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suits their needs. other sites that suits their needs. it insists the decision is about value for money and it is continuing to invest in other sites around the cou nty to invest in other sites around the county and across the country, but it seems in the current climate that they are not all sustainable in the long term. it has brought questions about the tourism aspect, there is a heritage centre here and local figures, politicians and tourism bosses really want assurances that the heritage aspects will be accessible to the public. at the moment it remains uncertain as to whether red arrows will be based from in 2022. thank you, katy austin at a very noisy raf scampton. time for a look at the weather... here's nick miller. no heatwave in scotland, really pleasa nt no heatwave in scotland, really pleasant in the sunshine. temperatures are still above average, still warm. similar into northern ireland. the baking heat continues across central and eastern parts of england. this picture from essex, no significant rain in the
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forecast here. look at the satellite picture, this area of cloud from northern england through wales and in two parts of the south—west, reducing patchy rain or a view showers as it will do through the afternoon. the odd shower in some areas, very few and far between in east anglia. this decaying weather front is the dividing line between heat and unity to the south—east, where temperatures are still around 30 celsius. not quite as hot as yesterday. the cooler, fresh air to the north of it, present in the sunshine with high teens and low 20s. tonight, any rain on the cloud disappears. we are left with a largely clear and dry night, just a view showers in north—west scotland. a really easy night for sleeping for scotla nd a really easy night for sleeping for scotland and northern ireland, wales and the west of england with temperatures in the low teens, warm and humid after the heat of the day for central and eastern england. plenty of sunshine to begin
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tomorrow, some patchy cloud breaking, there could be the odd showerfor northern breaking, there could be the odd shower for northern ireland, north—west scotland caps and east anglia and the south—east late in the day, very isolated in nature but we will notice things more widely tomorrow, adding a few degrees to the temperature across the board and 32 or 33 possible towards east anglia and south—east england. on thursday weather fronts gather to the west with rain on them. they are not in on thursday, with the exception of maybe a shower in northern ireland in north—west scotland, still the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm, plenty of dry, sunny weather elsewhere. the warmth and heat more widely on thursday, scotland and northern ireland could see temperatures into the mid—205, but for the heatwave affected parts of england the midlands, east anglia and the south—east will be in the low 30s, maybe as high as 3a or 35 on thursday. then those weather fronts push in into friday, bringing to western parts of the uk's outbreaks of rain. ahead of that three eastern
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of rain. ahead of that three eastern of england on friday there could be some intense thunderstorms, torrential across the east midlands, yorkshire and north—east england and still the heat, but into the weekend it is all cleared through, temperatures have come down. it is cooler but much fresher into the start of the weekend. it looks like the heat will build next week. all the latest details from nick miller, thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime wildfires ravaging parts of greece have killed at least 60 people — most of the victims were trapped in their homes or their cars. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1:30pm and here's your latest sports news. time for some sport on bbc news. hello, i'm hugh ferris.
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the tour de france was dramatically stopped during today's stage 16, when race leader geraint thomas was one of several riders affected by what appears to have been tear gas that police used against protestors on the side of the road. they resumed shortly afterwards. the bbc‘s chief sports writer tom fordyce explained what happened. farmers protesting had put bales of hay in front of the riders. police were clearing those when one of the police appeared to sprayed one of the protesters and that sprayed into the face of one of the riders, and also geraint thomas. the race was neutralised, that means stopped, and the riders were taken to have water and have their eyes and white. the race started again
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after a gap of about 50 minutes. it is not the first time that protests have stopped the race. we saw someone have stopped the race. we saw someone punching a protester several yea rs someone punching a protester several years ago. team sky will be relieved to have got this incident out of the way but they're still be concerns about what might happen on the pyrenees mountain passes to come over the next few days. geraint thomas is the leader but chris freeman is currently one minute 39 seconds. it is then another few seconds. it is then another few seconds back to the dutchman in third place. froome has won four tour de frances. thomas has never won a tour de frances. thomas has never wona grand tour de frances. thomas has never won a grand tour. so ordinarily thomas would be expected to ride gouffran. —— froome. froome has said
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he would ride for thomas if required. he also wouldn't commit to whether he would attack thomas or not if the opportunity came. it would be a fascinating finale to this tool, not least because thomas and froome, not just this tool, not least because thomas and froome, notjust team—mate but good friends. more on the bbc news website. mezut ozil‘s retirement from international football has spearked a debate in germany about the governance of the national game. the country's football association has denied allegations of racism made by the arsenal forward, but they admit they could have done more to protect him from abuse. the german federation took exception to ozil being photographed with controversial turkish leader president erdogan before the world cup. another german international, ilkay gundogan was also in the pictures. both have turkish heritage and some supporters' groups called for the pair to be dropped from the squad. ozil claims that he has been used as a scapegoat for germany's poor showing in russia and says he has been the victim of " racism and disrespect".
