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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 29, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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and top seed caroline wozniacki is through to the semi—finals of the eastbourne international, where she will play germany's angelique kerber. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start at the fifa world cup in russia, on the day we found out who would fill the remaining places in the last 16. senegal looked for so long like they would qualify, before being beaten by colombia. and the africans also became the first team to miss out on qualification due to the fair play rule, as they had more yellow cards thanjapan in group h. while belgium beat england 1—0, in kaliningrad, meaning they finish top of group g. and olly foster has been watching on from moscow. it has been a frantic four days here in russia with 16 games to decide all of those groups but now we know the line—up for the last 16, the knockout stage of the world cup. colombia are in there after knocking out senegal. colombia's reward for finishing top of group h, a match
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against england. japan also made it out of that group and will face belgium ina out of that group and will face belgium in a really tough side of the draw. our correspondent reports. flying the flag of a continent, senegal were carrying the weight of africa on their shoulders. against colombia they had the better of the first half, their team bringing the chances, their fans bringing first half, their team bringing the chances, theirfans bringing the colour. around the stands, they were not filled with the same enthusiasm but after the break shoal poland shook things up, jan bednarek hammering in. already out of the competition, the fans finally had something to celebrate. japan had been top of the group. as it stood, they were heading home. the next twist in the tale, yerry mina heading in, colombia back in the world cup. time to party. and with that, for senegal, it slipped away. the end of the road to the africans,
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out on yellow cards. the first time in 36 years that no team from the continent was in the last 16. colombia topping the group, while in volgograd the news broke. even in defeat, japan were through, just. in group g, things were much simpler. england and belgium were already through but after a dull first half a moment from brilliance —— moment of brilliance from adnan januzaj a moment from brilliance —— moment of brilliance from adnanjanuzaj was the difference. belgium are through to play japan as group the difference. belgium are through to playjapan as group winners the difference. belgium are through to play japan as group winners but with a possible showdown against brazil in the quarterfinals on the horizon, it could come back to bite them. lets get more on the match. what made the difference for columbia? u fans must have helped. everyone in the stadium cheered. did eve ryo ne everyone in the stadium cheered. did everyone know? yes, everyone told us. everyone know? yes, everyone told us. poland one! we got so excited.
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describe the atmosphere in there. it was all yellow. this was like being in colombia. what was the atmosphere like? it was all yellow, a lot of chants, a lot of beer. a true yellow submarine right here. and now the second round, are you going to go all the way, colombia? of course we are. you can take it away. i will leave you with the bbc. you can show how happy you are. cheering. colombia! longer! —— colombia! those fans will be heading to moscow now, and it is rust off the belgium to face the japanese. the result is great for us. we were betting on
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belgium finishing first. if belgium had lost today we would have to watch england play in rostov, and thatis watch england play in rostov, and that is not the whole point. we want to see belgium when, and they played pretty well. we would have liked to see one: england's side, but it is better for us, so come on, england. it isa better for us, so come on, england. it is a shame we rested so many players, but still believe in the boys. we are still going to keep going. it is not a bad thing, it just could have been better. this is the week we officially bid farewell to half the nation ‘s here, and the world cup is going to be so much poorer, with some of those supporters who have really brought this tournament alive heading home. for those leaving and those still on their travels, here are some of our favourites that we have spotted. iamjohn, i amjohn, and this is naturalfor me. we do everything we can for the national team of sweden. senegal!
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me. we do everything we can for the nationalteam of sweden. senegal! if you go to mexico, you need to go to the chilly grey tarmac —— lucha libre, wrestling match. it is like a traditional costume from our area in switzerland. it is like seeing people in switzerland to have this costu me people in switzerland to have this costume on. we are wearing this hat in all of our matches. we like a lot. it gives us a lot of luck. it isa lot. it gives us a lot of luck. it is a rest day at the world cup across russia on friday. we are
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expecting thousands of spanish, english and colombian fans here in moscow ahead of their respective games in the last 16. they are all must win now. path to the has been set. —— the past to the final has been set. away from the world cup, but staying with football, where wayne rooney has arrived in the united states ahead of his move to dc united. the 32—year—old flew into washington's dulles airport on thursday after agreeing a 3.5—year deal with the major league soccer side. england's record goal—scorer rejoined his boyhood club, everton, last season, after spending the majority of his career at manchester united. he will officially complete his move when the us mid—season transfer window opens on 10 july. in tennis news, the build—up to next week's wimbledon championships sees the conclusion of grass court tournaments preceding it. caroline wozniacki is through to the semi—finals at the eastbourne international in england. the number one seed was up against australia's ashleigh barty, who won the nottingham open title earlier this month. but the danish world number two had few problems and won in straight sets, 6—3, 6—4.
