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this is bbc world news. our top stories — england are entered their world cup semi—final after a 2—0 win against sweden. goals from harry maguire meant england will now face croatia. they will meet on wednesday. the prime minister to fence the brexit plan and has agreed with their cabinet. what i am clear about is we will bring an to free movement as we look ahead to the immigration rules. we need to look at that in the
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context of the wider rules we have for immigration from outside of the european union will stop we will decide the rules that are right for the uk. the boys trapped in thailand right emotional letters to their pa rents. right emotional letters to their parents. —— write. england through to the world cup finals for the first time in 30 years. england had a 2—0 victory. down royal and reports. for england fans, occasions have
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proved a rare. samaras felt like a once—in—a—lifetime chance for the players, at date with destiny as a nation held its breath. jordan pickford soon demanding more from his teammates. a burst from wrecking . commentator: was football heading home? a lack of composure at a crucial moment proved costly. he had become the hero of his side's victory and pickford came to the
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rescue again. england were about to ta ke rescue again. england were about to take the world cup to a level few have thought possible when they arrived here in russia. sweden punished for leaving dele alli unmarked. england with a 2—goal lead. their dominance deserved. a place in the last four now theirs to lose but loses they could not. pickford having a game of his life asa pickford having a game of his life as a sweden desperately search for as a sweden desperately search for as response to no avail. england win. england comfortably stealing their biggest victory for years and with it their first final for a generation. can't speak highly enough. their level of work has been great and their commitment. he can't get through with just 11 players. i hope everyone enjoys. the fans will
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be enjoying it. we have got to keep doing what we are doing. england's fa ns doing what we are doing. england's fans have been growing used to major disappointment in tournaments but not here, not today and not with this remarkable young team ensuring their journey this remarkable young team ensuring theirjourney in this remarkable young team ensuring their journey in russia this remarkable young team ensuring theirjourney in russia continues. lot of the players know southgate and so they have system in place and it's working. a new team, a young team and they have us proud. england now find themselves in a place where few of them have found the shirt and warned that with experience. they won the world cup more than half a century ago on this performance and with these players, it would no longer be a surprise. back home in england, it is not that tens of millions of people watched the action unfold. there were scenes of jubilation across the country.
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patriotism on full show. in sunderland as the game began, the mood was hopeful. i'm feeling great. england 2—0. mood was hopeful. i'm feeling great. england 2-0. i'm so excited. with england's jordan pickford add henderson both from sunderland, there was added passion here. this crowd lived every tackle, every chance and every goal. for 90 minutes this afternoon, england seemed to grind to a halt. thousands gathered around big screens, watching and willing their
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tea m screens, watching and willing their team to do well. in the past, england have been dressed for viewing but not so much today. the young footballers watched after stopping their games. this is where harry kane played as a child. even at wimbledon, not everyone's mind was on the tennis. in sunderland at the final whistle, there was total euphoria. this has been an uplifting experience with everyone watching it together after years of disappointment. their team deliver. they have done really well. absolutely fab. i am so pleased that dele alli scored. yes! bring it on! no one is in the mood to stop the celebrations just yet. the
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no one is in the mood to stop the celebrationsjust yet. the prime minister has been defending the brexit deal agreed by the cabinet yesterday. pa rt of brexit deal agreed by the cabinet yesterday. part of the plan is that unlimited immigration from the eu would end the today, theresa may refused to rule it out to make it easierfor eu citizens refused to rule it out to make it easier for eu citizens to come here. they are waiting for more details about the proposals. brexit is an marathons. not a sprint. mps rushing to downing street to get more on theresa may's plan. the cabinet agreed it but who else knows what's going on? the only thing that is certain is free coffee at number nine. inside number ten, the prime minister is believed to have her cabinet on board. sellar people voted to leave the european union, they wanted an end to free movement. —— people voted. they wanted to end.
