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this is bbc news. the headlines. president maduro of venezuela has blamed right—wing opponents and colombia for what he says was an assassination attempt using drones carrying explosives. translation: there has been an attempt to assassinate me. i have no doubt that this all points to the extreme right in venezuela, in alliance with the right in colombia and that juan manuel santos is behind this attempt. i have no doubt. "no place for anti—semitism in the labour party — jeremy corbyn uses a video message to try to allay concerns. his deputy warns if the dispute isn't resolved, labour could disappear into a "vortex of eternal shame". adults in england will automatically become organ donors unless they opt out, under plans unveiled today. just under 40% of people are currently signed up — half the number who say they support organ donation. we walked hayley to theatre, said goodbye and ijust kissed her and i said, "just go and save some lives, hayley."
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police say there are no survivors after a vintage aircraft crashed in the swiss alps killing all 20 passengers on board. to you, to me... after half a century making people laugh, barry chuckle, of the chuckle brothers, has died. brother paul says he's lost his very best friend. and coming up at 3:30, click looks at how technology can be used to help people living in areas affected by monsoon rains to stay one step ahead of the weather. good afternoon.
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the president of venezuela, nicolas maduro, says an attempt has been made on his life using drones carrying explosives. he was addressing a military parade in the capital, caracas, during a live television broadcast when the alleged attack occurred. mr maduro escaped without injury, but officials say seven soldiers were hurt. here's matt cole. addressing crowds with a speech on the economy, with his wife alongside, nicolas maduro was unexpectedly interrupted. all eyes looked up, seeking out the source of the two loud bangs. set out in precision formation, the national guard had been listening to their leader. but look to the right of the screen. after the bangs, a handful break ranks, followed by a stampede for cover. it's claimed two drones exploding above were the source of the panic. later, and clearly furious, president maduro spoke about what he termed an attempted assassination. translation: i have no doubt that everything points to the right, to the venezuelan ultra—right in cahoots with the colombian
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ultra—right and the colombian president is behind this attack. colombia denies any involvement, and by contrast to his leader, venezuela's communications minister has blamed his president's right—wing opponents for the alleged attack. with investigations now under way, so much remains unclear, including suggestions the drones were shot down before reaching their target. a little—known group called soldiers in t—shirts has claimed on social media that it was behind it. but with venezuela's leader painted by opponents as a ruthless despot who detains political rivals on trumped—up charges, some are questioning whether this will be used to justify further clamp—downs. president maduro‘s allies cuba and bolivia have condemned the incident. us officials say the white house is monitoring the situation closely, but added no further comment. matt cole, bbc news. bbc mundo correspondent arturo wallace joined us earlier
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and told us what we know so far about the attack. there were two loud explosions while the president was giving this speech. several soldiers were injured. people were in the parade with blood on theirfaces injured. people were in the parade with blood on their faces and a nearby building, where you can see the remains of an explosion. exactly what happened, or who was behind it is still under dispute. the government is adamant there were two drones carrying explosives and that seems to be backed up by the claim ofa seems to be backed up by the claim of a very little—known opposition group called soldiers in t—shirts who said they had this plan, operation phoenix, by which they we re operation phoenix, by which they were going to try and detonate two drones with explosives near to where he was speaking. many allegations
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have been made about assassination attem pts have been made about assassination attempts without providing any evidence which results in people being sceptical. they have been told explosion was caused by the explosion was caused by the explosion of a gas tank in a nearby apartment. the government said they have captured people already and they will be providing evidence on monday. jeremy corbyn, has posted a video online addressing anti—semitism, saying it has no place in the labour party. the labour leader said that they must drive it out of our movement for good. it follows comments by the party's deputy leader, tom watson who has said that the party faces what he calls "eternal shame" unless it immediately stops its "damaging" arguments over anti—semitism. been explaining what message labour is trying to deliver.
