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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  July 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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today at five — england's footballers on the verge of history — just one win away from a place in the world cup final. there are just two hours to go till the semi final against croatia — with tens of millions expected to watch on tv and on big screens. i was thinking if we get to the quarterfinals, i think we've done quite well. but, you know, now to get to the finals, and obviously we're going to win today and we'll still be here on sunday, hopefully. we'll have the latest from olly in moscow and our correspondents around the country — and we'll also be talking to the croatian ambassador about his country's game plan. the other main stories on bbc news at 5. dramatic new pictures emerge of the operation to rescue 12 boys and their football coach from a cave in thailand — it's been revealed they were heavily sedated to stop them panicking. the boys are still being kept in isolation as they recover in hospital — they're reported to be in good spirits.
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president trump causes consternation at the nato summit: he says germany is "totally controlled by russia". charlie rowley, the man poisoned by novichok nerve agent, has regained consciousness and been able to speak briefly to the police. it's five o'clock. our main story. well, there are just a couple of hours to go until england's biggest game for almost 30 years. if gareth southgate‘s men can beat croatia in moscow, they'll make history by earning themselves a place in the world cup final, england's first since 1966. here at home, ten of millions are expected to watch the game on tv and big screens.
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england savoured victory in moscow last week. now they're back in town and determined to stick around for sunday's final. # world in motion... # it's now 28 years since new order's world cup anthem, world in motion. back in 1990, croatia didn't even exist as a country. it's an entire generation since gazza's tears, lineker‘s worry and england's defeat to west germany. it's even longer, though, since england got their hands on the prize. it's 52 years since england last won the world cup. it's still gleaming, as are the current team's hopes. gareth southgate wants his players to make their own history and is aware of the boost his team is providing back home. our country's been through some difficult moments recently in terms of its unity, and i think sport has the power to do that, and football in particular has the power to do that.
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so for us, we can feel the energy and we can feel the support from home and it's a very special feeling, it's a privilege for us. england's players are notably relaxed in this tournament. a far cry from the tension and cliques of past squads. from paddling with unicorns to harry maguire‘s tweets. they've shown a willingness to engage in social media, helping break down barriers that built up over years with the public. this is a huge opportunity for gareth and for his players. one former captain believes that relaxed attitude has forged a strong team bond. they deserve to be in this position. they've been absolutely magnificent in everything they've said, everything they've done. so, they are enjoying it, they look as if they're having fun which is great to see. and they're not ready to go home yet. final preparations today at the luzhniki stadium. after last week's close shave against colombia,
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england will be hoping tonight's game is decided before penalties. but croatia mean business. a battle hardened squad are determined they will be the ones to progress, training last night for an hour at a high intensity, despite their recent tough games. their head coach, that zlatko dalic, saying in his press conference, it should be no surprise that his team is amongst the final four. and that the strength of his players has been underestimated. the trophy may have changed, the ambition remains the same. and england sense a chance to bring it home once more. and let's go to moscow. it seems a
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long time ago, and 290 those tears of joy long time ago, and 290 those tears ofjoy ring. 17 of the squad but even born when england were in their last world cup semifinal. croatia made their debut in 1998 when the lost to the eventual winners france and they are really going to be up for this as well. they have been training very intently and you can feel the atmosphere coming up from the streets, many more hundreds of england fans have arrived since they played their last game at that belief has been dragging them on. the players as we heard really engaging with the fans. it has brought them to the brink of something very special indeed. there are aware ofjust how many millions are aware ofjust how many millions are going to be watching them, it is going to be a race for them to get back from work, get in front of their television screens and get to
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those fan parks and cheer on their tea m those fan parks and cheer on their team into they hope their first finals since 1996 first 1966. some flash photography coming up in this report. # it's coming home, it's coming home #. these liverpudlian milkmen are sure. 52 years of hurt are nearly over. yes, we believe. we are going to win 2—0. there's pitch perfect vocal support from the cathedral choir in chelmsford. # it's coming, football's home. # it's coming home, it's coming home. # football's coming home, it's coming home. # it's coming home...#. and prince harry is in ireland today and it was in no doubt when asked whether football is coming home. is football coming home? most definitely. even politics will have to remain on the bench — there are more important matters at hand.
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gareth southgate and the boys have done a fantasticjob and i am sure that they are going to go on and do well, i want to wish them all the very best of luck tonight. it does feel like the whole country, including saintjohn houghton school in nottingham, has got behind the team. this generation, here in northamptonshire, is too young to remember all the previous disappointments. very excited and i think we're going to win. i feel very excited, i hope we're going to thrash croatia. i am so ready for the match. i am kind of nervous and excited about the match. very, very excited. also excitement here at kieran tripier‘s old school. they could not be prouder that a former pupil has become one of england's star players. it is exciting to know that he is not selfish and that he is such a great player. he still stays in touch with the school. he's just a great all—round player and you see the way he performs, he's persued his dreams and it shows if you believe in yourself you can make it anywhere.