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elsewhere in the world of football, everton are expected to complete the signing of richarlison today. he's moving after just one season at watford, in a deal that could be worth up to £50 million. he worked with the new everton boss marco silva at vicarage road. a british record transfer fee's been paid for the england and manchester city midfielder izzy christiansen. she's joining the european champions lyon in france. gareth southgate is one of ii coaches nominated for the fifa best men's coach award. he led england to the semifinals of the world cup, their best tournament run since 1990. manchester city manager pep guardiola is also nominated. and jurgen klopp is also there. the former leeds united player paul madeley has died at the age of 73. a one—club man, he played in every outfield position for the club during his i7—years playing career, winning every domestic trophy. don revie called him rolls royce, because he was a class act. i'll have more for you in the next hour.
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thank you. good afternoon. you are watching bbc news. more on the story dominating here today because 60 people and 100 and asha—mac 60 people and 100 and asha—mac 60 people have been killed and 150 injured in the worst wildfires in greece for decades. —— and about 60 people have been killed and 150 people have been killed and 150 people have been injured. our guest isa people have been injured. our guest is a resident. my current situation is a resident. my current situation is that i have two burned cars and i also have a semi—burnt house up there in this block of flats. what about your health and your family?
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thank god my family was completely safe because we ran down to the sea. in the meantime, a couple of people, ladies, lost their lives in my hands. just one local man they're talking about his experiences. as we say, at least 60 people killed but authorities there expecting, sadly, that the death toll will rise. we will keep you up—to—date throughout the afternoon. in terms of our own heatwave, certainly in some parts of the country, we have a weather forecast coming upjust country, we have a weather forecast coming up just before country, we have a weather forecast coming upjust before 2pm. the use of antidepressants for children is on the rise. in the last few years thousands of prescriptions we re few years thousands of prescriptions were handed out in the uk. children of 12 and under sold the largest increase, of over 12%. antidepressants can have a powerful
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and often positive impact for people suffering from mental health issues, and a bbc investigation conducted by radio 4's file on four has discovered that in britain, more children than ever before are being prescribed the drugs. the figures were obtained by freedom of information requests and relate to a group of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or ssris. they show that in england, over the past three years, there was a 15% rise in the number of these antidepressants prescribed to under—18s. in scotland, there was a 10% rise, whilst in northern ireland, the number rose by 6%, and there were 950,000 prescription items between april, 2015 and march, 2018. this is a very stressful time for young people. with the pressures of social media and some of the very distressing news articles around at the moment, we need to remember that young people have a lot of pressures on their wellbeing and it's actually a very positive thing, if young people are stepping forward and asking for help
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with their mental health. the department of health in england says they've pledged £1.7 billion to transform child and adolescent mental health services, whilst both northern ireland and scotland say it is a priority issue and they're increasing funding. paul connelly, bbc news. and you can hear more about that on the programme tonight on radio four at 8pm. raising a child with special educational needs or disability comes with extra challenges. today a group of parents in bristol is taking the city council to the high court because of its decision to cut spending for children like there's wi—fi million pounds. it is the first case of its kind but at least two councils will face similar challenges soon.
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local authorities are feeling the heat especially when it comes to supporting children with special educational needs. like this boy, who has adhd and autism. it was difficult to concentrate in school. but now you are doing really well? yes. oche wants to work on these stea m yes. oche wants to work on these steam trains and right now he's working towards his gcses the one—to—one support that makes that possible is costly and his counsel, surrey, says it needs to save £21 million, a move the family will soon fight in the high court. if they don't have the funding for a mainstream school, the teacher has
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to direct the time to the minority who have special educational needs and all the children lose out. surrey council said, we are defending this claim. our main focus is making sure children get the support we need. but thatjudicial review is one of three going to be high court this year. the first will be heard here in bristol today. a court order means we cannot identify the family behind the challenge. one of my child's educational needs are not being met because they do not have the funding. and you know bristol has the worst exclusion rate in the whole of the country in primary and secondary school. what does that tell you? that we need funding for our children, not cuts. bristol is one of 39 local authorities who have signed this letter to the secretary of state for education. it says they are deeply concerned by a lack of adequate send
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funding and far reaching reductions to provision. the letter has also been signed by hackney. there, protests have been held in the face of cuts to tackle a £6 million overspend. but now that council is considering a legal challenge of its own, a judicial review against the government. you are having this conversation is right now? yes, we have to come up with other councils, about possibly taking the government to court. what would that look like? it would look like the 27 out of 32 london councils taking the government to court. the government department for education told us it recognises that there are pressures which is why funding is rising, to the highest on record this year. but medical advances and better