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the many brexiteers, commitment to follow the eu's rules and commitment to share so much still with them sounds like we are not merely leaving in the way they believed. irma this is a deal that delivers on brexit but it does so in a way that ensures that we can build a bright future for britain. you make a commitment to ending unlimited eu immigration but are you ruling out giving some form of preferential treatment to eu citizens? what i have said before and will continue to say is we recognise that people will still want to carry on travelling to europe and europeans travelling to the uk. so it is possible they may still get some preferential treatment? we are going to decide. downing street's whole package would tie us more closely to the eu than brexiteers desired. we all have had a great spat. a threat from the leader
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of their faction is still a threat, even in comic language. an egg that is very softly boiled isn't boiled at all. a very soft brexit means we haven't left, we are simply a rule—taker. that is not something that this country voted for. i will certainly stick to the conservatives' manifesto commitments. and will not vote for something that doesn't deliver brexit. after months of strops, will the cabinet really pipe down? you believe yesterday drew a line and now anyone who speaks out against policy, they will have to walk away? yesterday, what i said was that collective responsibility has returned and what i felt, what i had from people sitting around that table was a real sense that we move forward together. so, do you hope that this will be the end of the tory psychodrama over europe? this will be, i think, a point... what we're all doing is putting the national interest first. the eu have been clear throughout this very long process already. they don't like the idea of britain picking and mixing. your proposal does just that.
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up to now, what we have seen from europe, the proposals that they have effectively put to us, have been ones that we could not accept. we're just about to sit down and start those negotiations with them. i think, from the reaction we have seen so far, there is an understanding and an acceptance that this is something that we should be sitting down and talking about. looking serious to the eu is what she wants. but looking serious at home is still a challenge. a memo circulating amongst eurosceptics said the cabinet's new plan is not credible, calling it a "black—hole brexit", even if senior ministers had enough sweeteners to be able to sign. labour has its own brexit headaches, but questions whether this deal can last. i've got a feeling the whole thing might start to unravel in a few days. it's also very unclear whether or not they could deliver that as an agreement with europe. number ten has had to take oh—so careful steps to move brexit forward. but the prime minister's foes still lurk only paces
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from herfront door. laura kuenssberg, bbc news, westminster. a number of cabinet ministers has welcomed it but there has also been concern. joe london has been assessing what the prime minister's latest brexit plan could mean for businesses in the uk. from giant aircraft makers to global carmakers, big business has been very vocal over the past fortnight about what a poor brexit deal would mean forjobs and investment in britain. the agreement thrashed out could give them peace of mind. what would this mean for companies and jobs? there would be no difference in safety and product standards between the uk and the eu post—brexit. there is talk of labour mobility which would allow firms to bring in key staff from the eu but and freedom of movement.
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services such as finance, tourism or hospitality which accounts for four fifth of the british economy, are not included. that means banks in the city of london won't be able to sell as easily in the eu as they currently do because they will lose their so—called passport in rights. nonetheless, the body which represents many banks and professional advisers, was optimistic. i think what has been sent out is a constructive way forward. it sets out a meaningful path on goods. it sets out some encouraging noises on services. i think the important thing is to see what the detail is that we see in the white paper next week but also to see what their reaction on the european side is. the institute of directors which represent lard —— larger at manufacturers broadly welcomed last night's announcement that the former boss of the former chambers of commerce was less pleased. the prime minister has devised. what we are seeing is the
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uk permanently tied to the european union. she has devised a deal that deals with goods so that france and germany can continue to sell huge quantities of goods and will continue with our massive trade deficit has ignored services where we are strong so it is a i—way street. employers and their staff must now wait to see how eu leaders react. and whether the compromise is dead on arrival. we are joined react. and whether the compromise is dead on arrival. we arejoined now by our political correspondent. how deep visible are the cracks in conservative unity over this deal? we are starting to see tonight that some of the unity that we perhaps saw on friday and early today is beginning to crack. let's take the comments believed to be made by borisjohnson on comments believed to be made by boris johnson on friday. comments believed to be made by borisjohnson on friday. it is understood that he was vocal and hostile and his opposition. to the plan he said could leave the uk is a
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basal state and those who are sticking up for it would be polishing it heard. his usual colourful language. it doesn't go into details our conversations that go on in cabinet but it does say that it doesn't recognise the idea that it doesn't recognise the idea that he was hostile at the meeting. aside from boris johnson, that he was hostile at the meeting. aside from borisjohnson, we are also seeing the real warnings that are being circulated within the conservative party. we have also obtained the document being circulated by embers of the european research group, the pro— barracks at group. —— pro brexit. it is an analysis they are sharing. it is hugely damning of this poser from the prime minister, saying, it would lead to a black hole brexit. the uk permanently stuck as a vassal state in the eu's legal and regulatory carpet. you get the idea that those