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the semifinal is predicted to cause a spending spree according to the centre for retail research, totalling more than £550 million. and a fair bit of that will go on buying 10 million extra pints during the match. another item flying off the shelves, waistcoats. we're wearing our waistcoats to get behind gareth southgate. we're doing waistcoast wednesday to support the team. i think england are going to win 3—0. england's coming home! one of those who played back in 1966 thinks england can repeat that team's success. it is about time, mind you, that we have got as far as we have got. it has been an awful long time since 1966, that's a certainty. i am pretty certain we will get in the final. and that would be absolutely wonderful. this was saturday.
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millions will be hoping these scenes will be repeated this evening. sarah campbell, bbc news. let's get a bit closer now to the action. 0ur moscow correspondent sarah raynsford is here. but first natalie perks, we have spoken for the past ten days as this journey has got closer to the final and we are now at stop six. how unfazed the tea m are now at stop six. how unfazed the team has been at it will take something very special to block all this excitement out? yes but i think they've shown all the threwjust how mature their performances have been and just how they have been at locking all this out. for us standing here pitch side it is the
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biggest match certainly of my career and for most of my colleagues that never been to a semifinal with england before as it is 28 years ago and this is the 62nd match of the well. if they can reach the final it will be the first 452 but of course croatia represent the stiffest test they have had so far. they destroyed argentina in the group stages and they have two of the best midfielders in the world amongst their starting 11. but they've come through very bruising matches, they played extra time and penalties and a last two matches, the last against russia was especially gruelling. 0f course in their country they're feeling the same way we feel in our country, they've seen the same scenes of joy and country, they've seen the same scenes ofjoy and absolute jubilation from the fans spilling out into the street, the flying everywhere, songs. out into the street, the flying everywhere, songs. some they also
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feel like it is coming home as well. but the good and is harry kane usually comes through games with dejan lovren as i guess the better half of that battle. of course he is still the leading scorer in this tournament. the fans already starting to pour in, the atmosphere is building. i cannot quite believe that we are here and it is about to happen. inside a deafening luzhniki stadium. the teams will be arriving very shortly. sarah, you have been following england around russia on this world cup journey. following england around russia on this world cupjourney. many following england around russia on this world cup journey. many of those fans in a very different mood to that they'd probably started off with. so much pressure and expectation. 0n with. so much pressure and expectation. on both sides as you
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can hear. croatian fans here in significant numbers and england fans as well. they have been pouring into luzhniki stadium today. a lot more than we have seen in many games as this is a bigger stadium but also the expectations surrounding this match. so just to get a sense of what the fans are thinking, one family have managed to get tickets at the very last minute. slightly outnumbered as you can see by croatian fans. but a family of england supporters just managed to get tickets. just tell me how good you feel at the moment? there's going to be a lot of england singing later on, it is amazing to be here and there are so many more england fans who have come out for the semifinal. it is amazing and i'm so happy that so many of the fans could get here. you celebrated your tenth birthday at the columbia games? that was great, best birthday ever.
