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welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the moment 12 young boys and their football coach are found alive, after being trapped in a vast cave system in thailand for nine days. it will be a prolonged operation, but right now this entire country is relishing a happy ending that had become harder and harder to believe a left—wing anti establishment candidate is to become mexico's next president. lopez obrador has vowed to crack down on corruption. the german interior minister has dropped his threat to resign because chancellor angela merkel has agreed to tighten controls on immigration. and back from the brink. belgium come from two—goals down to beatjapan and qualify for the world cup quarter—finals. hello and welcome to bbc world news.
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12 children and their football coach who've been missing for 10 days have been found alive in flooded caves. two british divers who flew to thailand last week to help in the international rescue operation were the first to reach them. they found them on a ledge 6 miles into the network of caves. it's thought the children became trapped during a day trip. but the divers have had to leave them behind — they've gone back to get them food — and to try to work out how to get the children out. our southeast asia correspondent, jonathan head, sent this report from the tham luang caves in northern thailand. this was the moment they were found. the british cave diver john volanthen calling out to the missing group in a cave deep under the mountains. as the divers turned to leave,
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promising to return with back—up, one of the boys says to them, "please, tell them we're hungry". for the families of the boys, a joyous end to nine agonising days of waiting, hoping and, at times, despairing. translation: today is the best day. i've been waiting for my son for so many days. i'm so excited! the first thing i will do is hug him. and for the thousands of volunteers, officials, climbers and others
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who've taken part in this extraordinary multinational search operation, a very special moment. most of all for the local governor, who's been the public face of this rescue and ordered officials working on it to think of the boys as their own sons. narongsak osottanakorn described how the boys were discovered and then said simply, "we found our younger brothers, and they were safe". cheering. after thejubilation, now the serious challenge of extracting 12 boys and their coach, weakened by hunger, possibly injured, from caves it had taken experience divers many days to get through. it will be a prolonged operation. but right now, this entire country is relishing a happy ending that had become harder and harder to believe in. they were all members of a football squad who'd entered the caves after saturday practice with their coach. their bicycles were found chained to the railings at the entrance.
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it was presumed they'd been cut off by fast rising water. the thai government has thrown everything at these efforts to save their lives. now pumping thousands of gallons an hour from the caves to help to get them out. more rain later this week will complicate things. but this astonishing news of the boys‘ survival will surely spur everyone on. jonathan head, bbc news, tham luang caves, northern thailand. we can go now to florida to talk to edd sorenson, one of the founding members of international underwater cave rescue and recovery. it is an amazing and wonderful that they survived and were found but getting them out will be tricky. they survived and were found but getting them out will be trickym really is. i am elated to hear that
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they found them all alive in good health so far, so it is going to be a difficult rescue from here on out. how difficult? well, i am working with limited knowledge from here so it depends on how far the completely flooded passage is. but in a situation like that it is usually zero visibility, you have got rocks and obstacles in the way. taking a dive into circumstances like that is extremely dangerous, someone who has had a near death experience is even more dangerous and someone who is not scuba certified is unbelievably dangerous. had you think it is likely to be done? this group, the
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kids and their teacher are clearly tough and have managed to survive this and have incentive, they want to get out. then again, without all the information and without seeing firsthand what is there, but if they have a higher flow passage and it is even worse when you're coming out, it is extremely likely that they could panic once in the water, so depending on the weather and how much more rain and volume they can pump out, if they can get it to where it is not completely submerged in days or weeks down the road, as long as the kids know that we know where they are at, as long as they have food and a way to keep warm, water and filtration systems and lights, it would really be the safest to wait it out. but if not,
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taking in the water will be the —— will be the only option, but it is hazardous not only to the kids and the coach, but to the rescuers. thank you very much for that. will bring you the very latest soon as we have more. —— we will. the president—elect of mexico says he's already spoken to president trump about his new plan to boost the mexican economy, and cut down on migration. andres manuel lopez obrador made the suggestions during a phone—call between the two leaders following his decisive victory in sunday's presidential election. after their phone conversation, mr trump said he believed the new mexican leader would help america deal with its border problem. our north america correspondent peter bowes joins us live from los angeles.