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on the brexit side are not com pletely on the brexit side are not completely happy with what is going on. michael gove is writing in the mail on sunday and greg clark is sticking up for the deal saying that everybody needs to compromise and this is the best thing on the table. the idea that everybody in the conservative party is happy with this, i'm not sure that is true. and thatis this, i'm not sure that is true. and that is before we even get to see whether the eu 27 lakhs is because all week, we have had michel barnier, providing noises, saying too many questions are not enough a nswe rs. too many questions are not enough answers. “— too many questions are not enough answers. —— likes it. the prime minister had four groups. firstly, the cabinet. she has got them all on site, whether they are completely signed up to her or not, is another matter as we have seen star to emerge tonight. she has her parliamentary party and they were briefings earlier today and tomorrow and monday. there is the wider
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public. you and i. whetherfolk get on board with this. perhaps the biggest challenge of all is, as you say, europe. does europe get on board with the idea this plan? is it seen as cherry picking? so far, the noises from brussels over the last 24 noises from brussels over the last 2a hours also have been fairly conservatory is that they have been, let's look at the plan, let's see what at first, let's discuss it. that is a long way from saying yes, we ta ke that is a long way from saying yes, we take it and we are up for this. this is what is going to happen. i suspect we will get more in the next few days about what is going on in the conservative party itself and thatis the conservative party itself and that is before we get into brussels. this is bbc world news. our top stories: england go through to their first world cup semi—final in 28 years after a 2—0 victory against sweden. they will face croatia in moscow on wednesday. the prime minister
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defends the brexit plan she has agreed with her cabinet and refuses to rule out giving eu citizens referential treatment on coming to the uk after brexit. —— preferential. a group of 12 thai boys who have been trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks and in emotional letters to their parents, telling them not to worry. —— send emotional letters. sport, and a full round—up from the bbc sports centre with tanya. hello, what a day it has been for england. let's get more reaction to that quarter—final win over sweden. after the game, a very proud england manager, gareth southgate, said the spirit of his team helped to break down a world world swedish side. we knew we would have the majority of the ball, it wasjust knew we would have the majority of the ball, it was just whether we could rake them down. we identified a few areas where we might do that and we got the goals from those, in tak. set pieces again. yes, set plays, but because we are getting into good areas of the pitch. they
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area into good areas of the pitch. they are a well—organised team and they make life tough. 0ver are a well—organised team and they make life tough. over the years we have underestimated them. today, i think our spirit was as good as theirs and our quality was a little bit better. dele alli scored england's second goal, of course, his first of this world cup campaign. a great achievement for the team. we owed it to the fans back at home. we see how they have all been supporting us and bleeding in us. like i said, a good performance. it is nice to get the support on occasions like this. i don't feel like this was our best performance, personally, on the pitch. to get a goal was unbelievable. it was important that we had belief in the game plan and kept playing the way we wanted to play. the way that we know we can play. the way that we know we can play. they can —— they didn't concede a lot of chances. we kept moving the ball as quickly as we could and waiting opportunities. standing between england and a place in the world cup final is croatia,
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after they knocked out the hosts, russia, in a tense battle in sochi. it was 1—1 after 90 minutes, meaning it went to extra time. croatia scored first, but when marriot fernandez equalised, penalty seemed inevitable. both teams had already won a penalty shootout to reach this stage but that all small of missed the first for russia, meaning they we re the first for russia, meaning they were relying on croatia are doing the same. —— feder smolov. this shot proved the decider. jubilation for croatia, and heartbreakfor the hosts. to wimbledon, and the british number one, kyle edmund, has been beaten in four sets by the former world number one novak djokovic. edmund made a good start on centre court as he took the first set against djokovic, after breaking the serbian's serve midway through the opening set. he was soon reminded of djokovic has been so successful at wimbledon in the past, as the three—time champion took the next three sets to win the
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match. the latest big name to fall in the women's draw is world number one and top seed simona halep. a french open champion was beaten by taiwan's shea su wei, in an epic third round match. the world number 48 port back from 5—2 down in the decider to win its 7-5. from 5—2 down in the decider to win its 7—5. she will play to meet dominika cibulkova cove in the last 16. no problems for men's second seed rafael nadal. the two—time wimbledon champion is into the last 16 after a comfortable victory over australian teenager alex terminal. the win also means that rafael nadal holds onto the world mumble and ranking. lewis hamilton won the battle for pole position in tomorrow's british grand prix, snatching the top spot from his title rival sebastian vettel by a fraction of a second. hamilton produced a lap record with his final run in qualifying to take his six pole position at silverstone.
