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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 27, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... firefighters request the help of the army to tackle a huge fire on moorland in greater manchester. more than 50 homes have been evacuated. i heard crackling and afire been evacuated. i heard crackling and a fire and then all of this ash and a fire and then all of this ash and smoke came tumbling down and we couldn't breathe. the smoke was dense and you could hardly breathe. plus your eyes were burning as well. the doctor at the centre of the gosport war memorial hospital scandal appears in public. speaking through her husband, she said you we re through her husband, she said you were doing the best for the patients. prince william is cheered as he visits a palestinian refugee camp. earlier he met resident in palestinian president mahmoud abbas. ifa palestinian president mahmoud abbas. if a year to reach a deal with the eu could threaten an investment with the uk according to some. a couple who do not want to get married when
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their legal battle to get a civil partnership. now it is time for sports day. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow. this is sportsday at the world cup and these are our headlines on day 7. inning champions germany are heading home. knocked out before the knockout stage. the swedes beat mexico but both teams seven regular place in the last 16 at germany's expense. and i'm katherine downes in the bbc sport centre with the rest of the day's sports news. battle of the britons — who'll come out on top as andy murray takes on kyle edmund at eastbourne? and serena williams is the 25th seed for wimbledon — some of her rivals say that's not fair. germany are heading home,
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that is the first time we've been able to say that in the group stages. they have never failed to get out of the group stage. it is their earliest exit at a world cup since 1938. when they got the late win against the swedes we thought they would get things right. well, the world cup for them unravel against south korea. they lost 2—0. sweden beat mexico 3— nil which means germany are going home. here is patrick geary with the story of how germany
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went out in kazan. thisjust geary with the story of how germany went out in kazan. this just did geary with the story of how germany went out in kazan. thisjust did not look like germany, not as the world knows them. an edgy country. like the security of the goalkeeper who was forced into an unexcited rescue mission. germany have been getting used to needing those. and unlikely victory may have put south korea through. germany have most of the ball but not many ideas. anything less tha n ball but not many ideas. anything less than a 2—0 win would have left them vulnerable to the other game. their belated urgency was met with supreme their belated urgency was met with supreme agility. the goalkeeper stopping this header. news from the east, news of a swedish goal. german fa ns east, news of a swedish goal. german fans don't usually have to check the arithmetic that they knew they needed to score. no problem, this is germany, they always do. surely? he could not believe it and nor could
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anyone else. south korea were still going. now unable to qualify, they we re going. now unable to qualify, they were desperate to lose the least i can leave a mark. wait, he's behind you. the offside would now be the way our‘s biggest decision. it was adjudged to have come of a german player and it was a goal. germany knew they were leaving its late, even for them. going for two, even the goalkeeper was attacking. there was only one outcome. commentator: son heung—min, 2—0 to south korea! germany, the world champions are out in the group stage. but they never looked like going through. we'll get more reaction to germany's demise in a moment. but let's get to the two teams going through from group f. sweden beating mexico 3—0 in yekaterinberg but celebrations for both at the final whistle.
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with so much at stake, now was the moment to stand up and show your true colours. never a real problem for these sets of fans. on the pitch too, pride and passion aplenty. channelling that became the first battle. here, that first battle came after 15 seconds. this mexican player looks at only 15 seconds, the fastest in world cup history. this would be a day of extraordinary moments. this effort agonisingly close. sweden too would have their chancesin close. sweden too would have their chances in the first half. this should have been better. the break was well spent checking permutations, compensation is. nothing decided, everything still to come. straight after the restart, those calculation is needed adjusting once more. commentator: it is phone that the left—back and sweden leave. and
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group fas left—back and sweden leave. and group f as just got even more interesting! texaco now chasing the game and chasing sweden. penalty! amidst the tension and the chaos, suddenly a moment of calm that came from the captain. 2—0 to sweden. mexico staring at defeat. luck it seem mexico staring at defeat. luck it seem have now deserted them altogether. mexico were only too aware of the maths and the wait was agonising. sweden has done their pa rt agonising. sweden has done their part and it took some checking and some believing but mexico have done there's too. sweden looked down and out after losing to germany a few nights ago. sweden top the group with six points and ahead of mexico on goal difference, both are through to the last 16. and look at that — south korea finish ahead of germany courtesy of their win today,