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brilliant. hoping for another extra late present today? yes, i really wa nt late present today? yes, i really want them to go on and win the tournament. how are you feeling? i think england are going to win, i know they're going to win. i'm so excited that we got to come to this game, idid excited that we got to come to this game, i did not know we were going to come and it is a great experience for me to be at two england games in the same world cup. glad you got tickets and managed to get here. many fans have said it has been difficult to get tickets for the game, such an important match for all the fans from all sides and the russians as well looking for tickets. it is a huge stadium at 80,000 seats but they have been selling like hot cakes, those tickets. very difficult to get them on the official websites of people have been paying through the nose on the streets, huge amounts of money just to be where the action is. and this visit, the crowd is beginning
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to build, far bigger than any i've seen at the england game so far. lots of enthusiastic and confident england fans amongst the numbers but also some pretty confident croatians. many thanks to you both. and talking about crowds building you can see the storm clouds heading for the luzhniki stadium as well. we expect the teams to be arriving for the last of the world cup semifinals here in russia. so much is at stake for both of the teams. england on the brink of something very special indeed. can they put their names alongside those of the charlton brothers, geoff hurst, gordon banks, and the rest. playing there back in 1956. there are so close but it is going to be such a tough match for them. we will of course have updates on bbc news but for now back to london. igor pokaz is the croatian
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ambassador to the uk — and i am delighted to say he is here with me now. wearing his croatian top. what are you thinking the game tonight is going to be like, we know that croatia are a really good side. going to be like, we know that croatia are a really good sidelj think it will be a very good game, we always reduce our best against strong teams and england definitely has one of the strongest teams at the tournament. some sure that this match for both teams will be excellent. you have some great players, luka modric, rakitic and taiwan. we certainly have probably the best midfielders of the tournament but also other players, the goalkeeper is a national hero at the goalkeeper is a national hero at the moment after playing two games with penalties. winning two games at penalties. so we definitely have a
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number of great players. just tell us number of great players. just tell usa number of great players. just tell us a bit about what this match means, we know what it means as england fans but for you in croatia you're a young nation, you declared independence in 1991, not long ago. you are a relatively small nation of 4 million people or so. and of course you went through the civil war after the fall of yugoslavia. well we are a small nation in european terms and a young nation and in this period of 27 years this is the second time we've played in the semifinals. we played 20 years ago against france and unfortunately that time we lost but now we have the opportunity to play again and i believe we will win. it means a lot to the people they are, notjust in football terms but in a way to be on the world stage? absolutely, someone just made an analysis that there
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we re just made an analysis that there were more reports across the world about croatia, more times during the world cup and for the past three yea rs world cup and for the past three years combined. so this gives a great boost to the reputation of croatia and not just great boost to the reputation of croatia and notjust as the beautiful tourist destination but also as a nation capable of achieving great sports results. wages think the england team were in moscow, obviously we're all thinking they are going to win but i guess your prediction of the result is rather different. of course it is, england as they say have a great tea m england as they say have a great team and we are privileged to have the opportunity to play against england in this semifinal. it is a young team with a great future ahead of them but our team has a lot of experience and has played together
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for many years and i think on that specific point we have a certain advantage. your prediction? i would say 90 minutes, no penalties, 2—1 croatia. thank you so much for coming in. stay with us — just after 5.30 we'll be taking a look at some preparations to watch the match around the country and we'll also be speaking to a sports psychologist and friend of gareth southgate about how the manager has a new mindset for the team. it's emerged that the 12 boys rescued from a cave in thailand were heavily sedated to keep them calm, and were only semi—conscious as they were brought out by divers. officials say the boys and their coach are in ‘good health‘ as they recover from their ordeal and showing no signs of stress. the bbc has been told that
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if the last rescues had not been carried out yesterday — today would have been ‘virtually impossible' because of rising water levels. danjohnson reports from thailand. these are the faces the world has waited to see. and they look well, the cleanliness of the isolation ward such a contrast to the dark mystery of the cave. now the art together again, attended cheerful and keen to share their experience. parents are close but there have still been no physical contact until more tests are done and a proper assessment of what they have endured. translation: we are planning to scale back the preventative medication but we are still giving medicine to those who have lung infections for the next seven days. this is the period of time when we will need to take care
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of them. and this is our first look inside the cave as the boys were being brought out. the rescue team carefully navigating the terrain and difficult obstacles deep underground. they did this 13 times with the boys and their football coach through two miles of caverns to safety and the relief of the watching world. as international divers start to head home we are beginning to learn more about how extraordinary this rescue was. how were the boys? they were sedated, they were breathing. the doctor gave them drugs? they had to, it would be a lot of risk in that situation. thai officials denied drugging the boys but we have been told they came out
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semiconscious and strapped to an experienced cave diver. this is the man who led the underwater dive team, the head of the thai navy seals. even he had doubts about the dangerous rescue. translation: i did not think we would do this well. we had a little bit of hope that the kids were still alive but we had to move forward and do it. it was a tiny bit of hope but we had to succeed. we had to hold onto that hope and in the end we found out that they were all alive. i am very happy. and so is the rest of this country. it is a moment to celebrate but there are families still to be reunited and classmates eager to see their friends. translation: as soon as he walks into the classroom we will give him his birthday cake and gifts and sing a song for him. there were so many people involved in this rescue operation and it will take a long time for things to wind down.
