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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 8, 2018 9:30am-10:01am BST

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is football coming home? it might be. of course it is. and the weather is pretty good as well. here is ben roach. hello again, if the heat is getting a bit too much for you, there's something a bit cooler on the way through the next few days but not just yet. for most of us, the rest of today brings plenty more dry and hot weather with strong sunshine but the first hint of something cooler beginning to push in across the north west of scotland with extra cloud, a very small chance of a shower in southern scotland and northern england. the further south you are, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the south—east up to 31 or 32. as we go into the evening and overnight, you can see some of the cloud in northern scotland will work its way down the east coast and there could be the odd spot of drizzle and clear spells further south, minimum temperatures in
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cardiff and london around 18. tomorrow, some sunshine still in the forecast, particularly for western and southern areas, more cloud gci’oss and southern areas, more cloud across north—east scotland and north east england and maybe the odd spot of drizzle for a time but most places dry. it will start to turn a bit cooler from the north. hello this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines. the england team have arrived back at their base in repino after booking their place in the world cup semifinal. millions of people celebrated at home following england's 2—0 victory over sweden in samara. a rescue operation has begun in thailand to save 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a cave for more than two weeks. the foreign secretary borisjohnson strongly criticises the prime minister's new plans for a brexit deal with the eu during the cabinet meeting at chequers.
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before the papers, the sport and for a full round—up, from the bbc sport centre, here's john acres. good morning. i can't stop smiling! england are into the world cup semifinals for the first time in 28 years after beating sweden 2—0 yesterday. the team have arrived back at their base in repino which is where we find our sports news correspondant david ornstein this morning. david, it was a little more straightforward than we might have expected? i think it was, i think the columbia test was a real sort of test of england's tournament credentials, whereas sweden, they were expected to win and they delivered, to book their place in the semifinals for their place in the semifinals for the first time since 1990. what a life changing opportunity they have 110w. life changing opportunity they have now. if we look at the action from
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yesterday, harry maguire gave england the lead. set pieces have been there speciality at this tournament and they've scored eight com more than any other team and harry maguire with his first international goal, which queued wild celebrations. jordan pickford kept it 1—0 with a magnificent save just after half—time and then england went up the other rent and got the crucial second, jesse lingard crossing for dele alli to head in at the back post. finally announcing himself at this tournament after concerns over his form and fitness. he missed two group games but is back and england are through to the last four, quite remarkable. what is next for the tea m remarkable. what is next for the team as they prepare for the semifinal, after the bus has arrived back? what will they do next? england arrived back to this hotel where they have been staying through the tournament in the early hours of the tournament in the early hours of the morning. today is all about rest and recuperation, preparing for the
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crucial match on wednesday against croatia in moscow. there will be no training session or media duties. it is all about preparing those weary bodies and minds for the last couple of bridges, hopefully, for england, in this tournament. they will have a full training session tomorrow and then one last run out on tuesday morning before they fly to moscow. the matches a 7pm kick off in the uk on wednesday evening. croatia are ranked 20th in the world and england's 12th ranked 20th in the world and england's12th so they might start as favourites in that sense but we know the threat croatia pose. england are living the dream. the nation is behind them. they are now just two wins away from something barely thinkable but now a reality. thanks, david. standing between england and a place in the world cup final is croatia after they knocked out hosts russia on penalties. it finished 2—2 after extra time in sochi with russia grabbing a late equaliser. it all started so well for russia, taking the lead through this cracker from dennis cheryshev. croatia equalised, and then took
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the lead in extra time. before russia equalised in the last few minutes. that was croatia going to— one up. penalties then, and it was down to ivan rakitic to score the final spot kick that takes croatia through to their first world cup semifinal since 1998. loads of reaction from the players on social media. jesse lingard's been very active online during the world cup. after the colombia win in the last 16, he posted a picture of himself on the phone telling his mum that he'll be staying in russia a while longer. and after the win over sweden, he shared this video saying "because i said we're not coming home, she came here!" it all got a bit much for one former england international — have a listen to this reaction from chris waddle who was speaking to kelly cates on bbc radio 5 live. chris, how does it feel to watch another england squad reach that stage? kelly, it's just unbelievable.
