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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 25, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines. a police investigation finds evidence that 65 children were broadband then sexually abused at a psychiatric hospital in derby over 30 years. 80 people have been killed in the wildfires in greece as the search continues for dozens still missing. a woman has lost her appeal to divorce her husband on the grounds she is unhappy. judges that the supreme court suggests the law should be looked at again. and researchers have found an underground lake 12 miles wide on the planet mars. in a moment time for sportsday but first they look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. following the devastating wildfires in greece we speak to one woman who has been taking people in and helping them after being forced to flee their homes. at seven p:m., president
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trump again in the news following a late secret recording. today he meets the european commission chief jean—claude juncker while a senate committee waits to hear more on russian relations with the us. and are we getting closer to discovering life on mars? we speak to us chris hadfield to see what he makes of the latest scientific discovery. and then the papers, i will be joined latest scientific discovery. and then the papers, i will bejoined by katie bowles and don fosterfor a look at tomorrow's front pages. that's all i head on bbc news but no time for sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday. 0ur our main headlines this evening. geraint‘s lead grows but it's crisis for chris — is this the definitive day that will see thomas take the tour de france
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title away from froome. england's women's hockey team look to inject life into their world cup campaign as they prepare to take on the united states. we'll be live from the olympic park. and can a new trial in rugby union help to drastically reduce the number of head injuries in the sport — it could be as simple as tackling lower. hello and welcome to sportsday. good evening. just four days to go in the tour de france and it seems the british rider we thought would probably win it, probably won't. but victory draws ever nearer for another briton. team sky's geraint thomas has extended his lead to almost two minutes while defending champion, chris froome, lost time on a gruelling 17th stage. just a0 miles long in terms of distance but a day of intense climbing,
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won by nairo quintana, as drew savage reports. time running out for anyone wanting to ta ke time running out for anyone wanting to take the yellow jersey from geraint thomas. stage 17 the shortest but one of the hardest. three brittle climes. columbia's nairo quintana rescued what has been a poor race from his standards. that would move him up to fifth overall but the fight was on the road behind. defending champion chris froome desperate to make something happen. the dutchman made his move, looked over his shoulder and saw a rear site, the man who has won the tour de france four times, left behind. chris froome would lose nearly a minute but as he slipped to second place his team—mate tightened his grip on the first. the welshman
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riding away and his advantage on 01 minute and 59 seconds. the jersey is not his defeat yet but more than ever before that looks like his to lose. —— has turned keep yet. here's how the leaderboard now stands just days away from sunday's finish in paris. thomas now1 minute 59 seconds ahead of tom dumoulin, who goes ahead of defending champion chris froome. froome is 2 minutes and 31 seconds behind thomas and victory is now seemingly out of reach. but it isn't over until it's over — or is it?? 5live‘s cycling commentator tom fordyce spoke to former british cyclist rob hayles about what to expect for the remainder of the tour. so, we thought that stage 17 of the tour de france might be decisive. short at 65 kilometres but packed with three brittle climes. a day
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that was won by nairo quintana but thomas putting time into his rivals, particularly his team—mate at team sky, chris froome, and rob hayles, we thought this might be the toughest test yet but he passed that challenge with flying colours. he truly dead than the way that team sky wrote the final climb was pretty much to perfection. geraint thomas. he only had to look out for tom the milan who went on the attack at one point but he was straight on him. he looked so sharp, so much in fact that served on the stage but more importantly, taking his advantage over what is potentially the better time trialist, 20 seconds more, so he is only just time trialist, 20 seconds more, so he is onlyjust under two minutes now, one minute 59 his advantage, and tom up to second place, as chris froome has just faded a little bit.
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we have seen some wonderful rights before from geraint thomas, who has w011 before from geraint thomas, who has won two 0lympic medals before, but we never have seen anything like this, this sort of continual dominance in the high mountains. the one time we would have had a good glance at this would have been the giro d'italia last year, when he crashed out. and this is the issue he has had. not so much his form as keeping it up right and on the tarmac and on the road, which is why iam not tarmac and on the road, which is why i am not going to mention what potential if it happened over the next few stages, because quite a few downhills and twists and turns, but as it stands at the moment, the strongest man at the moment is geraint thomas. the hockey world cup is continuing in london. after their draw with india in their opening match last weekend they face the united states in their second pool match as they aim to send the sell out crowd at the olympic park home happy. jo currie is there for us.