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a lot of satisfaction at a job well done but the enormity of what they achieved is onlyjust starting to sink in. their recovery, physical and mental, will need time. they are getting psychological support and will also have to adjust to being suddenly the world's most famous cave diving football team. this was an enormous joint efforts to bring them out. a determined and skilful and delicate rescue already being talked of as one of history's great escapes. this cave did not easily give up but its challenge is still being absorbed. our correspondent dan johnson is at the cave in tham luang in northern thailand. a lot of fascinating new details are emerging about this extraordinary rescue operation. yes, the way they
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did this has never been tried before, it is extraordinary. it talked of as unique achievement in the world of cave dive rescue to actually have sedated these boys, strap them to the cave diving expert who then carried them through the water and then at points where it was narrow and to release them and force them through such tight passages to be received on the other side i another experienced cave diver. it just has side i another experienced cave diver. itjust has never been done like that before and some of the pictures you saw are from further out whether cave gets dry because even once they go through the submerged coverings they still had a journey of about a mile which they took on a stretcher as you saw because they were weakened. it has been talked of as one of the great escapes come as something that will go down in the history of cave dive rescues and beyond i think. thank you very much indeed. president trump has caused consternation
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at the nato summit in brussels. when he arrived, he denounced germany for spending billions on energy supplies from russia, while failing to pay enough on defence. mr trump claimed germany is "totally controlled by russia". the german foreign minister replied to that by insisting germany is the prisoner neither of russia nor the united states. our chief international correspondent lyse doucet is at the summit in brussels. not for the first time donald trump setting the cat among the pigeons? yes, quite extraordinary, described as the most shocking exchange in later history for the american president to touch the ground and then launch into a tie—break against a key data ally, germany, accusing them of being a captive of russia, saying germany is a rich nation and
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could today increase its defence spending to which that 2% of gdp. —— tirade. but then hours later axed to, suddenly after meeting the german chancellor angela merkel president trump is describing his relationship with her as very good, tremendous relationship with germany. so from criticism to charming, but in another twist in this saga we are hearing for its now that behind closed doors president trump is not asking for 2% but he wa nts trump is not asking for 2% but he wants them to double that, he wants them to spend 4% of gdp. so every few hours there is an update. thank you very much. joining me now from our westminster studio is sir adam thomson, a former uk permanent representative to nato and director of the european leadership network, a think—tank on european defence and security. thank you for being with us. what do
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you make of these latest comments by donald trump about germany in particular? clearly it is making for the west nato summit in terms of optics ever and it plays very well to donald trump and his domestic political base but he will have to learn eventually that words do matter. and while he says that nato is being unfairto matter. and while he says that nato is being unfair to the united states, he is being unfair to germany and many european allies. they may not spend as much as the united states but they are indispensable allies for the united states alongside the united states after september the 11th in afghanistan for example, supporting us effort is now in iraq and providing races in germany for the united states to operate from out of
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europe. so words have consequences and if donald trump moves on as he well might to actual actions that are damaging to nato the resentment in europe is going to be really quite strong. it is not a terminal threat to nato, it could lovably even survive without united states in it as even survive without united states in itasa even survive without united states in it as a member but it is damaging and plays into the hands of people like vladimir putin who have been trying to drive wedges into nato because they see it as a threat. donald trump this new —— is now doing that for him. but there are those in the united states who believe that for too long members have been leaching of the united states and the us has been paying too much for nato and the allies have been paying too little. the united states has not been paying as much as it claims but donald trump is correct that european allies in ten have not spending enough. they are still absolutely dependent for
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high—end military operations on us capabilities. but the two sides really of this atlantic that need to come back together again in their mutual interests. it is not an american interest to have european allies under spending on defence but equally europe still needs the usa. but does the usa really need europe, you get the impression from the trump administration that they sense that the united states really does not need european allies, does not necessarily need later? i'm sad to say you get the feeling that alliances and multilateral diplomacy to not count for much with this us president. nonetheless for economic reasons, the european union is the largest trading partner united states and for security reasons as allies alongside the united states in military operations around the world, for political reasons as a