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i couldn't believe i would witness this. it's quite emotional, actually... really, chris? do you feel it that much? chris, we'll come back to you. we'll let you settle down, let you gather your thoughts. that shows how much it means. not such good news for britain's kyle edmund, though. he's been knocked out of wimbledon by novak djokovic. our sports correspondent joe wilson was watching. just as footballers returned to their changing room in russia, kyle edmund came out to play at wimbledon. centre court knew the football score. and for a while, edmund was inspired by his big occasion, at the top of the screen on his way to the first set. novak djokovic looked a little lost. but the former champ rediscovered himself to win the second set 6—3. the match had turned. edmund lost the third 6—2 making mistakes.
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listen how this one was greeted by djokovic. he roars. he simmered with the crowd and the umpire, but overpowered edmund 6—4 in the fourth set. this win took everything. well, centre court will be maintained and come back to life in the second week when we'll have djokovic, federer, serena and so much in between. as for british interest — well, there's the doubles. right now, centre court feels a little empty without kyle edmund. joe wilson, bbc news, at wimbledon. elsewhere at wimbledon, rafael nadal is through. the two—time wimbledon champion is into the last 16 after a comfortable victory over australia's alex de minaur. he'll play italy's fabio fognini or the czechjiri vesely in the next round. the latest big name to fall in the women's draw is world no 1 and top seed simona halep. the french open champion was beaten by taiwan's hsieh su—wei
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in an epic third round match. lewis hamilton will start this afternoon's british grand prix in pole position, chasing a record sixth win at silverstone. he logged a lap record on his final run in qualifying to start in front of his main championship rival sebastian vettel. he said he wanted to get the country off to a good start as qualifying finished just as the football started! i gave it everything i could and it was such a hard it was so close between the ferraris, they pulled something out when we got to q3 and i was praying i could do it for you quys i was praying i could do it for you guys and i'm so grateful for the support because without you guys, i would not have been able to do it. chris froome will be hoping for a less eventful second day at the tour de france after a crash has left him a minute off the pace. he went down a grass bank on the opening stage as colombia's fernando gaviria won the stage. today's route into la roche—sur—yon should be another one for the sprinters. england's women's cricketers
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thrashed new zealand to win their opening one—day international. amyjones and captain heather knight each made 63 at headingley before new zealand were bowled out forjust148 runs. the second game of the three—match series is at derby on tuesday. that's all the sport for now. now on bbc news, it's the papers. hello and welcome to our sunday morning paper review. with me are sian griffiths, the education editor at the sunday times and james millar, a political commentator. thank you forjoining us. let's take a look at the front pages. the sunday times pictures a jubilant gareth southgate as england reach the world cup semifinals. the paper also leads
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on theresa may's call for the eu to "get serious" in brexit negotiations. the sunday telegraph shows england's players celebrating harry maguire's opening goal. it also reports concerns from backbench mps over the prime minister's plan for brexit. england's celebrations are pictured on the observer, as the paper leads on criticism of the proposed eu dealfrom businesses and hardline brexiteers. the independent reports that most voters want a new election if theresa may is ousted as prime minister. it also shows dele alli being congratulated by his team—mates after his goal. the sunday mirror's front page is all about football, with the paper dubbing the players "semi gods". the sunday express borrows from the national anthem for its headline, calling england's 2—0 victory against sweden "happy and glorious". and the sun on sunday puts harry maguire front and centre after his amazing header put england on the path to their first world cup
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semifinal in 28 years. let's take a look at this morning's stories in more detail. well, james and sian,, sian, your worship and james comey while half scottish and half english but you are saying you about supporting england so let's get it clear before we begin our review! sian, your paper, the sunday times, as a pretty striking front page, not normal for the sunday times to have one big football splash across the front page. absolutely. i mean, it is what we call a rap in the trade and it is basically two pages wrapped around the main edition and newspapers only do it on great sporting occasions, sometimes to celebrate a royal event but i think for me, the sunday times
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wins the front page battle hands down today because it is a fabulous image, england's dreaming, dele alli, who scored yesterday, and with the photos on the back as well, it just sums up i think the mood that seems to have gripped the nation, where everybody has got behind this very young, very charismatic team, that seemed to embody all these new values of courtesy and hard work and resilience. they are just rewriting history. the whole tournament started, james, with such low expectations, people saying we won't do very well but it is a young team in development, it is a markerfor the future but here we are now in the future but here we are now in the semifinals. it shows how much it has captured the nation. personally, i wouldn't have recognised a lot of the england players at the start because i've got a bit fed up with premiership football, the money and the attitude and all the rest of it but these guys seem to be different, they represent something better and
