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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 28, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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the headlines. long delays on flights ferries and cross travel trains as the recent extreme weather continues to cause problems. euro tunnel says it is operating a full—service which has stopped selling tickets until next week. 25 despite as tens and thousands flee their homes in northern california as wildfires sweep across the state. wales‘s geraint thomas is set to win as he maintains his lead on the penultimate day of the tour de france. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me reshmin chowdhury and hugh. the headlines this evening. history at the tour de france — briton geraint thomas all but ensures he will be crowned the 2018 champion in tomorrow's final stage.
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lewis hamilton navigates the stormy conditions in hungary to claim the 77th pole position of his career ahead of tomorrow's grand prix. and the fighting talk is over, as dillian whyte and joseph parker get in the ring tonight at the heavyweight clash in london. they'll want to a bit better than this though. a lot of power here! one, two... i can't get up in this! welcome to the programme. well it's the day the tour de france was sealed for another briton — this time a welshman — geraint thomas — the team sky rider has kept the yellow jersey after today's penultimate stage,
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the individual time trial — ensuring that by the end of tomorrow's largely ceremonial final ride along the champs elysee, he will he crowned the champion. our reporter, jo currie is in paris for us now. just how did he do it today? yes, tonight as you say thomas very much a champion in waiting after today's penultimate stage. today positive sage was very much the last chance to attack his lead. including the likes of chris froome. they tried and failed. he will be crowned. wonderful summers at the end of the state. he was embraced by his team—mates and his wife. you can imagine back in wales there will be huge celebrations tonight. and here is how he did it. the made in tour de france title in his sights with the read over two
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minutes, geraint thomas would never get a better chance to be crowned champion, something no welshman has ever done. geraint thomas closing in on history. just a time trout stood between him and sporting immortality. chris froome started the day in fourth. his house for the joint record that had are realistically over before today's stage. the world time trial champion and biggest threat to the ground to up and biggest threat to the ground to up the challenge. but the dutch writer went faster still. the vultures were circling but the title was still within thomas's grass. not even assault that's also appear. he crossed the line and the time where the winner. tamara's processional then traditionally dictates that nobody at tax the yellow jersey which means all thomas has to do is crossed the finish line here in paris and he will be crowned champion. it was a surprise visit waiting for his wife on the finish line. and what this year's race has
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seen team sky answered their critics again, the changing of the guard has become. the lieutenant has become the captain. oh, it's... it's incredible just be sat here with thisjersey. it's incredible just be sat here with this jersey. it's insane. incredible just be sat here with thisjersey. it's insane. a big thanks to chris from because he committed to me and he was really happy to do —— to see me do so well and we are good friends and i really appreciate having my best stage race rider ever writing for may. —— the best stage race rider ever. it is just so surreal. it is going to want distinct and i think. tonight, i think... iso distinct and i think. tonight, i think... i so right to much because champs—elysees is hard. if you switch off it is one of the hardest stages. i will have a beer or two and maybe some burgers. but i will say the real celebration for paris on sunday night. the champagne on
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ice for the moment. but i suppose he has been in the time that that she's beenin has been in the time that that she's been in and the shadow of bigger writers that team —— tracker one. could anyone have believed that he would be the one that would be crowned champion at the and? coming into this race like previous years all the talk was about defending champion chris from. but thomas is a name that is been around stipend for one time. over the last decade he sought between the road and track. he isa sought between the road and track. he is a two—time olympic gold medallist on the track in the team pursuit. we have seen him play such a big part in helping the likes of chris froom get to those for titles. but for the first time ever, thomas sundance of a protected ryder wright in the beginning of months the team sky writers along with chris froom himself. sky had believed that he could win this race in the beginning. he proved them right. huge its operations are said to karen the champs—elysees tomorrow. whizzing alexis or bradley wiggins
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and chris froome tricky champagne. and we will set to see more of that here. and back in wales. —— drinking champagne. thank you. geraint thomas will become the first welshman to win the tour de france tomorrow. hugh woozencroft‘s over at the touchscreen to find out more about the new man in the yellow jersey. a fantastic moment for geraint thomas who puts himself further into the history books as one of wales's best sportsman. he only expected to pace chris froome. now he is set to go back on the card for the yellowjersey in hand. __ go —— go back cardiff. but how did the 32—year—old get to this point? thomas a first started cycling competitively at the maindy flyers club in the welsh capital. his coaches there said he only stumbled into the sport having seen his track on the way home from a swimming lesson when he was just nine years old. the club has become a breeding ground for welsh cycling talent. with two other notable riders also starting their journey there.