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in the men's tournament at eastbourne, the unseeded mikhail kukushkin of kazakhstan won his quarter—final, beating british second seed kyle edmund. kukukshkin, who is ranked 90th in the world, lost the first set 7—5. but he soon regained control of the match, and took the next two sets 6—3, 6—1, and he will next face mischa zverev of germany for a place in the final. england and new zealand will meet in sunday's final of the women's t20 tri—series tournament. the white ferns eased to victory against south africa in their opening match on thursday. but england scored a decisive seven—wicket win in the second game of the day in bristol, with sarah taylor's half—century helping them to the target of 130 with more than four overs to spare. i still think they can improve on the field. i always think they can improve in the field. there were some stops on the boundary we could have got, stops and to smack. we
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have got, stops and to smack. we have gone from scoring over 201 game, to scoring 128 quite co mforta bly game, to scoring 128 quite comfortably —— twos. we need to keep adapting and learning to bat on each surface, and it should be good. the players are nearing the end of the first round of the women's pga championship in illinois. south korea's park sung—hyun is the one—stroke clubhouse leader, on six—under, in the third major of the year. americanjessica korda is one of three who are a stroke further back, and she is yet to win a major championship, despite claiming five titles on the lpga tour, while world number one and three—time winner of this event inbee park carded a disappointing one—over round, with this putt for birdie on the 13th the best of the day for the south korean. in major league baseball news, anthony rizzo's three—run double and addison russell's two—run homer highlighted a seven—run seventh innings, as the chicago cubs beat the los angeles dodgers 11—5 on thursday. tied up at 3—3 heading into the seventh innings, a skied hit saw what looked like being a relatively simple catch for max muncy, who used his glove as a shield against the sun. but he failed to take it, and that was compounded later in the innings when russell
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hit this two—run homer, to take the score at that stage out to 10—3. and the match was as good as over. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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on thursday, all four nations of the uk recorded a temperature above 30 degrees, so can we keep that up through the next few days? well, it is going to stayjust about dry, there'll be some sunshine around, but northern areas are going to turn just a little bit cooler. high pressure still with us, but it is drifting northwards. the flow of winds around high pressure in this clockwise direction. and that will allow us to tap into some slightly cooler air, sitting a long way up to the north, but some of that is just going to try to fringe its way into parts of scotland in particular. with that, some extra cloud into eastern areas as we start off friday morning. still mild there in glasgow to start the day, 15 degrees, similar temperature in london. as we go on through the day, some of this cloud will linger close to these eastern coasts. whereas over the last few days, it has burnt back out to sea, i think we will see a bit more cloud encroaching into these eastern areas.
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as a consequence, it will be cooler. scotland generally a little bit less hot than it has been over the last day or so, so 26 degrees in glasgow on friday afternoon. further south, those temperatures still up into the high 20s. parts of wales, perhaps the western side of northern ireland, could still get up to 30 degrees. now, we go through friday night, and we're going to bring that cloud in eastern areas, a little bit further west. it'll spread across parts of the midlands, northern england. clear skies out west, temperatures dropping to between 9 and 1a degrees. high pressure, then, still with us as we start off the weekend. there are a couple of subtle weather features that might change things a bit — one frontal system which try to will bring a bit more cloud in to the north—west, and this area of low pressure, which will come into play through the second half of the weekend. but saturday a nice—looking day. in fact, even for those eastern areas, there'll probably be more sunshine on saturday than there will be on friday. and in the sunshine, those temperatures doing nicely. mid—to—high 20s for most places, still a bit cooler close to those north sea coasts.
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i mentioned that area of low pressure down to the south and as get on into sunday, it will try to fringe a cluster of showers towards southern and western parts of the uk. so across the south—west, wales, perhaps northern ireland, there could just be some showers and perhaps some thunderstorms during sunday. further east, a lot of dry and sunny weather, and we start to bring the winds in from the near continent. levels of humidity are going to start to rise, temperatures back up to 30 degrees, maybe a little higher than that across parts of the south—east. and we stick with that slightly more humid feel as we go on into the new working week. a lot of dry weather, some spells of sunshine, just the chance of the odd shower in the south and west. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm mike embley. our top stories: a gunman opens fire at a local newspaper in annapolis, maryland, killing 5 people, injuring 2 more. this person was prepared today to, and —— coming, this person was prepared to shoot people. his intent
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was to cause harm. a summit finds european union members far apart on migration. italy's prime minister is holding out until other countries agree to take in more migrants. a wave of deadly violence in mexico. more than 130 politicians have been murdered, ahead of sunday's elections. we have a special report.
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