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they had a 30 minute conversation, a fascinating conversation. but as far as he is concerned, his number one priority is to create jobs in mexico. he has to do that, it was an election pledge and in part away to combat the crime. many of the problems that mexico is suffering from at the moment crucially is creating jobs and he has spoken to the american president at our border security and the possibility of a trade deal between the two countries, you can see where there is some potential, some synergy between these two, if president trump can help the new leader to create jobs, bearing in trump can help the new leader to createjobs, bearing in mind that reason people from mexico to the us in search of a better life, jobs, donald trump wants fewer migrants and immigrants, where there is the basis for some deal on some sort of
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agreement for these two leaders. however, you got to say and look at the history between them, as far as andres manuel lopez 0brador is being concerned over the last few months during his campaign, accusing donald trump of having racist immigration policies and that mexico will not be his whipping boy, that language seems to have died down and out and 110w seems to have died down and out and now they seem to be on an even keel and are pledging to work together. you could say they both have a populist appeal but it will hardly bea populist appeal but it will hardly be a meeting of minds, is it? is certainly isn't. although, i say it is fascinating watching how they will develop as two leaders working alongside each other. they have this reputation for being leaders prone to changing their minds, unpredictable, you could say the same for donald trump. they both like twitter and social media and donald trump in particular seems to be energised when you look at kim
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jong—un or even president vladimir putin, working with foreign leaders who are, you would think politically opposed in a significant way that donald trump is. it seems to spur him on to reach a deal, and agreement and that could be the basis for a better relationship between the us and mexico in the coming months. peter, thank you very much. mexicans voted on sunday against a backdrop of tremendous violence across the nation, much of it drug—related. at least 48 candidates were murdered in this election alone. clive myrie sent this special report on the flow of drugs and guns across the us—mexico border. dawn sees the summer sun rise to warm a land blessed and cursed. nature is bountiful in this part of mexico, and opium poppy fields can yield a living for farmers when other crops have left the ground. bloodlines run deep in these fields.
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this husband and wife, like so many families down the years, score the opium bulbs to reveal the latex that will become heroin. translation: well, we work out of necessity. we are not responsible for the people who use drugs. people who criticise this have probably never known need. so how does any government tell this parent, who doesn't want to be identified, that she can't provide for her three—year—old child because she reaps a bitter harvest? mexico's new president must address the rural poverty of millions if he is to tackle the drugs trade. but in the meantime, in the dead of night, a smuggler preps to trade in misery. we watch as he takes apart an ordinary family car and stuffs the fuel tank with drugs. cocaine, heroin, crystal meth.
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the 26—year—old american will smuggle whatever he can get his hands on. whatever his handlers desire. you've loaded up the car and the drugs are in there and you're sitting on top of them, literally. where are they heading? translation: i take them to phoenix or los angeles, but i know they sometimes go to kansas or indiana. so, all over america? yes. but you're not stupid, you know what these drugs do to people across the border? do you care about that? no, i don't put a gun to people's head to make them take drugs. it's not my problem. his only problem, navigating the busy frontier checkpoint and avoiding the scrutiny of guards. others have very different concerns about the frontier with america. jesus vega is a family man with the hopes and fears of any parent. any husband. i'm worried that violence is going to escalate more and we're going to have shootings here in the park or at my daughter's school, my wife's work.
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it's really, really sad to live like this. jesus understands man's capacity for violence. he's a crime scene investigator. so we can see the csi's processing the scene and we have the dead body over there on the side of the street. in a quiet suburban area in the border city of tijuana, mexico has lost another son. jesus describes the scene. i can see from here that he has probably gunshot wounds in the back. he's a young male. sadly this is because of the out—of—control firearms that are coming in from america to tijuana. mexico's new president has to deal with the epidemic of murders
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this country endures and stem the flow of guns from abroad. and that's where our smuggler re—enters the story. he's back from america with a new cargo. guns. that looks like a handgun. how many are down there in the petrol tank? translation: the boss told me there are three here in the tank. and it's easy, easy getting these in? it's easier bringing the weapons in because there's less violence compared to the other way around. the weapons are carefully wrapped in tinfoil and bagged. calibres of all sizes. killing machines. smuggled to order. the only way to beat mexico's strict gun laws. you've been doing it forfour years, how many guns do you think you've brought in in that time?