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for coach's still there today crafting the winner of the yellow jersey will be their greatest achievement. he just turned up one day on his track bike or on one of our track bikes and that is where it all started. like so many of these kids once they get on the bikes, it's a passion. it never leaves you. this year with the tour, the hits to the website, the interested people wanted to come down for the sessions, give it a go, it's going off the wall. very proud of geraint thomas. he becomes the first person born in britain to win the tour de france. a little pub quiz back for you there. —— factorfor you. he is the first welshman to win. many came out to see him finish. he did medalfor wales at the commonwealth games in glasgow four years ago. adding to his gold medals in beijing and london. and a special mention to his high
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school that was remarkably also home to former wales and lions rugby union captain sam warburton. and gareth bale. recently don't have a special ward here, that's for sure. —— we do not have any special water here. geraint on the field. he was tremendous, a wide range of sports. a dry sense of humour, cool character. i would say for his own sport, anyone was talking about the three who say what a gentleman. really impressive. really impressive, really classy and incredibly proud to have any kind of connection to him. my first memory of watching racing was the olympics where he won the gold medal. he was always someone people were talking about and aspiring to be like. results—wise also as a riderand a person. he was the go—to inspirational person for coaches and for parents
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at the track and the younger ones to aspire to be like. quite a journey for thomas to get to this point notjust in this year's tour but also in his career so far. as his yellowjersey caps off an impressive honours list for him. he's got those titles on the track. three world championship titles. two olympic titles as well as part of britain's pursuit team but now of course his career will always be remembered for his part in tour de france history. geraint thomas, the man from whitchurch, is 2018's champion. also coming up in the programme, there's a better end to a tough week for mesut ozil. we'll show you how his arsenal side thrashed psg. and vicky holland wins in canada — we'll find out latest from the world triathlon series. now to formula i and championship
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leader lewis hamilton will start the hungarian grand prix on pole position after an enthralling wet qualfying session. mercedes took advantage of the rain to gain as hamilton's team—mate valtteri bottas made it a mercedes one—two with sebastian vettel fourth on the grid. jenny gow is at the hungaroring for us. lewis hamilton will start in pole position for the foreign hand carrying grand prix something nobody expected this morning when it was bright sunshine but then the rain came down and hamilton, the rain meister, proving his worth winning all those £40 million that his contract is supposedly worth around the hungaroring. he was absolutely blistering hot. nick parrott reports. in formula 1, it's usually the best car that wins but when it rains, the driver's skills come to the fore. the spray can leave them struggling to see. and daniel ricciardo
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got lost in the mess. choosing the wrong turns left the red bull rider stranded in 12th. lance stroll also struggled as he waltzed right into the wall. lewis hamilton likened the conditions to making things more like ballet. requiring a tiptoe approach. he'd failed to top the time sheets in any of the practise or qualifying sessions until the one that mattered. ferrari dominated until then but sebastian vettel was more than half a second behind mercedes in fourth. we couldn't have expected this. they been quick this weekend and we were trying to be as close to them as possible. but then the heavens opened and it was fair game. it's all about give and take each time you go around, each corner. i was up and i was down, it was an emotional roller coaster. with his team—mate valtteri bottas lewis hamilton is hopeful of victory. but it might be better to finish second as the winner
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of the hungarian grand prix has not gone on to claim the world championship in the same year since 200a. chris medlan hasjoined me. and chris, we havejust seen the qualifying session. it was a scintillating, wasn't it? lewis was in a league of his own in the very end. it's one of things. before the session happened you would not have thought he would have been on pole or definitely not one or two. when the rain started to fall, you said "this is coming towards lewis". and you have such confidence in him in those conditions. he's the very best. mercedes will be comfortable because it is so hard to overtake here. if you can get off the line cleanly can dictate the race. lewis said yes it can be a tiring race in terms of you pick the pace and look out for tires. —— train race. now it is great for him that he is able to do that. ferrari would much rather be dictating the pace. they will have a hard time against mercedes. they will park the bus so to speak to give a good footprint analogy.
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—— footballing analogy. but it is under control, they want this to play into their hands and not give ferrari any chance of getting through off the start. the start will be crucial. ferrari have been good off the line. here it is a shorter run. but it is downhill and there's an opportunity there. the fact you have the two mercedes means they should be able to play nicely and hold ferrari back. you do have both ferraris behind. it will be difficult and it will come down to how lewis and valtteri interact with each other whether one or both ferraris can get in the mix. you expect one mercedes to get out in the lead. this is the last race for the summer break. i know lewis hamilton would love to extend his lead at the top of the championship. we will have to wait to see what happens. there's a big bout of boxing in london tonight, with these two heavyweights — dillian whyte and joseph parker — looking to get back on the road towards the top of the division.
