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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 2, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... the bank of england raises interest rates to their highest level since 2009 — meaning the price of many loans and mortgages will increase — but earnings on savings accounts should grow. keeping the peace in zimbabwe, a new president could be announced this evening, following the disputed election. she was murdered by her adoptive father, now, a review finds chances were missed, to save 18 month old elsie skully—hicks. holiday—makers going abroad are warned to prepare for extreme heat — many parts of europe are hitting temperatures into the 405. in a moment it will be time for sportsday — but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll be live in harare just after 7pm — to gauge the mood on the streets as the zimbabwe electoral commission announces it will start giving
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the results of the presidential election this evening. at 7:30pm we'll be speaking to a financial advisor about what the interest rate rise means for you — and, in particular, whether savers are likely to benefit. and caroline wheeler, deputy political editor of the sunday times, and lance price, the political commentator, will be here to review friday morning's newspapers. that's at 10:1i0pm and 11:30pm tonight. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome along to sportsday. we will keep you across the host of action from today. including day to at edgbaston. england are hoping to
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bounce back from another batting colla pse bounce back from another batting collapse yesterday. i'll bring you the very latest. and the european championships in glasgow. growing cycling and gymnastics begin today but what is the concept of these european championships. —— growing. there's also the small matter of the hockey world cup in london. england ta ke hockey world cup in london. england take on netherlands in the quarterfinals. ireland play india in the early last eight match. hello. you are very welcome along to sports day. i'm sarah mulkerrins.
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let us start the show at glasgow and the european championship. no medals today but plenty of talking points. joe wilson is in glasgow for us. good evening. i'm at george square in the centre of glasgow weather will be a music festival, food festival running alongside the sport for the next 11 days. we are hoping that the drizzle holds off here this evening. no medals won tonight as you mentioned but qualifying for some of the sports have begun. the gymnastics which is being staged in the hydro along the banks of the river clyde just the hydro along the banks of the river clydejust a the hydro along the banks of the river clyde just a couple of miles away from me here. that is one of the existing sporting facilities in glasgow. it has invested very heavily on sport in recent years. nicola sturgeon, first minister, told me today that glasgow may in
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the future put in an 0lympics bid, wasn't ruling it out. but for now, the fate of these european championships is in glasgow's hand. nicola sturgeon said she was happy to share the event in berlin but really it is this city that holds the key to it because in four years' time in 2022, in theory there will be another european championships but as yet no host city has come forward to actually host that event. a couple of days ago i spoke to the championship director and asks him about the pressure on glasgow to prove that this concept can work. lot of cities are watching what will happen in glasgow and berlin this summer. happen in glasgow and berlin this summer. we are all very confident that this will be awarded to a future host city. it is a really compelling product. the interest it has and the broadcasting aspects, there are lots of european countries that will be interested in hosting this event in 2022. that will depend on how it goes down in glasgow, of
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course? of course. we will do everything we can to deliver an event that is beyond expectations of all the partners and sports. let's remember that the idea here is that you take a number of existing european championships, seven in total, and stage them together condensed in one period of time to increase the impact and the media exposure. to be honest, it makes it a lot simpler for people exposure. to be honest, it makes it a lot simplerfor people in exposure. to be honest, it makes it a lot simpler for people in the media to come and cover it. right now people here are looking on the big screen because laura kenny is qualifying for the team pursuit of the chris holly velodrome. in terms of the public interest, the organisers say that in excess of 110,000 tickets for the events in glasgow have already been sold. i think they will take that as a fair degree of encouragement. great stuff in glasgow. thank you very much. an interesting week or so ahead.