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germany finish bottom. well, let's get some more reaction now to today's events in kazan now. here's our reporter alex capstick. this was an astonishing results. germany arrived in russia as one of the pretournament favourites but they go out bottom of group f in human innovation. nobody predicted this. they are one of the great world cup nations. in the last 16 tournaments, they have neverfailed tournaments, they have neverfailed to get to the quarterfinal stage. they have won it as germany or west germany four times and they have been runners—up four times. they have been totally unconvincing here. here today against south korea they stuttered, lacked urgency and they seemed to lack motivation. what went wrong? there will be questions and relations back in germany. the future of the coach must be in serious doubt. germany have come the third consecutive defending champion to go home after the group stage. it happened to spain in 2014 and italy
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and 2010. germany in 2018 is perhaps the most surprising. he mentioned those relations back in germany. well, let's get german reaction to their exit from the world cup from journalist taufig khalil. we spoke about an hour ago about who would be blamed for this. alex mentioned the coach. you have had one hour to look at all of the reaction to consider what happened yourself. is it the coach's fault this? yes, it is the coach's fault and the players. and the team behind the coach. this is unquestionable. who picked the team and one on the pitch. i saw the reaction ofjoachim low and it was as if he was thinking about stepping back as a coach and he said, "well, at this moment, i am
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not thinking about anything." he did not thinking about anything." he did not say, "no, i am sure to be to coach here in six or eight weeks." there will be discussion here in the next few days. he has onlyjust been given a new contract. as to german reaction, we have seen pictures of german fan parks across germany. the german fan parks across germany. the german football public love their football and are very agitated. how are they going to react to this human relation? when you look at their history and their world cups along the years? they are shocked, the people are shocked. i am 53 yea rs old the people are shocked. i am 53 years old and for me it is the first time that i am facing a second stage ofa time that i am facing a second stage of a world cup and not seeing germany playing. there are other people who take it much more seriously i think. there will be some serious drinking in some of these huge fan parks. i hope it will
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stay calm. germany is not a country that goes mad about these things. there may be some problems here, maybe in berlin where a couple of hundred thousand people are together. i think it will stay calm. people will pretty soon return to normal life. they will forget the world cup and maybe follow england. croatia, that is what you read about here. tonight is a very sad night for most people. i saw some pictures from earlier where young people were crying. this is not usualfor germany. many thanks indeed. germany drowning their sorrows after the group stage. maybe following england's now. this is a very strange world cup indeed. let's catch up with england's now because they have arrived in the leningrad. our sports correspondent,
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natalie pirks, joins us from kaliningrad. what will be in and players be thinking about that? for any nation it will be an easier path towards the final with no germany. absolutely and that is the big talking point here amongst all of us. talking point here amongst all of us. iam talking point here amongst all of us. i am going to step out of the way for a while so you can see belgium and training right now. they are all huge household names from the premier league. they are all training in this 35,000 seater stadium here in kaliningrad. it is a curious place here. it was part of germany before it was taken by stalin after world war ii. it has no land border with russia, sandwiched between poland and lithuania. england are training here because they actually trained this morning as they have been doing for the whole tournament. there has been lots of talk about the permutations
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going in to this game against belgium. both sides are through to the last 16. top of the table is england by virtue of having less yellow cards. belgium have three. do you want to win this game? gareth southgate joked about the yellow ca rd southgate joked about the yellow card situation. if he goes over to headbutt roberto martinez in the next few minutes we will know exactly. england are purely out for the win he says. we have not won a knockout game since 2006. why we are starting to plot which would be a better venue for our semifinal is beyond me. ithink better venue for our semifinal is beyond me. i think best if we focus on tomorrow. we have no idea who, when or where we will play in the next round. we are pleased that we are in the next round. first and
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foremost, i think it is really important that we are building a tea m important that we are building a team that i think everybody at home can see the passion to play for england, they want to win every time they go out. they are improving all they go out. they are improving all the time and i think we will see that again tomorrow. like i said earlier, everybody is watching in shock and disbelief. we have to go into gareth southgate's press conference five minutes before the end of the germany game. everybody had it on their laptops and everybody was on twitter trying to work it out. gareth southgate and eric dyer were watching that game and it was a part of the press conference where the press officer actually turns to gareth and said, "germany are out." this is what gareth southgate had to say earlier about saying goodbye to the world champions so soon. i didn't look at that group and think automatically they would go through. they were close to the wire against sweden the