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a lot. hundreds? hundreds. yeah. you've brought in hundreds of weapons yourself. well, he showed us three weapons but he's also told us there are many more inside the car and hidden all around it. we've been asked to leave now because the person who ordered this shipment is on their way to pick it up and it doesn't take a genius to guess where those weapons are going to end up. in the hands of criminal gangs and drug cartels. someone somewhere in mexico will die as a result of those weapons. that night, there's another murder in tijuana. yellow cones mark the fallen bullet casings at this crime scene. for jesus, this country's well—being is on the line. the new president needs to secure a future for mexico's children. right now, the scene behind us, there's a dead guy. it's something that kids see every day and they get used to that, so that's the sad thing. i have to think about my daughter. i've got to think about my daughter's friends. i don't want them to grow up
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thinking that every day there's a killing and it's ok, it's fine, and nothing is going to happen. so many of mexico's problems are the result of a society that doesn't work for everyone. her new leaders must govern for the millions left behind, trying to navigate a life worth living. clive myrie, bbc news, in tijuana, mexico. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: we'll have the latest from the world cup, as the sun sets onjapan‘s dreams of a quarter final. china marked its first day of rule in hong kong
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with a series of spectacular celebrations. a huge firework display was held in the former colony. the chinese president, jiang zemin, said unification was the start of a new era for hong kong. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly, that was cloned in a laboratory using a cell from another sheep. for the first time in 20 years, russian and american spacecraft have docked in orbit, at the start of a new era of cooperation in space. challenger powered past the bishop rock lighthouse at almost 50 knots, shattering a record that had stood for 34 years. and there was no hiding the sheer elation of richard branson and his crew. this is bbc world news. the latest headlines:
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twelve boys and their football coach, missing for nine days in a cave in thailand, have been found alive. the a left—wing anti establishment candidate is to become mexico's next president. lopez 0brador has vowed to crack down on corruption. the most senior catholic figure to be convicted of covering—up sexual assault has been sentenced to 12 months home detention in australia. philip wilson, the archbishop of adelaide, was found guilty of concealing child abuse by a priest in the 1970s. 0ur correspondent hywel griffith is at newcastle local court in new south wales. list gentleman was expected to go to jail? he's certainly arrived knowing he could have faced a jail term of
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up he could have faced a jail term of up to two years, the magistrate as he handed down his sentence said it was a serious offence against the community, that he had betrayed vulnerable victims and parishioners however, having said he would not suspend the sentence, he concluded he could be done within someone's home rather than a jail. we will have one other hearing to determine the arrangement, he will end up wearing a tag and a curfew with six months extra on bail. in case people have forgotten, philip wilson chose to protect the reputation of the church, as he saw it, rather than pass on evidence that he had. yes, he was approached by the victims of a paedophile priest back in the
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19705, a paedophile priest back in the 1970s, told by them of the sexual assaults they encountered. when the priest was investigated decades later, again he concealed child abuse. he said in order to protect the reputation of the catholic church. the magistrate concluded that could have been his only motive to come forward. mandatory reporting is required here in new south wales but it is not the law in every part of australia or the world. but it is an issue the catholic church need to deal with. the catholic church has been accused as a body of concealing and covering up abuse and some people here responded by asking the pope to take action and sack philip wilson. he is yet to resign as archbishop of adelaide. germany's interior minister
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horst seehofer has withdrawn a threat to resign, after talks with chancellor angela merkel. he said the two conservative parties in the governing coalition had reached an agreement on tougher border controls. mrs merkel made a deal with other eu leaders to help share the problems faced by country's such as italy and malta, who see some of the highest numbers of migrant arrivals from north africa. andrew plant reports. this was the latest tension at the top of german's politics. horst seehofer threatening to resign, tired, he said of the opendoor migration policy of angela merkel and insisting some migrants should be turned away. now he has withdrawn his threat, the two reaching an agreement, he said, after hours of talk. translation: after intensive discussion we have reached a clear
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agreement of how we can in future prevent illegal immigration on the border. this allows me to continue my post as interior and foreign affairs minister. chancellor merkel stood her ground, sticking to a solution reached in russell ‘s last week to spread migrants will evenly throughout the eu. —— brussels. translation: we will do just that, set up transit centres in germany and return to countries where asylum seekers are registered. we have reached a compromise after tough negotiations. possession mac the whole argument between them is problematic. —— whole argument between them is problematic. -- translation:. translation: we cannot say that what has happened here now is a resolve problem. the attack on this is merkel is so big it could create further problems. mrs merkel's party
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relies on horst seehofer‘s party to form a coalition government which has, it seems, managed to survive what was perhaps its toughest test so far. football and the world cup in russia keeps throwing up great games and great goals. belgium are through to the quarter—finals, after they beat japan 3—2. the europeans had to come from two goals down to win the match. elsewhere, brazil continue their steady progress, beating mexico 2—0. austin halewood watched all the action. the big names were all back for belgium but it was japan that had the better of a dull first half. into the second, the match exploded into life. japan in. haraguchi converting under pressure. in a world cup of huge upsets what followed should not have been a surprise. inui with a rocket from
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outside the box. belgium shell shocked not out yet. they were soon back level. fellaini once again the man to turn to in times of trouble. almost ready for extra time, a brilliant half of football it had w011 brilliant half of football it had won last chris basham chadli winning in the last minute. with messy and ronaldo are already home, russia is in the market for a new star and neymar did not disappoint. his performance so instrumental, frustration boiled over. as mexico tried to bully their way back into the game, brazil ran away with it, roberto firmino tapping the favourites into the quarter—finals.