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alex gulrajani joins us now. so alex, we seems the ring recently. is this the less chance for these two? not really. both of these men are sticking around the chance to win another world title. dillian whyte has never won one. this is a third chance. he gives he should be getting a shot. joseph parker was the wb bl world champion until march this year when anthonyjoshua beat him in front of 80,000 people in cardiff. joshua is the common man between these two. both have only lost one professional fight. joshua the man to beat both of them. no dad was on the radar for the victors. the man to beat both of them. no dad was on the radar for the victorsm it expected that whoever wins this will fight anthony joshua next? that is what assume. it should work that way. but boxing pauses has a nasty
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way. but boxing pauses has a nasty way of getting involved. anthony joshua has a tough test in september against alex povetkin at wembley. his promoter has already hired out when the stadium for april next year. if he'd beats povetkin in september, who will fightjoshua on that date in wembley? all the talk is around the american the bbc champion. the negotiations. whoever wins the fight tonight could be in—line for a huge fight at wembley next year. in treating it could go either way, couldn't? good next year. in treating it could go eitherway, couldn't? good to next year. in treating it could go either way, couldn't? good to you, alex. —— interesting. women's boxing has long lived in the shadows of the sport, but ever since it was included in the london 2012 olympics it has been growing from grass roots upwards. it's led a club in merseyside to start "girls only" nights and they're proving a huge success. mike bushell been to knowsley to find out more. a boxing class with a difference that no boy is allowed to.
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the session was put on to meet the demand of girls what to get fitter through boxing exercises but don't want to be in the minority. boys got a lot more power, so it's easier to go against somebody who you are a lot better with. it's much better because boys will be sweating around doing stuff. but you think they will when they don't. it's a confidence and can—do attitude. one of the mental obstacles is boys being in the gym and looking at me. taking that obstacle at the way and you are one step closer to overcoming your main fear ofjust getting in the gym. the coaches here want to spread the word that girls can nowjoin boxing clubs across the country, and it's not the male—dominated world used to be. the main problem has been girls to want to go in at twos and threes and male—dominated gym.
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we are changing that. they are trying to meet increasing demand, recent survey by sport england show that over half of the bulb now taking part in boxing classes are female. professional boxing has certainly seen how the sport has changed. the days i started out about the same person through four times the first two years, and we only had one category. now you got schoolgirls, we've got youth, eight a gb development squad, but it's also nice to see young girls coming in, and joining it in the boxing. those that want to go on to get into the olympic sport of boxing can do so from the age of ten like these young stars here. a very controlled skills—based sport at this age, though. it's mostly about your footwork, and it's not about punches or anything. i like being there with my friends because it's just a sport where you can do everything with everyone. most here want to want to fight
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at the british junior level, but for most this is a fun way of getting fitter. and for me with protective padding. —— time for the protective padding. what is been a power here! one, two, three! i feel like a turtle. and he just try and throw a big and heavy shots we will see it coming from a mile away, so you need to be faster. i do not see that coming. i didn't even see it! i wonder who the winner is?
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i think he claimed victory there. i'm sure he did not win. but you got a try. tomorrow england face ireland in the women's hockey world cup. if england lose they will have to rely on other results or face elimation from their home tournament. earlier, south africa were sent home despite an impressive draw against argentina. south africa's goal came from jade mayne just two seconds before half time, to leave the south africans clinging to their campaign but it was maria granatto who brought the score to one all for argentina, who finish second in pool c and head to a play—off game. earlier germany beat spain 3—1 to secure the top spot in their pool. their goals came came from anne schroder, selin oruz and this final one from viktoria huse. spain finish third in the pool and join argentin in the crossovers games, to decide who will reach the quarterfinals. —— andjoined —— and joined argentina. and there was a surprise result in pool d in the last few minutes. belgium went into their last group game bottom of the group
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but they have just beatenjapan 6—3 to ensure that they are through to the crossover matches. australia take on new zealand later tonight to see who will finish top of pool d. let's have a look at a few of today's other sports stories. durham jets have won today's t20 blast game against notts outlaws by seven wickets. they chased down nott‘s score of 132 with ease and took a comfortable win. they're battling the elements at gullane for the ladies scottish open, with gusts of wind reaching up to 31 miles per hour. thailand's ariya jutanugarn currently shares the lead on eight under par with south korea's amy yang thanks to this eagle chip. georgia hall is the the top—placed brit. she's tied for 10th on three under. trainer sir michael stoute has secured a record—breaking sixth king george trophy win with poet's word at ascot. stoute — who had his first king george win with shergar in 1981 — also claimed second with crystal ocean.