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other night and i've just watched some of the game there where they we re some of the game there where they were not able to break south korea down. they have only been a half for 1.5 minutes in their three matches. it has been unusual to see them struggle as much as they have but the level of all of the teams is strong. well, it will be a jury of game at this one. there is talk of martinez making ten changes. we don't think he will make that many but southgate was asked how many changes he would make and whether harry kane would get onto the pitch. he did not want to talk about losing momentum. he wanted to keep positive. they are going into this game to win it. it does not matter how many changes they make, they are going out to win this group. natalie there in the leningrad. a curious game, we love curious games. it has not been very bad on home
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soil either. we're starting with the battle of the britons. andy murray, making his comeback from hip surgery up against the man who took the british number one spot from him while he was gone — kyle edmund. they're currently playing in the second round at eastbourne and it has been a real tussle. edmund broke murray in the first game of the first set and went on to win it 6—4. it is in the second set at the moment. he is closing in on victory with two sets. andy murray fighting to stay in. and there was another all—british tie at eastbourne — between cameron norrie and jay clarke. norrie came out on top in straight sets — but it's been a good week for clarke, who will make his grand slam debut at wimbledon next week — and he'll be playing with norrie in the doubles there too. johanna konta, though is out — beaten in three sets by world number two and top
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seed at eastbourne — caroline wozniaki. the british number one stormed to the first set 6—4, but wozniaki won the next two 6—1, 6—4 and she's through to the quarter finals to face australia's ashleigh barty. third seed and two—time wimbledon champion petra kvitova has withdrawn from the tournament though with a slight hamstring injury. she won her first round match easily yesterday, but said it was too close to wimbledon to risk her fitness. seven—time champion serena williams has been seeded 25th for this year's wimbledon despite dropping out of the world's top 32 players. she's only played at 3 tournaments since having her first child last year and her world ranking is 183. but the all england club have used their discretion to give her a seeding, and some say that's not fair. here's our tennis correspondent russell fuller. by by ceding serena williams at number
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25 the all—england club is giving hurt them at a protection. she cannot meet a seeded player in the first or second round. she should meet one in the third round, if all goes to plan, meet one of the top eight players in the world. she has already said on the eve of this decision that it is not fair on her orany decision that it is not fair on her or any other player in that position who has earned their ranking over the previous 12 months. there are many other wta players who share that view. this decision will not be universally popular. what the all—england club has decided is that serena williams is a unique case. an extraordinary champion. someone who has only been able to play three events over the past year because she gave birth to her daughter in september. before we go back to moscow, lets take a quick look at the other stories making the headlines tonight. england's cricketers have just started their one—off t20 match against australia at edgebaston. against australia at edgbaston. looking to follow the success
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of the od! side who whitewashed the aussies in their recent series. ajax have agreed a deal with southampton for the transfer of dusan tadic. he will travel to amsterdam to complete personal terms after serbia's world cup campaign ends. and ac milan have been banned from european competition for next season after they broke financial fair play rules. they have a right to appeal through the court of arbitration for sport. not only a busy day at the world cup but a busy day here on home soil as well. let's go back to moscow and get the latest on the fallout from germany going out of the world cup. we cannot believe it! we certainly can't. no time to dwell because before we know it the next couple of matches are upon us. they mark is playing qb of the in the middle of the spartak playing qb of the in the middle of the spa rtak pitch playing qb of the in the middle of the spartak pitch a few miles away from here. they are playing their
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final group from here. they are playing their finalgroup game, from here. they are playing their final group game, that is serbia. we will get to that in a moment. we have some fascinating matches coming up have some fascinating matches coming up from have some fascinating matches coming upfrom an have some fascinating matches coming up from an england perspective. let's look at tomorrow now and the last of the games in group h — that's the group that will provide england's opposition in the last 16. with poland already out, it will be eitherjapan, colombia or senegal — the latter two sides meet in samara where we can join our football reporterjohn bennett. this should be a fantastic match when you look at how they are positioned in that group. the colombians have to go for it. they will and we saw how good colombia we re will and we saw how good colombia were in their last game. they started poorly, losing to japan and having a man sent off in the first three minutes. they were superb in their second game. as for senegal. we have seen fantastic moments from them. they are flying the flag for africa at this tournament. it has been difficult for the african teams. morocco were unlucky in the group with spain and portugal.