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let's move on to the cricket where we've had a fascinating second day in england's first test against india. joe root‘s side added just two runs before being bowled out for 287 this morning. india in reply reached 274 all out — a brilliant century from captain virat kohli steadied the tourists, after sam curran starred for england. 0ur reporter patrick gearey is at edgbaston..... before this match england's‘s before this match england's's1000th test match, we said this form of the game needs a really captivating series. we cannot have asked for more. fluctuating fortunes in new heroes and one of the modern greats delivering. and after all, the test match is almost dead even. it used to take time to make progress in birmingham and it still does on occasion. about one juggernaut has been advancing
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quicker. virat kohli arrived wanting to drive home their advantage. job once took five minutes. a total of 287 for england. but current‘s day was just 287 for england. but current‘s day wasjust beginning. current 287 for england. but current‘s day was just beginning. current thought he had the jake lbw. two balls later and no need for technology. current load them in. a baby faced 20—year—old. 0ver load them in. a baby faced 20—year—old. over to india's skipper. so india were 76 — three at lunch with their captain and superstar virat kohli at the crease. but these are the swinging conditions where he has been posted before. initially, england went around him. rahane was the first to fall in and enthralling spell by then stokes. he will mix the next test because he is in court. —— he will miss the next test. but kohli
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was the one they wanted. it takes long minutes to create this chance. and longer still for dawid malan to regret not taking it. england dropped more catches. proving kohli was costly, having escaped on 21 he passed 50 and in case the man who had missed them wasn't feeling bad enough, dawid malan then drops him again. his problem was that most of his team—mates kept leaving him. shami was out of luck because finally for dawid malan one stock. england were defied by one man, virat kohli, a century and if there we re virat kohli, a century and if there were any questions, the most mighty of a nswers. were any questions, the most mighty of answers. it was incredible innings by kohli. by the time he finished he was 149 and india were only 13 runs behind england. he scored more than half of their runs. a remarkable innings. they then put
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england into bat and alastair cook has gone for a duck. bowled for the second time in the match by ashwin. a great day for india then. in and will be pleased of the progress their young bowlers have made, particularly sam curran who took some pressure off particularly sam curran who took some pressure off broad and anderson. but that late wickets of alastair cook is a real blot them in their copybook. it is an enthralling test match and it could go either way. it is just about even. it is a test match that england really wa nted test match that england really wanted to mark their 1000th in this form of the game. burnley‘s europa league bid continues at turf moor this evening. they host aberdeen in their second round qualifying second leg. the sides are tied at a goal a piece, but there are issues in goal for burnley boss sean dyche. nick pope was injured in the first leg — and tom heaton and anders lindegaard are doubts. conor macnamara and pat nevin will be commentating on the game for 5 live. fantastic summer football here in
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burnley. aberdeen fans have come here in thousands. aberdeen were impressive in the first leg but that was at home as can aberdeen produce that kind of performance tonight? they're going to have two. burnley as we all know have got so much more money and backgrounds and backing etc. the money from the premier league. however, it is up cup game and sean dyche has already said that. aberdeen have been really successful in scottish football in the last few years. second suit celtic years in a row. they are a competitive team and on their day they can get about anyone. but they will have to be on their day. the biggest problem they have is scoring a goal. they have to score a goal. it was 1—1 last week. that goal by sam vokes changed the whole game. very well taken equaliser sam vokes changed the whole game. very well ta ken equaliser and sam vokes changed the whole game. very well taken equaliser and it made it 1—1 going into the second leg. burnley still have not made any
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signings this summer and have gone from an almost embarrassment of riches in their goalkeeping department but suddenly all three of their keepers have got an injury in some shape or another. he has found itself from that embarrassment of riches to being short. he will think more than anything else that you have to get to the goalkeeper first. that is the great thing about here. we have been here so many times and they are a very good defensive unit. the structure and organisation is brilliant. i don't think it will be a very expansive game they will play. they will play the burnley way which is organised and playing on the break very quickly. it will be very tough for aberdeen. it aberdeen get one goal, it could be a fluke, penalty or anything, if they get one goal we're penalty or anything, if they get one goalwe're in penalty or anything, if they get one goal we're in for penalty or anything, if they get one goalwe're in fora penalty or anything, if they get one goal we're in for a cracker of a night. the of this type will get through to play you stumble —— istanbul. burnley have confirmed they have made bids forjay
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rodriguez sam clucas and another player but all three have been turned down. well, he's returned from toulon and now there's a call up to the england rugby union squad for chris ashton. coach eddiejones has picked the winger for the first time since 2016, as ashton is back in the premiership and will play for sale this season. jones is under some pressure going into the november internationals, following the series defeat in south africa this summer. so maybe, he's looking for some tips from another england manager. to me it is not about personality. it is about how him and his team connect. they had a lot of unity and a lot of clear purpose about what they wanted to do at the world cup. to me that is the learning. it is not about personality. u nfortu nately, not about personality. unfortunately, english sport is a lot about personality. you either a high priest or a dance. there is nothing in between. at the moment, gareth is a high priest and i am a
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dance. if we can keep it like that then i'm happy to be a dance. but it is not about personality. also coming up in the programme... andy murray wins the battle of the brits in washington. and we'll tell you about the goalkeeper who's got more major trophies in his cabinet than appearances on the pitch. england and ireland's fortunes will be decided this evening at the hockey world cup in london — both are in quarterfinal action. ireland are under way already against india. and then at 20:15pm, england take on the seven time champions, netherlands. 0ur reporterjo currie is at the lee valley centre. evenings like this do not get much bigger. places in the semifinals are up bigger. places in the semifinals are upforgrabs. bigger. places in the semifinals are up for grabs. ireland are already under way against india. that is the
