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tv   The Papers  BBC News  June 27, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines: around a 100 soldiers and an raf chinook helicopter have been sent to tackle fires near saddleworth moor, the ministry of defence has said. a couple from london win a major legal battle, insisting that the law on civil partnerships discriminates against heterosexual couples. the doctor at the centre of the gosport hospital scandal appears in public. speaking through her husband, she said she was doing the best for the patients. a rescue boat, stranded for nearly a week in the mediterranean with over 200 migrants on board, has finally been allowed to dock in malta. and action packed day at the world cup, including a shock exit for the current holders, germany —— an action packed. sportsday will follow the papers. that's in about 20 minutes.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kevin schofield, who's the editor of politicshome, and the talkradio presenter, daisy mcandrew. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the financial times reports on the retailerjohn lewis warning its half year profits would be close to zero. the metro has a picture of german fans consoling each other at the world cup after the defending champions were beaten by south korea in a shock defeat and knocked out of the tournament. the i takes a look at how the government plans to cut the number of people behind bars. in the daily telegraph, a former aide to the prime minister claims theresa may's cabinet is undermining brexit negotiations. the daily express says tony blair has called for brexit to be postponed. the daily mirror reports on the army being called in to help tackle the saddleworth moor fire.
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the main story on the front of the times is about chinese railway companies being the frontrunners to operate hs2 trains. the guardian looks ahead to theresa may addressing her eu counterparts at a summit in brussels tomorrow evening. a variety of stories making the front pages, let's see what our guest this make of them. let's start where i ended, the front page of the guardian, the story about the summit tomorrow. what's it saying, kevin? theresa may will be going with a message of reassurance to the other 27 eu leaders by saying that britain is making progress. you might have missed it. you both laugh. trying to keepa missed it. you both laugh. trying to keep a straight face! it's like putting your fingers in your ears and saying, la, la, la! idon‘t think they will swallow that, making progress! it's another situation
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where the 27 will have a long meeting, theresa may will turn up for a bit and say everything is going fine and then leave. originally tomorrow was billed as a big day, a big speech, this was make or break, now it's been downgraded and chipped away. cars there's so little progress! the prime minister will be given a brief opportunity to address the eu, that's big of them! cash because there's. it's a policy of chipping away at herand it's a policy of chipping away at her and humiliating her. it's a policy of chipping away at herand humiliating her. i don't have a huge amount of sympathy for her position but the eu has behaved despicably. no one is coming out looking great. in unprecedented times we are in, no one was meant to leave the eu, article 50 was never meant to be triggered, everyone is feeling their way. the main focus
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for the eu is migration... after the angela merkel cray oss. people coming from africa, it could topple angela merkel, which would com pletely angela merkel, which would completely destabilise the eu —— chaos. madgen the week germany would haveif chaos. madgen the week germany would have if that happened! we will come to that, don't worry! —— imagine. 0n the front page of the times, more politics. what is this, daisy? very interesting, we are assessed about donald trump's visit in a few weeks, britain now saying there are fears donald trump will undermine nato by striking a peace deal with president putin. nobody can never predict what trump is going to do, he's made that his calling card, hasn't he? you can never predict, you will never know, he uses that to get what he wants, we've seen that with currier and plenty of other diplomatic exchanges that he's been
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on “— diplomatic exchanges that he's been on —— korea. but of course the... the thing that strikes terror into their hearts is the fact they can't work out what he's going to do, the democrats. there's a lovely quote here, white house officials are unsure of how mr trump plans to handle the meeting, adding to nato's anxiety. lots of people saying what is he going to do, then they say it's hard to be against peace, but would it really be peace? it's hard to be against peace. what they're worried about is he will strike this deal with putin, who doesn't like having nato on russia's doorstep, trump will turn around and say, ok, we will take us troops out of europe, which would obviously weaken nato. he's already said the other nato members, maybe britain excluded, aren't paying their way and they relied too heavily on america funding nato essentially and they don't meet the
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two % essentially and they don't meet the two% gdp essentially and they don't meet the two % gdp target —— rely. he could say, i warned you, two % gdp target —— rely. he could say, iwarned you, we two % gdp target —— rely. he could say, i warned you, we are going to 90, say, i warned you, we are going to go, which would obviously please putin, but would throw nato into chaos and you can't rule that out. he's always had the huge criticisms of the un and nato and quite often his criticisms have some weight to them. it's the way he does it. he prides himself on being master of the deal. master of the unpredictable! absolutely. a small, related story to this on the front page of the daily telegraph about the first lady and her plans during the first lady and her plans during the uk visit. melania trump will be coming with her husband when he visits the pm and finally makes it to britain for the first time since he became president last year —— first lady. what britain has suggested according to the telegraph
