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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 8, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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to five disorder here. i have been to five different venues and i can give you a broad opinion, but i have had nothing for the daily mirror's website to report on negatively as far as disorder is concerned. the first i have seen has been in the uk. let's hope it continues. in the past some national sides and their managers have had a bit of a rough ride with the press. i am thinking of the turnip headlines for graham taylor and wally with a brolly for steve mcclaren. how different is it with gareth southgate? is it down to how well the team is doing or the kind of man he is? it is an number of things. we have so often given stick to the football association, but they have done superbly well to break down the barriers between the england national team and the press and the public. they have not mollycoddled them treated them like rock stars. they have encouraged them to be open with the media and
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to use social media. we have seen it so to use social media. we have seen it so often and in the wake of saturday's game. that culture of openness has re—established a connection between england fans, the media and the england team. gareth southgate has managed at the under 21 level, so there is a continuity with the players in the senior team and it has been a perfect storm that has come together at the right time because this is the most open world cup ever to win and there will be a new name on the trophy this season. there is every expectation it could possibly be england and they will have owned it. they will have done a superbjob. have owned it. they will have done a superb job. darren lewis, thank you. staying with the world cup. more than 22 years after it was first released, it's back... #is # is coming home. # is coming home. # it's coming home. # it's coming home. # football is coming home. footall
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anthem three lions has topped the charts following england's quarter final win against sweden. the track, by comedians frank skinner and david baddiel with the lightning seeds, was first released to accompany euro 96 which was held in england. three lions climbed a huge 32 places in the vodafone big top a0 after the win yesterday. they haven't changed a bit. now it's time for a look at the weather with sarah keith lucas. good evening. the weekend has brought us more of the same, lots of warm sunshine around and most parts of the country have been dry. once again we stick with that drive themes for the course of this evening, overnight and really for much of the week ahead. things will turn a little bit cooler, particularly toward the northeast overnight where we start to draw in more cloud and breeze from the north sea, still really hot and muggy, particularly the further south you are, 18 degrees arc of all sunshine
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and the more cloud than recent days, particularly across parts of eastern england and scotland. the breeze starting to come in for more of a northerly direction, across the northern half of the country you will not be quite as hot as it has been. around about 17 degrees in newcastle for instance, 28 or 29 to cardiff and london, still sticky in the south. after a slightly cooler interludes through the middle of the week it will turn hotter and stay dry towards the weekend. hello this is bbc news with the headlines: four of the boys trapped in a flooded cave system in thailand have been rescued and taken to a local hospital. a team of divers helped the children through a difficult part of the route. the rescue effort has been suspended until tomorrow. as borisjohnson criticises theresa may's brexit proposal, support from michael gove who says the plans are realistic but the uk should prepare for all outcomes. the home secretary, sajid javid visits salisbury —— and says the city is open
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for buisness —— after the poisoning of a couple in amesbury. japan's prime minister says efforts to save people trapped after days of heavy rain is now a race against time. more than 80 people have died across central and western regions. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sports day with me. coming up this evening: hamilton's home grand prix and in a second—place finish. he recovers from a crash but still loses ground on race render an rival sebastian vettel. stage two of the tour de france is complete and peter wins and takes the leader's yellow jersey. england's attempt to win
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their t20 series against india fails. poorest take the decider in bristol by seven wickets. and as the dust settles on suite and the countdown begins for england's world cup semifinal with croatia. welcome to the programme. plenty to come but let's start with f1 because ferrari's sebastian vettel extended his lead at the top of the formula 1 drivers championship to a dramatic priddis grand prix at silverstone. lewis hamilton fought to finish second after suffering a collision on the first lap. andy swiss rounds up on the first lap. andy swiss rounds up the race from silverstone. at a sweltering silverstinem lewis hamilton and 140,000 fans hoping for history.
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-- silverstone. from poll position his chances of a record sixth win here were soon sent spinning. a sluggish start, a collision and in the blink of an eye hamilton was down to 18th, his race seemingly over. but boldly, brilliantly he surged through the field and back into contention before more twists, two crashes interrupting the race thankfully all drivers unhurt. the resulting sha ke—up produced some finish. sebastian vettel taking the lead before hamilton also went past up to second place, but he cannot quite catch sebastian. the german taking the chequered flag ahead of his title run. what drama these fans have seen and what a fight back from lewis hamilton, but his hopes of a record win here have agonisingly ended in frustration. this is the greatest crowd and i'm sorry i was not able to bring it home for you today, but thank you so much for your support. it's oyu guys that helped me get through today so we take it
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on the chin and keep pushing hard. believe me, i will not give up. sebastian now leads the championship by eight points on a day with hamilton's champagne moment did not materialise. andy swiss, bbc news, silverstone. an eventful afternoon at silverstone. staying with motorsport sad news to bring you because northern irish racer and william dunbar died northern irish racer and william dunbardied ina northern irish racer and william dunbar died in a crash in dublin. he was taking part in a practice for the race when the crash happened. it brings more tragedy for his family as william's father robert and uncle j°ey as william's father robert and uncle joey also lost their lives in motorcycle races in 2008 and 2000, respectively. world champion peterson sigg and one stage two of the tour de france and to the leader's yellow jersey the tour de france and to the leader's yellowjersey —— after one. overnight the leader and a number of others involved in speed crashed late on in the stage when peter sagan and around 15 others avoided.