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second—half now. goalless at the moment but ireland ranked 16th in the world. what an achievement that would be to reach the last four. and the big one, england against the netherlands, first against second in the world. netherlands are seven time and defending champions and have scored 26 goals already in their opening three games. can england do the business? we're joined by the england and great britain midfielder. emily, put into words how big this matches for england. it is huge. it doesn't come much bigger playing in a home world cup in front of thousands of people cheering you on. it will be a great occasion for the girls and one they will cherish every moment of. i'm sure they will be really looking forward to the opportunity they have tonight. is it fair to say there is no love lost between these two sides? you always know that there is going to be a battle when england
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and holland play each other. there has been the rear olympic final where gb won on penalties and again on this very pitch on 2015 in the final of the european championships. again, england came out on top that day. i'm sure the girls will have that on the forefront of their minds. they had been here before on the big occasions and performed and got the results they want. let's hope tonight is no difference. fingers crossed. but if you believe the quotes in the hockey papers this morning, the dutch captain has said that england are headless chickens and the dutch will win 5—0. surely thatis and the dutch will win 5—0. surely that is mind games. it is mind games and it is one that we won't be getting involved in. the girls have been keeping a very level—headed and i'm sure they won't be aware of those quotes because they have actually come off social media for the whole tournament. they won't be getting involved and we will be doing our talking on that pitch later this evening. you know there's
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england players better than anyone, you play with them week in week out. how they feeling ahead of tonight?” spoken to a lot of the girls. not just today but throughout the tournament and there is nothing but positivity in the camp at the moment. personally i think the girls have not grown into —— the girls have not grown into —— the girls have really grown into the tournament. they remain unbeaten and thatis tournament. they remain unbeaten and that is a huge thing going into this quarterfinal. they will take this opportunity with both hands. this opportunity with both hands. this opportunity went around again for the girls. not that a home world cup anyway. we need to talk about ireland. they beat england to top pool b. they're having a tremendous tournament, aren't they? they really are. at the top of the tournament they would have bitten on someone's hand off if they said they would get to the quarterfinals good on them. i watched a few of their games and they finished top of their group. they are playing with freedom. they are going out there are not fearing anyone. ranked 16th in the world they are playing with absolute
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confidence and tonight you never know what will happen. i actually think they could beat india again for the second time this tournament and what a fantastic achievement that could be for the irish. england and ireland are in separate half of the drawers. could we see in england and ireland final? that would be the dream outcome. let's hope so. the england girls will be taking one game ata england girls will be taking one game at a time. they went get ahead of themselves was there will be thinking about this evening and getting that other way first. fingers crossed. ireland are goalless midway through the first quarter. you can listen to that match and england against the netherlands on bbc five live sports extra. england's match gets under way at 8:15pm tonight.” extra. england's match gets under way at 8:15pm tonight. i would definitely take an england— ireland final if that is what you are offering! this saturday, leeds rhinos will take on castleford in the women's challenge cup final. not bad as it's the first season that rhinos have had a women's team. and they‘ re managed by adam cuthberston — a key member of the men's team.
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this weekend will be busy, as while he'll be on the touchline on saturday — on sunday, he'll lined out for the men in their challenge cup semifinal against warrington. i've been chatting to adam and the leeds rhinos women s captain lois forsell. in all honesty it has been great. it has been brilliant. this is more or less my first gig as a coach and i didn't really know what to expect when i came here will stop ijust really wa nted when i came here will stop ijust really wanted to take it week by week if i'm honest. and just try to have a positive influence and teach as much as i can with my experience and knowledge of the game. what the sea like as a coach? he inspires the girls and having someone that has that knowledge and experience, you put your trust in him and whatever he is saying. you know that he has been there and done it. secondly he
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has taught everyone that they can be what ever player they want to be if they put ha rd—working. what ever player they want to be if they put hard—working. that has been great for us and a woman's game. they put hard—working. that has been great for us and a woman's gamem has been a big week for you. you become a father a few days ago. your coaching the woman's team and in the semifinal for you coaching the woman's team and in the semifinalfor you guys. coaching the woman's team and in the semifinal for you guys. yes. coaching the woman's team and in the semifinalfor you guys. yes. a hectic week and not much sleep. it has been a real wild week. a bit crazy. the birth of my first child has been just a crazy. the birth of my first child has beenjust a mind blowing experience. to say the least. then to back up this week, just a bit over a week later with my first final as a coach with the women and in my own semifinal on sunday. it has been a crazy couple of days but i always like to keep myself on my toes and keep things interesting. what will you be more nervous about,
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the final on saturday or the semifinals for you as a player? probably saturday just semifinals for you as a player? probably saturdayjust basically because i can't get out there and sunday i can get out and do something about it physically. saturday i have to just put my trust in the girls and execute the plan. i am probably more nervous on saturday. i am a nailbiter so i have been good this year because i carry four packs of chewing gum in my pockets. it does feel like this sport is on the up for women. the woman's super league has been massive. just the girls to see they can represent their hometown club. it's a big aspiration for lots of the girls


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