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they hope to eventually draw a line under it and there was an article in the guardian yesterday. this might prove difficult when you havejeremy corbyn‘s second—in—command tom watson, talking to the guardian this morning saying the party is at risk of disappearing into a vortex of eternal shame and embarrassment over this issue. there is a danger the party might render itself unfit for office. tom watson's issue is around the rules that labour has recently adopted, surrounding how it deals with anti—semitic conduct. while they did adopt the internationally accepted definition of anti—semitism, they didn't include oi’ anti—semitism, they didn't include or change four examples of what
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anti—semitic conduct should look like. we did ask bothjeremy corbyn‘s office and jeremy corbyn himself to respond to tom watson's comments today. they were not willing to do so. but we have had this video published by the labour party ofjeremy corbyn and it was sent direct to labour party members. ina sent direct to labour party members. in ajeremy sent direct to labour party members. in a jeremy corbyn says anybody who uses anti—semitic poison needs to know they do so not in his name or the name of the labour party. he said anyone who denies anti—semitism has emerged within the labour party has emerged within the labour party has actually wrong, in his words, and he says they are contributing to the problem. why is this row causing so the problem. why is this row causing so much damage to labour, given jeremy corbyn has said, the changes still ca ptu re jeremy corbyn has said, the changes still capture the essence of that international definition even if they don't use the exact words? the
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issueis they don't use the exact words? the issue is around the fact that many within the jewish community issue is around the fact that many within thejewish community and indeed many labour mps, jewish labour mps indeed many labour mps, jewish labourmps and indeed many labour mps, jewish labour mps and those who are not jewish, don't accept his argument. they say around the world, this definition has been accepted and why should the labour party set itself apart from all of those other organisations which do accept this definition. the labour party said the changes they have made to the definitions expand on and context you are liars the arguments surrounding anti—semitism and that essentially, they said they are improving it. they point out of course, but the labour party has reopened a consultation into the code of conduct they have recently introduced, so changes could potentially, in the future, be made
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to it. but some, tom watson among them, may be disappointed the messagejeremy corbyn put out today doesn't address that key issue of which definition and how the definition of anti—semitism is rolled into the labour party rule book. the government's publishing plans for a new system for organ donations in england. from spring 2020, most adults would be considered as potential donors unless they opted out. ministers say up to 700 more lives could be saved each year. our health correspondent catherine burns reports. she was always bubbly there, weren't she? hayley louisejordan‘s parents say she was always fun but liked to plan ahead, so she was in her 20s when she signed up to the nhs organ donor register. her family thought nothing of it. she's gorgeous there, ain't she? yeah. but when hayley was 32, she had a brain haemorrhage. doctors pronounced her brain dead and asked her parents about donation. i didn't have no hesitation.
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we walked hayley to theatre, said goodbye and ijust kissed her and said, "go save some lives, hayley." public support for organ donation is high. it's thought about 80% support the idea, but only 37% have signed up to become donors. in reality, only a tiny number of deaths are suitable, but the government thinks changing the system could generate hundreds of extra transplants a year. the system for organ donation was overhauled ten years ago with some considerable success. now, for the first time, more than 5,000 people have had transplants in the uk over 12 months. last year, just over 1,500 people donated organs after their death, and that is a record high, but still, there are just over 6,000 patients on waiting lists for transplants, so, under the new system, all adults would automatically be considered as donors unless they actively opt out. in the last year, more than half a million people across the uk have
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officially said no to donation, even though so far only wales has a system where people need to opt out. scotland plans to introduce one too and northern ireland has rejected the idea. there just isn't the evidence that this will actually deliver more organs that are in line with the wishes of the donor. and secondly, there is a fear, and we don't know if this is the case or not, that it may change perceptions of donations, so rather than it being seen as a gift, it could be seen as the state taking organs. so could this mean organs being taken against the wishes of relatives? the government says absolutely not. their views would still be paramount. the reality is what we're trying to do is make it easier for people to record their wishes and by definition that will make more organs available, but i would say we will never stop looking to see what else we can do to increase the supply of organs and save more lives. carol says she gets great comfort from knowing her daughter's organs went on to help several sick people.