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is melania trump visits a school, which would be a nice, soft...m sounds quite familiar, doesn't it? it sounds like the michelle obama visit, when she triumphed, she went back to the same schools, east london schools, a girls school, they we re london schools, a girls school, they were all in tears and she was hugging them all. a flippant comment, but after melania trump when she was walking up the steps of the plane with the jacket saying i don't care, you think, she hasn't been brilliant at the photo opportunities recently. that's true. i wonder whether herjob might be to try to soft in the trump white house image. it could be a bit of a pr triumph —— soften. it all depends on her husband. if he puts his foot in it when he meets the queen or says something daft when he meets the prime minister, everything else will be forgotten. you know his
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sensitivity. if there are the number of protests promised the last time he was meant to be coming over, he doesn't take kindly to that. he is quite thin—skinned. i feel the sorry for the queen having to make small talk with him! the front page of the mail. i wasn't aware we had free banking. why has it died? this is a report by the financial conduct authority, essentially highlighting the fact that banks in the era of low interest rates are trying as best they can to try to make as much money as they can out of the customers. it seems they have been pretty successful at it but whether customers see it in the same positive light is doubtful. savings rates are 50% lower at the major banks. 0verdraft rates are 50% lower at the major banks. 0verd raft fees rates are 50% lower at the major banks. 0verdraft fees are going up, credit cards, most people are taking credit cards, most people are taking credit cards, most people are taking credit cards out with the bank they
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have a current account with, so you're getting stuffed both ways. the death of free banking, i didn't think we had it. the banks have advertised most current accounts are being free but there are hidden costs. most people don't shop around and we're beginning to be better at that with utilities, but we are still stuck in the 1950s when it comes to banks. even though there are the new challenger banks, metro bank, some of the fully online banks who do offer on the whole better deals than the traditional banks, they are only about 10% of the market at the moment and the fc a is encouraging people to shop around more and to try the challenger banks and the online banks to get more of and the online banks to get more of a market going —— fca. and the online banks to get more of a market going -- fca. most people think it's too much of a hassle. you've got direct debits, standing orders, your wages, you need to tell your employer. too much hassle! the banks rely on that. literally! let's
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go to the express, which has a couple of extraordinary photographs from the fires in greater manchester. the one on the front page and then one on the inside page. both together, really apocalyptic. this is an iconic image. it is like something... a strange mixture, something out of blade runner. like a hollywood movie. a gas mask from the nineteen forties. she is carrying shopping. a remarkable image, shows how it's impacting on people's lives and it present probably hasn't had the coverage down here that it should have had —— it probably. coverage down here that it should have had -- it probably. we've been leading on it all day. the newspapers are just coming out with it because it's been going on for a
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few days and it's only now happening. it started on sunday. it is covering a four mile stretch of land, its extraordinary. it's amazing the pollution that's being breathed in, not if you have your mask, like her. and the firefighters tackling the blaze, hopefully things are getting under control but it must be awful. apparently started by a cigarette. when you go on holiday and you see the signs saying don't leave ca m pfi res and you see the signs saying don't leave campfires or cigarettes, hotter countries are used to this, we aren't used to it. i saw on the weather forecast it will go on for days, so perfect conditions for it. let's go to the big talking point of the day, the shock in russia. front page the day, the shock in russia. front page of the times, isn't that picture brilliant? very germanic looking girl with her flags and then the tear stains coursing down her face as germany got knocked out. an
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extraordinary game. i were shouting and yelling at the tv, germany, the holders, getting knocked out. some people today have veered slightly into the unattractive leave gloating... well, you say that, let's go to the front page of the sun, which you might be referring to bash unattractively. i wished south korea were in the story, they did it, they played out of their skins, it, they played out of their skins, it was amazing, they don't get a look in. they are going home, which is doubly sad. the has been on the wrong end of the fleets to the germans so many times —— the english have. shard on friday is the best way to describe it —— defeats. england getting their own back. even watching it today, you assumed
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germany would do it and in the end they didn't. they've never not done it! extraordinary and tilmouth. thank you very much —— until now. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at, and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you to kevin schofield, from politicshome, and the talkradio presenter daisy mcandrew, and goodbye. you are watching bbc news. this is sportsday at the world cup, and these are the headlines. it is kaput and kazan. the first time germany have failed to get out of a world cup group. but no such problems