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victory tomorrow would mean he overta kes jim victory tomorrow would mean he overtakes jim clark for the most number of british grand prix wins. more importantly for hamilton, it would mean he overtakes sebastian vettel again at the top of the drivers standings. chris froome's quest to win a record equalling fifth tour de france has started with a crash on the opening stage. the defending champion careered off the road on a left—hand bend in the closing stages, but was quickly back on his bike and said afterwards he felt fine. britain through, finishing 57 seconds behind the stage winner, fernando karadima, who was making his tour debut. that is all of the sport for now, on what has been quite some day. ta nya, has been quite some day. tanya, thank you. it is 11:21pm. a police officer who was taken to hospital amid fears they had been exposed to know the shock has tested negative for the nerve agent. —— never shock. the officer had been
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transferred to soulsby district hospital and has now been given the all clear. authorities are currently investigating the poisoning of a couple in amesbury who fell ill last weekend after being exposed to novichok. in japan, at weekend after being exposed to novichok. injapan, at least 50 people have been killed and dozens are missing after floods and landslides were triggered by corinne shall reign. hundreds of people were involved in rescue operations across central and northern parts of the country. hundreds of residents have been ordered to leave their homes. a person has been flawed and four others injured during a bull running festival in northern spain. —— gored. they have been taken to hospitalfor gored. they have been taken to hospital for treatment. thousands of people take place in the festival in pamplona every year. saturday's one is statistically the most dangerous day of the week of the festival. the 12 boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have written letters to their family to reassure them they are well. their football coach, who is with them, also sent a note apologising to parents. the
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tea m note apologising to parents. the team were cut off in exploring the cave two weeks ago. they are getting ready now. hundreds of divers and volunteers relaying their tanks along the route the boys will have to take to come out. one look at this, and easier part of it, is enough to tell you how difficult this rescue will be. the divers have taken letters from the boys and their coach to their parents. this is the goalkeeper in the team. don't worry mum and dad, your rights, i've been gone two weeks but i will hurry back to help you in the shop. a 15—year—old writes, "i love you mum and dad if i get out, can you take me to my favourite restaurant?" it was this boy's 16th birthday they were celebrating that day. "i do love you my parents and my sister," he writes, "don't worry about me. i love everyone. "
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i've come down to a little village where nite, the 16—year—old member of the football team, whose birthday it was, and that is why they went into the cave to celebrate it. so we have come to talk to some of his relatives here. now we know that a rescue operation is likely soon. we want to see how they are feeling about it. his great aunt wants him brought out as soon as possible because she worries about the rising water. his aunt says she has been watching the darkening clouds with dread. they all just want this ordeal to be over. the weather is changing here. the organisers of this rescue say there won't be a better time to try. the north korean government has hit
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out at the united states after the latest round of talks in pyongyang. north korean media said the us attitude had been regrettable. the us secretary of state, mike pompeo, is said to have been making unilateral demands for denuclearisation. mike pompeo said there had been progress after his two days of talks in the north korean capital. barrack or it has more. “— korean capital. barrack or it has more. —— marika 0i. korean capital. barrack or it has more. -- marika oi. it didn't take long for north korea to start lashing out at the united states. mike pompeo, before leaving for tokyo, told reporters he thought the nuclear talks were very productive, and that now we have a timeline for it. but several hours after mike pompeo landed in tokyo, we heard from north korea's state owned news agency that they thought the attitude over the us negotiators was reg retta ble. attitude over the us negotiators was regrettable. they thought that americans made too many demands, but they wanted a unilateral forced denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. now, critics have always