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voice for the things the united states claims it stands for internationally. washington needs europe. thank you so much for your time and for your analysis. time for a look at the weather. good evening. things did not turn out too badly today for most of us. a bit different across north—western parts of the country like scotland and northern ireland where we have had thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain. some extra clouds will be kept across the north—east of scotland and northern ireland through the night, edging further south eastwards but any rain in the area tends to fizzle away. the further south you are, clear spells and the odd shower, temperatures around 11 to 17 degrees. tomorrow morning gets off to a dry
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start, we have thicker cloud across the northern half of scotland. northern ireland is pretty cloudy, from southern scotland into england and wales, some spells of sunshine and wales, some spells of sunshine and showers breaking out into the afternoon, some heavy, but they will be very hit and miss. most places stay dry, temperatures between 21 and 26. showers on friday, some heavy and sunny. for the weekend, the north is cool but the south turns hot again. it could get to 30 degrees. you're watching bbc news, the latest headlines... with just 90 you're watching bbc news, the latest headlines... withjust 90 minutes you're watching bbc news, the latest headlines... with just 90 minutes to go until the semifinal against croatia, millions of fans will watch to see whether england's world cup tea m to see whether england's world cup team could be on the verge of making history. jim matic new pictures emerge of the cave rescue in thailand. it has emerged the boys we re thailand. it has emerged the boys were heavily sedated to stop them panicking. president trump causes consternation at the nato summit ahead of his meeting with angela merkel, saying
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germany is totally controlled by russia. all the sports news now, really only one sport story for you tonight, the world cup semifinal. olly foster is there. what is your score prediction? no way, you are not getting me on that! we had to wait 90 minutes, and then 90 minutes for the young england players to write their name in history, maybe more, maybe 120 minutes, maybe penalties against croatia. then a final in four days against the french, whoever comes to this. you can see thousands and thousands pouring into the luzhniki stadium now, and 80,000 seater stadium. a fantastic stadium. our sports correspondent natalie pirks is inside. i think inside. ithinki inside. i think i saw that the teams have arrived, are they looking well? they
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we re arrived, are they looking well? they were all out here a minute daesh minutes ago, i think gareth southgate is still here so i will step out of the way to see if you can get him. the stands gave him a huge standing ovation, hands above their heads, huge amounts of clapping for a man who has done so much to bring back pride to this national team. the players looked very relaxed, they had their headphones on, they are not really talking to each other. they looked very focused, quite calm, fairly relaxed but not much joking or anything like that's going on. it is the 62nd match of the world cup and england are still in it, it seems crazy. we never expected to get at this point, it is certainly the biggest match of my career as a sports journalist and for many of my colleagues, 95% have never been with england in a world cup semifinal before. england went out to train
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this afternoon, i am told it was a tactical session, drilling down on the tactics, everything put out by their coaches before the game tonight. this is a shot at footballing immortality, the chance to go where only one english football tea m to go where only one english football team has ever gone before, the world cup final. you had to pinch yourself sometimes to think about what we are reporting on here. they had to go out there, we hope for something very straightforward, just as we saw against sweden. we should get team news in the next 15 to 20 minutes, expecting it to be unchanged? yet, why would you change something doing so well? we are told they have no injury problems so we would expect the exact same line—up as against sweden, which was a very mature, calm and composed performance. we hope for a bit more about tonight. croatia is their stiffest test, you'd expect that in a semifinal, but they have not been tested the
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way they will be tested by croatia tonight. tee are the best midfielders in the world. croatia have not been to a semifinal for 20 yea rs have not been to a semifinal for 20 years and have never won a world cup, so at least we have won by men tonight. they have come through two bruising encounters, their last two matches have gone to extra time and penalties, the recent one against russia was quite a war of attrition. england fans will hope that is still in their legs, but this is a semifinal, if they can't get up for this than what can they get up for?! i think the adrenaline will kick in, it is with all of us. many thanks, our sports correspondent within the luzhniki stadium. there has been an upset in the second week at wimbledon, john watson is there for us. yes, a major upset at men's quarterfinals day. the top seed and the eight time wimbledon champion roger federer is out. he was beaten
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over five sets by kevin anderson of south africa. federer was two said to the good, he had a match point which he could not convert in the third and anderson made him pay as he took the third and fourth sets before winning a gruelling fifth set 13 games to 11. anderson getting the crucial break at 11 games all, this is the first time kevin anderson has beaten roger federer. we knew he was a potential threat having reached —— having reached the final of the us open last year, but as roger federer came into the match having not dropped a set, he had not lost a service game, he lost three in this one and is now out. he will not go one and is now out. he will not go on to win what would have been a record extending ninth wimbledon title. safely through a snow that djokovic, anotherformer safely through a snow that djokovic, another former champion, who came through against kei nishikori in four sets. djokovic slowly returning to the form that saw him win three