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similarly, yes, the sunday times wins today, not just similarly, yes, the sunday times wins today, notjust because it has got a great picture on the front page but the writing is really nice as well, david baddiel is on the other front page, if you like, who obviously helped write three lions... which people cannot get out of their heads! they are whistling it walking down the street. but it suttis it walking down the street. but it sums it up, i have been an england fan all my life and i've never known, as you say, you know, we were the better side and therefore, we we re the better side and therefore, we were winning, i've never known england do that. he says, "they were even putting us through the ringer, this has never happened before in my living memory at this level". it's true, it's totally weird, the number of times i have sat and shouted," just keep the ball, england!" and they are, it is weird but very nice. it certainly is. let's take a look at one of the other front pages with the same theme, the sunday mirror's front page, not a bad one. it is a
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very good one and they have gone for a wraparound cover as well, so photos on the front and the back, harry maguire this time, the other goal—scorer. i mean, i like this front page, too, i think it is good but what i really like about the papers is it's notjust men writing about football. in the sunday times, india knight is writing about what it means for her kids and partner and how she says —— how she herself is now supporting the team. and camilla long as well. it feels like it is not just camilla long as well. it feels like it is notjust a male domain, eve ryo ne it is notjust a male domain, everyone is getting behind the team and what the women particularly like is the new emotional intelligence they are seeing from gareth southgate in particular and the way he is sort of handling these very young men in his team and he's must like... ifeel young men in his team and he's must like... i feel he's like a great dad to them. with his waistcoat. this front page gives the bad thing about gareth southgate which that his name is rubbish puns. the sun is
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obviously the king of puns and all they could come up with was, "yes!" there's nothing you could do with gareth southgate for a witty headline, though. the great thing about the world cup is that people who are not that interested in football normally suddenly end up watching, especially when it is england, especially when it is penalties, and even non—football people are glued to their tvs.|j think that's true and as you say, the writing, i don't know india knight but i don't think she is a massive football fan, i could be wrong but exactly, people are looking at all the different angles of it. she is talking about, i think it is what a nice guy gareth southgate is and how appealing but they are covering all kinds of different angles, including unfortunately, those who go for the brexit angle. but as you say, it tends to draw people in but i think the world cup has not drawn people in in this way, because the last on we got to the quarterfinals 2006, and it was all the circus and you
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could not quite get behind that england team in the same way. these guys have written a word that sums it up, they are sweet, the things they put on social media, like jesse lingard's tweeting that his mum has come to visit him. and they have gone through smaller clubs, lots of them have had a tough rise to the top. it is an extraordinary time, the weather is amazing, we've got this incredible heat wave and england are doing incredibly well, it all feels a bit strange. it does, it all feels a bit strange. it does, it feels like a very modern england at what i really like about gareth southgate and the team is... it is what we call in education and growth mindset. good to know. gareth southgate, when he missed the penalty, a lot of people would have given up on that would have been in the end of his career and failure would have railed him but he came back from that and became an amazing england manager. now his team have obviously learned from his mistakes. this whole thing about the growth mindset is that you don't get derailed by your mistakes, you learn from them, setbacks for an
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opportunity to grow, this seems to be embodied in the resilience we are seeing in these young players. 0k, now, let's go from football to brexit, seamlessly! yes, we do have to talk about brexit. james, we have got the foreign secretary, we had this apparent collective unity in the cabinet meeting at chequers on friday, as the cabinet backed theresa may's plans but now it has emerged that the foreign secretary was not entirely on board. want to talk about what is different? footballers are nice guys and we all like them and politicians are using four letter words and just behaving like children. it's completely the other way round to what it has been certainly for the 20 years maybe. but yes, classic boris, signed up on friday night to the prime minister's new brexit plan which apparently everybody is now behind, and then a couple of days later, it turns out he referred to it as they —— in a
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four letter word is that, although the four letter word is only deterred, used a worse in his time. he was disparaging about anyone who had to defend it. is used far worse words but how he can be frozen and be given some of the word he used in his past is remarkable in itself. there is talk of brexiteers saying, 110w there is talk of brexiteers saying, now or never, if he wants to be leader, it is chance but actually, he is completely shocked because he has dithered again when a brexiteers wanted him to stand up not so they are not very enamoured with him and the remain side of the tory party don't like him. what does the prime minister do with him because there we re minister do with him because there were indications from downing street that she was going to expose collective responsibility, people who stepped out of line would be sacked so her challenge now if he did say this and if he continues to oppose is if she going to sack him? ryder she should sack him if he