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tunisia were unlucky in the group with england and belgium. egypt had the injury to their best player. senegal are trying to become the only african team to make it to the last 16. the last time we have no african teams in the second round of the world cup was in 1982. we can see the pictures of cameroon playing against italy jarring see the pictures of cameroon playing against italyjarring that world cup. it shows you just how long it has been since there was no african representatives in the second round. the pressure is on senegal. they like that pressure. before this game, the manager, one of only two african coaches at this world cup, he said he did not mind the pressure and wanted to fly the flag for senegal and africa. senegal can go through with one point. colombia will guarantee progress if they win. let's pick up a bit on the manager. he was part of that great senegal
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generation when they did really well and stunned the french. he has become quite a hit with what i am reading about russian ladies. he has become a pin—up. i wonder if he is enjoying all of the attention that he is getting? he has brushed that of actually. we have some russian fa ns of actually. we have some russian fansjoining us of actually. we have some russian fans joining us on of actually. we have some russian fansjoining us on the beach side here. he is enjoying the attention and trying to make a name for himself at the world cup. he has become a sensation on social media. there is a picture of him so that it is accelerating a win. he has become a bit ofa is accelerating a win. he has become a bit of a star. he really feels he is celebrating africa. he always talks about representing senegal and africa. you can hear the atmosphere building here! john is making
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friends wherever he goes! enjoy that match. let's look at the two matches this evening. we have switzerland against costa rica. so let's turn our attention to tonight's action and strange as it sounds, brazil could be out of the world cup tonight. they would need to lose to serbia and switzerland avoid defeat against costa rica for the unthinkable to happen. we can head across moscow now to the otkrytie arena where our sports news correspondent richard conway is. it correspondent richard conway is. is not long befor the it is not long before kick—off at the spartak stadium. brazil are looking for a big performance. we have watched them stutter through this tournament so far. they are one of the favourites. they watched this afternoon as the champions went out. that 7-1 afternoon as the champions went out. that 7—1 semifinal defeat lingers in these fans‘ mind. they now want to see a big performance from their team. they know that a win would be
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enough for them. a draw would also be enough for them to get through. the serbs have their own hopes and they will be putting on a big performance too. we are all set for the big kick—off. brazil are looking to turn on that samba style once more. amer sports news correspondence there. what about the swiss? they need one point against costa rica. they have a comfortable position in the group. that ill tempered win against serbia last time when they fought back from one goal down to win 2—1. three of the swiss players were fined for their celebrations during that win. marking their kosovan, albanian heritage. they were sanctioned but the three players were not down. brazil and switzerland are one point ahead of serbia who realistically
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need to beat brazil if they are to qualify. the swiss are expected to get something of costa rica. you can follow all those matches on radio five live and we will have our reporters there. will have reaction to these matches on bbc news later. iamjust to these matches on bbc news later. i am just watching on my monitors and they are out for the anthems. you can catch this on radio five live. no doubting what the top story of the day is so far here. they 14 is the last day for germany. that is the first time we have been able to see that. germany out before the knockout stages. one match here that will go out in folklore. south korea 2-0 will go out in folklore. south korea 2—0 germany. from everyone here in moscow and this sports 18. it is goodbye. commentator: the holders are out.
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for the first time in living memory they are out as the group phase. this is the end of an era. yesterday's heroes have simply become yesterday's men. it has been another hot day for some of us, particularly across scotland, northern ireland and parts of wales to. we managed to record 32 celsius making it the hottest day of the year. the temperatures will be similar tomorrow, year. the temperatures will be similartomorrow, hardlya year. the temperatures will be similar tomorrow, hardly a cloud in the sky in the uk this evening. tonight some of these coastal areas may turn misty and murky as they did this morning. in fact, may turn misty and murky as they did this morning. infact, it may turn misty and murky as they did this morning. in fact, it may end up pretty cloudy as far west as part of the midlands, east anglia and
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southeast by the end of the night. many areas in the west and north will have a clear sky. it is a relatively dry heat. the haemolytic levels are low too. the temperatures will give away too. the temperatures will give away too. the temperatures will shoot up again on thursday. we are looking at highs in the high 20s or possibly the low 30s again. it looks as if it is northern parts of the country that will once again be getting the highest temperatures. let's have a look at thursday. we are talking about 31 in the lowlands of scotland. possibly reaching 30 in northern ireland too. it will be fresher in the low 20s further south. we will see how the high 20s further south. into the evening, not much change. the same on friday and saturday with the high—pressure still with us. there is more of a breeze in the south coming off the north sea. that is why, on this occasion, we have not had the
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highest temperatures across the south of the country. it has been across the north where there is hardly any wind at all. it has been stag na nt hardly any wind at all. it has been stagnant and hot where it has been sunny. those high temperatures again there in the mid—to high 20s. it looks as though, by friday, we could be hitting 30 degrees in the south. the warm air into the weekend has actually reached the arctic circle and parts of scandinavia. the further towards the north they are also experiencing the heat in scandinavia. this is the distribution of scandinavia on saturday. the heat continues into the weekend. across the south of the country that continues but something more comfortable further north. you're watching beyond one hundred days... in from the cold, president trump has agreed to meet with with vladimir putin, at a one on one summit next month. the russian president says he hopes it will be the first step to restoring full—relations
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between russia and the united states. the meeting is expected to take place in mid—july, when president trump will be in europe for previously scheduled trips to belgium and britain. and...germany — the reigning champions — have crashed out of the world cup, losing 2—0 to south korea. also on the programme..... a major upset in the democratic party — a top congressman is defeated by a 28 year old newcomer running as a socialist. plus, the late night comics go another round with president trump. but who will get the last laugh?
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