway has all the action from st petersburg. "there's only one lionel messi." well, not in st petersburg today. with argentina's world cup hopes hanging by a thread, some looked for divine intervention. but it is messi who remained a beacon of hope to young and old alike, in what has so far been a disappointing world cup for his country. well, it's not long now until kick—off, and these argentina fans are determined that their world cup journey will not attend just yet. —— will not end just yet.
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facing nigeria, who could also qualify for the knockout rounds, argentina knew they had to win, whilst needing iceland to draw or lose to croatia in the other group game. and with m minutes gone, they got off to the perfect start. commentator: messi collects, messi scorer! their captain repaying the faith of his fans — all to diego's delight. half—time, and a final rallying call, but this has been a tournament beset by claims of unrest in the argentine camp, and after a video review victor moses scored to cast a shadow once more. victor moses on the spot... victor moses rolls at home! victor moses rolls it home! argentina rode their luck, the referee reviewing and dismissing another penalty claim against them, in what could have been a knockout blow. then, with time running out, the two—time former champions sparked back into life.
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brilliantly finished! marcos rojo powering home, but did diego mistake the score for being 1—1? with croatia defeating iceland, argentina's progress was assured, if they could just hang onto full—time — which they duly did. nigeria defeated, but for messi and call, a date with france now beckons, and their world cup dream is still alive. richard conway, bbc news, st petersburg. that's all from us tonight. here on bbc one, time for the news where you are. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow, this is sportsday at the world cup, these are our headlines. it's rojo to the the rescue. argentina were minutes away from going out, but they are into the last 16
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iceland came close themsleves but croatia pinched a late winner to top the group. we've had our fisrt gaoless draw. france and denmark both sealing their passage from group with a game that will be quickly forgotten evening, we'll start in st petersberg, where argentina used their get ofjail free card. they had to win against nigeria and hope that the other result in group d went their way. lionel messi said we knew god was with us and wasn't going to let us go out. messi finally looked like messi at this tourbament, and we'll get to see him again.
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patrick gearey reports. inafew in a few days argentina's mood has gone from misery, to mutate to frenzy. settle on one help, the man who spends his world cup in close—up was this his last stand for his country? everyone was watching an barfora country? everyone was watching an barfor a crucial country? everyone was watching an bar for a crucial second to the nigerian defence. messi scores! his first goal of this tournament in a few moments of perfection in the middle of such intensity. it means that much as every three nose, he knew it might not be enough and here denied by inches and inspiration only slow motion captured the faithful figure only slow motion captured the faithfulfigure tab. only slow motion captured the faithful figure tab. argentina only slow motion captured the faithfulfigure tab. argentina group anxious. nigeria's penalty, nigeria
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public moments. pressure now on victor moses. what pressure indeed. the chelsea man had just put the game. nigeria were going through. there was a team who could wait and break and pounds. the penalty appeals did not survive the video replays. argentina stated midterm infamy. messi had been marshaled and time was nearly up. no one thought of the centre back. marcus rojo of manchester united savior, heartbreaker. this manchester united savior, heartbrea ker. this could manchester united savior, heartbreaker. this could not be messi's last stand, but someone else had his back. a quick update from that match in saint petersburg, we sought diego moreira donna in 1986 world cup winner kicking every ball and living every emotion in the stands there. reports that he had taken ill soon after the final
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whistle and needed medical attention we will of course have an update on that when we get it. let's give the details of the match in group d. iceland still had a chance of getting into last 16 above argentina. we know that is not the case and they did not beat croatia anyway. less familiar for croatian face is already safe and made nine changes while iceland had everything to play for. they give determined exactly what was excited them. living up to their ‘plucky underdogs' tag. and demonstrating plenty of bite. cardiff city's aron gunnarson with the best of their first half chances. only a win would do for iceland who'd had more of the game but croatia were that bit sharper when it counted — they'd just hit the bar early in the second half when this was put away by milan bad—ell. iceland responded by playing to their strengths. laying siege to the croatian goal. but it was the kind of night where it looked like nothing was going to go in.
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raising into the penalty! hejust did not catch it. but then, a lifeline. handball by dejan lovren. and gylfi sigurdsson, who'd missed a penalty against nigeria, wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. with argentina now winning, another iceland goal would have seen them into the last 16... but they'd left the door open at the back and ivan perisic burst through it. the first time icelandic heads had dropped in the hole 90 minutes. a 100% record for croatia. a harsh outcome for iceland. who couldn't have given any more. they head home with just one point. arjuna squeaking through an nigeria so arjuna squeaking through an nigeria so close themselves. just a minute 01’ so close themselves. just a minute or two away of getting through. the
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final round of matches in group c earlier. far more straightforward. france had already made it through from group c. they were up against denmark in the final round of group matches we might have guessed, after 38 matches it was our first goalless draw. this is an absolutely terrible match. one of the chances for the french, 0—0. first goalless draw in the tournament. they will want to put that behind them as quickly as possible. denmark going through with that one point. peru were already out. they beat australia 2—0 to sent the aussies home as well. andre carrillo scored their first world cup goal for 36 years before paulo guerrera put in a second. well here's confirmation of group c — france finish top on seven points. denmark second on five points. peru and australia
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are on their way home. because we have had two days of the final rounds of groups look at we have got to look forward to in the last 16. the first knockout round. france v argentina and uruguay v portugal on saturday. spain v russia and croatia v denmark on sunday a quick update from england now. dele alli is back in full training with the squad, after missing the win over panama with a thigh strain. ruben loftus cheek came in for the spurs midfielder in the 6—1victory, and alli may find it difficult to get back into gareth southgate's starting 11 given the performance they're both level pegging. england
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at hairahead in they're both level pegging. england at hair ahead in the fairplay table. but would it be better for england to lose the match, and come second in group g. would that help them get an easier path? i want to win every game i play and we want to win every game and if we win every game itjust keeps building momentum to go on in the tournament. when you to be on oui’ the tournament. when you to be on oura the tournament. when you to be on oui’ a game the tournament. when you to be on oura game to the tournament. when you to be on our a game to get the win and we wa nt to our a game to get the win and we want to win every game we are playing. upstage the world cup. a lot of tennis news this week as it builds up tennis news this week as it builds up to wimbledon. the grass court season is in full swing — as the warm—up and british number onejohanna konta is through to the third round at eastbourne she beat serbian aleksandra krunic


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