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it's two weeks until the start of the premier league season it feel us we have been talking about football for a long, long time. it's two weeks until the start of the premier league season and most of its top clubs are currently touring the world in preseason in the international champions cup. later, manchester united take on liverpool in michigan. this afternoon, new arsenal manager unai emery faced his old employees paris saint—germain in singapore. and he will be happy with the result as arsenal ran out 5—1 winners. mesut ozil opened the scoring at the end of a tough week, in which he retired from international football. psg made it one alljust after half time but alexandre lacazette scored two second half goals to secure a big preseason victory for the gunners. later tonight, it's an all—premier league match—up, as manchester united take on liverpool in michigan — two serious contenders
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for the title, alongside manchester city's centurions who swept everyone aside last season. they were amazing last season, manchester city. liverpool have signalled their intent with some big money purchases, but that prompted united's bossjose mourinho to label the merseysiders as "main title contenders". our reporter simon stone is there for us. it's not going to be a friendly, only name shirley? here, you would not believe. we have got over two hours to kick off here at michigan stadium. this could be 100,000 people in the ground behind me. and it is packed already. there's people everywhere, swarming everywhere. wearing the red shirts
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of manchester united, wearing the red shirts of liverpool. there is no such thing as a friendly between those two teams. and i don't anticipate that is what is going to happen this afternoon. it's a quite interesting backdrop to the game as you rightly say, jose mourinho flagging up how much moneyjurgen klopp has spent. £200 million. he's saying that after three years without a trophy, there should be a demand on jurgen without a trophy, there should be a demand onjurgen klopp to bring trophies to liverpool. for his perspective, jurgen klopp is saying it's not just about trophies, perspective, jurgen klopp is saying it's notjust about trophies, it's about the style of football, about how well liverpool play and in that, he knows there has been a lot of criticism of manchester united for their style of football. the interesting thing tonight is never did not have a keeper because their main guys injured. another injured
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for manchester united. there'll be 100,000 people interested tonight to see how the skin goes. —— how this game goes. simon, thanks so much for joining us. motherwell came from behind against clyde to guarantee their place in the last 16 of the scottish league cup. connor sammon securing a 3—1win with his stoppage time header. kilmarnock and st mirren also went through to the next round. you can find all today's other results on the bbc sport website. britain's olympic bronze medallist vicky holland, has won the edmonton leg, of the world triathlon series it was an imperious performance from holland — who led out of the water, and the bike, before breaking clear of a number of athletes on the run — including australian ashleigh gentle and adding to her win in the city in 2015. a trio of british athletes, followed her in third, fourth and fifth so well done too to georgia taylor—brown,
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jess learmonth and jodie stimpson. jonnie brownlee finished 5th in the men's race. i wasn't sure how that was going to play out. we had a big group of us running together, and i know i've been running well, but i know ashleigh‘s such a class competitor, and the other british girls as well. so, ijust kept the pressure on and i sensed that she'd disappeared from my shoulder. i've definitely been fuelled by anger over the past two weeks. i've definitely been fuelled by anger over the past two weeksm i've definitely been fuelled by anger over the past two weeks. is a still it chanced... is there a chance for you to win?|j still it chanced... is there a chance for you to win? i know she is a mess of the single race. i know i will be a bit closer after today but i would say she is still the favourite. i will keep chasing though. you can watch all the hightlights of the canadian leg of triathlon‘s world series on bbc two from 12:00 on sunday. australian sailor wendy tuck has become the first female skipper ever to win a round—the—world
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international yacht race. tuck took the overall victory in this year's clipper race, which ended with the sprint finish up the river mersey to the royal albert docks in liverpool. and second place also went to a woman — that was british sailor skipper nikki henderson. the 25—year—old from guildford is the youngest ever skipper in this race. maybe a future winner of that race. before we go, a reminder of our top story, another great performance. geraint thomas will become the first welshman to win the tour de france in paris tomorrow after he maintained his overall lead following today's time trial. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. good evening, the torrential rain
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that brought fun northern ireland eases off the cd. but we see wet weather push across the western half of scotla nd weather push across the western half of scotland that becomes combined —— confined. it will strengthen into severe gale force. elsewhere we see outbreaks of rain ease off and then turn wetter again. western england and wales. sunday will be a windy day. strong winds around the northwest of scotland. dls around the south. outbreaks of rain. there will be some dry moments in the afternoon with brighter skies here and there and tries of all likely to be northern ireland faithfully through tomorrow. temperatures will be down for where they should be. temperatures in the high teens and low 20s but those wins will become more feature tomorrow even compared with today. do the rest of this
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coming week, while the showers are in particularly on monday. warming up in particularly on monday. warming up to the week. this is bbc news. the headlines at eight o'clock. long delays on flights, ferries and cross—channel trains as the recent extreme weather continues to cause problems eurotunnel says it's now operating a "full service" on the folkestone—calais route — but has stopped selling tickets until next week two firefighters die and tens of thousands flee their homes in northern california, as wildfires sweep across the state. we didn't realise how much my home means to me. and a community. the main candidates in zimbabwe's presidential election have addressed huge crowds in harare, on the last day of campaigning before the country's historic vote. also coming up — british victory at the tour de france. wales' geraint thomas is set to win as he maintains his lead on the penultimate day of the race
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