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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 30, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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and thailand's ariya jutanugarn regains her place as world number one with victory at the ladies' scottish open. hello and welcome to the programme, and we begin in paris, where history was made at the tour de france. as the champagne flowed along the champs elysee, it was the welsh flag held high by the victor, geraint thomas. for the record, sunday's final stage was won by the norwegian alexander kristoff of team emirates, but for team sky it's a sixth tour de france title in seven years. olly foster was there. cheers from the reigning champion to the new one. geraint thomas has won olympic, world and commonwealth gold medals but, over three weeks and 3,000 kilometres conquering the alps and pyrenees, he has now reached cycling's summit. i never thought about the outcome. it was always about the process and doing things, all the small things, right, thinking about the next line, the next day, the planning,
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not getting carried away and just staying calm and collected. to suddenly then realise that i had won, ijust did not know how to react, and it alljust came pouring out. there can be no greater honour than leading the procession into paris wearing yellow. this was thomas‘s reward notjust for the last 20 odd stages but over 20 years in the saddle, and just what this race needed. there's nobody got a bad word to say about geraint thomas in the peloton. he's a very popular guy both with the riders and with the public. remember chris froome was supposed to win this race, the four—time champion, winner of the last three grand tours, but, as he faded, team sky turned to "plan g". when thomas conquered the alps at he halfway mark, with back to back stage victories, to take the overall lead, the team player was on his way to becoming tour champion, and the first welshman to cycle down the champs—elysees in the yellow jersey. thomas‘s team aren't as popular
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as he is but the controversies away from the road that has seen them get a hostile reception from the french fans was nowhere to be seen. their two champions crossing the line together. they say that the doubters have made them stronger. the tour is about the survival of the fittest. and, of the 176 riders that started out, only one stands apart. 0lly foster, bbc news. a good day for the brits — lewis hamilton has taken a 24—point championship lead following his victory at the hungarian grand prix on sunday. he finished ahead of title rival sebastian vettel to claim his fifth victory of the season heading into formula 1's summer break. joe lynskey reports. so often, lewis hamilton emerges from trouble and turns it to glory. 0n from trouble and turns it to glory. on friday, his practice laps were too slow to even make the podium. by the finish line, no one else was in
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sight. hamilton had done the hard work in qualifying — on pole and poised for hungary's tight corners. the great was the closest the rest got to him, and max verstappen's chance to challenge was taken away by his engine. powerfailure, breakdown. daniel ricciardo started from 12th on the grid, but his race was a series of moves through the field. he finished in fourth, but thinking what might have been. hamilton's main rival now is sebastian vettel but, with races running out, he's been forced to ta ke running out, he's been forced to take risks. sebastian vettel‘s contact with bottas could have ended his race. in the end, it got him into second. hamilton's championship leader would be 2a points. into second. hamilton's championship leader would be 24 pointsm into second. hamilton's championship leader would be 24 points. it was a tough race for us, but we've come out with some good points, so proud of you. consistent but not conclusive. but this race tells the
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rest of the field hamilton's hard to stop. what a beautiful day, what a great crowd we've had, and an amazing team. we came out knowing ferrari would be really quick this weekend, but to take these points was a bonus for us, so we deserved it. it was a tough race. obviously we were a little bit out in terms of the grid. i had little bit out in terms of the grid. ihada little bit out in terms of the grid. i had a good start, on the hard tyre, which was good, i think in third, and we did well. then it was a bit tricky knowing when to come in. it's not what we really wanted this weekend but i think it's the maximum for this weekend. this weekend but i think it's the maximum for this weekendlj this weekend but i think it's the maximum for this weekend. i think we had a really good go today but what can you do? but we'll take the points and go for the next one. to the women's hockey world cup, where the curtain came down on the pool stages, and one half of the quarter final line up complete. in pool a, korea knocked out china with a 1—1 draw, while a record breaking 12—1 victory over italy
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saw the netherlands advance to the quarter finals. a draw with the usa was enough for india to secure their place in the play—offs. mathmatically, it wasn't over for the americans just yet, but england's1—0 victory over ireland confirmed the hosts as the second—place finisher in pool b, thanks to a final quarter goal by giselle ainsley from england's 14th penalty corner. to finish the group games with a win against ireland, obviously we are thrilled to bits with that, but now we've got to focus on tuesday now. what went through your mind when you scored that goal? thank goodness for that! relief, and i think my celebrations were probably over the top, but to scoring a world cup, i was pretty pleased. on to golf, and dustinjohnson put aside a disappointing open championship last week, where he missed the cut, by winning the canadian open on sunday. the world number one shot a six—under 66 in the final round
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to finish on 23—under for the tournament. he won by three shots, with two south koreans, ben an and whee kim, in a tie for second. this was johnson's first victory in the canadian open, having been runner—up twice. yeah, it means a lot. it's the last time that rbc is going to be here, and it's a golf course i really like. i've played well at it, so it definitely means a lot to win here, especially given its the last time it will be here, and i have a lot of fa ns it will be here, and i have a lot of fans out here, thanks to wayne and the family, so i appreciate the support, and it was a great week. and england's richard mcevoy is celebrating his first european tour title at the 285th attempt. he won the european open in hamburg on sunday, sinking a 20—foot putt for birdie at the last to finish on 11—under—par, one shot clear of a group of three players. mcevoy has won events on the challenge tour before, but this is easily the biggest win of his career. it's incredible, absolutely