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wimbledon titles here. he came through in four sets, much to the delight of the crowd. djokovic said afterwards he is peaking at the right time. he will go on to face the winner of rafa nadal and juan martin del potro. let's take you live to that. del potro was in his chair, this is on centre court at the moment. rafa nadal took the first set and as things stand at the moment in the second set, juan martin del potro is up 5—4 and will be serving now for the second set, which would see him pull level at one set all. both players have struggled with form and fitness, particularly del potro, who has had three surgeries on his wrist. a huge amount of goodwill to see him back here at wimbledon, but that could be an epic, just as we have witnessed
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with roger federer the top seed today and a times wimbledon champion, he has crashed out. it has been a fascinating day of tennis. for now, that is all from wimbledon, i will hand you back to ben in london. studio: thank you. you're watching bbc news. detectives have managed to speak to charlie rowley, the man poisoned by another truck ‘s nerve agent in wiltshire. his condition in hospital has improved, he is no longer critically ill. his partner dawn sturgess, who was also exposed to novichok, has died.jan smith is was also exposed to novichok, has died. jan smith is outside salisbury district hospital with the very latest. we now know that charlie rowley is ina we now know that charlie rowley is in a serious but stable condition in the hospital behind me, he has been speaking to police, we do not know the details but it is thought it will take a few days for him to regain his memory and be able to focus on the questions asked. what
5:38 pm
he can tell the police could be very crucial to this investigation. they believe he handled it along with his partner dawn and it led to their poisoning, it is hoped he could shed light on the investigation into the poisoning of surrogate ship —— sergei skripal and his daughter yulia skripal... in march. there was a big operation in salisbury, we drove through the city earlier. in queen elizabeth gardens, where dawn and charlie visited before they were taken ill, there are police cordons but they say they are focusing on one area of the park. the assistant commissionerfrom the one area of the park. the assistant commissioner from the met police said the information charlie could give them could narrow their surge dramatically. it has been a big police operation which has been recognised by the uk government today, which has announced that wiltshire police will receive a £2.5 million grant to help cover the costs incurred, bringing the total they have received since march to over £4 million. but the focus is on
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charlie rowley, who is conscious and speaking. whatever he can tell detectives could seriously progress the investigation. studio: thank you very much indeed. back to the football now. just over an houruntil back to the football now. just over an hour until kick—off for the big game, england against croatia in that historic semifinal at the luzhniki stadium in moscow. excitement is really building, not only in russia but here. fans across the country are hurrying home, racing to their tv screens, two pubs, two big screens, to watch the game. let's give you a taste of the atmosphere around the country. noel phillips is in southgate, richard askam is in manchester but first sarah campbell is in south london. sarah? good afternoon. the atmosphere, as you can imagine, really hotting up. the noise is
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getting louder and louder and louder. some very excited fans. places across the country, hundreds of places, have been turned into outdoor venues. big screens going on as they will be showing the football. we have some lucky guys who got tickets. they sold out in 12 seconds, you did well? my boyfriend got it at 5.01, it is quite funny. would you describe yourself as a football fan? not generally, i can appreciate the footballer, but the foot ball appreciate the footballer, but the football game itself, but i never really watch it. this is different, you have got into the spirit? the world cup has got my creativity, i have been painting faces, i am into. a few weeks ago, if somebody said england would be in the semifinals, would you have believed them? a
5:41 pm
groupi would you have believed them? a group i defy anybody to say i believed we would be in the semifinals. it has brought everybody together for the first time in the last couple of years since the dreaded brexit, everybody has come together and enjoy the summer in london. reporter: have you been to more of these outdoor venues? no, but our friend showed some videos and we thought we would have to join them. if england score you will get very wet, the plane ‘s killing in the air, are you ready? i have been told if you're going in the middle you got guaranteed to get wet, but maybe stick to the outside. i have too asked to predictions? 2-0 to england. 2-1. 1-0. raheem sterling, hopefully. please call, i beg you. who will score? has to be harry
5:42 pm
kane. has to be kane. the chimes of football plasma coming home are here. my colleague richard askam is in manchester, will the same be being sung about? thank you very much. i have had to resort to this microphone because the atmosphere here is building. this is castlefield bowl in manchester, we are expecting around 8000 people inside come kick—off. it will be pretty snug. it is quite a small arena. i have seen events here before, it will be absolutely fantastic inside this little arena. as well as pride in the whole of gareth southgate's team, there is particular pride in the players that play for the two manchester clubs, really in stirling, john stones, kyle walker manchester city —— raheem sterling, john stones, kyle
5:43 pm
walker manchester city and jesse lingard of manchester united. there is excitement. a little bit like me, i was very confident yesterday, i woke up this morning and started to feel extremely nervous. in my mind, all of a sudden, luka modric, very good player that he is, became the best player in the world and so on. chatting to some of those bands, the anxieties about, but overall i think there is a confidence that against croatia gareth southgate and his tea m croatia gareth southgate and his team can do it. from here, over two noel in southgate. among supporters here, some old enough to remember england winning the world cup back in 1966, there is a sense of hope. they are hoping that england can repeat the success that england can repeat the success that they did nearly 50 years ago. we are here in southgate, it is one