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brazil peking at just favourites into the quarter—finals. brazil peking atjust the right time. —— rising. for more on the world cup, head to the bbc sport website. you'll find team news, fixtures, match reports — all building up to the final onjuly the 15th. we ta ke we take you back life to northern thailand were rescuers are trying to figure out how to bring the 12 children and coach found alive out of the caves. they have to decide whether to move the group using diving equipment or wait till their strength is recovered and more water can be pumped out but more rain is forecast for next week. that is it the now. thank you very much for watching. good morning. the summer of 2018 is shaping up
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to be quite memorable. june may be a distant memory, it looks as though the statistics will make it go down in history. this was glasgow last week, june 28 in motherwell, where we saw a high of 33 degrees. we thought that was the hottest june day on record, but it was the hottest day ever recorded in scotland. quite incredible. it looks as though there is little in the way of significant rain in the forecast not only throughout this week but perhaps into next as well. high pressure stays with us, subtle differences. more of an easterly breeze will bring changes and it does mean that first thing in the morning there will be a bit more cloud along the north sea coast and it will be a little bit fresher as we go through the day. further west, with a little more shelter we got that warmth and those temperatures yet again are set to respond. highest values likely of around 27 degrees, that's 80 fahrenheit, a little bit cooler along the east coast. perhaps a little more
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pleasant for many. as we move out of tuesday into wednesday, the high pressure releases its grip a little. there's still unlikely to be any significant rain in the forecast, largely quiet, but perhaps a little more in the way of cloud around and the threat of a few sharper showers across southern england. very hit and miss but i'm sure they'll be welcome news for gardeners and growers out there. as a result of that cloud, temperatures are degree or so down. looking at a high of 20—26 degrees. still a dry story into thursday for most of us, but look at this, a weather front, something we've not seen for some time, introducing more in the way of cloud across the northern isles into the western scotland and maybe northern ireland but no significant rain i'm afraid in the forecast. maybe a few isolated showers and the risk of a few showers just threatening across the far south. the highest values still of 17—28 degrees, that's 82 fahrenheit. the wind direction looking likely to change again as we move towards the weekend and that will allow those temperatures
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to climb, with more of a southerly 29 or 30 degrees not out of the question again somewhere in the south. the high pressure establishes itself as we move out of the working week into next weekend. that means that things stay dry, settled and relatively sunny. if you haven't already got the message, it looks likely that the rest of the week will stay often quite sunny, very warm for many with little in the way of significant rain. take care. this is bbc world news. the headlines: rescuers have made contact with 12 boys and one adult who've been trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand for nine days. they're now trying to work out how best to bring them to safety. they'll need to dive through flood—water to get out of the caves. the president—elect of mexico says he's already spoken to president trump about his new plan to boost the mexican economy, and cut down on migration. andres manuel lopez 0brador made the suggestions during a phone—call between the two leaders following his decisive victory in sunday's presidential election. germany's interior minister horst
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seehofer has withdrawn a threat to resign, after talks with chancellor angela merkel. he said they'd reached an agreement on tougher border controls. mrs merkel made a deal with other eu leaders to deal with the high number of migrants arriving from north africa. now on bbc news — monday in parliament.
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