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it's like a miracle that's happened for six recipients, and i just wish them all the happiness and health. catherine burns, bbc news. swiss police have confirmed that all 20 people on board a vintage plane which crashed yesterday in eastern switzerland were killed. thejunker52, built in 1939, came down high in the alps on the side of the pits segnas mountain. the reason for the crash is still unclear. swiss police say the plane, en route from locarno to zurich, appeared to nose dive, and then hit the ground at high speed. the bodies of the victims, 17 from switzerland and three from austria, are still being recovered. tributes have been pouring in for the veteran entertainer, barry chuckle, one half of the chuckle brothers, who has died at the age of 73. alongside his brother paul, he had been a fixture on children's television since the 1980s. in a statement, the entertainers' manager said he had passed away peacefully at home following a period of ill health. david sillito has more.
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tell you what, move it towards me a little bit. to you. to me. to me, to you. for more than 30 years, barry elliott was barry chuckle. it was a comic career dominated by a never—ending struggle with awkward bits of furniture. you could saw a bit off the cue. their children's tv show began in the ‘80s. the act was made up of the classic musical routines that they had grown up with. the whole family was in show business. can you stop the music and let me out now? their dad was a comedian. their older brothers were also an act, the patton brothers. # ch—ch—chucklevision...# but, despite success on opportunity knocks and new faces in the ‘60s and ‘70s, tv stardom only came in the ‘80s with chucklevision. good morning. 20 years on, their young fans had grown up and one of them, tinchy stryder, asked them to perform with him.
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hello. wait, i swear you are the chuckle brothers. you must be... barry. something's weird. where's your ladders? in the van. go and get them, barry. what, now? yes. hang on, it's tinchy. and 50 years after their first tv success, barry was earlier this year filming a new series. however, his health was beginning to fail. his brother paul said today... entertainer barry chuckle who's died at the age of 73. earlier we spoke to shaun hope, a chuckle brothers superfan, who runs their facebook site and was friends with barry. i met them about 20 years now, coming up. i went to help out at the local school, got up on stage, custard pies flying all over the place and that was it. just hooked after that. i kept in touch with paul and barry for years now,
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i run their facebook pages and you absolutely couldn't meet two nicer lads. they were just round the bend, just good, clean fun. even if you didn't like them, you still laughed. when you watch them on the telly, the stage shows when they performed on stage, just crazy. absolutely fantastic. still going strong, nightclub appearances, the place is absolutely packed out just to come and see the two lads. you know what i mean, they filled the place out. the headlines on bbc news... venezuela's president says he has survived an assasination attempt involving explosive drones. several soldiers were injured. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn releases a video on social media to try and allay concerns over anti—semitism within the party plans to make everyone in england a potential organ donor — unless they decide to opt out — are set out by the government today. in sport, laura kenny wins gold
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number two in sport, laura kenny wins gold numbertwo in in sport, laura kenny wins gold number two in the european championships with victory in the women's elimination race. aberdeen spoiled steven gerrard's party at rangers. catala ns spoiled steven gerrard's party at rangers. catalans dragons book their place in the challenge cup final beating st helens. warrington and leeds rhinos are playing now. leeds are leading 6—2 in the other semifinal and georgia hall gets off to the final daily—macro perfect start in the british open. birdie on the first poll, she's still a shot off the leader. and a quick update on the community shield. manchester city ah wong lob against chelsea after 50 minutes at wembley. detectives investigating the disappearance of a midwife in staffordshire have re—arrested
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a 32—year—old man on suspicion of murder. police searching for 28—year—old samantha eastwood found a woman's body near stoke yesterday. her family have thanked the public for their support and asked for privacy. two other men are in custody, and are being questioned on suspicion of assisting an offender. police in london have launched a murder investigation after a man in his 20s was stabbed to death in kingston—upon—thames last night. the man was found in cambridge gardens and was pronounced dead at the scene. officers are in the process of informing the man's family. no arrests have been made. portuguese firefighters in the algarve are struggling to bring wildfires under control, as the southern european heatwave continues. temperatures have climbed to 46 degrees celsius, approaching the all—time european record. fire warnings have been issued across the iberian peninsula, as chi chi izundu reports. portugal — the latest country battling wildfire. some 700 firefighters are still tried to stop flames taking further hold of a eucalyptus forest near the town of monchique in the algarve.