5:44 pm
of the oldest members clubs in england and it is named after the england and it is named after the england manager himself, gareth southgate. indeed, this is a man whose profile has risen in the last few years, or months, rather, he has gone from a former footballer turned manager to a fashion icon, hence me wearing my waistcoat. today is officially known as waistcoat wednesday. people are getting their seats, their viewing spots, to watch the match. this is ivan, you remember 1966 very well because you we re remember 1966 very well because you were around, tell me your memories? lama were around, tell me your memories? i am a senile citizen, i was there! i was actually at wembley for the first game, uruguay versus england. a 0-0 first game, uruguay versus england. a 0—0 draw. it was a boring game. but my memories are... can't be... can't be repeated unless the lads do
5:45 pm
well this weekend, or today and sunday. yeah, great. ithink we have a good, good chance that... i remember it very well. you have the memories, that is what remains. fast forward to 1990, margaret thatcher is prime minister, england are in italy, they are playing, gareth southgate is on the pitch. how do you feel back then compared to now? very good. very exciting. hopefully they can do the job they need to do tonight makers all very proud. give mea tonight makers all very proud. give me a sense of how you are feeling. are you worried? do you think we will do it? definitely. i think are you worried? do you think we will do it? definitely. ithink the whole country is very confident. how much does this world cup mean to you? everything. it brings everyone together, makes everyone happy. joyful game, we just want england. come on, england! adopt you get a
5:46 pm
sense of how excited people are. an interesting fact, 10 million of these will be bought in bars and pubs across the country, which gives you a sense of how gripping... how people are looking forward to this game so much. studio: thank you noel. great atmosphere right around the country. go and get yourself a drink next lemaitre mike knowles phillips in southgate, richard askam in manchester and sarah campbell in south london. we can talk to michael caulfield, a sports psychologist who worked with gareth southgate when he was at middlesbrough. he is in our oxford studio. a lot has been said about the changed psychology gareth southgate has brought in whether players are no longer terrified, they are excited. how has he done it? he has used his own personal experience and skills, which he has developed as a leader over last 12
5:47 pm
yea rs, developed as a leader over last 12 years, when he got thejob he realised if the team was ever to fulfil its potential, it had to stop being scared of messing up, of failing, of losing. that has hindered past teams. and he has played in those teams himself. he has used his skills and experiences, and would you do not often here in sport and football, he has used kindness and develop trust, the players really trust him. they have a sports psychologist, pippa grange, who he has brought in and obviously trusts implicitly. what sort of difference has she made? she would have brought a different set of skills from what you might normally have in football. players trust and respect her, they respect her knowledge, it is very nonthreatening because her sole role is to support the players and help them through this unbelievably exciting but demanding process. and once you get that level of support and trust among state team it is really hard
5:48 pm
for anything to get in the way of that. it is a very clever and subtle appointment but it has had a huge impactand appointment but it has had a huge impact and that is the kind of leader he is, he looks to get people who can offer something different to before. they look like they are not only having fun but they are really good mates, even they... though they are from different clubs, there is no rivalry, they are almost like a clu b tea m no rivalry, they are almost like a club team rather than a national team. it used to be a club versus country, -- it used to be club versus country, but now you can do both. the ultimate achievement is to play for your country. gareth southgate's lifetime ambition was to play for his country and now he says it is the greatest privilege to lead his country and that has rubbed off on the players, they know how much it means to him, they have responded. he trusts them and they trust him, that is an incredible
5:49 pm
chemistry which makes them very hard to beat. and makes them better at penalties, as we have witnessed. gareth southgate has had pain with that in the past, it is interesting how he talks about that owning the process of penalty taking, it is not just random chance and luck, it is something you can really make works yourself if you have your own routine, you are very calm and exude confidence. i have always stressed and spoken to him about it that penalties are not a lottery, they area penalties are not a lottery, they are a closed skill. if you are a surgeon or a tv presenter you practice your skill, so when you needed you have the very best chance of executing that particular chosen skill. penalties are a closed skill, they have practised and rehearsed, talked about it, discussed it and they are in control of their emotions when they take a penalty. in control of yourself, there is a
5:50 pm
good chance you can execute a skill, kicking a ball from 12 yards into a goal. they can do that easily, it is harder under pressure and now they are under immense scrutiny, but is is an amazing achievement in a short space. for all you say about how he has changed the attitude and psychology, and i think you are absolutely right, but it is the semifinal tonight, is it different? they are on the verge of the world cup final itself, on the verge of getting england back to the world cup finalfor the getting england back to the world cup final for the first time since 1966. is that not a terrifying prospect in some way, all the fear may be will return? no, they are on an adventure. they have incredible belief which comes from evidence, otherwise it is faith and hope. they have collected evidence over the last six weeks of scoring at the last six weeks of scoring at the last minute, losing a goal in the last minute, losing a goal in the last minute, losing a goal in the last minute, winning a penalty shoot out, losing a game, winning a game
5:51 pm