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continues to oppose and i think he set it at the meeting on friday so i suppose you're allowed to say things there is but it's interesting it has lea ked there is but it's interesting it has leaked out but i think theresa may has scored a significant victory here. nobody resigned on friday. michael gove has kind of backed the plan, one of the leading brexiteers. although there is still talk of leadership challenges and letters being signed, i think tomorrow, the influential 1922 committee will be addressed. i think there's a real feeling she has handled this for the moment and the dissenters, boris johnson and so on, have been squashed. for the moment, probably the key words. i suppose it is one thing selling it to the cabinet and the party but then you have to sell it to the eu. yes, we keep on saying for the moment and she keeps on getting it right for the moment but the observer looks a bit more at the eu attitude, a fascinating line from
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a senior eu diplomat who says, you know, i think he gives away which country you from because he says goulash gets better the more at his re cord goulash gets better the more at his record but i don't know about the customs proposal showing the same quality. so he must be hungarian, right! the eu seemed to, on the face of it, not have dismissed this out of it, not have dismissed this out of hand which is progress but whether they will accept it, they certainly won't accepted wholesale, but whether they will accept it in its current form remains to be seen. they are being quite cute at the moment, not saying too much until they have seen the detail. there's a lot of detail, 120 pages, we understand. there is and i'm particularly interested in this idea of the mobility policy because it seems to be that immigration was the big thing, the reason people really voted to leave the eu and this mobility policy and the details of that... in terms of people moving, freedom of movement. yes and whether
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eu nationals will have preferential treatment over people elsewhere in the world in terms of coming into the world in terms of coming into the uk, i think the details of that will be critical. there's already been the usual copper bottomed to nutcases on the backbenches going for herand nutcases on the backbenches going for her and saying, "you have breached your red lines". the red line was an end to freedom of movement and she seems to have agreed that. there might be some fluffy edges to that but maybe they should have thought of that and made the red line a bit harder before they started. the sunday telegraph says it is disastrous and the brexit deal will cost the tories power, a warning from brexiteer mps and a picture ofjacob warning from brexiteer mps and a picture of jacob rees—mogg warning from brexiteer mps and a picture ofjacob rees—mogg with his head in his hands. it says something about the story, you can tell something about the story by who is being quoted, and in the telegraph, there is a source, a senior mp, which sets alarm bells ringing and then we get into the likes ofjacob rees—mogg, iain duncan smith, the former leader... the terrible tory
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leader, by any historicaljudgment. it is not the sort of people who we re ever it is not the sort of people who were ever going to be leading mps in the cabinet or the prime minister. but what is particularly worrying, unpleasant about the sunday telegraph story is the talk of michael gove being a snake in the grass, a senior mps saying they are traitors to the nation. that is not helpful language and it's not a cce pta ble helpful language and it's not acceptable language, i don't think, in grown—up politics. acceptable language, i don't think, in grown-up politics. we have done football and brexit which are com pletely football and brexit which are completely dominating the front pages but there is one of the sunday telegraph which is donald trump, the fears he might pull troops out of europe, tell us a bit more. that's right, donald trump is threatening to pull us troops out of the ukraine and refusing to take part injoint nato exercises if britain and other european countries fell to commit to increase defence spending. there are concerns that trump might even begin talks with vladimir putin about redrawing the security landscape
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across europe if the other leaders refuse to meet his demands to shoulder a bigger share of the military burden. quite worrying story in advance of visit here. there's so much news around at the moment, this is the thing, the quarterfinal as blown everything else off the front pages but otherwise, the trump visit next week should be huge and yet motherboard we're just should be huge and yet motherboard we'rejust going to should be huge and yet motherboard we're just going to be talking about the football! i don't know, what happens midweek will determine what we're talking about next weekend but trump will hove into view in a big way. unbelievable, reading this, that he's going to talk to putin about redrawing the security landscape of europe. one other story that has captured everybody‘s imagination is the attempt to rescue the children from the cave in thailand, the 12 boys and their football coach. the sunday express features that story and the rescue operation we know is now under way so operation we know is now under way so really a desperate attempt to get them out. it is a long journey. harrowing for the parents. yeah, i