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water—dropping aircraft have been assisting them, as well as over 100 fire trucks. already, more than 1,000 hectares of land has been destroyed and one village has been forced to evacuate. how far were the flames? it was about 500 metres from our kitchen. the terrain is difficult to access and conditions have been tough. high winds, dry land and record temperatures. this weekend, seeing more than 45 degrees. it's so hot, people are opting to stay in. but it's not just portugal suffering. a continent—wide heatwave in recent weeks has seen deaths in spain, droughts and wildfires from greece to sweden. chi chi izundu, bbc news. the australian government has announced more aid for farmers as parts of the country suffer the worst dry spell in living memory. the prime minister, malcolm turnbull, says its important to respond to what he calls
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"exceptional" circumstances. the extra £108 million brings the total relief measures to more than £370 million. a second major earthquake in a week has struck the indonesian island of lombok. the latest earthquake, with a magnitude of seven, prompted the authorities to issue a tsunami warning, though that's now been lifted. at least 16 people were killed in last week's earthquake which also left more than 500 hikers stranded on a mountain in lombok. several thousand homes are without water in nottinghamshire after a major pipe burst. it happened in the village of epperstone but is affecting large parts of the eastern side
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of the county. severn trent water says it's one of its biggest mains, meaning people may have no supply or low pressure. tankers are bringing in extra water and bottled water is being delivered. a tropical snake has been filmed eating a pigeon on a busy east london street. the boa constrictor is thought to be an abandoned pet and was found on high road, leytonstone, this weekend. the rspca has since taken the snake to a wildlife centre and is appealing for information about the incident. joining us now nicola white, rscpa senior scientific officer for exotic animals. you can understand why people would be alarmed and a bit intrigued and filmed it. what is the best response if you see a snake like that in the street? if you see a snake that you
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think is an exotic pet that has escaped, keep your distance, monitor it and keep the rspca call. do you wa nt to it and keep the rspca call. do you want to give that number again. the best thing to do it if you see an exotic pet negi thing has escaped been abandoned, monitor it, don't approach it, don't pick it up and bring the rspca. how is it possible to tell if a snake is dangerous to humans? there are some species that are dangerous to humans but the majority we see being picked up by the rspca are just corn snakes, king snakes and in this case, a boa constrictor. whilst they are wild animals, these species in particular, they will not be harmful to humans. but we do recommend people don't try to pick them up or touch them, just in case. are you
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seeing more instances as a result of this weather, is it bringing them out into the open or are they not being secured properly because owners want to give them a bit of space to move around in the heat? we have seen an increase in the number of s na kes have seen an increase in the number of snakes we have collected over the summer of snakes we have collected over the summer months. this could be because snakes who escaped over the colder months are starting to come out because the weather is warmer. sna kes because the weather is warmer. snakes do warm up and get a bit quicker. it is possible owners are taking them outside to give them fresh airand taking them outside to give them fresh air and exercise in the garden but when they warm up they do become faster. we recommend owners always ensure their snake is secure and if they do take them outside, make sure you keep hold of them and put them into an enclosure that will make sure they cannot get out. it is illegal to allow your snake to escape under the wildlife and countryside act and also it's not idealfor the snake countryside act and also it's not ideal for the snake itself.
