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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  July 16, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story. france have won the world cup, in a thrilling a—2 victory over croatia at the luge—niki stadium in moscow. -- luzhniki. tens of thousands have been celebrating on the champs—elysees in paris, and there've been scenes ofjubilation in towns and cities across france as fans revel in their country's second world cup victory. president donald trump has arrived in helsinki where he's due to hold talks with vladimir putin later on monday. earlier he described the eu as a foe, alongside russia and china. and this story is trending on a woman whose vehicle plunged off a california cliff has been found alive a week after she was reported missing. the 23—year—old survived by using the hose from herjeep's radiator to siphon water from a creek. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: the former education secretary, justine greening, has called for a second referendum on leaving the eu.
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writing in the times, she describes the government's current approach as the worst of both worlds. friend orfoe. president comes friend or foe. president comes as european countries are taking advantage of the united states on trade. the farnborough airshow outside london will see the latest hi—tech office rings like supersonic jets. —— offerings. good morning, asia. hello, world. it is monday, the start of the week, glad you could join us for an exciting addition of asia business report. this time around, he told cbs news,
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the eu is an adversarial for the this time around, he told cbs news, the eu is an adversarialfor the us when it comes to trade. in an interview before his meeting, the comment comes after his british visit where he criticised theresa may's plan for a soft brexit. visit where he criticised theresa may's plan for a soft brexitli think we have a lot of foes. think the european union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. you wouldn't think of the european union, but they are a foe. russia is a foe in certain respects. the president of the european council shot back on twitter. how quickly china's economy is growing is always of interest but the ongoing trade tussle between the mainland and the us puts china's gdp figures in a new light. on monday, the mainland economy figures will be
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released right before the first round of tit—for—tat tariffs took effect. he doesn't expect this to have an impact on the numbers just yet. for the moment, a tariff only applies on aluminium and that will have a very, very small impact on gdp growth in the second quarter. when you say a small impact, can china match its first—quarter gdp of 6.9%. domestic growth drivers have been going down. what we saw, is that exports continuing to grow in the trade deficit with the us continuing to widen? labour based on the expectation of the imposing of these trade tariffs, a lot of
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exporters and importers have downloaded their orders. even though the numbers are showing up, it does not reflect the actual activity of demand. while that friendship it is rocky waters, the european union is looking elsewhere for good friends, specifically china. donald task and jean—claude juncker are due to specifically china. donald task and jean—claudejuncker are due to meet the chinese premier li peng on monday with trade at the top of the agenda. i'm joined by katie silver. tell us about this ongoing relationship between the two sides. europe's single market, and china, they are two of the world's biggest trading partners. but there is a huge trade deficit. while china exported goods to europe worth $435 billion. that is well over $1 billion. that is well over $1 billion a day. china has also been buying up big in europe. last year,
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its foreign direct investment rose 76% to $81 billion. some in europe have been cautious of growing chinese influence. for example, in 2016, it was the biggest ever chinese takeover of a german firm when they bought kuka robotics, and it's since been made harder to take over european firms have sensitive technology. it seems like donald task and jean—claude yorker will be meeting with the chinese premier. the head of us airspace giant boeing has warned about the potential damage of a growing us china trade i’ow. damage of a growing us china trade row. he says he is concerned tariffs would push up costs for aircraft manufacturers and said the industry derives economic benefits globally.
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boeing wants to find alternative solutions to these trade disputes. and the farnborough airshow gets under way on monday, the biggest event of the year for the global aerospace industry. this normally quite airfield will be swamped with visitors anxious to get multibillion—dollar deals signed and sealed at the uk manufacturers, the event is taking place against a background of deep political uncertainty. it's the biggest international airshow of the year and it's where you will find some of the world's largest aircraft. this week around 100,000 visitors from different countries will flock to farnborough airfield in southern england. the british government will use the show to explain its strategy for the aerospace industry after britain leads the european union, including its plans for a new
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fighter aircraft programme. the spectre of brexit is still hanging in the air but manufacturers have broadly welcomed recent proposals to limit disruption to cross—channel trade. it does provide the basis of a sensible negotiation with our european union partners. clearly it's not the end stage and there will be a variety of additional demands on both sides but i think it signals a sense of pragmatism and compromise which i think is in the best interests of our economy. meanwhile, in the market for smaller airliners, this shocks have been circling. bombard airliners, this shocks have been circling. bomba rd eac airliners, this shocks have been circling. bombard eac series has been gobbled up by airbus and rechristened the 8220. boeing responded by promising to take over the commercialjet responded by promising to take over the commercial jet programme responded by promising to take over the commercialjet programme of embraer, including this new design. smaller aircraft me back into fashion and what the big boys are bargaining on is over the next 20 yea rs bargaining on is over the next 20 years there will be more demand for high efficient regional aircraft