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incredible. waited a long time. 17 yea rs incredible. waited a long time. 17 years as a pro. i think this is my 17th season, on and off, challenge tour, the main tour, and i'm obviously delighted. i just tour, the main tour, and i'm obviously delighted. ijust had to carry unbelieving, and until that last one, until i hit it, i did a couple of times in 15 when i had the birdie putt as well in—goal bash seize the day. i had to give myself a little kick, and i certainly did that on the last one. on the lpga tour, thailand's ariya jutanugarn won the ladies scottish open, and she's re—claimed the world number one spot in the process. jutanugarn shot a five—under—par 66 in sunday's final round at gullane near edinburgh to finish on 13—under—par for the tournament. she won by one shot from australia's minjee lee, who also carded a 66,
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as jutanugarn claimed her third victory of the year, and her first since winning the women's us open title last month. i've been patient and not thinking about the outcome, especially when it's windy, raining, you try to make putt, make birdie, it's not going to help. it means a lot to me to win the tournament because i told my caddie this week, i really want to win here at least one time in my life, so my dream has come to. south africa's cricketers lost both test matches in sri lanka recently, but they won the first match of their one—day series in dambulla. sri lanka batted first after winning the toss, and kusal perera top—scored with 81 for the home side, but to no avail. they were bowled out forjust 193 with rabada and shamsi each taking four wickets for the tourists. in reply, south africa reached their target with 19 overs to spare, thanks to an unbeaten half—century from jp duminy.
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they won by five wickets to go 1—0 up in the five—match series. the second one—dayer is on wednesday. finally, few of us can boast any major achievements as a teenager, but atjust 17 years old, serbia's olga danilovic has won the moscow river cup — and made history in the process. ranked 187 in the world, she beat local favourite anastasia potapova in three sets to claim the first title of her career. danilovic won the deciding set 6—4, and in doing so becomes the first player born in the 21st century to win a title on the wta tour. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning.
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the much needed rain we saw over the weekend does not signal the end of summer as we know it because, throughout this week, we're still going to see some sunshine and some warmth. we finished yesterday with some sunshine in the west, more of that to come today and through this week. as well as a bit more sunshine, it's not going to be as windy. the rain that we do see — and there will be some — will be mainly in the form of showers, only forming in small portions of the day if at all, and gradually we will see temperatures are rising yet again. the weekend weather was courtesy of a overall low pressure centre to the south of iceland, bringing these weather fronts around the bottom edge of it. butjust notice that circulation, with the cooler air, starts to weaken as we go through the week and, in doing so, we start to tap in to warmer air across western europe later on. but out there this morning, it is a reasonably warm and not muggy start to the day. across parts of the south and east in particular, temperatures 17—18 celsius for the morning commute. a few showers in the south and the west. cooler, even with the sunshine across northeast scotland, around 6 or 7 degrees.
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through the morning we'll see showers develop quite widely. areas most prone to it — east anglia and south—east the odd heavy one. also from the south—west of wales, midlands, towards yorkshire and again across scotland, some of those can be heavy and thundery in the afternoon. there will be a few showers elsewhere but a lot of the time it will be dry through the afternoon with some longer spells of sunshine than we saw through the weekend. with that and lighter winds, it will feel a little bit warmer, temperatures up a couple of degrees for many of you. into monday night, the showers we do see will fade away for a time. but then they'll get going again towards some southern and western areas, particularly across england and wales where temperatures will stay in their teens. but northern england, scotland and northern ireland slightly fresher night to take us into tuesday, with temperatures more widely away from the cities in single digits. lots of sunshine here to begin with before cloud gathers later on. early showers across southern eastern england will depart into the north sea. much of the day will be dry with some good sunny spells. we'll see a little bit more cloud through the afternoon but temperatures still at levels of monday. around 19—25 degrees. we finish the day with some rain across scotland and northern ireland. both will see more return as we go through wednesday. a lot of dry weather around
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though on wednesday, best of the sunshine in the morning. sunshine turning hazy into the afternoon with those showers developing towards the west but by this stage temperatures are on the up across that south—east corner, into the higher 20s. we'll see temperatures climb more widely through the end of the week. to get us into thursday, we still have a few weather fronts to deal with — here they are here, pushing in — but around an area of blossoming high pressure so thatjust means a few showers across western parts of the uk. but further east, increasing sunshine. and, yes, we're likely to see a 30 degrees temperature on the charts again. bye for now. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is nkem ifejika. our top stories: massive wildfires sweep north america bringing death and devastation from new mexico to alaska. a relief operation's underway on the indonesian island of lombok, after a powerful earthquake left fourteen people dead and damaged thousands of homes.
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just hours before zimbabwe's historic election, former president robert mugabe says he won't back his successor and the man who ousted him. president trump's attacks on the press are branded divisive and dangerous by the publisher of the new york times. celebrations in wales as gerant thomas triumphs in the tour de france. he says his surprise win is "the stuff of dreams".
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