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0bviously, ideal for the snake itself. obviously, this is a weird environment for a snake to being, at high street in a big city, certainly in this country. the behaviour of eating pigeon isn't terribly shocking or surprising. it will go for small animals back kind it can devour, presumably it is hungry. but how do you track down the owner? we would send somebody out to collect the snake. get it identified and it will be looked after in one of our specialist facilities and then we will put out an appeal to see if the owner can come forward. we would a lwa ys owner can come forward. we would always like to reunite the snake with its own. at the snake doesn't have an owner who comes forward, we will put in place a system to try to get it re—homed. we would care for it until a good owner came forward, ca re it until a good owner came forward, care for it and give it a long and
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loving life. thank you very much. the us first lady, melania trump, has expressed her support for the basketball star lebronjames, hours after her husband made insulting remarks about him on twitter. the player had said in an interview that mr trump was "divisive" and had "emboldened racists". 0ur washington correspondent chris buckler has more. lebron james is without any doubt one of the biggest stars in american sports. when he recently signed for the la lakers, it made the headlines, but he's found himself in the news again because of his criticism of donald trump. on cnn, he accused the president of using sport to split the us apart, and it's not the first time he's spoken out against mr trump. i'm not going to let — while i have this platform — to let one individual, no matter the power, no matter the impact that he should have, or she should have, ever use sport as a platform to divide us. in an angry tweet, donald trump fired back at both the basketball star and the news network, saying: but lebronjames but lebron
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james has a surprising ally in this latest fight — mr trump's own wife. a statement by the first lady's spokeswoman said melania trump was impressed by lebronjames‘ work to do good things on behalf of the next generation. he has just opened a new school for at—risk students in his home—town in ohio. mrs trump made clear that she was open to the idea of going to visit it. i love you too, man, i really do. that's a sign of support from lebronjames, even as he feuds with her husband. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. the dissident chinese
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artist ai weiwei says the authorities in beijing have demolished his studio there. in a series of clips on instagram showing the former factory being torn down, ai says he was given no notice of the decision. the 66—year—old has lived in germany since leaving china in 2015. he is a strong critic of china's government. georgina smyth reports. as the walls of his studio were torn down, ai weiwei said farewell. a post on social media explaining that the space where he created and kept some of his most iconic work was being destroyed. workers boxed up what they could, but itjust wasn't possible to move everything until the demolition started. they'd known they had to leave by the 15th of this month — the lease had come an end. what they had not expected was the wrecking machine. translation: someone called me and said we must move out of the building within three days. in only three days! of course, i don't have the ability to move everything out in three days. outside, a remnants of works over
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the years, left where it had been standing in the place mr ai had used for 12 years. it's not the first time this has happened. another one of his studios in shanghai was destroyed in 2011. that time too, he said he'd had no warning. mr ai was a favourite of the chinese government but has since become an outspoken critic and some would say, has paid the price. in 2011 he was detained for 81 days on charges he says, were politically motivated. he's since moved to berlin. it was not clear if the destruction was targeting ai directly. authorities have been clearing large parts of beijing for redevelopment and demolitions have been taking place in this complex for the past three months. but, given relations between the man, who may be china's most famous artist, and the authorities, many will be asking why his studio and why now? georgina smyth, bbc news.
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now it's time for a look at the weather with mel coles. the fine, dry conditions continue for the rest of the day and into this evening for much of the uk. not for everyone. we have cloud working in two parts of northern ireland, north—west england and into scotland and we will see outbreaks of rain. as the night progresses the rain will become heavier and more persistent for a time. down towards the south—west of england and into wales we will see low cloud working its way in which missed in places but even under the clear skies, it will not be a cold night. another warm one with lows of 13 celsius. monday morning start as a means to go on, mist and low cloud will live quickly and lots of sunshine around for england and wales. the more cloud the further north and west you go and there will be outbreaks of
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patchy rain but northern scotland seeing a greater chance of something brighter as we head through the day on monday. temperatures towards the south—east whether he will be concentrated will hit 31, possibly 32 celsius. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. the president of venezuela says an attempt has been made on his life using drones carrying explosives. it happened during a live televised speech in the capital, caracas. the president has blamed columbia. "no place for antisemitism in the labour party." jeremy corbyn releases a video
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on social media to try and allay concerns. his deputy warns if the dispute isn't resolved, labour could disappear into a "vortex of eternal shame". the government is publishing its plans to change organ donation in england to an opt—out system from 2020. at present, donors have to sign up to the nhs register. children's entertainer barry chuckle, one half of the chuckle brothers, has died at the age of 73. his comedy partner and brother paul said he'd lost his very best friend. now on bbc news, it's time for click. this week: do computers dream of electric puppies? can data prevent crop devastation? and will lara ever live down these shoes?


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