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hope they get out safely but the pa rents hope they get out safely but the parents have been waiting outside that cave for two weeks and this story in the sunday express i found heartbreaking because it quotes from the letters that young boys have written to their parents. i mean, one of them says, "please don't worry, i'm only gone for two weeks, i'll be there soon". another one says, "when we come out, don't give us says, "when we come out, don't give us too much homework". they are kids... they probably know they are in imminent danger but they have the attitude they are going to get out and there's a life of the other side but for the parents waiting outside, it is such a difficultjourney. a navy seal has already died going in to rescue them. the next few hours... in some ways, it is like the delay in minor raw where everyone around the world is suddenly watching this incredible rescue. everyone has got involved, even elon
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musk. not sure what he does but he a personality. the fifa president assad if they get out they can come to the world cup final on sunday which would be lovely but i think we are some way of that. we have talked about football which is a really good story, brexit which is frankly depressing and this could go either way and you've got to hope in the next 24 hours, this up there with the semifinal, sorry, quarterfinal, getting ahead of myself. there was huge elation when they were discovered by then that diver died, the 38—year—old diver, coming back from giving them supplies and now it is all in the balance and everyone is all in the balance and everyone is really watching and hoping.|j think everyone realised when the diver died, just how dangerous getting the children out will be. it is such a long way, it can be a six—hourjourney is such a long way, it can be a six—hour journey and some is such a long way, it can be a six—hourjourney and some of the children don't know how to swim a p pa re ntly children don't know how to swim apparently and some of the passages are submerged in water. they will have to somehow try to get them out
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using scuba diving equipment. you know, for these young boys, especially the ones who can't swim, who might panic under water, even when they have masks on, it is really frightening. fingers crossed they get out. that's the thing, the key line from the guy organising the rescue is, "we are still at war with water and rescue is, "we are still at war with waterand time", rescue is, "we are still at war with water and time", they are the big enemies, no matter the technology, but you've got to hope it's going to bea but you've got to hope it's going to be a happy ending. we're keeping our fingers crossed and every else. thank you forjoining us. that's it for the papers this sunday morning. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. and if you miss the programme you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, sian and james. from us all, goodbye. hello. if the heat is getting a bit too much for you at the moment,
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there is something cooler on the way for a time at least over the next few days. but notjust yet for most, the rest of today brings more dry and hot weather with strong sunshine but the first hint of the cool air now working in across the north west of scotland, behind a weather front, quite a week affair, not bringing much in the way of rain but certainly extra clout across the north west of scotland through the rest of the way. northern ireland, southern scotland and northern england, patchy cloud and some sunny spells. let's take a closer look at things across the far north—west, the cloud thick enough to produce the cloud thick enough to produce the odd spot of drizzle, quite broken in nature for eastern and southern scotland, sunny spells here. ireland with a mix of patchy cloud and sunny spells. there might be the odd isolated shower across northern england but most places stay dry and into the midlands, wales, southern counties of england, dry with lots of hot sunshine and temperatures at 3132. through the afternoon at silverstone, the cloud will come and go but there will be large amounts of sunshine for the
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british grand prix, temperatures about 29 or 30 degrees. then we go into this evening, plenty more late sunshine to be had. remember the extra clout in the north of scotland, it will stop to topple down the east coast, though eastern scotla nd down the east coast, though eastern scotland and north east england will turn cloudy and a bit drizzly as the night wears on, nothing more than a few spots of drizzle. it will be another warm and humid night with miniature —— a minimum tempjust 12-18. let's miniature —— a minimum tempjust 12—18. let's pick up on the week weather front going into tomorrow, sliding down the coast, bringing more cloud. also squashing the hottest of the weather down into the south of the uk. further north, something a little cooler showing its hand. quite a lot of clout to start the day across eastern scotla nd start the day across eastern scotland and north east england with the odd spot of drizzle, the cloud drifting further south and west. still some long spells of sunshine, particularly down towards the south and west. still some heat to be had as well but something cooler further
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north. in belfast, temperatures around 20 tomorrow afternoon, maybe 18 in aberdeen. the cooler weather will spread further south at least for a time but plenty more dry weather to come through the week ahead with spells of sunshine at times. this is bbc news, i'm ben brown. the headlines at ten: a rescue operation is under way in thailand — to save 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave — for more than two weeks. a day of rest for england's footballers after making their first world cup semifinal in nearly 30 years. the celebrations continue at home as millions of people tuned in to watch the three lions beaten sweden 2—0 in samara. it's coming home. football is coming home. more problems for the prime minister after borisjohnson strongly criticises her new plans
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for a brexit deal with the eu. and later we'll hear the story of sophie raworth‘s grandfather who was one of the first pilots in the newly—formed raf,


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