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for 5—time champions brazil. they stroll past serbia to reach the last 16. and i'm hugh woozencroft in the bbc sport centre, with the rest of the day's sports news. kyle edmund shows andy murray what he is lacking as the two—time winner ponders a return to wimbledon this year. england see off australia in their one—off t20 international at edgbaston. good evening. germany are heading home,their world cup lasting just ten days. the four—time champions four—time runners up,
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losing to by south korea. joachim loew, germany's head coach, wished them well and admitted that his side din't deserve to go further in the competition. this just thisjust didn't look this just didn't look like germany, not as the world knows them. this was a strangely edgy country, unsure of things that used to be certain, like their place in the next round. like the security of their goalkeeper, forced into an unexpected rescue mission. and germany have been relying on those. south korea sends their nerves. an unlikely victory might see them through. germany had most of the ball but none of the ideas. anything less tha n ball but none of the ideas. anything less than a two goal win would leave them vulnerable to the results on them vulnerable to the results on the other game. their belated urgency was met with extreme
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agility, somehow stopping this header. now, news from the east. word of a swedish goal. german fans usually don't have to check the arithmetic, but they knew they needed to score. no problem, this is germany. they always do— surely. they couldn't believe it. in south korea was still going. now unable to qualify, they were desperate to leave a mark which would be indelible. kazan shook. but wait, he is behind you. the offside would now be var's biggest decision. it revealed the ball had come off a german player. goal. germany were leaving it late even for them. when this goes wrong there is only one result. 2-0 to south korea. south korea had played their part in history. germany, the world
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champions, are out in the group stage for the first time. but then they never looked like germany. a little bit earlier i spoke to a german football broadcaster who said he could see germany's demise on the cards. before the world cup it was simply not good. we lost against austria, we won by a single goal, 2—i, against saudi arabia. it is obvious that he was not as strong as it was in 2004. that he was not as strong as it was in 200a. 0ne that he was not as strong as it was in 200a. one of the most exciting players in the world was not in the squad and was dropped just before the world cup. so all the things they have to listen to an answer to, and as the world cup winning manager who did a greatjob for germany, i think the next 2a hours will tell us if he will stay in charge. the swedes have really turned the
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tournament around after their defeat against germany at the death a few nights ago. they won 3—0 and looked really impressive, although mexico, who had made such a bright start, seemed out of sorts. we expected more from them. but first, and then a second from the spot. mexico scored an own goal, but by then, well, they stayed in the tournament anyway, both going through. sweden topping the group, which could be really important. swedenjumping sweden jumping to the top of the group on goal difference, ahead of mexico. the penalty for mexico perhaps dropping them out of a
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group, because they know who they will face in the last 16, it will be brazil, beating serbia 2—0. after the afternoon's antics in kazan, brazilian fans had an extra spring in their step, kazan, brazilian fans had an extra spring in theirstep, but kazan, brazilian fans had an extra spring in their step, but also a level of wariness. could their star man keep them in russia? neymar was strong from the off. the serbian defence had a long night in store if this was to continue. what it was in the world's most expensive player who got them on their way to victory. instead, the expensive coutinho found a pass that many would not. the nerves started to ease off in the stands and on the sidelines. serbia needed a victory to prolong their stay at the world cup, and this shot started to cause some panic in the brazilian ranks. but they would hold on, and seal their passage into the knockout
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stages. silva in space, somewhat fortuitously, the double their lead. ina day fortuitously, the double their lead. in a day of huge upsets, brazil made sure they wouldn't be the next. that brazil result meant that switzerland were also through to the last 16 regardless of their result against costa rica. but the two countries provided plenty of entertainment nonetheless. ben croucher watched this one. costa rica's time in the sun had already come to an end, but south korea proved, there is still plenty of pride to play for. the crossbar denied them. such misfortune compounded when a sluggish swiss show them how to do it. formerly of bolton, and leaving nobody wondering. brazil scoreline meant switzerland could afford to let their guard down. they finally got
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los tigas on the scoresheet. the post played centre stage to deny this shot. he sorted out his angles. don't discount the crossbarjust yet, this penalty, 2—2. the goal to keep costa rica happy, a score to give switzerland at least another day in the sun. so we have one more day to decide who plays in the last 16. england are in kaliningrad in group g, already through with the belgians before this match against each other. gareth southgate might make a couple of changes. eric dyer might come into the team, and after today's results, it looks as though finishing second in the group would open upa finishing second in the group would open up a much easier path towards the final. what does gareth southgate make of that? we have not won a knockout game