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diagnosis means the demand for services is rising at an even faster rate. these are thought to be the first legal challenges to broad send cuts. ina in a moment, all the latest business news. first just a in a moment, all the latest business news. firstjust a reminder of today's headlines: more than 60 have died in greece as wildfires ravage coastal towns and holiday resorts near athens. and injapan, more than 60 people have died and thousands are in hospital as the heatwave there is declared a national disaster. about a million public sector workers here are to benefit from the biggest pay rise for nearly ten yea rs biggest pay rise for nearly ten years including 2% for the armed forces and up to 3.5% for teachers. i have all the business news. it
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is... fraud charges against ba rclay‘s is... fraud charges against barclay‘s bank is... fraud charges against ba rclay‘s bank may is... fraud charges against barclay‘s bank may be reinstated. they were dismissed but had they been upheld it could have led to the loss of its banking licence. the s f 0 says it wants to challenge that decision to drop the charges. norton canes motorway services on the m6 toll rd has topped the list of britain's best pit stops. the bottom is a iraq on the m25 with a ledge satisfaction rate. —— bottom is thurrock. only 66% thought the food and drink on sale over raw at services was good value. hot weather helped vet beast food and drink sales injuly —— hot
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weather helped boost food and runs sales injuly. weather helped boost food and runs sales in july. sales weather helped boost food and runs sales injuly. sales of beer and other drinks rose to a record level outside of the christmas and easter period during the world cup. this won't come as much of a surprise to commuters in london but train services in the capital have the highest levels of crowding in 2017. according to the latest data from the department for transport. 23% of passengers arriving in london during the morning peak time were standing, but the situation has improved in other cities across england and wales. for cambridge, 16% of passengers arriving in the morning heat had to stand and in manchester, that figure was down to 15%. the report also points out that since 2010, passenger demand has grown faster than capacity in every city of england and wales except
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bristol, liverpool and newcastle. earlier we spoke to the regional director of the rail delivery group. clearly there is much more to be donein clearly there is much more to be done in london. everyonejust wants a reliable, comfortable journey done in london. everyonejust wants a reliable, comfortablejourney and thatis a reliable, comfortablejourney and that is what they pay their money for and they should get it. that is why the industry is now looking at expanding the number of services in and around london for that morning commute. notjust and around london for that morning commute. not just the and around london for that morning commute. notjust the number of services but also lengthening the trains so there are more carriages so there is more room when people coming to london. clearly, if people arejammed in and coming to london. clearly, if people are jammed in and when it is as hot as it is at the moment it is not a pleasa nt as it is at the moment it is not a pleasant experience. the industry knows this and it is looking to put in that capacity where it is required. with the pound under pressure during the holiday season, are you feeling short—changed on your holiday money? a new yougov survey has found that many families are still using the
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most expensive options for buying holiday money, whilst a recent report suggests that besides poor exchange rate people are paying hundreds in conversion fees, with one estimate putting hidden charges at nearly £6 billion a year. new research shows that british families will lose on average £845 to hidden fees on travel money in their lifetime. joining me now is jennifer. really shocking numbers. what sort of hidden fees are we talking about here, that families are losing? it really is shocking and big news on this research. £845 ina and big news on this research. £845 in a lifetime for families that are taking their annual holiday abroad, and those fees are buried inside various charges, and basically,
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foreign currency and currency exchange and holiday money is priced in quitea exchange and holiday money is priced in quite a confusing and misleading way, which means that we aren't clear exactly where these charges are. an example, if you have someone using a high street bank card abroad, they might be taking money out from an atm or making a transaction to pay for things, there are card transaction fees buried in there. for example, if you are taking £200 out in you raise, you might be charged up to 20 quid or if you are paying for a cup of tea for 5 euros you might be charged £150. the other big area is where we are commonly coming to travel agencies or bureau to change to get our holiday spending money and we are being hit by the 0% commission fee claims, which frankly not true. a bit more on that, if you will, most families still choosing the most
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expensive way to buy their foreign currency. what are the worst ways and the best ways to buy foreign currency ahead of a holiday? because of convenience and because frankly there is not a good degree of nowhere and around this subject —— a good degree of awareness, we are falling into this trap. believing there is no percent commission claims, what is happening is there is a mark—up on the exchange rate, so you are actually being charged for that. so when you are heading to the airport, don't leave it to the last minute and use the euro de change, because you are not getting a good deal. shop around and have a look. one of the big things is have a look at what the exchange rate is on the internet. that is the meat market rate. that is the interbank rate. if you are getting more than that it means
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there is a mark—up rate. —— that is there is a mark—up rate. —— that is the mid—market rate. their online firms meaning we can get our holiday money without suffering these charges and with a really transparent rates. shop around, plan ahead. the other big trap that we 42 is when we are abroad and we are buying something, we hit the button to pay in pounds. that is a very bad idea because they are charging kids to convert from local currency back into the eu row, so go with local currency. if people are feeling ripped off, get involved with the campaign called fight overseas. walk and see how you can get involved. thank you. more on that through the afternoon.