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i see you have been joined i see you have beenjoined by i see you have been joined by a guest! it will be a party atmosphere. the mascot is joining me! we are catching a spot of germany against argentina. germany leading that one but tonight could be very important for england, especially as they tried to get through to the knockout stages especially after the underwhelming 1-1 especially after the underwhelming 1—1 draw with india on saturday. up against the usa tonight, england currently second in the pool, only the top team goes through automatically, the team in second and third go to an extra knockout games so and third go to an extra knockout games so the match tonight very important. what about the usa? let's hear from the england important. what about the usa? let's hearfrom the england player important. what about the usa? let's hear from the england player lilli isley. i love playing the usa, you cannot fault them, they are set and fa st cannot fault them, they are set and fast and we have match and play better hockey and you set yourself
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up better hockey and you set yourself up for the tough game, you have to do your battles, not let that player who is quick and fit and big, let them beat you, and you have to set yourself up and it is my favourite game, i absolutely love yourself up and it is my favourite game, iabsolutely love playing yourself up and it is my favourite game, i absolutely love playing the usa. everyone is trying to peak for the world cup so get out, we have the world cup so get out, we have the crowd behind us and they don't so the crowd behind us and they don't soiam the crowd behind us and they don't so i am sure it will be fine. gone off tojoin the so i am sure it will be fine. gone off to join the rest of the pride! we are alsojoined off to join the rest of the pride! we are also joined in the olympic park by the x england midfielder, helen richardson walsh, you're obviously a gold medallist, england against usa tonight. how much is riding on it? it is massive. not getting the win the other day means this game has everything on it. england need to come out and get the three points, not disastrous if they don't, we really want england to be getting the points tonight. we have
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touched on england's‘s draw, usa beaten by ireland, almost a surprise and they will be desperate for points this evening. usa will come on out guns blazing. they will be ready for that game and then only to be just as ready and start hard and be just as ready and start hard and be ready for the usa coming out hard. if they can do that, england are ready to put their press on the game and be patient and build up the play and that they are game onto the usa. i am wondering if they can still hear as! another goal in the last couple of minutes. england, short corners, plenty in the opening game but couldn't make them count. nine corners and only scoring one and from a second phase was not a great ratio. if england are going to go deep in this tournament they need to do much better than that anyway,
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and tonight, the corners need to be filing well to get a result and hopefully, they will have been working on and training of the last couple of days, so hopefully they can put into practice. i hear danny has something up his sleeve so hopefully to do with corners and they can put an early one way which will help settle the nerves. you must know so many of the players still on the quad, have been in co nta ct? still on the quad, have been in contact? i caught up with them, then here they have just finished training and they are in good spirits. they were pleased with their performance overall against india so they are ready for this game and they know they can beat the usa which absolutely they can. they are really looking forward to playing in front of atmosphere like this and it will be incredible. helen as part of the five live commentary team and you can mess it
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might listen to the whole match, the kick—off here at eight p:m..lj might listen to the whole match, the kick-off here at eight p:m.. i can tell you germany already lead argentina, that was the goal you heard going off behind there, so the party at this year already under way. also coming up, the children visit the boys. celtic visit rosenborg in champions league qualifying. and can england's‘s cricketers take some confidence into the test arena? now, rugby union is a dangerous sport. players collide at speed and tackling timing and technique is paramount to help avoid injury. after world rugby discovered that 76% of head injuries occur in the tackle area, the rfu has now announced a significant trial which will see the height of a legal tackle lowered next season. so i asked to the rfu's director of professional services, nigel melville what the plans entail.
