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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 29, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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reports say the gunman opened fire through a glass door to the office. gunmen has been arrested and police say it was a targeted attack. investigators say they do not know the motive of the gunmen and are looking into claims he made threats towards the newspaper. european leaders are struggling to agree a joint statement at a summint dominated by the migration crisis. reports say italy is refusing to agree to a joint statement on how to cope with the problem. and this story is trending on this is a pangolin. poaching has made it the most endangered species on the planet. british scientists have now come up with a ground—breaking way to protect it, by scanning human "finger—prints" from its scales. that's all. stay with bbc world news. our top story here in the uk — around 100 soldiers are helping firefighters
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in greater manchester tackle a moorland blaze that has been burning for 4 days across seven miles. now for the latest business news. and is on is prescribing a bitter pill for the drug industry as it snaps upa pill for the drug industry as it snaps up a pharmacy, potentially disrupting the supply chain or drug stores in america. and made in china 2025. what does this mean? we break down beijing's ambitious goals. it is friday, everyone. good morning, asia, hello, world. thank you for joining us. first you have books and then music and now medicine. amazonas in the process of acquiring online pharmacy company pillpack in a move to put the world's biggest
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online retailer in direct competition with drugstore chains, distributors and others. i am joined now by my colleague to discuss this. they do continue to expand their business for print. they do. and this care come a time —— time it has been previously reported that amazon was looking to enter this market and this confirms their entrance, sending shares for its rivals down by six or 10%. amazon has not said how much it paid for this more online retailer that it has been reported that it was about $1 billion. you mentioned walgreen 's and cvs. what has been their reaction to this acquisition i am a song? the ceo of walgreen says he is not too worried about the deal, saying that the industry is a lot more complicated than merely sending medication to customers. he probably is right to not be too worried yet
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because pillpack had around $100 million revenue last year, compared to billions of dollars for cvs. anything, however, that this isjust the first step for amazon on. and amazon on continues to disrupt many industries, not only the pharmaceutical industry but they also have groceries, food, books, music... they are a monopoly. also have groceries, food, books, music... they are a monopolylj think music... they are a monopoly.” think that's why shares for its rivals were down so much because amazonas known to cut prices in order to attract customers, even if that means the company loses money over the short—term. i think that is why share investors are nervous. thank you very much for that update on the acquisition of amazon on. and has gone from being a chinese strategy on how to become an economic superpower to a political hot potato. made in china 2025 was supposed to help the country develop cutting—edge industries and
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businesses that its trade tensions with the us continue, beijing is now publicly downplaying the initiative. 0ur correspondence explains. right now, made in china means cheap and fast. if you want quality, you go somewhere else. chinese goods are also seem to be copies of what is already on the market. now china wa nts to already on the market. now china wants to change that. and so it has come up with a plan. made in china 2025. it is a plan that the chinese government came up 2025. it is a plan that the chinese government came up with in 2015. it is essentially a roadmap for china to use it in a strength, making things, to help china become great and the future. to achieve that, china needs to up read what it manufactures. the year 2025 is just the first step to it by 2025, china
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wa nts to the first step to it by 2025, china wants to raise the quality of everything it manufactures. it wants to integrate digital technologies into industrial processes, leading to the creation of global brands you andi to the creation of global brands you and i would purchase, but from china. by 2035 they want chinese companies to be ahead of everyone else which means read through the major industries and leading innovation in the strongest sectors did itand innovation in the strongest sectors did it and by 2049, innovation in the strongest sectors did itand by2049, 100 innovation in the strongest sectors did it and by 2049,100 years after the founding of new china, the country aims to become the leader, among the world's manufacturing power was. “— among the world's manufacturing power was. —— powers. ten key sectors have been targeted. i will not name them all they want to start exporting products such as chinese made semiconductors, robotics, jets and satellites, high—speed railway, 0cean engineering from the experience they had building structure is in the south china sea, and electric vehicles. make no
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mistake, this is a government plan government backing. to achieve these ambitious goals, the chinese government will give financial incentives to companies operating in these areas, invest money and research in development and beijing will also push public institutions like universities and the military to co—operate more with by the company ‘s. made in china cheap and fast is what has allowed other countries to compete with china on quality, high technology, services and branding. made in china 2025's aim is to get chinese companies on par with the best in the world. and thatis par with the best in the world. and that is what is worrying america. stainless china, beijing has eased rules that limit foreign investment in the country's banks, car industry and agriculture. barriers drew criticism from trading partners such
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as the us. the trump administration cited the rules as examples of u nfettered cited the rules as examples of unfettered this is when it announced plans for tariffs on chinese goods earlier this year. this week, however, officials appeared to try to defuse the tensions between the country ‘s. the us secretary of defence is in tokyo today wrapping up defence is in tokyo today wrapping upa trip defence is in tokyo today wrapping up a trip that also brought into south korea and china. in beijing, the president told him about the mainland and how we would not give up mainland and how we would not give up than one inch of territory. the us and china may be tussling over trade and other issues these days but there is one area where the us will dominate —— still dominates and that its military exports. us is the largest exporter of arms in the world, making up over 30%. china is just the fifth largest behind russia, france and germany. the export amount to 6% of the global share. defence and national security