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like this one. defence companies will be busy as well and there is a large delegation from the united states. president has been telling european cup —— countries to spend more on defence. american businesses are more than happy to sell them what they need. in 15 years after concorde make it final flight, supersonic travel is coming back on the agenda. industry giant boeing and ambitious start—up boom supersonic will be making big noise about the arrival ideas about carrying passengers faster than the speed of sound. they are either a great new way to get around or a nuisance. electric scooter companies are attracting hundreds of hundreds of millions of dollars of investment from the likes of google are not eve ryo ne from the likes of google are not everyone is so excited about the two wheeled boom. david lee synthesis report. kyle ramirez is an apprentice at a tattoo partner ——
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tattoo parlour in oakland, california. one day he hopes to gopro but it's a long road. do you get paid me thing? no. nothing at all? no. so seven evenings a week he drives around the city, picking up electric scooters that need to be recharged. for each one, you will get around $10. the price goes up the scooter are harder to reach. once his car is full, it's time to ta ke once his car is full, it's time to take them home and put them to bed. do you feel like you've given up a room in your house? i mean, a little bit. you can't turn the lights out. brilliant. beyond the mind scooter trend is going global banks to more than $1 billion in investment from companies like google and mover. but while you'll find hundreds of these things in oakland, in the city over the bay, san francisco, you won't find any and that's because regulators have ordered them off the
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streets. the scooters have provoked intense anger here. even being used as part of a protest against the wider tech industry. some residents have felt the scooters were making the streets a mess. but they will be back soon. tom mcguire's timor control how many scooters can be put out around san francisco. well, we've said we will permit up to 1250 for six months and if that goes well, we will double it. in the morning, kyle only gets paid if he can get all of his scooters out before seven a.m. it's a decent earner but like so many new tac ads, this is one idea that might ride out of town as quickly as it rode in. david lee, bbc news, in oakland. earnings are on the business calendar, a mix of banking and technology numbers coming up this week. major us bank earnings are
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expected to rise and we will be seeing bank of america's second—quarter results and on tuesday, goldman sacks weighs in with their earnings report and on wednesday, it is morgan stanley's turn. movie from banking to take. recent ratings downgrade. the nick kay soaring by more than four —— 400 points. final assaults on sport todayis points. final assaults on sport today is coming up next. this is bbc news the top stories this hour: france is enjoying an enormous national celebration after its football team won the world cup for a second time, beating croatia 4—2 in moscow. president trump has arrived in finland where he will meet his russian
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counterpart, vladimir putin, later on monday. he said he had low expectations of the summit. the prime minister has revealed in a bbc interview that he had advised her to sue the european union over brexit, rather than negotiate. theresa may spoke as she defended her plan for a brexit deal which favours close links with the eu on trade in goods. here's our political correspondent iain watson. the prime minister is coming out fighting on brexit, though her most immediate battles are with some in her own party. at her country retreat, chequers, she hammered out a new brexit plan. and then lost two cabinet ministers. and many more of her mps think she just isn't being tough enough on brussels. oh, and so does someone else. i gave her a suggestion, not advice. i wouldn't want to give her advice. i'd give her a suggestion.
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i could fully understand why she thought it was a little bit tough. so just what was this tough suggestion? he told me i should sue the eu. reporter: sue the eu? sue the eu. not going to negotiations, sue them. actually, you know, no. did you think about that for a second? we're going into negotiations with them. but more seriously for the prime minister, her new plan to have a common rule book with the eu on traded goods, hasn't gone down well with many of her own backbenchers. this week, ardent brexiteers will try to change crucial legislation to scupper it. while some of those who backed remain will try to pull her closer to the eu. some people are saying they want to vote in the trade bill the to keep us in the customs union. i say that's not acceptable. that's not what the british people voted for. others are saying perhaps we can not have the bill at all. that would be damaging to our no deal preparations. so let's just keep our eyes on the prize here. the prize is delivering leaving the european union. some long—standing leave campaigners say they won't vote down the government's brexit
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legislation entirely, but they are determined to give it a radical overhaul. brexit is enormously positive, a huge opportunity for the country, and i'm afraid the prime minister doesn't see that. and it's why i think she is a remainer who has remained a remainer. so would labour help the prime minister out and back her brexit plan? i've read it a couple of times, and quite frankly can't make head nor tail of it. it's theological. it's a mess. so the answer to the question is fairly simply, not that i can see. and the political fallout from chequers continues. today a parliamentary aide at the foreign office resigned over brexit. it's still not clear if the prime minister's new plan will survive intact. iain watson, bbc news. hello, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: france champions du monde. france are world champions after beating croatia 4—2
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in the world cup final. ecstasy in moscow and euphoria on the streets of paris as french fans celebrate their momentous victory. and it's a fourth wimbledon title for novak djokovic after he sees off kevin anderson in the final. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. france are world champions for the second time in their history after beating croatia 4—2 in a breathless 6 goal thriller in moscow. it was the highest scoring final since 1966 and the perfect climax to what has arguably been one of the best world cups of all time. olly foster was at the luzniki stadium for us. it has been an amazing climax to the tournament.


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