in dramatic fashion, they have so much evidence, they have huge belief in themselves and each other. it is not fa ntasy in themselves and each other. it is not fantasy or make—believe, it is real evidence it is a very skilled but tough team. they have everything in theirfavour going but tough team. they have everything in their favour going into tonight. michael caulfield, sports psychologist, thank you very much for your insight and analysis. you are watching bbc news. it is eight minutes to six. the bbc has revealed that its ten best paid stars are men, despite efforts to close the gender pay gap between its highest earning presenters. there are two women in the top 15, claudia winkleman and vanessa phelps. much of the day host gary lineker is the biggest earner at the corporation, taking home around £1.75 million a year. our media correspondent david sillito reports. the revelation last year of a big
5:52 pm
pay gap between male and female stars at the bbc provoked outrage from many women in the corporation. the annual report today has revealed that some women have had pay rises, and some men have had cuts. jeremy vine lost around one third of his £700,000 salary, john humphries' publicly reported salary also dropped from around £600,000, to £400,000. last year men outnumbered women on the list three to one. we're now told that that is closer to 60—40 with an ambition in the next year or so to make it 50—50. but if you look at the top ten highest paid staff at the moment, they are still all men. these things take time. especially when you're dealing with people who are the voices and the faces of the bbc to millions and millions of people. what i am concentrating on is ensuring we are seen to make real progress. so radio 4's sarah montague is one of a number of women who have made it onto the list of top paid presenters. the number earning £200,000 or more has doubled. but names such as tess daly have
5:53 pm
disappeared from the list because they are employed by bbc studios, the bbc production arm, now operating as a private business. the report shows they're making progress on equal pay but there is still further to go. in some ways the report is a backward step because many people, their pay has not been included this year because they work for bbc studios. i believe we need transparency on that pay as well. so the bbc‘s highest paid star now on the list is gary lineker with more than £1.7 million. the highest—paid woman is 13th on the list. bbc women say there is still a long way to go. david sillito, bbc news. facebook has been fined a record £500,000 by the information commissioner over misuse of data. the regulator has been investigating how the details of tens of millions
5:54 pm
of users ended up in the hands of the political consultancy cambridge analytica. the commission raised concerns about political parties buying personal information from what it called data brokers. theo leggett reports. documents have been pored over and officers raided. a major part of the inquiry has been looking at facebook, now the social media giant has already admitted that data from up has already admitted that data from up to 87 million users may have been acquired without their consent by a company called cambridge analytica. it is looking at allegations that data was misused by both sides in the eu referendum campaign. how? by making sure that advertising and
5:55 pm
other information was targeted directly at the people most likely to be influenced by it. we looked at the campaign on both sides, on leave and remain. again, we have found some contraventions of the law, we have also found misuse of data. our investigation continues, we have not finished yet. in october we hope to have our final report but we are taking action against some of the campaigns and players. the information commissioner plans to find facebook after million pounds. the company has admitted it did not do enough in response to claims data was being misused. but the inquiry goes well beyond facebook and cambridge analytica. the ico says it is sending warning letters to 11 political parties. meanwhile politicians themselves a new data protection laws should have a big impact. the ico has investigated and found a breach of
5:56 pm
the data protection act, which goes backed in 1998. we have new laws in place which are much more stringent, much more protection for people, they are the best in the world and we would hope in future that people will be protected against this unlawful activity by facebook and cambridge analytica. the proposed fine for facebook may be small change for an online giants, but it is still a powerful statement of intent. it shows the regulator is taking the issue very seriously, and in future fines could be much bigger. the six o'clock news is coming up in a few minutes, but first let's get a weather forecast from ben a few minutes, but first let's get a weatherforecast from ben rich. things did not turn out too badly for many others, some sunshine around. it has not been like that everywhere, quite a lot of cloud across the north—west of the uk, particularly scotland and northern ireland. this area of cloud will
5:57 pm
just limpa ireland. this area of cloud will just limp a little bit further southwards and eastwards through the night, not making very much progress. for southern scotland into england and wales, clear spells and the chance of a shower in temperatures of around 13 to 17. we will have to follow the area of cloud with rain and drizzle across parts of scotland, particularly the northern half, tomorrow. for southern scotland into england and wales, we will cease bars of sunshine, but through the afternoon, one or two hefty showers breaking out for some areas, many places will avoid them but if you get when you will know about it. a few more showers on friday, some heavy and sunny with hail mixed in. on the cool sites in northern areas, turning hartigan further south. some spots could get to 30 degrees. the moment has come, england are about to take on croatia in the world cup semi final here in moscow, their biggest match for more than a quarter of a century. gareth southgate's young team have arrived at the stadium
5:58 pm
with the hopes of a nation on their shoulders. there is nothing that competes with the world cup, so for these players it is enormous. but let's hope they enjoy it, they have done so far and just capture the moment. thousands of england fans have poured into moscow for a moment they're determined to be here for.
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