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expert says that that is not the only difference between the two countries. in terms of exports, certainly in this part of the world, the us exports are off— with asian. the high technology. the frigates, the combat systems integrated onto frigates and suchlike. chinese military exports are what we call good enough. they are not the most sophisticated but they are much cheaper and more affordable for emergent economies within the market. but what china exports to its purchases, is it the same kind of quality which they use for the red military? generally not. it is more sophisticated? that is what china aims to do. they wish to utilise the most sophisticated technology for its own military whereas the export products or of a lower quality. but, like aceh, more affordable for an emerging economy in the region. what is the most
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sophisticated piece of military equipment that china does have today, that could compete with the likes of the us, france and russia? china is developing space based wa rfa re china is developing space based warfare capabilities. we saw that over the last five or six years integrated with industry for .0 technology, artificial and —— intelligence and the suchlike. —— they are moving ahead with those very quickly. one company has announced they have won a contract from australia ford defence spending. australian defence spending. australian defence spending is on the rise and will be on the rise quickly arms of the next decade. this project is part of that. it is also one that brings big benefits for local industry and local companies. several 100 companies will be involved in this. it has major significance for the royal australian navy and for local
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industry in terms of its development and new technologies coming in. briefly, we have been discussing trade wars over the last few months. a slowing global economy and higher interest rates. does this impact on defence spending? it can do. generally speaking the military product are outside of that. certainly there is great emphasis on dual use applications and products. so some of those areas can impact on the ability of the military to gain access to a day of commercial technology. " look now at other business news. and nikkei —— nike has exceeded expectations. looking quickly at the markets and asia could receive a big lift this friday
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after us stocks won solid gains overnight. the dow was up as is the snp and the nasdaq. despite lingering trade will walk worries boosted by gains in financial and technology shares. this is where tokyois technology shares. this is where tokyo is opening the new trading day, up by 26 points. the all 0rdinaries is in positive territory. thank you for investing time with us. thank you for investing time with us. world cup action on sport today is coming up next. let's bring you up to date with our top stories. at least five people are reported to have been killed in an attack on a newspaper office in maryland near the us capital. police say this was a targeted attack. european leaders are struggling to agree a joint statement at a summit dominated by the migration crisis with reports that italy is refusing to agree a joint statement. one of the first firefighters to enter grenfell tower has been describing the moment he realised the blaze was spreading
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outside the building. charles batterbee thought he'd extinguished the flames in the flat where it started. but when he looked outside he said it "rained fire" — as burning debris fell from the building. tom symonds reports from the grenfell tower inquiry. his report contains images of the fire which some may find distressing. early morning, the 14th of june 2017. firefighters charles batterbee and daniel brown, loaded with gear are headed up grenfell tower, the fire isjust a glow in the kitchen window of flat 16. the enquiry has watched them smashing their way in on a thermal camera. in reality, it was black with smoke. then briefly opening the kitchen door to blast water at the fire, and put it out. but then charles batterbee realised what was happening outside. itjust rained fire.
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it is jumping multiple floors. this is notjust one or two windows and frames which have failed and come down, this is lots and it was getting worse. the cladding. daniel brown stepped forward to fight the flames. he is leant right outside that window. i am holding onto him for dear life and digging my hips into the counter so we don't both go together and i have got my left hand on my radio and while he was hitting it, it was getting worse and worse. low on air for their breathing gear, they had to retreat. i looked up at the side of the tower and... i will never get over that shock. it was like a war zone, he said. residents had been told to stay put to wait for rescue, but after two hours the advice changed. callers were now being advised to get out any way they could. but we didn't stop, we kept
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on going with our efforts. he worked all night. by daybreak, the scale of the grenfell tower disaster became apparent. tom symonds, bbc news. we have much more on that enquiry on oui’ we have much more on that enquiry on our website. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: delight for colombia at the world cup, as they get the better of senegal and finish top of group h. while belgium top group g as they beat england 1—0 in kaliningrad, thanks to adnanjanuzaj‘s goal. and top seed caroline wozniacki is through to the semi—finals
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of the eastbourne international, where she will play germany's angelique kerber. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start at the fifa world cup in russia, on the day we found out who would fill the remaining places in the last 16. senegal looked for so long like they would qualify, before being beaten by colombia. and the africans also became the first team to miss out on qualification due to the fair play rule, as they had more yellow cards thanjapan in group h. while belgium beat england 1—0, in kaliningrad, meaning they finish top of group g. and 0lly foster has been watching on from moscow. it has been a frantic four days here in russia with 16 games to decide all of those groups but now we know the line—up for the last 16, the knockout stage of the world cup. colombia are in there after knocking out senegal.


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