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since 2006, why we are starting to plot which would be a better venue for our semi—final is beyond me, really. so i think best that we focus on tomorrow. we have no idea who, when or where we will play in the next round, but we are pleased that we are in the next round. but first and foremost, i think really important that we are building a tea m important that we are building a team that i think everybody at home can see our passion to play at england, want to go out, are improving all the time, and i think we will see that tomorrow. it will be japan, cynical or colombia next for england and day 11! will not be germany for anyone. the world champions out at the group stage, and that is the main headline here today. lots of other sports
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headlines back at the bbc sports centre. and i guess the only thing which will take the attention away from the world cup over the next couple of weeks is wimbledon. andy murray is likely to make a final decision on whether he'll play at wimbledon in the next 48 hours. the former world number one lost to kyle edmund in the second round at eastbourne, as he continues to gauge his progress ahead of a potential grand slam return. british number one edmund showed why he may well be britain's best hope at swi9 by taking the first set 6—4. the second set followed a similar pattern. edmund's power was too much for the three—time grand slam winner. murray, then, remains hopeful he will be fit and ready for wimbledon. it is not like i am going to do any damage to myself if i do play at wimbledon. i can't predict how my bodyis wimbledon. i can't predict how my body is going to feel, because i have not had the opportunity to test it in that environment, you know. i
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know playing a best—of—3 set match that i can recover from that in 48 hours. playing a five set match in four hours, i don't know, because i haven't done that in basically i2 months. johanna konta is out, beaten in three sets by world number two caroline wozniaki. the british number one took the first set 6—4, but wozniaki won the next two 6—1, 6—4, to set up a meeting with ashleigh barty. england continued on from their one—day series whitewash over australia with a convincing victory in the t20. jos buttler kicked things off for the home team by striking the fastest 50 by an england player in a t20, off only 22 balls. australia had high hopes, with aaron finch reaching 84 runs, but in the end australia were bowled out at 193, 28 runs behind england that's all from sportsday. all of the reaction from the world
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cup with defending champions germany being knocked out, available on the bbc sport website. good evening. well, it is a little bit like we are playing the weather forecast on replay at the moment because things are pretty much the same day on day. temperatures have been creeping up on wednesday was the warmest day of the year so far. we had temperatures up to 32 celsius on wednesday, and that was important in wales. similar conditions on thursday with high pressure still very much in charge of our weather, keeping a weather front at bay. we saw barely a cloud in the sky across many parts of the country through the day on wednesday. this was the scene in cumbria taken by one of our weather watchers. there was a little bit of cloud floating around the
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rest of the night, particularly across parts of eastern england, lincolnshire, east anglia, the london region as well. but many of us under those clear skies, reasonably fresh. so not too humid and uncomfortable for sleeping, just about getting down into single figures in more rural spots. so for thursday and other fine, figures in more rural spots. so for thursday and otherfine, dry figures in more rural spots. so for thursday and other fine, dry day for most pa rt thursday and other fine, dry day for most part of the country. could you see a few showers across parts of scotland, down towards the south and south—west we are likely to see temperatures about 28 degrees or so. a little bit cooler around those eastern coast as we draw the breeze in from the north sea. if we focus in on scotland you can just make up a few of the showers cropping up in the afternoon and with temperatures as high as around 31 degrees, just high enough to spark off an isolated heavy shower but most places avoiding altogether. so largely dry and with evening sunshine as we had to thursday evening. not quite as hot, i think, to thursday evening. not quite as hot, ithink, as to thursday evening. not quite as hot, i think, as wednesday across northern parts of the country. in the friday, high pressure still with us, drifting a little bit further northwards. again it will be a touch
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cooler around these eastern coast with a breeze coming in from the sea. the warmest of the weather on friday will be further west. across parts of wales, southern and south—west england, i think it is here we are likely to see highs of 29 or possibly 30 degrees or so. still the high 20s for parts of northern ireland, into scotland, away from the east coast. heading through into the weekend we have still got this pretty warm weather with us through saturday at and lasting into sunday. perhaps not quite as hot as we have seen over recent days. a small chance of an isolated shower on saturday, probably for the far north—west, the vast majority of us not seeing a drop of rain and again those temperatures in the mid—to high 20s. just a touch cooler around the east coast and a similar picture as we move into the second half of the weekend. after sunny skies on saturday it will be a touch cooler in the north by sunday. but parts of england and wales will hold onto those temperatures in the high 20s. possibly still around 30 degrees sunday. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines: auf wiedersehen, germany.
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south korean fans celebrate as they push the reigning champions out of the world cup. malaysian police are investigating former prime minister najib razak, saying they've seized items worth about $270 million. i'm babita sharma in london. also in the programme: floodwaters hamper efforts to find i2 teenagers and their football coach missing for five days in a thailand cave. what these soldiers are trying to do is find some evidence of a chimney ora is find some evidence of a chimney or a hole that might
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