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the latest business. we will head over to the house of commons for a few moments because the new brexit secretary, dominick raab is making a statement to mp5. secretary, dominick raab is making a statement to mps. requiring the framework for the future relationship to be translated into legal text as soon as possible is one part of the whole deal we are doing with our eu partners. if one party fails on its side of that overall bargain, there will be consequences for the deal as a whole and that means the financial settlement. in addition, we have agreed an obligation for both parties to act in good faith throughout the application of the withdrawal agreement and the white paper published today explains that the eu withdrawal bill will include an agreement to allow the government to meet the agreements of a final settlement. it also includes proposals to enhance the existing
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scrutiny for the payments made to the eu. this white paper sets out our approach to delivering the withdrawal period into law. i look forward to our discussion. it is a necessary pa rt forward to our discussion. it is a necessary part of leaving the eu and ensuring a smooth and orderly departure. it provides the clarity and certainty to eu citizens living here and uk citizens abroad that their rights will be properly protected. it will enact a time limited in fermentation period, giving businesses certainty and the public finality. —— a time limited implementation period. the white paper is another key milestone on the uk's path to leaving the eu and i commend this statement to the house. thank you. can i thank the secretary of state for the advance copy of his statement and the copy
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of the white paper? that was two hours ago and it is much appreciated. we'll scrutinised the white paper closely. a quick reading reveals a number of points. first, the gimmick of fixing the exit date of the 29th of march 2019 on the face of the eu withdrawal act has already become unstuck. we warned at the time that it would work and it would need to be rubbed out, and that large part of the act would need to be amended. mr speaker, here is the proof. paragraph 56 of the white paper, it says the eu law will continue to have effect in the uk in the same way as bad for the implementation period, until december 2020, that is. but section one of the eu withdrawal at which took 18 months to get through parliament repeals the european
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communities act on exit day, so the two things conflict. so the eca is repealed and before it comes into force it is amended and saved. the secretary of state says it is just parts of the eca that are saved until the 30th of december 2020, but thatis until the 30th of december 2020, but that is a huge understatement. almost all of it is saved, with amendments not to the applicability of the eu law but to collateral issues. in section one —— it is not just section one that now needs major surgery. adaptation of eu law into our law major surgery. adaptation of eu law into ourlaw is... major surgery. adaptation of eu law into our law is... keir starmer for labour. we will return to more of
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this after 2pm. hearing their from dominic raab, the new brexit secretary. we will pause for a look at the weather. some of your pictures. it is warmer than average with sunshine and temperatures close to 30 celsius across the hottest part of central and eastern england. maybe not quite as hot as it was yesterday. from south—west england and wales into north—west england, patchy rain in places. some showers in the afternoon, so not everywhere is dry. some travellers in scotland. possibly in east anglia later. —— there are some showers in scotland. north of the weather front, quite pleasa nt north of the weather front, quite
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pleasant with sunny spells in the fresher feeling there. pleasant with sunny spells in the fresherfeeling there. some pleasant with sunny spells in the fresher feeling there. some lengthy clear spells across the uk tomorrow. a few showers in the western isles. there is a warm night and humidity in south—east england, but elsewhere it isa in south—east england, but elsewhere it is a decent night for sleeping. some cloud is going to build and you could catch an isolated shower in northern ireland or scotland. maybe later in england. it could be thundery. extremely and miss —— hit and miss. on thursday, there may be and miss. on thursday, there may be a shower in northern ireland, north—west scotland, maybe a thundery downpours somewhere in
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south—east england. widely warmer on thursday. up to 30 celsius. northern ireland and scotland. the warm spots will be into the meet 20s on thursday. in england it could even be up to 35 degrees. the heat will hold on through eastern parts on friday. the weather systems start to bring some rain into the west and there could be some torrential thunderstorms breaking out to parts of eastern england on friday. yorkshire, north east england. then the weather systems move on through into the weekend and we are all turning fresher. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy.
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today at two. at least 60 people die as wildfires hit seaside resorts and towns close to athens. thanks god my family was completely safe because we have run down to the sea. in the meanwhile, a couple of people, two ladies, have lost their lives in my hands. hundreds of firefighters have been battling the blazes and the authorities are seeking international assistance. here, people are being warned to stay out of the sun — as temperatures continue to soar in parts of england. more pay for up to a million public sector workers including teachers and prison officers, but questions over where the money will come from. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport, with hugh ferris.


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