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warned, after president trump and kim jong—un agreed to commit to the denuclearisation of the peninsula, that that term, the term denuclearisation, is interpreted somewhat different between the two sides, that americans of course want kim jong—un to give sides, that americans of course want kimjong—un to give up all sides, that americans of course want kim jong—un to give up all his nuclear weapons, while mr kim probably doesn't want to do that because he has been using them as leverage to be treated as equal, to have mr trump sitting down in front of him to have a meeting with him. so there were always warnings about it. and of course we heard from the us intelligence officials, saying they had evidence that north korea continued working on its nuclear programme even after that sing —— singapore summit. that is why there was a lot of pressure on mr pompeo to get more than words of commitment from pyongyang, to get more details about that denuclearisation plan. south korean officials have in advising washington to tone down that language, to make kimjong—un
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feel probably more comfortable about what he can agree to. 0bviously that didn't work too well, because north korean is seem rather upset after mr pompeo spent two days in pyongyang, for the third time, i should say. —— north koreans seem rather upset. mr pompeo was apparently supposed to meet with kim jong—un but apparently that meeting never happened, and the us delegation had to leave after he held two meetings with kim jong—un's right—hand man, kim yong sholl. —— chol around 30,000 people descended on the british capital this weekend as part of london pride to celebrate the city's diversity. thousands lined the streets to join the festivities. the events up and down the country are celebrating the lg bt down the country are celebrating the lgbt community and will continue over the next few weeks. time
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forever catch the weather forecast. another glorious day. we are getting quite used to this theme to the weather, it has been hot, dry and sunny once again, and impact that is the way it looks notjust for the rest of the weekend but through for the week ahead. this was the picture on saturday afternoon in berkshire. a bit of fair cloud here and there, but not spoiling those blue skies. 0ver but not spoiling those blue skies. over the next few days, more blue skies, more strong sunshine and for most of us it is looking drive. if you are crossing your fingers for a bit of rain for your garden you might be disappointed. you can see that fair weather cloud on saturday that fair weather cloud on saturday that was bubbling up, a bit more cloud pushing and across scotland and northern ireland as well. we will keep that cloud in the north—west. clearer skies further south, but wherever you are it is a hot and muggy feeling night, fairly uncomfortable, with those temperatures staying in the midteens overnight tonight. a little bit cooler for some parts of eastern england first thing on sunday morning. sunday starting off on the
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dry and right note. looking quite humid and muggy. largely dry down to this big area of high pressure taking hold of our weather. this front is sitting in the far north—west, which is likely to bring more cloud and a few spots of rain to parts of scotland and the far north—west, possibly catching alight shower. a small chance of catching a sharper southern scotland and northern england but for the last majority of us we will avoid any showers. staying largely dry. lots of sunshine on offer. so highs in the south reached 31.5 on saturday and sunday. again, it is parts of england and wales that will see the highest temperatures here, up to 30 degrees also in the warm spots. further north—west, more typically around 22— 25, and cooler than that to the far north of scotland. and then of course it is the british grand prix tomorrow afternoon, and the conditions are looking a bit like this above silverstone. blue skies, fair weather cloud. light winds, and it is going to be not
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just drive at heart. notjust the spectators, but for drivers. the high pressure holds on monday into tuesday and a weak front slips further south across the country, although it will fizzle out orjust introduce some slightly less hot conditions. it will be a touch cooler as we look towards tuesday. you can see those temperatures in the north dipping down by monday and by the time it gets to tuesday we are more widely in the low to mid—20s. it looks like, after a slightly fresher interlude, that those temperatures are going to build again, so it will warm up towards the coming weekend and if you are hoping for a bit of rain i'm afraid there isn't really going to be any significant rain in the forecasts, at least in the next seven days.


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