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reigning champion chris room finished safely but it's over a minute behind. ben croucher reports. after falling off on the one for a second grantor in a row chris froome enjoyed and more leisurely chatty sunday ride. it was a lonelier loop for him out front on his own for most of the afternoon. he found some friends eventually. behind the sprinters had a warm—up for the finished with world champion peter sagan taking some bonus points in the intermediate sprint before adding the eighth of the asphalt still had some british skin again. as he picked himself up most of the sprinters fell over, this crashed two km from the finish ended fernando's chances of keeping hold of the leader's yellow jersey. fernando's chances of keeping hold of the leader's yellowjersey. that will fit instead on the shoulders of peter sagan who now sprinted the handful of writers left to take his ninth tour france stage when. you'll need the other hand to count though. ben croucher, bbc news. england's attempt to win their t20 series against india has failed. tied at
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one all going into the decider in bristol but a century from sharma saw the poorest home and in a co mforta ble saw the poorest home and in a comfortable seven wicket win. with the footballers currently unable to put a foot wrong, england's recruiter also appeared in good nick and went in bristol would confirm a series victory. jos buttler took to the stage in the late into india's bowlers. both prospered with vogt top scoring on 67. —— with roy. anyone top scoring on 67. —— with roy. a nyo ne lost top scoring on 67. —— with roy. anyone lost three of wickets cheaply. they eventually finished on a reachable 198. england claimed the early wicket, but sharma signalled that he intended to hank about much longer. raul was keen to follow the lead but then his stay was cut short when he fell foul of chris jordan. and then became spent from england as he made his way to a century. ——
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the game sped away. the winning runs with it as india won the series 2—1. brilliant innings from sharma but from cricket to russia. the dust has settled on those gripping world cup quarterfinals and now we begin to look forward to the semis. france against belgium on tuesday and england versus croatia on wednesday in moscow. one man who's been in moscow for the whole tournament is oui’ moscow for the whole tournament is our correspondent olly foster. many things indeed. a couple of rest days across russia, 1a —— four teens left, haven't spotted any england fa ns yet left, haven't spotted any england fans yet but this city will come on wednesday night. 80,000 for the biggest game in generations of england players, that first semifinal in 28 years after they beat the swedes in the quarterfinal in samarra. they‘ re beat the swedes in the quarterfinal in samarra. they're back at their training camp safe and sound. our sports correspondent david ornstein
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counting them back in. they are the world cup euros carrying the hopes ofa world cup euros carrying the hopes of a nation and still making time for grocery shopping. rapinoe has becoming one's happy habitat and when they leave the aim is to do so with a trophy in the back. #itis with a trophy in the back. # it is coming home, it is coming. # it is coming home, it is coming. # the ball is coming home. orchestrating the russian odyssey —— in granada cf gareth southgate who called the tune, set the tone as the players dancing to his beat and fans believing that is coming home. it is the song on every one's lips, and now more than two decades on even the composers are beginning to think it may become a reality. co—writer david the deal telling the sunday times that after 52 years of hurt he is daring to hope. reliance was a tribute to teens of the past, already updated ones should it be her first began for the stars of
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2018. -- her first began for the stars of 2018. —— teens of the past. here at the british oak pub in the sheffield town where defender harry maguire grew up, they certainly think so. it is good to see the new starters coming here and getting a chance so why not? i think it is the best. the three lions is the best ever. why not? i think it is the best. the three lions is the best everlj never even thought of that. i think we ought to have a new song for these yorkshire lads. sporting immortality is almost inside, but there are still work to be done, starting with croatia. we have barely —— very rarely been in this position, so why shouldn't we enjoy it was not why shouldn't we have an? why shouldn't we be excited? yes, we can do it. england have defied expectations to stand on the verge of something truly spectacular, just imagine if they didn't —— did it. the brilliant thing about this england during asking these new stars emerge and grow into this
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climate. harry maguire, jordan pickford who have been simply magnificent over the last few weeks in russia. absolutely brilliant. that is england and what about their opponent, croatia? became fora second penalty shoot out last night against the hosts. of course. knocking out russia, that was down in sochi. they have come straight to moscow, setting up their camp here because they had been at the saint petersburg is low, close by to england, so they are now in moscow will stop the head coach gave a news conference in the last few hours as well, he has talked about their togetherness. he says they are going togetherness. he says they are going to certainly respect england and he says that just getting to certainly respect england and he says thatjust getting here to moscow, because they haven't played in the capital yet, remembering they knocked out columbia at the stadium that has energised his team, but you just wonder whether those two penalty shoot out exertions have taken something away from them, but you can take nothing away from luka modric or ivan rakitic. it is going to be another nervy night of course
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because of what is at stake.l to be another nervy night of course because of what is at stake. a lot will play out between now and wednesday. olly foster in moscow, thank you very much indeed. to some sad news, former tottenham striker alan gilzean died at the age of 79. the scottish international had been diagnosed with a rain tumour a few weeks ago. gilzean was known as the king of white hart lane during his 10—year spell in north london will stop you scored a magnificent 170 —— 133 goals, part of a successful spurs team that won four trophies including the uefa cup in 1973. scotland's russell knox has won the irish open after beating australia's ryan fox in the playoff. the two are tight on 1a under after their final round. and both managed to get to the green into on the playoff hole but knox used that. a special putt to convert the birdie and fox had to match them but cannot. you just missed. that gives knox his third
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european tour win. that is often sports day. with meats and hate. i will have more throughout the evening but now it is time for me the author. a guilt ridden angry boy on the loose in the western australian outback and his quest for manhood. love, perhaps even some kind of spiritual peace. and unlikely friendship with the hermit like man once a priest whose damaged also. tim winton, one of australia's great novelist tells this brutal unforgiving raw story with great passion and without a trace of sentimentality. the shepherd's hunt is told in the voice of the boy and it crackles with the rough innocence of his language, and innocence that


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