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i think we are all aware of injury statistics and rugby union over the la st statistics and rugby union over the last few years, and that steady increase is a concern that we want to try and deal with if we can. 47% of injuries in the game are caused in the tackle area and that is a concern for us. let's have a look at that and see what we can do. they are trying to stop any contact, rightly so, above the neckline. looking deeper, 80% of concussions are calling on the tackle of which 70% are to the tackler, the guy making the tackle, so it is important we looked at the tackle area and one of the ideas was to lower the height of the level. a lot
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of people are slipping off shoulders and to heads, and if we lower it to below the armpits maybe it'll make a difference. did you speak to players first? what did they think of the proposals? players are interested in everything that helps with their safety and inability to play the game safely, so they are prepared to have a goal, and the same with cultures. it is a player will feel initiative and nobody wants to hurt anybody get injured when they are playing the game, so anything we can do to reduce injury statistics. and it may change the game, the way it is played, but we don't know until we try. how far do you think you can ta ke we try. how far do you think you can take it if it has the effect you hope it will, and reduces injuries, how will you look to expand it? this is in collaboration with world rugby and they are keen to work with us and they are keen to work with us and they are also going to try this tackle in the under 20s championship
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in romania in september. it will be a good chance to look at what impact that has at the junior level and then take it to a senior level, and see if that is a difference and if we get the same result. it will be after the world cup 2019, but they think this kind of data can help us predict the game in future. over the last 45 years we have seen many rule changes in different areas, do you think they are all to the positive and the sport is progressing and evolving? i think all sports change as you move forward and we have had various iterations, the global trials came in last year on board for the better of the game and improve the game. this is a player welfare best adaptation of looking what we can do differently in tackling and this will really gather some data that will enable us to make decisions going forward on the tackle area and hopefully this is very minimal change will make a
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significant difference. thanks very much for coming in to explain to us. let's have a look at some of the other stories around today. serena williams has accused anti—doping authorities of ‘discrimination‘. the 23—time major winner has been tested more than any other player this year according to figures from the us anti—doping agency but says she's happy to do whatever she can to keep tennis clean. former captain steve smith is to play in the caribbean premier league as he continues his 12—month ban from australian cricket for ball—tampering. his ban does not extend to competitions outside australia and so he's free to play in the twenty20 tournament next month. france right—back benjamin pavard has won the 2018 world cup goal of the tournament award for his stunning strike against argentina. he adds the honour to winning the trophy with his country, of course. there's an important series on the horizon for england's cricketers.
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the first of 5 test matches against india begins in a week at edgbaston so the question at this point is about personnel, with trevor bayliss and england's selectors naming their squad tomorrow. to help talk me through it is our reporter partrick gearey. will there be any shock inclusions? most of the team is pretty settled, the batting unit, several, but one potentially interesting name is abdul rashid. he is in the form of his life, in the one—day cdc took six wickets against india including a delivery against virat kohli that absolutely flabbergasted the indian captain. he couldn't believe it, so quite naturally a lot of talk about getting rashid and to the test setup, but the problem was he had given up test cricket and four bay cou nty given up test cricket and four bay county cricket to concentrate on
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shorterforms. county cricket to concentrate on shorter forms. they had to change his mind on that, but even if they did that what kind of signal would that send to guys who had been doing the county circuit, trying to impress the selectors, the likes of jack leach have been around the england setup, what signal does it send to bring in a guy has only played one—day cricket? it is also important because the pictures are so important because the pictures are so dry because of the lack of rain and that means spin bowling is really important and it could be where the series is decided. but england haven't had a great run, have? maybe not cds that either team will be very confident into? and forget about one—day cricket when england are all conquering. england —— india are top of the pile but the struggle coming over to england because they don't like the swinging ball and attempt to struggle to adjust, but it has been so dry and
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so adjust, but it has been so dry and so hot so they may be more co mforta ble. so hot so they may be more comfortable. england in sharp contrast that had the pretty miserable year. they lost the ashes 4-0 miserable year. they lost the ashes 4—0 and lost in new zealand and the first test to pakistan at home but came back to draw that series. they need to show they are moving in the right direction but they have to back the clock up with action. what is interesting about this series is not many go over five test matches any more it said of the ashes, so the ideal chance to see an exciting examination of these two sides. thank you forjoining us. to come in the next 2a hours or so. now you may have seen many teams on pre—season tours in the united states or asia but for celtic, the hard work began long ago. in fact, they are already into the second qualifying round of the champions league — and host rosenborg of norway at celtic park this evening. where we find david currie. yes, offer celtic another summer night and another champions league qualifier. while english premier
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league clubs have the luxury of going straight into the group stage of the competition, offer celtic can bea of the competition, offer celtic can be a long and winding road. this season be a long and winding road. this season started five days before the world cup final with a trap armenia. in the second round they are facing rosenborg of norway, the first round at celtic park tonight. if they come through that they have another two qualifying rounds to negotiate and no wonder the manager says playing competitive matches at this stage of the season has its challenges. in the season has its challenges. in the few seasons we have been here we have had to be creative and it has just been unfortunate, really, this period of the season is always tough. players are coming back and i feel for all the coaches, in terms
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of these qualification games in champions league and europa league and also the cup competitions. managers and players expect to be in full flow within1—2 weeks, which is unrealistic, so i feel for all players and managers who are having to get teams out to try to actually win games when really it is the time of the season for fitness. if you think celtic have it tough, spare a thought for rosenberg. the club sacked their manager six days ago and have placed the academy director in temporary charge. no wonder they are captain says that the only have are captain says that the only have a small chance of putting celtic out of the competition. thanks to david carry at celtic park. plenty of


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